E-cigarette : A great way to beat the habit

Studies shows that smoking is still the number one preventable death, CNN reports that “443,000 Americans die from smoking-related illnesses every year, according to the U.S. Department of Health” and although many advocacy and drives have been done to help smokers to quit the habit, the urge to smoke is still greater.

I have been complaining about hubby’s smoking habit.  There are no days that I have been trying to educate him and lecture him about how smoking can affect his body and that it is bad for his health and even goes to the extreme of telling him that he has two little kids depending on him but I guess, even though he was that enthusiasm, he still could not kick the habit of smoking.

I don’t know what’s with that tobacco that many people couldn’t remove it on their system. I’ve tried it once in my high school years since many of my friends are doing it but I wouldn’t dare to try another stick because it makes me dizzy and i have the smell it leaves in my mouth and even in my clothes (Ooh, i’m very particular on the smell of my shirt)

Now, Vapourlites eCig introduce me with their starter kit, the best gift you can give for someone who wanted to beat the habit of smoking thus trying electronic cigarette as an alternative. As it mentioned, the tobacco flavor is very realistic and was designed  to mimic the taste of real tobacco blends.

e-cigarette kit

The cartomizer produces vapour which give a realistic hit on your throat seems like replicating the feeling of smoking only without the smoke.  So, i guess if your only after the feeling of smoking, this e-cigarette is perfect for you. This products are manufactured in UK laboratories giving the assurance of high quality products.

vapourlites e-cigarette

The kit comes with a  HG7 Polymer Lithium battery, a USB charger and 2 Cartomizers which equivalents to 80 tobacco cigarettes. So, if your average consume of 6 a day, then you can use this for atleast 13 days which is more affordable than buying the real tobacco cigarettes and what is far more important is saving your lungs and body on possible future health problems and even death.

Well, the verdict would always be upon my husband and to you who are chain smokers, if you would accept the change whole heartedly, this alternative is a great way to ultimately beat the habit of smoking .  This is the time to regain your life and be healthy.

So far, it seems that his getting the hang on it.  I guess positive motivation can really work wonders.  To know more about Electronic cigarettes, you can always check Vapourlites.com  . Help save lives today, give a gift of life, LOL. (it’s funny but i’m not laughing since it’s a very serious matter. )

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