Fricaine: Fashionable Exotic Bag

I guess woman was born to love Fashion. If you walk into any woman’s closet, you may found that one or two bags is not enough to satisfy their cravings for fashion but as you grow older, they say that you need to be wiser and learn to differentiate what are lusts and musts. I must admit that one of my weaknesses is beautiful bags.

Classic, sophisticated and exotic, these are just few of the words that can describe Fricaine bags.  Inspiration of this bags comes from the traditional and eclectic expressions of identifiable native fashions of Asia, Europe, Africa and U.S. and from this unique blends of quality fabrics, they have redesigned and interpret it into a colorful , authentic custom-made handbags that is surely world class quality and luxurious at its bests.


 But unlike the luxurious brands Fricaine bags are definitely within your budget and even offer free shipping for orders over $59. What’s more interesting is the method that was used on creating this handbag.  This Fricaine Lagosian satchel bag which is just like other bags in their creation was made from high quality synthetic leather and it’s body was from 100% cotton using special wax printing technology to create this diversity of  colors.


The interior design has a custom made lining with the brand name on it. It has a roomy space and accommodate most of your things especially for someone like me who used to bring a lot of stuff.


You can see and feel that this handbag was created with a main passion of creating a fashionable high quality unique bag that every owner can be proud of.  I believe personally that this brand will reach a greater heights.

Know more about Fricaine Bags and Accessories by visiting their website today.  Upon purchase, you can also use this code FRICAINE30 to get a 30% discount.  But wait, here’s the good news, Fricaine is very generous to offer one of my reader to get a chance to win a beautiful Fricaine Effico Hobo Bag, giveaway posts will be up on Monday, so make sure to check back again.



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  1. Wendy R. says:

    These bags are so fun and unique. I love the way that they stand out.

  2. Amber Ludwig says:

    I learned that they use cultural vibrant fabrics from around the world! They are custom mad handbags that are durable and gorgeous!!

  3. Holly E says:

    They have lots of nice handbags. I had never heard of wax fabric until now.

  4. Bonny McDevitt says:

    OMG I need the FRICAINE PRINCESS DEMI SATCHEL BAG it is amazingly beautiful!

  5. terese dudek says:

    I love the unique look and design of these bags! The patters really pop and catch your eye! I love the cultural background of this company.

  6. denise low says:

    I love the bright colors and I believe that they are well made. Thank you so much for the entry.

  7. Cristy Ridey says:

    I love the Fricaine Handbags because of the vibrant colors and designs.

  8. robyn donnelly says:

    When they say exotic they mean it but I like art in all forms so I like this.

  9. Diane Elizabeth says:

    These are all so unique, I love that! I also noticed every one I viewed had a light lining. I seem to lose things in a bag with dark lining a lot easier, so that’s a bonus!

  10. I learned that Fricaine handbags are nice and roomy with custom-made linings that contrasts perfectly with the exterior.

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