Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

cetaphil daily advance ultra hydrating lotion

Equipped with ERC5 (epidermal replenishing complex) unique combination of five ingredients to help maintain healthy skin.  Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating lotion is specifically created for those people who had dry to very dry skin.

The non-greasy, fragrance free and non-comodogenic lotion is best suit for people like me who suffers flaking and skin dryness.  I don’t need to worry about blocking my pores or harsh ingredients.  When use liberally all day, you can feel the softness and smoothness it brings.

skin without cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion (pardon for my big hands)

As we grow older, our once smooth skin can become dry because of different factors that we encountered each day.  That’s why we need the help of lotions to bring the softness our skin lost.  Although, the smoothness could not be achieved over night with the frequent use of Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion, i know and believe that my skin will be back to it’s glorious time.

Skin with cetaphil ultra hydrating lotion

Now, you can see the shiny effect it gives on my hand.  It’s shiny and not greasy and the fact that it is more smooth, now my husband would probably hold my hand more.
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  1. Cetaphil is a bit pricey compared to other brands, but at least, you’ll be satisfied with the results. totally worth it!

  2. I have been using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser on my son since he was born and I can attest that Cetaphil indeed works wonders because my son’s skin is soft and smooth. I am yet to try Ultra Hydrating Lotion on myself but I am sure it’ll work as great as the skin cleanser.

  3. Darren Mozo says:

    i think it’s awesome. i wanna try it too :razz:

  4. leo rances garcia says:

    cetaphil makes our skin smooth talaga:0

  5. Sherry Ann Gole Cruz says:

    been using cetaphil for my baby sensitive skin..i think i’m gonna use it also for my skin!

  6. My skin feels dry especially after taking a bath. Thank you for this! I now have an idea on what product to use to hydrate my skin very well! :)

  7. Francis Falucho says:

    I love Cetaphil products specially this kind of lotion. Perfect for my dry skin.

  8. I agree, cetaphil is not greasy and it makes your skin soft and smooth.

  9. I didn’t know that Cetaphil lotion is that absorbent! I’m impressed. I really thought it’s too thick to apply but your post proves me wrong. Kudos Cetaphil!

  10. Jen Gangan says:

    I use Cetaphil on my acne-prone face.It’s very effective and I really like its mild and clean scent.

  11. Cherry Ann Punzal says:

    Cetaphil products gives life to my dry skin. Super effective!

  12. Cetaphil is our brand for skin regimen for years! Really moisturizes!

  13. kany Vic Perez says:

    Lotion really does miracles on the skin. Im a witness and a user. Ive got dry skin from aan illness that I have. with long time usage of this, Cracks on the skin dissapears along with the Pain.

  14. I’m actually interested in trying Cetaphil :)

  15. claire sereno says:

    It shows how effective thw product is. I keep on joining cetaphil giveaways but never won.

  16. Leizle Demaisip says:

    Cetaphil is highly recommended by my baby dermatologist. And i also highly recommends Cetaphil to those with sensitive skin.

  17. Vlelyn Ang says:

    I have sensitive skin and Cetaphil works for me ! :wink:

  18. i love cetaphil product .Super effective its makes my skin smooth and healthy :)

  19. cetaphil is proven effective in hydrating skin.. my youngest daughter have a skin asthma and Cetaphil is recommended by her dermatologist. and i saw it very effective than the other leading brand.

  20. i want to try cetaphil product never try it before
    :smile: :razz:

  21. Cetaphil is and will always be the skin cleanser for my baby and me. Kahit it is a bit pricey compared to other brands, it is still the best that is sold in the market. I dont have to worry about anything if we use it..

  22. cetaphil is best for sensitive skin,,before i used it because i have a scratch on my skin and i feel itchy thats why i used it…

  23. Mayla Lagrimas says:

    :wink: What I love from Cetaphil is hindi sya greasy..

  24. Princess Snow says:

    I super love Cetaphil:) this really nice product . actually paubos na cetaphil q, kaya i need u to be mine.. haha:) :oops: :wink:

  25. Heard positive feedback about cetaphil so hoping to try their product.

  26. Rois Narvaez says:

    Definitely a great lotion, been using this as well, absolutely must have!

  27. i love cetaphil,I used it everyday! perfect for removing dirt and make ups

  28. I have been using Cetaphil for 2 straight months and I can see the big difference! Love it!

  29. Katrina Bulseco says:

    Cetaphil is the only brand I use since my teenage years upto now (that’s like 2 decades already), it has never failed me. Now that I have a son who has equally sensitive skin as I do, Cetaphil is still the brand prescribed by his pediatrician! And it still works wonders on him! :)

  30. Cetaphil is indeed expensive, which is tons of Hollywood celebs are endorsing it apart from the positive testimonials. It’s great that Cetaphil is reaching out to the masses via netizens.

  31. been using cetaphil for years now.. hiyang na hiyang ako, I even use it fo my baby :)

  32. Crysy G. Cañete says:

    I’ve been an avid fan of Cetaphil GFC and it never let me down for 4 years now. In fact I was very satisfied of using it, I’m kinda’ hoarding like buying at least 3 bottles a month and end up using 1 1/2 or 2 bottles only hehe =)

  33. I’ve been using this for a while now, and it’s really helped my skin. Definitely worth buying!

  34. Abigail sy says:

    Cetaphil Maintains our skin’s natural moisture

  35. I’ve tried Cetaphil before and it never disappoint. :) (Though the price seems steeper now)

  36. Marine Rose Decena says:

    I Love Cethapil super effective it makes my skin more youthful & It’s super mild

  37. I have been using cetaphil everyday. It’s really effective. I love it! ♥

  38. Mitch Lalic says:

    I really wanted to try it for me and my baby. The reviews are great and sounds very interesting.:)

  39. tried and tested… love this product much! :)

  40. Belle Ibanez says:

    my daughter has been using CETAPHIL for her face and it shows best results. :)

  41. I’m about due for a new bottle of lotion. I might give this a try. Thanks! Winters in the Midwest can be pretty dry.

  42. Laneva W says:

    I have never tried Cetaphil – but I like the comments on this review-sounds like a treat product to try

  43. Jessica Cassidy says:

    I love Cetaphil since the first time I used it

  44. Peggy Greco says:

    Thanks for sharing review of good and soothing lotion.

