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I have heard and seen a color changing lipstick but an apparel that change color when the sun strikes on it, that’s indeed a lot  of fun.

Del Sol , the world’s leading brand of color-changing clothing and accessories makes this things possible.  They offer different products for women, men and kids alike.  There products are stylish and every fashionista would definitely love to have them and it is a perfect must have for this summer time.

 While browsing their website,  my little girl saw this picture and immediately told me that she loves the princess shirt and gone crazy even more when I told her that mommy is picking a nail polish instead.  You should see her eyebrows when she learned about it and refused to talk to me for a while and subsides only when I told about our recently bought blouse in the mall last weekend.

I’m crazy over nail polish and I can’t wait to try Del Sol color changing nail polish and will definitely share them with you.

Learn more about Del Sol products. Follow them at Facebook to learn their latest updates.

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  1. md kennedy says:

    SOO love the idea of color-changing nail polish. My niece and I will have a blast with this this summer!

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