Fitness : Nestle Fitnesse 14 days program to kick your lifestyle

Since the beginning of the year, i told myself that I really needed a change. I wanted to make my self more good looking and healthy and what can I do to achieve this,  start on a diet and choose foods that are healthy.

I have heard already this 14 days program promoted by Nestle Fitnesse since last year but I wasn’t able to pursue since i have many personal issues to deal with.

So, this January, i thought why not give it a try,  I might not be able to achieve this sexy body for just 14 days I can able to lose weight and more fit than before.

The suggested menu plan  says that you need to replace two of your meals into just eating Nestle Fitnesse wholegrain cereals but since I don’t think I could really do that, i opt to make it into one cup of cereals a day,  either in the morning or in the evening and the usual one cup of rice is now 1/2 or sometimes less but i still eat viands which are fish, vegetables, chicken and sometimes a little meat so i can still have a balance diet.

I drink low fat milk or sometimes i drink Anlene since my body lacks in calcium.

So, did I lose weight in 2 weeks?

The first two weeks is really crucial but i was able to lose 1/2 kg or 1.10 pounds.  Well, I guess not bad. I still don’t achieve that sexy body i have been wanting but losing 1/2 kg in just two weeks is a sweet news in my ears.  Atleast, I’m getting progress and i’m on my way to a new and fitter me.

Updates:  Would you want to know my diet progress?  read further 🙂

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