Fashion Finds : Funeral Traditions

It’s a fine day, a beautiful day to celebrate life and bond with the family but today we pay our last respect to a mother of a friend.  Life is indeed unpredictable, people will see you happy and enjoying life and suddenly, you will be diagnosed with sickness.  That’s why, it’s very important to enjoy it until it last, so that you can never get a chance to say “i wished i have done that”. This is indeed one fashion finds.

Black has always been the fashion in every funeral traditions.  We often see black dress, shirts or blouse since it associates with mourning but you can always wear any color as long as it’s not bold or very bright and wear simple yet elegant accessories or jewelries.

But with the latest trend and time and based on what I have seen, white with black accent has been more favorable and create a cool ambiance especially at this time that the grieving family needs more comfort.

Life is too short so make sure to count every blessings that comes around.

On the other hand, it’s not because your attending a funeral, you would never get the chance to wear something fashionable?  With East Clothes, you can definitely find something for every occasion.  Even if your attending a party, or celebrations or even a funeral, you can find affordable clothes to meet your demands and make you stand out from the crowd and the best part, they deliver so fast that you will think, their shop is just around the corner.

black bag, cheap bags,

I really love this studded bag, it’s very trendy and fits all my things into places and not to forget that the shoes is definitely a stand out. They often say that best things in life is free which I totally agree.  You can always have happiness even with simple things.

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Fashion Finds – Dare to be bold with Front Row Shop

What do you prefer? Soft or warm?  Dainty or Rock Glam?

I have always love edgy and rock style although i’m not that type that goes all the way since i still have some reservation but then when you become a mom, changes is inevitable and even your style will greatly affect this certain changes in your life but nevertheless, i’m still happy that I can still wear edgy style without looking like I’m trying hard for my age.

One online shop I found very interesting is Front Row Shop , just by browsing their site, you would definitely find something your looking for.  Although their site features  less collections than the others in the web, you could feel their dedication on every outfit they feature and created. Making sure to provide fashionable and trendy designs ready to compete with international brands but what’s interesting is that the price is definitely competitive and far more affordable.

high waist trouser with split

I’ve chosen this high waist trouser with side split and I can totally say that it was just like made to fit to wearer.  Not to tight nor too lose, it’s a perfect pair for blouses or even slim shirts.  For day to night time affair.  No wonder,it’s a blogger choice and indeed a fashion finds.

front row dress

I feel like a celebrity mom on this pretty red dress from their collection, it’s stylish and fits perfectly.  So, what do you think?

Check out their facebook page to learn the latest updates.   So, what can you say? Leave your loving comments and share with me your thoughts.

Fashionable Finds – Roxsee Jewelry Hanger

With the holiday and the preparation for the super typhoon, i haven’t got the chance to find sometime to seat for a long time in front of my computer and shared my thoughts to blog and review products i currently acquired.  I just don’t want others to see me sharing accessories and girl things while the rest of the country is mourning.

We are just so grateful that the typhoon has not affected our town as much as he had done on several provinces of Visayas and Mindanao which up to now, deaths are been tolling up .

It’s really hard to focus especially if your mind and heart is overwhelming with thoughts and disbelief and watching the news made me cry but I do have commitments and i guess even though other’s still find it very insensitive to share fashionable items.  I just hope that you will let me pass this time and find this post worthy of checking out.

Accessories and jewelries are just one of  the things that completes an overall woman’s attire. It has been used since ages and it compliments your appearance by giving you  a gorgeous and smart look.  I so love them and many woman does.


With my growing accessories, i just put them on clear boxes and placed them inside my cabinet or drawers which I find really hard since you have to open all of them and find something you wish to wear for that particular time and occasion.

jewelry storage,

That’s why, I’m so happy when i got the chance to receive this dainty accessories organizer from Roxsee.

It’s a genius idea that you get to store all your accessories in a one place.  It’s very easy to store and you can just hang it anywhere you like them to be.  Placed them inside your dresser or cabinet or just on the wall which you can easily find.


