Product Review : All Naturals Coffee Blenders : coffee reimagined

Drinking coffee is a part of my everyday life.  I start and end my day with a cup and when I’m lost between my work, i will just grab a cup and somehow my creative juices keeps pouring in.

getting fit

Recently, i have been very busy and stressed out and you know me, when I’m stressed i tend to eat more and indulge myself on eating foods that somehow I lost track with my weight and find myself big and unhealthy altogether.

coffee blenders - coffee reimagined

I’m happy that I have learned about Coffee Blenders, you get to enjoy and savor a cup of coffee with different purpose.

LEAN – Dark Roast + Weight Loss

Every K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Lean offers a daily dose of Svetol, an all-natural green coffee bean extract that can help you lose weight. In fact, subjects in multiple clinical studies lost an average of 11 pounds in 60 days when consuming 400 mg of Svetol® daily. Treat yourself to just one cup a day to slim down and keep up with your fitness goals.  (coffee blenders website)

If your goal is to trim down extra weight, this coffee is indeed for you. Since it includes a natural green coffee bean extract which can help your body lose weight, a cup each day can be a good start .  The aroma is very mild and pleasing to your nose but what’s more interesting is the taste.  There are days that I love my coffee dark roast, i could always remember my dad saying, “what is coffee if it doesn’t taste like coffee, dark and flavorful.


Each K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Focus boasts a daily dose of Cereboost, an all-natural, fast-acting ingredient that’s clinically proven to improve concentration and memory. Treat yourself to just one cup a day to feel more focused and check more items off of your to-do list. – (coffee blenders focus)

If you are preparing for something huge and inspiration seems lost along the way.  A cup of Coffee Blenders Focus can give you a daily dose of inspiration.  Infused with cereboost, this all natural ingredient which derives from the extract of American Ginseng which is already clinically proven can help you with you get back on the tract and help you concentrate. They say that if you want an instant boost on your day, just grab a piece of chocolates and you will be energized.  No wonder, this coffee has a chocolate finish and low in acid. This is something i needed to help me fuel my thoughts so I can finish my pending tasks.

ESCAPE – Dark Roast + Stress Relief

With each K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Escape, you’ll benefit from a daily dose of L-Tea Active™, a safe, all-natural ingredient that’s clinically proven to reduce anxiety levels. Just 1 cup a day will help you relax and take a break from the speed of life. – (Stress Relief from Coffee Blenders)

A rough day in the office or just a busy day preparing for the kids and at home.  This rich with aromatic blend with an intense smoky flavor will definitely fire your day and make you feel alive again.  It has L-Tea active or more commonly known as more commonly know as L-Theanine, can definitely help you relax without the feeling of drowsiness.

Each k-cups is all naturals coffee from 100% Arabica dark signature blend. All coffee blenders comes from the world’s finest beans which are handpicked. What’s best, Coffee Blenders is compatible with my new #HelloKeurig 2.0 brewing system which creates a perfect timing.   This is not just my average cup of coffee.  It’s definitely coffee re-imagined.

Coffee Blenders escape is definitely my new favorite, it’s like my daily savior in the midst of my busy schedule.  Coffee time is  definitely worthwhile.  (melandria romero)

Now, here’s a perfect treat,  one lucky reader can get a chance to have one box of coffee blenders ,  Here’s how;

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SnapBox – Pose, Snap and create it in a Box

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png


We love to take pictures especially for those special moments in our life.  Photographs speak beautiful memories and some of my favorites are our wedding, our first expectation and now that we had our two children, during Christmas and birthdays but sometimes even without any particular occasion.  When I look at our pictures, it reminds me how good life has been to us even though we encounter ups and down.

Photograph in a canvas is a beautiful way to preserve that precious memory especially for our kids to see their childhood years.  SnapBox makes that photographs turned into a beautiful pieces of canvas since each SnapBox is a PhotoGiclée gallery wrapped stretched canvas print with a 100% wood baked black enamel frame with 1 ¾” depth which you can display in your home or in your office desk to remind you those special days depicted on the photograph.

snapbox back

What’s more interesting is the fact that you can create a beautiful wall canvas even with the pictures coming directly from your cellular phone, facebook or instagram. I was a bit hesitant to use the pictures coming from my facebook album since it has low resolution and afraid that it would not look good after printing.  But on my surprise, it was printed nicely and indeed perfectly done.

More about SnapBox”

SnapBox makes it easy affordable for consumers to create and order high-quality framed prints instantly from their smartphone, instagram and digital camera photos, by emailing them from their phone or computer, or ordering via SnapBox photos come in a range of sizes, including a 5×5, 5×7, 8×10, 10×13, 9×9, with the 5×5 and 9×9 square SnapBox prints ideal for Instagram photos. The SnapBox photos are presented in a 100% wood floating frame, ready to hang on a wall or display on a desk, mantle or bookshelf – enabling consumers to easily and affordably create personalized gallery-like collections of photos.

Delivering the highest quality framed prints, SnapBox uses state-of-the-art ‘droplet on demand’ archival pigmented ink, capable of reproducing more than 36 million unique possible colors. The stretched canvas print is complete with a 100% kiln-dried wood frame, with a black enamel finish and is ready for desktop or wall display.

i find the wood elegant and will fit every contemporary and minimalist home and more important is it’s indeed affordable, so you won’t think twice on getting another piece.  Just I wish they can offer different wood color for additional choices.  Now,  I’m so excited to put them on our stairs walls, though I need to wait for hubby to have some time.

Turn your photographs to a beautiful pieces of canvas from SnapBox.  Visit their website today and follow them on facebook for the latest updates. And if you order today, you can get 255 off until Fathers Day.

Get one for free:

Now, here’s the best part SnapBox is very generous to offer one of my lovely readers a chance to win an 8×10 print value at $26.65.  Be sure to comeback on this site to learn more about the mechanics and how you can win.

Canvas 4 Life – Keeping memories forever

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png


I love taking pictures, let’s rephrase it, I’m addicted on taking pictures.  I believe that pictures reflect your moods, whether i’m sad or happy, it makes me relax to see old photographs because it reminds me the memory associated with it. 

One photograph that I really cherish is our wedding pictures and a chance to create it into a beautiful piece of canvas print is really a nice opportunity.

Canvas 4 life is an online store that offers you to upload your photo and lets you choose your canvas print and see your image come to life.

It’s very easy to create your very own canvas print.  Simply upload your photo, choose the style and size , your choice of coating and place your order and voila for few days, you have your very own canvas print waiting at your doorstep.

I truly love the outcome of their canvas and I am very pleased with the good and fast service they offer.  The canvas print was covered with bubble wrap, so there’s no need to worry of possible damage on the print and most of all their prints are very affordable.

It brings back beautiful memories of our wedding day, i can’t wait to put them on our wall.  It would be a reminder of our love.

Now, you can create your very own canvas print in minutes.  Visit Canvas4Life today or Follow them on Facebook to learn more updates.