Fitness: Quaker Oat Cookies- Indulge without sacrificing your diet

getting fit with quaker
Your on a diet. Does it mean you need to be very strict on your diet and forget how good eating is?

Well, i believe that there are still ways for you to enjoy a hearty snacks without compromising your diet.

Try this  oat cookies and flavored oatmeals coming from my favorite brand of Oatmeal. With less fat, no artificial flavor and 0% trans fat, I don’t need to worry too much that I am  ruining my diet plan.    Afterall, what I am really after is getting a good health and we all know that oats are good for our body.

Oats is a good source of fiber, it’s good for lowering blood cholesterol, blood sugar, and contains hundred of phytochemicals that helps reduce the risk of cancer.

And because of it’s high fiber content, i don’t have any problem with my vowel anymore.  Before, i used to have an irregular vowel which is really a big problem but with oats in my diet,  it improves a lot.   I guess, i’m really on the road of getting fit and healthy living.

Do you love oats? What flavor do you like?

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  1. I usually try to make my own so that theingredients are organic, but for the times that I can’t these would be a great alternative. I’m going to look for them

  2. My wife will love this. She loves oatmeal cookies but avoids them because of dieting.

  3. John Ruiz says:

    Apple Cinnamon my favorite but I still love granola bars more. 🙂

  4. natalie nichols says:

    I love their cookies. I buy a bunch of them from time to time.

  5. Maria Iemma says:

    I usually bake my own and did not know that Quaker sold them. I am going to look for them in the coolie aisle in my store — I love cookies.

  6. md kennedy says:

    I eat oats at least three times a week – often more! Whether it is for breakfast (flour-free pancakes, plain old oatmeal, meusli ro granola) or in bread, meatloaf or cookies, I LOVE them1

  7. You can add even more oats to your diet by eating oatmeal for breakfast. You can add fruit or nuts and flavor it however you like.

  8. I love oatmeal cookies but we do not get this brand in south africa.

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