HBC- Giving everyone the right to be beautiful

HBC advocacy campaign aims to give every filipino the true beauty while helping our environment and social development.  I have known about HBC since i was a child where my grand mother would often bring me to buy her personal cosmetic needs.

HBC – tatak exclusibo

The company has established its name and we can see the growth over the years. But the same old advocacy of helping filipino women to be beautiful still remains.  Now, the company carries different beauty lines and brands especially created for the Filipina beauty because they believe that life is beautiful.   No wonder, after all this year, HBC keeps it’s pride and shining glory.

HBC offers different beauty products from your hair to your toes and you can choose from a wide variety of affordable but high quality products.  This October, follow my journey to beautiful life with HBC.  Each week, i will feature a new product from their store and at the end of October, each product will be a part of a beautiful loot giveaway I will be giving in November.

Isn’t that awesome?  So, don’t forget to come back and be a part of this health and wellness treat for everyone.

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