Lipault Paris: Travelling the world in fashionable luggage

Thinking of going on a holiday or just a weekend with the family? The anticipation of going on a holiday or trip is definitely exciting but preparing for that day especially packing the things you needed may somehow lead to problems.

With plenty of lightweight luggage on the market and the promises they create on their consumers, it seems hard to find that one thing that can work for you.  Choosing the right luggage for you is very important to avoid damaged suitcase, extra baggage fee or more travel inconvenience. Carry on luggage should be lightweight as it is but can accommodate the things you needed to bring.


This beautiful 20″ Continental 2-wheeled carry on luggage come on time when the old one needed to be replaced.  I’m so excited getting the chance to choose the one I like.  Since, I needed something that can accommodate my things (the kids have their own bags) this one is just perfect for me. A fashionable luggage for a fashionable wannabe mom. It’s a perfect combination.


 Let’s check the specification;


  • 2 wheels
  • 1 large zipped pocket on the front
  • 2 comfortable carrying handles
  • 1 transparent PVC storage bag
  • 1 Luggage Tag
  • 1 Expandable Handle


  • 1 main compartment with two tie-down straps
  • 1 small zipped side pocket
  • 1 large zipped pocket on the inside cover
  • 1 integrated folding system
  • Monogrammed lining


What I love about this luggage from Lipault Paris is not just the fact that they are stylishly created giving you the edge on travelling in style but also the two main reason of being lightweight and easy to store. Now, I’m all ready to travel the world in style.  (that’s a wishful thinking 🙂

Learn more Lipault Paris products from their website and follow them on facebook for the latest updates.


Knomo London: Stylish Laptop Bags

knomo london laptop bag

Bags, who doesn’t love them?  After shoes, bags is the most purchased item by woman and if your working, it is a necessity to find bags that are not just stylish and fashionable but also functional and cater your needs.

With my hectic life as a mother and working on a day job, I always chose big bags over the small one. When I received a Lola Bag from KNOMO London last year, my initial thought is that I have found the bag of my dream. Sturdy, high quality and thoughtfully crafted for a working mom like me although there are some cons on that because there are days that I felt it so big and heavy. No wonder since KNOMO means Knowledge and Mobility, their bags are designed to keep working people in mind.

Now, I’m too lucky (yes I could definitely say that) because Knomo send me their latest laptop bag.  This time, it’s a Slim Leather Shoulder Bag , (Wigmore) in Scarlet, this days I fancy red fashion that I kept on storing and buying different red shoes, bags and clothes.

So, let us take a look of this beautiful bag:


  • Quilted compartment with padded protection to hold a laptop up to 14″. Top zip is extended into the side gussets for a wide opening. Front pocket and interior organisational panel.


  • Constructed from Saffiano leather which is textured, hard-wearing and durable. The lining is colourful grosgrain. All hardware is bespoke for Knomo.


True to their promise and service, this new Wigmore Slim Laptop Bag has a classic style but fashionable enough to bring from office to your after work affair.  The inside is wide enough to put your things and a laptop of up to “14.  With the big and heavy bags they offer before, the Wigmore is a slim down version and a little lightweight.  It also has the same feature of KNOMO ID tag.  You can find your unique Myknomo ID number on the ID tag inside the bag which you needs to register on the site so you can easily find you when your bag got lost (which we really don’t want to happen)


I’m definitely loving this new bag. No wonder, why even Pippa Middleton always carry around her Knomo laptop bag.

 To learn more about stylish laptop bags from KNOMO  , you can visit their website.


and ooh, i forgot to mention , they have a new logo too which i find so adorable.


Product Review : All Naturals Coffee Blenders : coffee reimagined

Drinking coffee is a part of my everyday life.  I start and end my day with a cup and when I’m lost between my work, i will just grab a cup and somehow my creative juices keeps pouring in.

getting fit

Recently, i have been very busy and stressed out and you know me, when I’m stressed i tend to eat more and indulge myself on eating foods that somehow I lost track with my weight and find myself big and unhealthy altogether.

coffee blenders - coffee reimagined

I’m happy that I have learned about Coffee Blenders, you get to enjoy and savor a cup of coffee with different purpose.

LEAN – Dark Roast + Weight Loss

Every K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Lean offers a daily dose of Svetol, an all-natural green coffee bean extract that can help you lose weight. In fact, subjects in multiple clinical studies lost an average of 11 pounds in 60 days when consuming 400 mg of Svetol® daily. Treat yourself to just one cup a day to slim down and keep up with your fitness goals.  (coffee blenders website)

If your goal is to trim down extra weight, this coffee is indeed for you. Since it includes a natural green coffee bean extract which can help your body lose weight, a cup each day can be a good start .  The aroma is very mild and pleasing to your nose but what’s more interesting is the taste.  There are days that I love my coffee dark roast, i could always remember my dad saying, “what is coffee if it doesn’t taste like coffee, dark and flavorful.


