NOTD – The Face Shop Nail Polish Review


The Face Shop nail polish is so dainty, that the first time I saw them on their store, i know for once that this will be my next idea for a summer look nails. Here’s face up nail polish

If you love sweet light tone colors, this nail polish is especially for that girly side of you. A bottle cost around $2.50  or Php. 95.00, that’s indeed very affordable especially that it’s something you can use for several times.

It comes in a clear bottle with white cover and I was surprised that it has no name on the glass but it has a distinctive bottle far from other nail polish I had in my collection.  Anyway,  the polish is glossy so one or two coatings is needed to create  an effect like this.  It’s finer and not heavy so you can easily apply them.

the face shop, nail polish collection

The face shop nail polish

Although, if you use the nail polish for third time or fourth time around it becomes a little bit harder to apply because it becomes sticky but not as sticky enough.

Pros would be it’s affordable and has pretty colors but the only thing I disliked with this nail polish is that it can be sticky later on.  So, would I buy again.  Would certainly do. You know, i always had an eye for pretty colors.

What do you think?

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  1. Love those super girly nails! It reminds me to have my nails done..

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