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I believe that there is a time that you create your own fantasy.  It must be the time when you and your partner has some issues  that you don’t know how to resolve.

Just this evening while waiting for my turn to be checked up, i saw a post on the doctor’s office on how to fire up your relationship with your love one. Some of the lines says something like this,

Fill your life with joy.  make your relationship works.  If you have problems, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. 

There are times  in our marriage life that we feel cold because of  some problems in our personal life or probably of some stress and communication becomes weaker and thus our love especially love making becomes much lesser.

If the excitement turns to sour, our marriage life becomes stressful and there are times that relationship falls does the reason for some marriage break-up or infidelities.  I always believe that marriage is binded with trust, confidence and respect and sex is just an icing on the top but without sex in our relationship, i guess the passion for each other will turn into a bitter one which we also don’t want to happen.

Some easy tips to fire up again that diminishing sparks are;

Communicate:  communication is always best in every relationship,  talk out your problem and exchange sweet thoughts and sweet words.

Tender loving care :  TLC as we often called it works best,  giving our tender loving care ignite the desire for each other.

Think back how it was : think of your good memories together, the love you shared ,the happy memories and you will end up creating another one.

Give a surprise :  surprise your lover with a gift or perhaps do something that she/he love, even it’s very simple like cooking, baking or a gift of sexy things that you can both share.

Share a bath together :  i guess this works well.  A romantic bath can take both of you away from the stress or negative energy.  Light a scented candle, put some fresh petals and use perfumed bath wash.

Seduce your man :  Seduce your man by wearing some sexy lingerie.  I guess this works all the time.

You can also check some ideas from the net or magazines that specialized with giving you tips life  on how you can spice up your sexual life.  Visit Eden Fantasys today and relive your sexual life.

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