Far from my previous accessories storage boxes, i would never experience tangled bracelets and necklace with Roxsee hanger.

With more than hundreds of small holes, it can accommodate many earrings. It has hooks too which you can place your bracelets , necklace, watches, belts and even rings.  Below is a better view of the jewelry hanger which you can see, there are still many holes left which can accommodate my growing collection of earrings.


So, what do you think?  Did you like it?  I know you would.  What’s great is that it’s very affordable and indeed fashionable.

You can check it out at  or follow their facebook page to learn the latest updates.  You can also leave some loving comments below and share your thoughts on this great find.

Mart of China – Wholesale Fashion at its best

For a thrifty mom like me, I am always on the look out of affordable fashion that can fit my budget afterall, fashion doesn’t need to be expensive, it’s how you style them and wear it with pride.

Online shopping is getting the limelight this days,  it’s more convenient and you can even get a chance to grab big bargains and sale but of course, it’s always good to check out the company first before buying.  One leading online shops that offers affordable yet fashionable apparel, shoes and accessories is Mart of China, with their competitive wholesale prices and affordable shipping fees, you will definitely be hooked on browsing their site.

Here’s a sample look for you 🙂


This blue dress with peter pan collar is perfect for a day time or night out with your friends and the shoes is definitely something I would love to have in my closet.  The shimmering glitters makes me fall in love at first sight.


This second look is very feminine and really dainty.  This is perfect for office or a get together with friends and relatives. Paired it with the sweet pink shoes and your all dolled up.

And of course, your look will not be complete without a bag.  Here’s something I specifically picked for this look.  I think the design of the bag would definitely goes well with the two looks above and the best part, Mart of China is very generous to offer  one lovely reader for a  chance to own this bag.  (Yes, you can choose the color you love to match  your style.

This satchel bag is made of snake skin and big enough to put all your girly stuff while travelling or going out for a beautiful stroll in the park or even an evening affair.


Honestly, I so love it that I wish to have one for myself.  (Ooh, here I go again, talking about my love for bags)

Follow Mart of China today and experience affordable shopping at wholesale price.  You can like their facebook page too for the latest discount and sale.


Hayan Korean Cosmetics : Affordable Korean Cosmetics

Hayan Korea Cosmetics

Hayan Korea Cosmetic

Since the time I was hooked watching Korean drama,, I have seen korean actors and actress on a different light.  I think, they have the pretties face because of that flawless skin and some doesn’t have any traces of imperfection. I remember a statement made by one of my fave Korean Actress that she has no secret on having good skin.  She just take care of it by eating right, good sleep, a lot of water and right skin care products.

I guess, one factor that helps Korean maintain their beautiful skin is their weather and don’t forget their genes as well. But definitely one thing that help them is their skin care and make up products.  I have tried some Korean cosmetics on the past and I totally love them, i guess anything related to Korean will surely be favorable to me 🙂

That’s why learning about  Hayan Cosmetics makes me smile. I was very happy to receive some products from them and was impressed when I used it. That’s why when I saw a franchise stall in our area, I immediately grab the opportunity to buy their nail polish and black eyeliner.

melandria for hayan

Hayan Real Black Eyeliner 

The wing tip or cat eye is all over the net today and I thought it’s very easy to make but honestly It took me sometime to master them especially with my eyeliner but with Hayan Real Black Eyeliner, creating a dramatic wing tip is very easy even if your just a first timer.  It’s easy to stroke and apply and the color is just perfect to create the look and can even last whole day without the need to retouch.  Php. 230 ($5)

hayan nails

Hayan Nail Polish

Who doesn’t love pretty nails?  Seeing my nails all dainty makes me smile. Although their colors are still limited, I love the fact that their nail polish has pretty colors and easy to apply and affordable to.  Yet, i still need to put it on a trial whether how many days would it last on my nails.  (I’ll update you with this one)

FFF tip:

Choose a base polish that is bright and apply two coats of the glitter polish.  I just wish they can offer more colors.

nail polish

Hayan Mask Sheet for Women

 Recently, I have been obsessed on using mask sheet on my face.  Irregular skin tone, dull, dry, wrinkles, dark and aging , these are  just few of the many problems that our face suffer each passing day and as we grow older and more exposed to dirt and stress, we couldn’t avoid all this problems.  Hayan Mask Sheets  on different variants help your skin achieve a fresh and young looking skin. It moisturize, leaves a firm skin and revitalize them.

