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I love watches, whatever kind it is.  Leather, canvas, metal.  I think they would look good on me depends on the occasion and my mood.    That is why when i get this opportunity to try this cute watches from the The Wrap Watch, i thought it was really nice.

I’m excited about this product, my initial reaction is how cool is this.  It comes in a variety of colors perfect for trendy or athletic moms and even for your kids too who are just learning to read the time.  It’s easy to wear and since you only need to wrap them it can fit even the smallest arm size.

They were so generous too to send me additional watches (of different colors)  I’m giving some to a dear friend and I know her pretty princess would be delighted to wear them.

I love the idea of the design, its a perfect watch this summer because it’s colorful and stylish and it’s water resistant too, so need to worry even if you wear them during  rainy days and the best part, it’s very affordable.  Priced at $9.99 but they are on sale for $5.99 a watch,  how cool.  This is definitely a must see this summer.  A perfect gift to your family and friends whether for gals and guys since it features neon colors that girls and boys would love.

Just wrap them in your arms and voila, you have your stylish watch in a minute.  Visit The Wrap Watch today and get your own set of watches.  Follow them on Facebook to learn the latest updates!

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  1. Oh these are fun to wear, so fashionable!

  2. What a fun looking watch! I love watches too like you!

  3. Rechie L says:

    Wow, these are cool. I would love to try them on. And these sure are nice gifts to kids with all these colorful straps.

  4. jared's mum says:

    wow those are really lovely slap watches + i love the colors, too. real eye candy! 🙂

  5. I love how colorful it is too 🙂 and fashionable indeed.

  6. fun colors! that would be perfect for kids!

  7. Those were cute and colorful watches. My daughter would also love to have that watch.

  8. fashionable in deed.. i will check the site

  9. Marms @ Mom's Shopping Blog says:

    Very colorful…they’re great gift for kids.

  10. Really cute for kids! My doter would definitely wear it coz it’s colorful 😉

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