Maleficent makeup for Halloween thrills

I’m not a make up expert but I guess, i just want to play with my makeup tools and create something pretty for my eyes. I do my kids make up in every school events and plays .  This year, we tried our best to re-create Maleficent makeup.

I know it will be a hard work for me to create the white complexion because I don’t have a more lighter shade of foundation and I forgot to buy a make up paint.

My daughter complexion is morena and she has a small eyes.  So, it would be a challenge to make her resemble Angelina Jolie’s maleficent character.

I used the below products to create the look. Since clio water kill cushion is more on a lighter shade, I used this as a base and combine MAC foundation so it will last longer. I used the Elf highlighter and eyeshadow to create her eye make up and some neutral highlighter from Logona to have her skin glow.

I set the make up with a J&J powder for a long lasting effect.  Since, I cannot achieve the whiter complexion on just using the cushion and foundation I have, i used the white shade of eyeshadow to make her face whiter.

Although, the eyebrows are not as high as Maleficent, I think, I made a good job with the contouring.  I really love the effect especially when friends and family did not recognize her and thought that she lost weight.

And yes, we won the first place. Overall, it is a great experience and another achievement for my daughter who is very happy but of course, I’m the one who is more happier.

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