Each sheet cost Php. 60.00 ( $1.50)

Each sheet cost Php. 60.00 ( $1.50)

 Hayan tip :

Use them cold.  Refrigirate before using and make sure your face is clean before applying it.  Pat around your face, neck and nose.  Take the mask after 15-20 minutes and no need to wash it, if there are some essence that was left, just leave them on your skin by patting them gently.

If sealed – 3 years

Unsealed – used them immediately

FFF tip

I like the cold feeling on my face although I don’t like the smell of it but it’s bearable.  I felt a little bit of stingy feeling or sensation on my skin when I first tried it but the second time around, it was different.

It leaves a smooth feeling after using them.

Would I buy it?
Definitely yes,  for a very affordable price, it can help you achieve a smooth skin.

Hayan Slim Lipstick

hayan slim lipstick

 One of the cutest lipstick I have owned so far.  If your a regular reader of this site, you knew that I am a lipstick addict and owning different shades of lipsticks is one of my ultimate dream.  Hayan Slim Lipstick is very affordable and their shade is just oh so pretty.  Since, it’s slim, you can bring them anywhere even if your just using a small pouch, you can bring it out to give your lips a luscious shine.

hayan review

Over all, i love their products. Just I wish, i could find a product that will help minimize my under eye circles because it’s really hard to conceal them even with all the blending and concealing and foundation, I just hate it.

I have been thinking of trying their snail skin care collection since I have heard great things about it.


Learn more about Korean products from Hayan Cosmetics.  Follow them on Facebook .

Layla Grayce Offers 15% off Pom Pom at Home

School is fun especially for little kids.  Since school time is near again,  Layla Grace offers great deals for school accessories that your kids would surely love .  The Zoo Pack Owl backpack is where fun meets function, the whimsical details and durable materials make this the perfect on-the-go pack.

It’s very pertinent that kids gets the best on their lunch or snacks,  The design blue and orange zoo animal print design of Monkey Mania Lunch Happens bento box  is perfect for any kids.  It has  double-decker, reusable square case features pre-measured compartments for fruits, veggies, sandwiches and treats and a built-in handle.

Soft and lightweight, theKashwere kids striped hoodie will keep your child cozy and stylish year-round on the playground.

Be sure to check out Layla Grayce for all your back to school needs! Click the links for the details.

NOTD – The Face Shop Nail Polish Review


The Face Shop nail polish is so dainty, that the first time I saw them on their store, i know for once that this will be my next idea for a summer look nails. Here’s face up nail polish

If you love sweet light tone colors, this nail polish is especially for that girly side of you. A bottle cost around $2.50  or Php. 95.00, that’s indeed very affordable especially that it’s something you can use for several times.

It comes in a clear bottle with white cover and I was surprised that it has no name on the glass but it has a distinctive bottle far from other nail polish I had in my collection.  Anyway,  the polish is glossy so one or two coatings is needed to create  an effect like this.  It’s finer and not heavy so you can easily apply them.

the face shop, nail polish collection

The face shop nail polish

Although, if you use the nail polish for third time or fourth time around it becomes a little bit harder to apply because it becomes sticky but not as sticky enough.

Pros would be it’s affordable and has pretty colors but the only thing I disliked with this nail polish is that it can be sticky later on.  So, would I buy again.  Would certainly do. You know, i always had an eye for pretty colors.

