Hot Pantone Colors for Promenade

Prom nights are exciting and one-of-a-kind celebrations that students usually pay more attention to. It is a special event that is valued the most during their secondary years, thus making it memorable and the memory of it lasting is just necessary.

Just like any year, this 2015 is an exciting year for those promenade celebrations. The current color trends are leaning into the more ethereal and nature-inspired themed events. Earth colors and pantone neutrals are going to dominate those carefully planned out  celebrations.  can somehow nice and beautiful. Ride with the trend and get a glimpse of the hot pantone colors to watch out for this 2015 and surely you will look your best among your other friends.


Aquamarine is indeed not the usual shades of blue that we often see in many affairs but the color will definitely dominate 2015. It’s fresh, relaxing and the airy feel of the color is perfect for those lovely and wonderful events like promenade nights. Touches of aquamarine in the decorations and the venue will definitely complete that pixie like atmosphere.


This naturally robust and earthly wine red color works with eco-inspired and even rustic designs. The subdued tone is a refreshing addition to any events this year. A touch of Marsala at decorations and dresses offers a unique feeling for the total effect. bags and shoes in this color also add that extra classic flare to your special prom night.

Strawberry Ice

Any high school students would definitely look even more stunning with a Strawberry Ice touched dress. It’s a pantone neutral color but definitely a warm and vibrant color one would definitely love to see during that special day. Make-up trends for promenade this 2015 are leaning towards blushing to achieve that youthful an innocent glow that every high school student should portray. This would definitely fall perfectly with the Strawberry Ice touched attire.

Lucite Green

A more tone-down shade of green is definitely going to conquer any event this 2015. The light and more relaxed shade of green- Lucite Green is a perfect color for the bodice of your prom gown, as well as your accessories, bags or shoes.

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