Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

cetaphil daily advance ultra hydrating lotion

Equipped with ERC5 (epidermal replenishing complex) unique combination of five ingredients to help maintain healthy skin.  Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating lotion is specifically created for those people who had dry to very dry skin.

The non-greasy, fragrance free and non-comodogenic lotion is best suit for people like me who suffers flaking and skin dryness.  I don’t need to worry about blocking my pores or harsh ingredients.  When use liberally all day, you can feel the softness and smoothness it brings.

skin without cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion (pardon for my big hands)

As we grow older, our once smooth skin can become dry because of different factors that we encountered each day.  That’s why we need the help of lotions to bring the softness our skin lost.  Although, the smoothness could not be achieved over night with the frequent use of Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion, i know and believe that my skin will be back to it’s glorious time.

Skin with cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion

Now, you can see the shiny effect it gives on my hand.  It’s shiny and not greasy and the fact that it is more smooth, now my husband would probably hold my hand more.

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  1. Aya Ampioco says:

    i super love cetaphil product. it’s really effective.

  2. i’ve been using cetaphil for years and part of my daily skin care regimen

  3. Osang Bronozo says:

    Thank you for the review at my age 52 I really need this. It’s really true that when we get older our skins dry that we need a perfect hydrating lotion to keep it smooth. My first cetaphil experience.

  4. Sheryl An Mungcal says:

    i love Cetaphil products especially the lotion,. even my baby is using Cetaphil products,.

  5. My girlfriend is actually using this as prescribed to her by her doctor since her skin is too sensitive to other soaps.

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