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I have always fancy wedges and seeing them worn by many famous celebrities, i thought it would be very nice to actually have one and use them.   Upere is a new fashion company that offers and produces high-end and trendy wedge sneakers and wedge shoes for women.  Their collection of different designs of wedges will definitely interest you.

I’ts amazing that its comfortable and easy to wear , their wedge sneakers is now gaining popularity because of it’s stylish design and fashionable look to the wearer .

This wedges  have a 2 inch wedge heel and a rubber anti-slip soles, so you don’t need to worry on slipping.  The velcro  Velcro closures however can really help you adjust to your size. Paired with a skinny jeans or a short dress or shorts is just perfect especially for this coming summer season.

I love the idea that it has 2 inches since for small ladies like me, it’s definitely a great help to look more taller and design really suits all fashionista out there.  this is definitely a great chance to own as beautiful as this. The ASTER Wedge sneakers is perfect for those who love to dress,  at $249  though I’m still thinking since not many can afford them.  It’s something which is a little higher than I’d normally be comfortable paying but if given a chance, i would definitely want to buy their other collections.

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Now, here’s a best catch,  use this promo code,  UPERE” to get 15% off on their wedge sneakers.  That’s definitely a great savings.

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  1. I want the one in cream or the one in pink!! 😀 I cannot wait to get my own pair! 😛

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