  45. Diana Devlin says:

    Of all the Cetaphil products, this one is my favorite. It really does hydrate well without feeling greasy. I use it on my face and it feels like a luxuriously hydrating face lotion. It’s actually a really good value even though it’s not in a big container like the rest of their products.

  46. Susan Johnson says:

    I have used the Cetaphil hand and body wash before, and it was very gentle, making my skin really soft. I haven’t tried the lotion though (mainly because I thought that was what I was buying, and accidentally grabbed body wash) so I will have to try this. Thanks for the review, it’s good to know that it is worth the money to use it.

  47. Colleen Schilinski says:

    This is just what I am looking for. Living in Florida has ruined my skin.

  48. md kennedy says:

    I hav ebeen using Cetaphil cleanser for years – didn’t realize they had a lotion as well (usually just grab the cleanser off the shelf and run – always running!). I’ll have to give it a try as your hand does look nicer in the after.

  49. Sherri Lewis says:

    Haven’t tried this before, will have to give it a try. I am on the lookout for something that will take care of the eczema I have

  50. Julie Wood says:

    I have used Cetaphil cleanser and the Ultra hydrating lotion because it is so good on my sensitive skin! Great product for hands and all over. I have been using Cetaphil products because they are not harsh on the skin!

  51. Karen Glatt says:

    I use Cetaphil products because they work so good and keeping my skin soft and they have no harsh chemicals for my sensitive skin.

  52. i love this lotion have been using it for a long time now.

  53. Robin Wilson says:

    When I hear Cetaphil I think cleanser, I didn’t even know they made this lotion. But I love their cleanser and I love the pics you have. I would definitely use this on my poor old wrinkled hands!

  54. Elinor Semira says:

    This product was recommended by my daughter’s pedia since ER’s skin is so sensitive. I am now a certified Cetaphil user as well. ^^

  55. I have used this product before, it is very hydrating. This is a great lotion to use during the winter months when you need that extra moisture.

  56. Cetaphil? Definitely worth it products!

  57. Nicole Becker says:

    Cetaphil is the ONLY lotion I buy for myself!! I have the worst dry skin and this is the only brand that actually works. It is a lil pricey but well worth it because you don’t have to put alot on.

  58. Seems to have good results on a dry skin so I have to try it.

  59. cheridene says:

    it is a great products and i love it

  60. Ann Cagalingan says:

    Cetaphil is highly recommended by my kids dermatlogist…;)

  61. Jenny Esplana says:

    This is my lotion everyday. I really love this lotion because honestly, it makes my skin smooth and moisturized throughout the day. :)

  62. Jo Marie Jarnaiz says:

    I love Cetaphil… Ito lng yung lotion na di nag s.skin rash ung 2nd child ko..

  63. Jastene Angelene E. Galacio says:

    I think i really need to use this I am experiencing flaking and dry skin frequently.
    Thanks for this post this helped a lot. :)

  64. kristine Pelayo says:

    I love products of cethaphil because its proven and tested

  65. kristine Pelayo says:

    I love products of cethaphil its proven and tested

  66. Cy Valencia says:

    Cetaphil is pricey but worth my hard earned money. This one is kinda new to me so I might give this a try.

  67. Arra Morta says:

    I love Cetaphil too:)
    So mild and gentle to use:)

  68. cetaphil is the best,i been using cetaphil for almost a year na,

  69. charlyn umali-euperio says:

    i love cetaphil!!!i use cetaphil cleanser its gently removes oil without drying and irritation.

  70. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    we love cetaphil,makes my daughter sensitive skin smooth!

  71. I really love this brand <3

  72. Flor Ann B. Guarino says:

    I haven’t tried any cetaphil products. I’m really amused because almost all bloggers blogging this products. I hope someday I won this kind of product.

  73. Aegeane Brioso says:

    My brother is a huge fan of cetaphil products and I love how it improves his skin. Its a bit pricey, but for sure, it worth every penny!

  74. Czarina Cerize says:

    Im a big fan of cetaphil products. It do wonders on my skin! SUper love it!

  75. Cel Fajardo says:

    Cetaphil makes your skin feel soft and smooth

  76. charlyn umali-euperio says:

    i use Cetaphil Products to prevent pimples and facial cleanser for my sensitive skin.

  77. monica almayda says:

    i totally love cetaphil

  78. Lolita Singwatt says:

    <3 Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating lotion, It makes my skin smooth, soft and younger looking!

  79. agnes dc says:

    we love using Cetaphil, so gentle and everyone in the family can use it.

  80. Aya Ampioco says:

    i super love cetaphil product. it’s really effective.

  81. i’ve been using cetaphil for years and part of my daily skin care regimen

  82. Osang Bronozo says:

    Thank you for the review at my age 52 I really need this. It’s really true that when we get older our skins dry that we need a perfect hydrating lotion to keep it smooth. My first cetaphil experience.

  83. Sheryl An Mungcal says:

    i love Cetaphil products especially the lotion,. even my baby is using Cetaphil products,.


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