I’m Tea-rrific – Benefits of herbal tea

I always start my day with a cup of coffee and i think i can’t live a day without it.  Before, i’m obsessed on drinking zagu (each time, i go to our nearby mall, i won’t leave the mall without buying a cup of it) maybe the same reason i become this big.  But now, my obsession to zagu suddenly evaporated into think air and yes, this milk tea is the main culprit.

I have always favor tea over coffee but because of the problem i have encountered during my high school days, (my doctor reprimanded me on taking another cup because my stomach becomes bloated because i have acid reflux and i was sick for days) .  Remember that tea has caffeine and caffeine is not good for our body (ooh, look who’s speaking here?).  Too much caffeine can give you diarrhea, headache, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, heartburn and even convulsions.

Studies shows that there is no wrong on drinking more than 4 cups of tea in a day but it depends upon the tea your drinking.  If your drinking black tea perhaps it can give you problems later on your life.  But if your drinking herbal tea, it can even give you healthy lifestyle and improve your over-all wellness.  (Now, i wonder, why i haven’t drink herbal teas before)

It is always good to drink tea especially green teas and herbal teas like ceylon tea, oolong or jasmine because they are herbal infused tea, they gives you healthy benefits.

Ceylon Tea – was produced in Sri Lanka , no doubt about it. It is rich in antioxidant flavonoid and polyphenol content of the camellia sinensis plant which this tea comes from.  It can help lower the risk of cancer and help prevent high blood pressure and heart attack.  It is also a good help for blood circulation.

Jasmine Tea –  Aside from chamomile tea, jasmine tea is my favorite.  I make sure that i have those on my office and in our house, so when my tea needs arises, i can able to have a cup of them.  Well, we know that jasmine tea comes from jasmine flower and before you can create a tea , you need many flowers for the perfumed to be absorbed.  Jasmine tea is usually mixed with green tea and the benefits gives beautiful result on achieving a healthy and young body.  Drinking jasmine tea helps prevent damage from free radicals and it can even help those who wanted to lose weight .  (now, you know why it was my fave).

Winter melon Tea – winter melon or honey dew melon , it is rich in vitamin c and zinc an essential vitamins that help our body. It also stabilize your blood sugar level and can help relieve nausea.

Tea-rrific tea is a milk tea blended with herbal teas. Definitely a milk tea you wouldn’t resist. For just a very minimal amount, (price ranging to Php. 39  to Php. 65.00 ) you get to enjoy your favorite milk tea with healthy benefits for your body.

Now, what tea-rrific drink would you like to try or have tried?  You can find them on most of SM malls and i guess some leading malls around the country.

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  1. md kennedy says:

    For sure I would try the Jasmine tea – yum! I’ll have to see if I can find these in North America…

  2. Lily Kwan says:

    I would like to try all of these teas, they sound very tasty. Thanks for sharing!

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