Healthy make-up – Avon BB Cream Review

It’s the latest beauty craze in town.  Ever since Blemish balm or beauty balm  ( BB cream for short) hits the market,  many consumers and beauty junkie are head over hills about this products.
bb cream

There are many brands of BB cream in the market today, since I have tried Maybelline’s BB cream, i have used it since then.  But when I seen this Avon’s latest BB cream i could not help myself not to try them for a change.

BB cream are ultimate beauty savior.  It conceal, protect, soothe, hydrate and brighten all together.  So, for those busy ladies (especially mom like me) this product is simply what we needed.

What’s good with this BB cream is that it has a SPF /PA .  Hydrates your skin leaving it more smooth, reduces the redness of your face, nurture as well revitalize your skin leaving it with a healthy glow.

This product only comes in Nude, so i don’t know how it will work on other skin texture but it pretty works for me.  This BB cream is recommended for those who has less time to wear foundation and full make-up because it leaves your face, natural with a glow.

The odor is very light and the texture is not as thicker as the other BB cream i have tried before.  I suggest you use this during daytime. And the most important part is it’s affordable and could not break your budget.

wearing Avon;s BB cream

wearing Avon;s BB cream

You be the judge, tell me does it cover my blemishes?  I have this big pimple on the left side of my face and some breakouts , now it reminds me that I really need to get a facial scrub.

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  1. Mikk Boiadè says:

    You look very beautiful. However to this day I haven’t found any BB cream that suits my skin, not even a couple of high end brands I received as a gift. That’s a pity,

  2. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    another great product from avon

  3. Flor Ann B. Guarino says:

    I love AVON products Thank you for this blog post. It’s Nice to know about it here in your blog.

  4. I would say my fiancee uses this product it is great on her skin high recommend it thanks for this great review on it

  5. Jayne Cameron says:

    Avon makes great products….I am going to try this.

  6. marissa lee says:

    i got to try a sample of bb cream and i loved it..went straight to the store to buy me one.

  7. Ann Cagalingan says:

    Looking good,i been using avon and i like this product!

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