What do you think?

Shines like a diamond with Sally Hansen

Diamonds are girl’s best friend.  That’s what I often heard and it’s glitters will stay forever. Diamonds are indeed a beauty beyond compare and I can’t deny that i so love seeing one but since I don’t have a diamond, i will just enjoy this lovely set I’ve got from Sally Hansen.

Sally Hansen had made it’s name for producing quality nail polish and over the years, they have given millions of women satisfaction of having beautiful nails, no wonder they are now the number one brand in nail polish.

They look so lovely that I’m still thinking of preserving them for special occasion.  Funny me but since I have some nail polish on my collection, i am really determined to keep this one for such a period of time after all they say that the average shelf time of a nail polish is up to two years or for me, as long as it’s not dried up.

Sally Hansen offers many fabulous nail polish but the Diamond strength no chip nail color interests me more since i always favor the one that glitters. It has 32 different shades and this four above is just one of them.

What interests me about this nail polish is the fact that it can last up to 10 days without  breaking, splitting and cracking.  I’m very glad to have a strong and long nails but this one could really help those people who easily experience breaking and cracking.

And if you love glitters and nails that shine, I would recommend that you try this nail polish since it was infused with real micro-diamonds & platinum it really glitters in your nails.  I can’t wait to receive the dress i bought online with a big diamond in front of it, this would really be a perfect combination.

You can find Sally Hansen nail polish in malls near you or you can check their online site and follow them on Facebook to learn more about them.

Zaggora Hot Pants – Lose weight in style

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

When I have heard about hot pants that can make you lose weight?  My initial thought is, is that for real? Look at this Zaggora hot pants

From the initial launch of Zaggora, women all over the world are going gaga on this idea that they can lose 2 jeans sizes in a two weeks program.  Just imagine losing weight without much an effort. That’s something i would definitely would love to try. Lose weight in style with Zaggora.

Checking out their site, makes me think twice since a body blazer  and a hot pants could cost $120 and $97 dollars which is way beyond my budget but luckily for me because I was given a chance to try their products.


This Zaggora body blazer  could really make you sweat like crazy.  True to their words,  hot pants is indeed hot, at first, I felt i was suffocating , I have never experience to sweat like this even if i’m running or working out.   The  product was created with Celu-lite Technology™  a multi-layer fabric technology harnessing the body’s natural heat during exercise which may help to increase the metabolic rate, actually the feeling was like wearing the stomach band i used to wear after giving birth through CS but with zaggora fitness apparel, my whole body is sweating.

I wear them inside the house while doing my usual routine and I can feel the sweat falling down all over my body. Light , yes!  Comfortable, i have to think about it again because if your sweating all over the body, it’s not comfortable anymore but I guess it’s not being comfortable while wearing them is what your after for but to lose weight and burn calories and wearing your hot pants especially doing extensive training, running or even just walking can really gave you that result you have been looking and yearning for.


Two weeks program may sound easy but due to my busy office and house duties, i wasn’t able to fulfill them every single day. But I know how curious you are  to know how it works for me and yes, although I did not lose that 2 inches below my current jeans size.  I did lose weight  but I could not entirely say it’s entirely because of this apparel since i have been into diet.   What makes me love this product is the fact that they were made from recycled nano-sized coffee grounds and ice-cool crystals and you knew me, my heart always goes for those who believe in eco-friendly and organic products.

Would i recommend them?

If you can stand the extreme sweat it can give you, then your good to try them.  Although they are a little bit expensive to begin with, roughly $220 for a set with the result, this can be a good alternative for those who don’t have the time to go to the gym and you can still save a lot of money because gym program is a lot more expensive for some.  I guess with their two weeks program and a diet, you’ll achieve to lose weight.

So, what’s your Zaggora story?  Share them here and let’s compare notes.

