ShopBack : Get your cash back when you shop

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Gone are the days when you need to go to a shop to purchase something and needs to go through a long line of people just to pay one shoes or dress that you have been eyeing for months.  This modern world has definitely evolved and online shopping is one of the new trends that many wise shoppers have been doing.  Why not, it’s sustainable  and economical too since you no longer need to go out to get the things you needed or wanted.  At the tip of your fingers, you can order foods, dresses, shoes or even book a ticket for a flight.

Honestly, i have been a fan of online shopping but remember to always update your antivirus, you can find Norton coupon code that can give you discounts.  For someone who was always on the go juggling work and schooling, it’s very convenient to just shop at the comfort of your own home.  There are few disadvantages like you could not fit or see for yourself the shirt or shoes you will buy but weighing with the many advantages, it was worth a try. Now, I have learned that I can also earn back a portion of my shopping money by using ShopBack. I wonder, why I have only learned this now?

ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts from more than 500 stores. If your fan of  adidas, Adidas Malaysia promotion   is always offering great deals. It’s basically, using the site and shop on your favorite online shop through ShopBack and you get  a portion of your purchases as Cashback.  How does it work? First you can sign up via your facebook account or e-mail account.


Just click the stores you wish to purchase something, example if you like fashion, you can check out exclusive ASOS discount code and it will be redirected to the store’s website . Choose what you wanted and make the purchase by clicking the purchase button and you will get cashback in your ShopBack Malaysia account within 48 hours.  That is one easy peasy.

If you join today you can check out their 9.9 Rewards Day that gives up to 9% upsized cashback from different brands. You can redeem your Cashback within 30 to 60 days once your order is validated by the merchant. This period is to ensure that there is no order cancellation/return or exchange.  You can request for a payout once you’ve reached the Redeemable Cashback.

Now, you can also add the ShopBack Cash Buddy Button on your  laptops or desktops as long as you are using google chrome and safari  which lets you earn Cashback whenever you shop online.

Now, aside from getting a Cashback every time you shop from your favorite online shopping store or booking a ticket. You can also earn through inviting your friends.

So, do check out ShopBack and click from my referral link and let us share the fun and savings.


Top 5 Stylish Athletic Wear for Spring

Spring does not only bring the thought of flowers and green trees. It also marks the start of summer where we all look forward in going to the beach and enjoying out much deserved vacations. However, before dipping and basking under your favorite shoreline, losing those extra pounds you earned during the holidays to look fab in your swim wear becomes necessary, you can also check out this stylish athletic wear for spring.

However, losing those stressful pounds should not deprive you from enjoying your journey to weight loss. Exercise in style and enjoy the sun with these athletic wear OOTD suggestions we have below.

Oversized Sweatshirts

You’ll look cute and adorable in your boyfriend’s sweatshirts while running around the neighborhood. Another plus factor is that you get to hide all those unwanted fats, work out comfortable and still look great as you hit your daily 10-kilometer run target every day.

Tropical Colorful Prints

Fabletics Tropical-themed active wears are really making a hit in the market now only for their fashionable design but because of its durable and light-weight material. What’s good about this design is that it is predicted to take center-stage when it comes to this 2017’s trendiest active wear for both men and women. Investing in one is a must. Famous Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, co-founder creates Fabletics fitness and workout clothes right for every body type. 

Open-back Tank Tops

Tank Tops are still a hit when it comes to active wear both in men and women. It is also being a preferred option when it comes to bikers and other outdoor-oriented physical activity. Intricate designs and necklines would be a worthy active wear OOTD whether at the gym or outdoors.

Bralettes and Crop Tops

Sports bra design and material have improved tremendously throughout the years. This is not a surprise why it is becoming a favorite option when it comes to active wear. Whether indoors or outdoors crop tops and bralettes provides the comfort and support every athlete needs.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are still great active wear options especially during those early morning or late night runs. It looks great in leggings and are now available in fabrics that can address issues that comes with sweating. 

All of these can be find at Fabletics spring collection which you can get for affordable prices.