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They say that our hair is our crown and glory.  When i’m a little younger my hair is always the center of attraction and envy of my friends because it’s shiny and smooth but as years goes by and I have tried different products, treatments and hair colors, the ever smooth hair is now frizzy and damaged.

There is a time that I got totally frustrated and have it cut very short and because i cannot find the right hair product for me, i just let them be instead of worrying and making myself crazy over it.

 bang style hair fashion

And then i got a chance to try Bangstyle, the packaging itself is different from the other hair products i have seen before.  After all it’s like a work of art inspired by artist tools. And one think i like about this product is it’s color safe,  free of parabens, sulfates and sodium chloride which means my hair color will not fade easily unlike my recent shampoo.

This smoothing shampoo and conditioner can really give your frizzy, curly hair to it’s original state which is smooth and silky. The smell is awesome too, although it’s kind of thick which is also far different from the other hair products i tried, it leaves your hair smelling great and creates natural bounce which my hair needed.

Every use can make you feel like your fresh from the salon, after all leading salons trusted this brand for their clients. Now i knew there secret.

The lotion is a different story, I couldn’t comprehend the smell because it’s really different and ooh so sweet and very soothing. It’s really soft to touch and  can give you a relaxing feeling.

Want to learn how you can also achieve smooth unfrizzy hair without going to the salon?  Visit Bangstyle now and join their community of artists .  View this video and check out this fun hair inspo mobile app.

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