Zinc Door Offers 15% off Select Upholstery

I have been meaning to change our upholstery but never get a chance to finally pick  a new style.  That’s why, I’m so excited that there are contemporary furniture at Zinc Door, since I have always wanted to have an elegant and stylish set to change our old one.

If you are looking for a  new sofa/sectional or thinking of buying a new ottoman to complement what you already had in your living room.  This is the perfect time to go shopping because  Zinc Door’s 15% off select upholstery  is indeed a great sale that you shouldn’t miss, get it with promo code SOFTSEAT valid through 9/15! Browse their wide selections of  eye-catching chaises/daybeds, bar stools, benches, and other upholstered pieces to tie your room together!

This gonna be a great time to make that change you have been wanting to do.

Zinc Door – Get your Noir Throw pillows for 15% off

Have you ever heard about Spring cleaning?  This is the  perfect opportunity to de-clutter your home,  get rid of that worn out furniture, you can donate them and replace it with affordable and beautiful pieces.  Don’t hesitate to accessorize! Zinc Door offers stylish and modern home decor for every room and  the good news is  they’re featuring the popular brand Noir and offering 15% off all throw pillows.

noir throw pillows on sale

noir throw pillows

Beautiful designs awaits you when you check out their website.  From blue, green, yellow and orange, plaids and prints, name it and they got it.  Fashionable throw pillows are a great way to make your living room or any room delightfully beautiful.

They also have the Noir Ming Bookcase which provides multiple shelves and two drawers for accessories and organizational needs. Beautifully crafted bookcase, a real beauty that can be the focal point of any room.  It also provide storage space for your decorative pieces or craft souvenirs or even your children’s awards.

Spring cleaning also means a new wardrobe but of course who wants to part away with our beloved clothes especially if it contains beautiful memories , the Noir Hampton Tall Boy Dresser provides six drawers which delivers maximum storage in a relaxed white washed finish.  Only the best products offered by Zinc Door for you.

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links. By buying through this link, you can help my site run for a longer time.  Love what you see, check them out now.