Your Complete Guide to Prom Dress Care

During prom season, every teen girl is hunting for the perfect dress and hopes she’ll be the only one in it. In her excitement, she wants to try it on a million times to model it for her girlfriends, make sure it fits perfects, and that it works with her planned hair and make-up choices. However, if your dress has intricate beading on it, you may be damaging your dress more than you think. These tips will help you care for your prom dress care before and after prom.

  • After you peruse and buy prom dresses online, see if your dress needs to be altered at all. Choose a professional tailor and ask them to fit you and them make the appropriate adjustments. After all, it’s a big day so you want your dress to look perfect on you.
  • Keep it in the garment bag that the dress boutique or the alterations place gave you. If either can, arrange to have your dress steamed the day before the dance so any wrinkles disappear. If that isn’t an option, bring your dress in the bathroom and hang it on the door and run the shower around 20 minutes. The warm steam will work magic to make those wrinkles disappear.
  • Use caution the day of your prom while getting ready and doing your beauty treatments. Avoid getting your spray tan too close to prom. Aim for at least two days before or the residue may stain your gown. The same goes for your make-up and hair products. Apply all deodorant, perfume, and fix your make-up and up-do before sliding into your gown. If you do get any stains especially lipstick, dab a bit of white shaving cream on it as it cleans and rinses quickly. Consider bring a Tide to go pen or another stain stick with you in your purse for emergencies.
  • Try not to snag your prom dress.  Be extremely careful with bracelets catching material and watching that you don’t bump anything at the dance. This is especially important if your dress features hand-sewn beads or intricate designs that could snag easily.
  •   Hang up your dress as soon as you take it off as throwing it over a chair will just wrinkle it more. Address any immediate stains.  If you find sweat marks, rub a damp bar of soap over the spot and then apply some liquid detergent and wash it.  Grass stains can be treated with alcohol and mild chlorine bleach. Keep on hand some of the basic stain removal methods, such as club soda, baking soda, and lemon juice.
  • Take your prom dress to a dry cleaner that specializes in formal gowns.  Dry cleaning it will extend the life of your dress, as well as reduce fading because of the special method they use. If you stain your dress at prom, arrange to drop it off the next day.

Keep your dress stored away in a garment back after you get it back from the cleaners. This will keep it fresh in case you decide to wear it to another formal dance.

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