Great Solution for your Cracked Feet

Cracked feet,  who wants that?  Cracked feet is the symptoms of dry feet.  It’s a fact, many of us used to prioritize making our face or body beautiful and forget that our feet also needs special attention.   Dry feet can be caused by changing of the season and when your feet is lack of hydration because of the long time suffocation on using socks and  sometimes high heeled shoes, cracking becomes visible and sometimes accompanied with itching and burning.

Another cause would be is if you have a sudden change weight that cause your feet to crack and even a long time period of bathing can also cause our skin to lose moisture which can result in cracks.

Prevention and Remedies

Nourishment and protection is needed to avoid cracked feet .  Hot baths and showers while using strong soaps should be minimized or controlled.  Your diet is important too because if you add too much weight, it can caused your feet to cracked.  Hot season could not be avoided and we tend to love spending long time in the shower room , so keep it short to avoid having cracked feet.  Drink lots of water as water helps us stay hydrated.

Soaking feet in lukewarm water with a 3 tablespoons of table salt for few minutes can helps to soften the cracked feet which can ease the problem but this takes time.

There are over the counter topical ointments that can be bought and used for cracking feet  especially cracked heel but sometimes, we don’t know if those could work or worse if there could be side effects.   One remedy i have found is Sophie Paris Cracked heel cream.

cracked heels remedy

 Sophie Paris cracked heel cream is specially formulated  with ingredients that can help to solve and prevent dry, hard, rough and cracked skin. It has portulaca extract which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids. Portulaca extract has known strong anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. Clinical studies have proven its tumor growth inhibiting properties. It immediately calms sensitive, itchy skin. It is a natural source of the vitamins A, C, and E, and the co-enzyme Q10. As an antioxidant it fights premature aging and protects from environmental skin damage. ?

remedy for cracked heel


Our feet deserves the best care and getting rid of those cracked heel.

Procedure:  Get an ample amount of the cream and apply it on your feet especially on the cracked area.  Cover it with socks and let the magic work while you sleep.

Repeat the process every day for about a week and you can see the result.

Result can vary depends on the gravity of your cracked feet.

Visit your nearest Sophie Paris branch or lady to buy now.

Disclosure:  No payment was made for me to make this review.  This is based on my personal experience.  Sophie Paris Cracked Heel cream is part of the prizes i have won from Sophie Paris Twitter Contest.

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  1. Christina Kelbel says:

    Great tips! I get cracked feet in the warmer months. These will come in handy soon.

  2. I have callouses and cracked feet. I’ll need to check this stuff out! Thanks for the review!

  3. Georgia Beckman says:

    Thank you for this review. My feet are horrid right now after winter. I’ve been soaking in a solution of Epsom salts, vinegar & mouthwash for a couple of weeks but I need to find a good heal cream. I’m going to try to find this one so I can try it.

  4. Danielle Wuest says:

    I think i’ll give this cream a try as my feet are dry n no other lotion seems to work ;3

  5. Heidi Hile says:

    I’m a licensed cosmetologist, which means I work on feet! Weight is definitely a factor, especially if you tend to place your weight on a specific part of your foot when you walk. I see a lot of cracks just below the base of the big toe. As mentioned above, the key to using a relief/treatment cream is using it at bedtime, and putting socks on after application. You can get weekly pedicures, but if you aren’t helping the problem areas yourself, your cracks will remain!!

    I, personally, use AVON Cracked Heel Relief cream, and find it to be amazing. In fact, I use ONLY Avon foot care products, so I can’t really give advice geared toward other products, not even those used in professional nail salons.

    This is a great, informative article!

  6. Lanie Pregoner says:

    My father always has cracked feet. He tried lots of lotion and petroleum jelly too but it didn’t healed his feet. I agree with the above commentor coz when I bought avon cracked heel relief cream and my dad stared using it, his feet got better.


    i already do that it does work

  8. I’m lucky dont have cracked feet

  9. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    a great gift for my aunt who has always a cracked feet

  10. Holly Uhler says:

    I know dipping them in a paraffin bath is also really helpful. I prefer soy wax and use the melted wax as a lotion it’s awesome

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