Isabelle Grace : Handstamped Personalized Jewelry Review


What would you feel if you receive a  gift wrapped in a box as pretty as this? I guess, you would be thrilled and think of dozen thoughts.

Isabelle Grace Jewelry is known for their personalized hand stamped jewelry, handcrafted jewelry, Mommy necklaces, promise rings, friendship jewelry, initial necklaces and some interesting jewelry that can make the wearer even prouder and happier.

Made in the USA and ship internationally. Each jewelry is created with diligent care and the promise to celebrate life beautifully.


If you see it in a romantic point, personalized jewelry such as Isabelle Grace Personalized Necklace is a gift from the heart. You can choose from the wide array of designs and can even add birthstones to make it more beautiful.  It’s simple yet interesting design can be worn any time of the day and any occasion it might be.  Since, it’s affordable, you can get as many as you want to give to your family and friends.

For someone like me who loves to make everything around me personalized, this is indeed something worth having , does seeing my name on this fine .999 silver takes my breath away.


 Make a statement today.  Create a lasting gift for you or your love one. A custom engraved jewelry  or  Handstamped Personalized Jewelry is definitely the trendy options since gold and precious jewelry can cost thousands of money.    Pick from Isabelle Grace jewelry’s personalized products or view their different collection especially their 2014 Cabo Beach Collection.  To know more about their products, you can also follow them via;



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