Dermaroller Facts and Tips

When it comes to skin care treatments, our first thought is the spa and expensive procedures. However, skin care also involves thinning hair, wrinkles, and scars too. Even with all the options available to the public, you may not have heard about what Dermarollers can do for you. Let’s take a look at this treatment method and how it can help.

What is a Dermaroller?

Dermarollers use a process called micro-needling to treat the skin. Using a handheld device with a set of needles on one end, the roller is applied to the skin, gently puncturing the surface to reach the deeper layer of skin beneath it. It creates micro channels in the skin, making it possible for beneficial skin care ingredients to be better absorbed.

Micro-needling may be done using a Dermaroller, Dermapen, or Dermastamp. The Dermaroller uses a barrel shaped cylinder to roll the needles across the skin. The Dermapen has a small set of needles on one end that are pressed onto the skin while the Dermastamp has a larger set of needles that are stamped into the skin. Which device is used depends on the area being treated.

What are the benefits of using a Dermaroller?

One major benefit to using a Dermaroller is the cost. If you have ever used medical lasers to remove a scar, you know how expensive multiple treatments can be. Micro-needling doesn’t cost nearly as much, making it far easier to afford.

Another benefit to using Dermarollers is that the treatment can be used around the eyes and mouth. It’s a fact that lasers cannot safely treat all areas of the face. With it’s assorted sizes and designs, Dermarollers can. That is what every woman would love to have, a clean and smooth skin without the most expensive treatments.

What does the Dermaroller treat?


Dermarollers can treat a variety of skin conditions. These are some of those conditions that can greatly help woman especially those who are nearing their 40’s.

Fine lines & wrinkles – It works very well on fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead.
Scar reduction – While it does take multiple treatments to do so, it can also reduce the appearance of scars. This includes acne scars and stretch marks.
Cellulite – It can reduce or remove cellulite from arms, legs, thighs, stomach and buttocks regions.
Hair restoration – Since products can readily be absorbed, using hair growth medications in conjunction with the Dermaroller will increase hair growth while reducing hair loss.

Who can use a Dermaroller?

While anyone can use a Dermaroller, for some skin care issues, only a professional should provide treatments. Micro-needling uses different lengths of needles. For safety reasons, any treatment involving needles 1.5 mm and longer really should be done in a clinic.

Proper care and use of a Dermaroller
If you purchase a Dermaroller for personal use, it is imperative that you follow steps to properly care for both the Dermaroller and your skin. Read and follow the instructions carefully:

  • Disinfect the Dermaroller with rubbing alcohol and make certain it is clean.
  • Wash your skin with a mild cleanser.
  • Apply a numbing cream to the skin if needed. It can be uncomfortable, depending on the needle depth.
  • Roll the device over your skin back and forth. Always pick up the Dermaroller and relocate to new spot rather than scraping it across the skin. Apply left to right, up and down, diagonally to the left, and diagonally to the right for full coverage.
  • Rinse the skin again.
  • Apply vitamin enriched moisturizers to your skin.
  • Clean the Dermaroller.

Just like any treatments, it is always safe to consult your doctor first for you to learn whether dermaroller is appropriate for your skin condition.

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