SnapBox – Pose, Snap and create it in a Box

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png


We love to take pictures especially for those special moments in our life.  Photographs speak beautiful memories and some of my favorites are our wedding, our first expectation and now that we had our two children, during Christmas and birthdays but sometimes even without any particular occasion.  When I look at our pictures, it reminds me how good life has been to us even though we encounter ups and down.

Photograph in a canvas is a beautiful way to preserve that precious memory especially for our kids to see their childhood years.  SnapBox makes that photographs turned into a beautiful pieces of canvas since each SnapBox is a PhotoGiclée gallery wrapped stretched canvas print with a 100% wood baked black enamel frame with 1 ¾” depth which you can display in your home or in your office desk to remind you those special days depicted on the photograph.

snapbox back

What’s more interesting is the fact that you can create a beautiful wall canvas even with the pictures coming directly from your cellular phone, facebook or instagram. I was a bit hesitant to use the pictures coming from my facebook album since it has low resolution and afraid that it would not look good after printing.  But on my surprise, it was printed nicely and indeed perfectly done.

More about SnapBox”

SnapBox makes it easy affordable for consumers to create and order high-quality framed prints instantly from their smartphone, instagram and digital camera photos, by emailing them from their phone or computer, or ordering via SnapBox photos come in a range of sizes, including a 5×5, 5×7, 8×10, 10×13, 9×9, with the 5×5 and 9×9 square SnapBox prints ideal for Instagram photos. The SnapBox photos are presented in a 100% wood floating frame, ready to hang on a wall or display on a desk, mantle or bookshelf – enabling consumers to easily and affordably create personalized gallery-like collections of photos.

Delivering the highest quality framed prints, SnapBox uses state-of-the-art ‘droplet on demand’ archival pigmented ink, capable of reproducing more than 36 million unique possible colors. The stretched canvas print is complete with a 100% kiln-dried wood frame, with a black enamel finish and is ready for desktop or wall display.

i find the wood elegant and will fit every contemporary and minimalist home and more important is it’s indeed affordable, so you won’t think twice on getting another piece.  Just I wish they can offer different wood color for additional choices.  Now,  I’m so excited to put them on our stairs walls, though I need to wait for hubby to have some time.

Turn your photographs to a beautiful pieces of canvas from SnapBox.  Visit their website today and follow them on facebook for the latest updates. And if you order today, you can get 255 off until Fathers Day.

Get one for free:

Now, here’s the best part SnapBox is very generous to offer one of my lovely readers a chance to win an 8×10 print value at $26.65.  Be sure to comeback on this site to learn more about the mechanics and how you can win.

Canvas 4 Life – Keeping memories forever

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png


I love taking pictures, let’s rephrase it, I’m addicted on taking pictures.  I believe that pictures reflect your moods, whether i’m sad or happy, it makes me relax to see old photographs because it reminds me the memory associated with it. 

One photograph that I really cherish is our wedding pictures and a chance to create it into a beautiful piece of canvas print is really a nice opportunity.

Canvas 4 life is an online store that offers you to upload your photo and lets you choose your canvas print and see your image come to life.

It’s very easy to create your very own canvas print.  Simply upload your photo, choose the style and size , your choice of coating and place your order and voila for few days, you have your very own canvas print waiting at your doorstep.

I truly love the outcome of their canvas and I am very pleased with the good and fast service they offer.  The canvas print was covered with bubble wrap, so there’s no need to worry of possible damage on the print and most of all their prints are very affordable.

It brings back beautiful memories of our wedding day, i can’t wait to put them on our wall.  It would be a reminder of our love.

Now, you can create your very own canvas print in minutes.  Visit Canvas4Life today or Follow them on Facebook to learn more updates.

Summer fun with Hapari Swimwear

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png
Summer is definitely something to look forward to.  I’m thinking of a nice beach escapade or perhaps a family party beside the pool.  We so love summer so much that even months before, we are preparing and thinking of a good place to visit.

It doesn’t need to be a grand vacation.  A nearby beach or pool would be just fine as long as we are complete since the memory we will create is already enough.

