How to be a #SelfieExpert

With all the gadgets and latest mobile technology that we have today, many people are going gaga on taking pictures of the special moments in their life or anything that sparks their mood will definitely be documented in a photograph.  Selfies is indeed one of the most abused words today and even a three years old child knows the meaning of it. In 2013 the word selfie was named as word of the year by Oxford Dictionary and since then people from different parts of the world has been doing it and sharing their favorite #PerfectSelfie tips and pictures.   Even Hollywood actors and actresses and big political names are joining the bandwagon to share their selfies.


There are many tips on how you can take that perfect selfie and as a self proclaimed selfie queen myself, here are five tips on how to take the perfect selfie. A beautiful #SelfieExpert for that Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook profile worthy.

Strike a Pose 

Prepare yourself for a good selfie.  They say that to get a good selfie, you need to find the best angle.  Some prepare it impromptu or having a selfie stick . Others prefer it more higher than their vision to create an impression. For me, I usually make sure to look natural without overdoing that pose . Take many pictures as possible and find one that you think  you look best. Practice your poses on the mirror, so you can see the right angle that is best for you.  Whether you would like to smirk, pout, duck face or that Kylie Jenner look, you have to try it all so you can see what will work on you.



  • Put your best happy face – Smile

I believe that people will definitely like your pictures if your smiling and looking happy because you can create positive vibes. If you appear sad or lonely in your pictures, it will make you more less attractive. Sometimes, using your eyes to have that perfect smile can make a difference. Let your lips and eyes help you with that perfect selfie.  Remember that happiness is contagious, your happiness will definitely radiates in your picture that is why, i only take selfies when I’m not sad.


  • Natural light – Perfect Location

Natural light is still the best light.  Finding that best location for a selfie is not always the rule but composition is indeed very important.  Your background will make a big difference too so make sure that never ever do selfies on a cluttered area but it doesn’t mean that you need to do death defying stunt to call it perfect.   Presentation is always a plus factor.

  • Props- Apps and right camera

Yes, don’t be afraid to use accessory. You can hold just anything as long it doesn’t overshadow your face, sunglasses, holding your fave food or you can even promote your new watch and lipsticks which is a good way for bloggers like me to share to my friends and followers brands I used and love, it’s a silent endorsement.  Some would say that their selfies are #nofilters but using a good app for slight lightning, color and some retouching should not do any harm to you but instead can give your pictures more boost.  Getting a good selfie camera phone like OPPO F1 Selfie Expert with good resolution and lens, face recognition . You can check their website to learn more about the amazing features.  Remember that a good front camera is very important to create perfect selfies since you will always look stunning on pictures even during your close ups. ( Can you see the impurities in my face? I bet you did not, just don’t mind the eye bags since it’s my signature look)

    selfie 2

  • Selfie or Groupie

Yes, it’s really nice sharing your solo selfies but it’s more fun if that moment will be shared with someone.  Remember that Ellen De Generes twitter post? So, as a mom, I always love taking pictures of me and my family especially if there are no people around you to click that button or you are just having a great time of your life.   I believe that there are many ways you can try to create that #perfectselfie but most of all, I am really thankful for those who created front camera since it really helps me a lot to capture great memories of myself and my children.


(goofing around with hubby while the kids are sleeping , good thing there Screen Flash is created to capture silly moments even with low light – the first picture was taken while masquerading) 


And even my two children loves selfies and groupies too. 


and they make great groupies, which i guess sooner or later they will be #SELFIEEXPERT too.


And most of all Remember that SELFIES can be addicting so make sure to control the urge on sharing everything on your social medias.

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I try not to take too many selfies because I don’t want to over do it, but when I do, I need at least 50 tries 🙂

  2. Such great suggestions. I have trouble finding a good angle I find it once then struggle to repeat! If I didn’t do selfies I would have very very few pictures of me with my kids

  3. Haha great tips! Since I’m not really good in taking selfies. And there are really people who are talented in doing this 😉

  4. A guide to taking selfies. Sent you URL to a friend who loves talking them, let me rephrase that, she loves taking bad selfies.

  5. I’m more inclined to taking a groupie than a selfie. Thanks for the tips. I think I need to use Instagram more. I’ve lacked off on posting lately.

  6. Great selfie tips. Natural light is usually best but you have to learn what angles of your face work the best.

  7. Elizabeth O. says:

    It pays to have a good camera when you’re taking selfies. Apps can only do so much. Those are awesome tips, thanks for sharing them!

  8. What a fun idea! Being a selfie expert is great. So glad that you shared some tips.

  9. I liked your tips. A lot of people will be able to put it to good use. I myself am a selfie expert because I have been doing this way before people even coined the term selfie.

  10. Wonderful tips. I love taking selfies. I’ve been taking selfies since I was a kid. lol, I have some interesting ones that were taken with disposable cameras.

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