Hot Money Saving Valentine Ideas

February is a month of love and valentine day is what every lover is looking forward.  There are lots of things you can make to show your love to your love one.  This isn’t the time to expend lavishly but it doesn’t mean you have to skip giving.

There are many ways and things you can do to send him/her  a message of love this coming Valentines Day. Try this hot money saving valentine ideas that you will surely love.

Women loves flowers and chocolates.  Why not combined them into one lovely  chocolate coated roses.  They are beautiful and oh so tempting.

chocolate rose bouquet

Instead of going out on a fancy restaurant, you can prepare a nice and sumptuous Valentine Dinner at the comfort of your own home.  Play a nice sweet song and dance with your favorites , create a romantic ambiance and cook your best Valentine recipe, it is also a great way to maintain staying fit even with this holiday.

best valentine recipe

Instead of buying a gift bag, why not create your own and filled it with your favorite things and goodies.  You can even make a recycled valentine bag and put some eco-friendly treats.  Check out Hilary‘s tutorial on how to make one.

Recycled Valentine Bag

Who says writing love notes are old fashion.  I always love to receive cards and love letters melt my heart. Make your own card and express how much you feel for him/her.

diy valentine cards

Create a DIY Valentine photo book, browse them together and brings back the good memories of that picture.  Very romantic and saves you a lot of money.

photo book

If you know how to sew, why not make your own red shaped pillow.  It’s a perfect gift not just for valentine but for the whole year.  You can even personalized it by putting her/his name.

heart pillow

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