Before venturing to your travel destination, you must be prepared with the right summer attire.  One company that offers comfortable and chic summer wear is Hapari Swimwear .  They offer a wide selections of beautiful tankini, bikinis , tummy tuck bottoms that can help you hide those unnecessary bulge . What I love with their swimwear is the fact that it’s very versatile and most suits can be worn in three different ways/styles.  You can also mix and match the different swimwear to make it more appealing.

hapari swimwear

Each tankinis has a special pockets which you can then be used to insert silicone breasts to make your  front more  good looking rather than flat.  I thought, it’s a brilliant idea especially for someone like me who has not blessed with enough size.

I also love the idea that they have Modest Swimwear, for those who can’t afford to show so much skin.  Their swimwear can flatter once body and the good part of it, it’s very trendy and fit for this summer weather.



What are you waiting for?  Don’t be left behind.  Visit Hapari Swimwear today and pick your choices and for limited time, you can also get a free shipping for $100  order or more than.  So, start picking your favorite choice and you’ll learn that your totally hooked with their beautiful pieces that you wold wish them all for yourself .

You can also check out their Facebook and Twitter Page to learn more updates!


Now, here’s the best part.  Hapari Swimwear is very generous to offer lovely readers of my site for a nice summer treat.  Don’t forget to visit back to learn more about the details of this summer giveaway because it’s going to be special!

Handmade Jewelry by Lucid New York

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png
Who doesn’t love surprises? I so love them especially if we are talking about jewelries and fashion things ,  those are just one of the favorites of every fashionista. But although, I’m not a fashionista , I love the part when i get to open a package which I have no idea what’s inside.

Definitely, i’m a sucker for handmade accessories.  Why, because I always believe that handmade accessories are unique and done in a very passionate way by the maker since each pieces is created with a desire to make the wearer happy and fashionable as well.

That’s what Anna, the designer/owner behind Lucid New York  wants to convey with her subscriber, she knows they love everything trendy but classic, they value comfort and style. She gets inspired by people downtown New York where she lives – by clothes and the way they move. 

She has interesting handmade jewelry that you would surely love to own and I am very happy to try and receive some of them.

lucid new york earrings 1

This chandelier earrings is something you would really wish to have, very stylish and the design truly fits for an eco-mom like me.

lucid new york

A perfect pieces of accessories  for a day or evening wear.  Now, you can also get a chance to own this beautiful pieces by subscribing on their monthly subscription.  The Lucid Box has two pieces of jewelry in every box. The value of each box varies between $58-$74,  a real deal for the price of $ 26 a month.

Subscribe now  or join their facebook page to learn more about the latest news.

Sphere of Life- creating beautiful memories

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png


Being in love is a happy feeling.  If you are in love,  you see the world and things in a bright way and that feeling transcends to others.  Love can be spoken and expressed in many ways. Other’s express their love through music, creating a sweet melody turned into a song that speaks your heart.  For some, showing their love involves a sweet thoughts through writing, poems and quotes and for others, they couldn’t speak their love but show their feeling by giving things to their love one.

That’s the purpose of Sphere of life,  born and raised in United Kingdom, Sphere of life is a known brand in Europe.   Their jewelry was created with the moment of giving a gift in mind thus it speaks the beauty of love and your heart desire.

Receiving something so beautiful as the Look into my heart necklace is indeed a thoughtful attitude from the giver especially if that is someone you truly dear. It’s one way of saying that you cared for this person.   Each Sphere of Life necklaces comprises of 15.5mm (5/8”) spheres and the ‘Sphere of Life Cute’ collection comprises of 9mm (3/8”) spheres.


All items, in both collections, are made of sterling silver plated with rhodium. Some of the items are also accented by either enamel, semi-precious stones, high quality CZ or 18k gold and also comes in a beautiful sphere with the name/history  of the product . (source)

Women loves to receive gifts,  there’s no denying that.  Receiving such beautiful pieces of Sphere of Life collection would be a delight,  a necklace that can be treasured for a long time since it was created with passion of giving love.

My thoughts:

When I first saw this necklace on their website,  I thought it was very sweet to receive something like this and yes I was not mistaken since it was made from the finest quality and was even wrapped in a very special container  which is look like a crystal ball and carefully inserted in a luxurious satin bag which you can use when you want to store your necklace.

You could just imagine the delight to see the container, it really caught my attention and honestly,  I never had the chance to see something as dainty and cute as this, it was indeed a brilliant idea and perfect gift for someone you truly love.

Buy them:

No celebration is needed to give the gift of love,  check out Sphere of Life today and browse among their collections of beautiful necklace.  Follow them in Facebook and Twitter to the latest updates.

Get them free:

Now, here’s the best part for our lovely readers.  Sphere of Life is very generous to offer one of my lovely readers a chance to have the same necklace that I’ve got.  check out the mechanics of the giveaway tools.

———————————————-begin here———————————

sphere of life


Sponsored by:  Sphere of Life  –   Hosted by:  Fitness Fashion & Freebies

Co host  :  Simply Jess   –  Melandria’s Musing  –  Postcrosser Haven

Sphere of Life jewelry designed to provide you and your loved ones with gorgeous, original, spherical jewelry, made to perfection inside and out.

One lucky participant will win Sphere of Life – Look into my heart necklace

(RV $ 99.90 )

Open to US resident , 18+   Starts on April 18 – 24, 2013 .  This giveaway is not connected with facebook, twitter or any other social media.  This site is not responsible for prize shipment.  Enter via giveaway tools. Good luck!

Oofos – Feel the OOh comfort

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

We all know the feeling after a tiring  long day at work or school, we are just so dire tired to do anything after then and we only want to just sleep or watch a good movie at the comfort of our living room.

But come to think of it,  the evening is still young and we wanted to become energetic to enjoy the company of our kids or have a nice chat with our wife or husband.

There are different ways to revive ourselves , aside from positive mind and a refreshing shower and using the right footwear and that’s what OOFOS were made for.

Created using the cutting-edge proprietary material called OOfoam. OOfos  technology is a combination of compound and patented footbed design. The  unique DNA provides an unmatched OOfeel that’s energy absorbing does help to absorbs shock to lessen the pain you are suffering.  Reduces fatigue and restores vigor which you needed.

My husband was so excited to try his very own OOriginal thong sandal, since I told him that it can help relieve his stress and recharge him after a tiring day at work.

Just as we imagine, the first time you try the sandal , you can immediately experience the rejuvenating feeling ,  they call this “feel the OO”. With prolong use, you know that it’s not just comfortable but also a relaxing feeling.

For my hubby who is really hard to please sometimes,  seeing his approval is indeed an assurance that he truly like it.


Where to buy OOFOS shoes 

OOFOS  products can be purchased online and available in retail stores on Continental US. They come in three different designs, Oocloog, Ooahh and  Ooriginal.   You can also check them out in their Facebook Page or follow their tweet at Twitter, or Pinterest  to learn the latest updates.

Del Sol – Color Changing Clothes and Accessories

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

I have heard and seen a color changing lipstick but an apparel that change color when the sun strikes on it, that’s indeed a lot  of fun.

Del Sol , the world’s leading brand of color-changing clothing and accessories makes this things possible.  They offer different products for women, men and kids alike.  There products are stylish and every fashionista would definitely love to have them and it is a perfect must have for this summer time.

 While browsing their website,  my little girl saw this picture and immediately told me that she loves the princess shirt and gone crazy even more when I told her that mommy is picking a nail polish instead.  You should see her eyebrows when she learned about it and refused to talk to me for a while and subsides only when I told about our recently bought blouse in the mall last weekend.

I’m crazy over nail polish and I can’t wait to try Del Sol color changing nail polish and will definitely share them with you.

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