Each K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Focus boasts a daily dose of Cereboost, an all-natural, fast-acting ingredient that’s clinically proven to improve concentration and memory. Treat yourself to just one cup a day to feel more focused and check more items off of your to-do list. – (coffee blenders focus)

If you are preparing for something huge and inspiration seems lost along the way.  A cup of Coffee Blenders Focus can give you a daily dose of inspiration.  Infused with cereboost, this all natural ingredient which derives from the extract of American Ginseng which is already clinically proven can help you with you get back on the tract and help you concentrate. They say that if you want an instant boost on your day, just grab a piece of chocolates and you will be energized.  No wonder, this coffee has a chocolate finish and low in acid. This is something i needed to help me fuel my thoughts so I can finish my pending tasks.

ESCAPE – Dark Roast + Stress Relief

With each K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Escape, you’ll benefit from a daily dose of L-Tea Active™, a safe, all-natural ingredient that’s clinically proven to reduce anxiety levels. Just 1 cup a day will help you relax and take a break from the speed of life. – (Stress Relief from Coffee Blenders)

A rough day in the office or just a busy day preparing for the kids and at home.  This rich with aromatic blend with an intense smoky flavor will definitely fire your day and make you feel alive again.  It has L-Tea active or more commonly known as more commonly know as L-Theanine, can definitely help you relax without the feeling of drowsiness.

Each k-cups is all naturals coffee from 100% Arabica dark signature blend. All coffee blenders comes from the world’s finest beans which are handpicked. What’s best, Coffee Blenders is compatible with my new #HelloKeurig 2.0 brewing system which creates a perfect timing.   This is not just my average cup of coffee.  It’s definitely coffee re-imagined.

Coffee Blenders escape is definitely my new favorite, it’s like my daily savior in the midst of my busy schedule.  Coffee time is  definitely worthwhile.  (melandria romero)

Now, here’s a perfect treat,  one lucky reader can get a chance to have one box of coffee blenders ,  Here’s how;

1. Just share this post on your facebook friends, (you can see the share button on top of this post)

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2.  Come back here and on the comment section, let me know your facebook name and e-mail address so i can contact you in case you win.

3.  The giveaway is open for US residents. 18 years and above.   This contest is in no way associated with Facebook. Products will be delivered by Coffee Blenders. Giveaway will end on September 30, 2014. Winner will be randomly selected via

Great Mornings with #HelloKeurig 2.0

Disclosure:  I am not compensated for this post. Though, I received a free product from #Influenster as part of their #influenster voxbox program for me to try and review. All opinions are mine and may differ from other’s opinion. 

What would be your first reaction when a big box such as this will be dropped in your doorstep by a smiling courier man?

hello keurig review

I guess, possible answers could be,

A.  you will be jumping out of joy.

B.  speechless and mouth wide open

C. you’ll get teary eyed and thankful

So, what’s your answer? Well, if your a coffee addict like me, you will definitely be having atleast two or all of the possible answers above.  You could imagine my happiness when I first learned that i was included among the 1,000 lucky #influenster who can get the chance to receive their latest influenster voxbox featuring Keurig latest brewing system.

So, let’s check out this new,

Keurig® 2.0 K550 Brewing System


Say Hello to this new Keurig 2.0 K550. Here’s an overview of the product.

The first Keurig system that features revolutionary Keurig 2.0 Brewing Technology™ which is designed to read the lid of each K-Cup™ or K-Carafe™ pack to brew the perfect beverage every time. The K550 brewer allows you to brew a 4-cup carafe with the same ease and convenience of brewing a single-serve. The K550 brewer allows you to brew a 4-cup carafe with the same ease and convenience of brewing a single-serve cup — all at the touch of a button.  (


  • 10 Brew Sizes: from 4 oz. to 30 oz.
  • 80 oz. Water Reservoir with Easy-fill Flip-top Reservoir Lid
  • 2.8” Color Touch Display
  • Brewer Maintenance Alerts
  • Strength Control
  • Illuminated Water Reservoir
  • Customizable User Interface Wallpaper
  • Hot Water On-Demand Function
  • Programmable Controls: Auto On/Off; Auto Brew K-Carafe™; Customizable Clock; Favorite Settings; and Night Light with Customizable Color
  • Includes 4-cup starter carafe, 4 K-Carafe™ packs, 6 K-Cup® packs, & 2.0 Water Filter Starter Kit with one filter

keurig 2.0 brewing system

This new brewer gives you two option.  Enjoy a single serve cup of coffee for yourself or brew 4 cups of coffee at the same time to share with your family or friends.  What’s great with this new Keurig is you can have an option if you want to brew cocoa or special beverage like lattes and mocha and if you feel like drinking a hot tea, you can just get a hot water since it offers hot water on demand.

The one touch features gives a simple yet wonderful experience for all coffee lovers and definitely a great chance to try different flavor of K-Cup pack and K-Carafe pack.

k-cup samples

Since the box comes with a K-cup samplers, you can enjoy coffee time right away.  My only thoughts is that , i do hope they can come out with additional flavors for the K-carafe.

k-cups and k-carafe samplers

But nonetheless, the overall experience is definitely worthwhile.  I’m looking forward everyday to say #HelloKeurig.



Eves Addiction : Affordable High Quality Silver Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend but high quality silver jewelries are staple accessories in any girl’s treasure box. Discover intricately designed pendants, rings, earrings and a whole lot of genuinely plush accessories at Eve’s Addiction.

eves addiction

More than a hundred silver items designed with precious stones and gems are waiting to be noticed and become a part of your treasured accessories collection. I enjoy browsing their wide collection of accessories and i must tell you, you will definitely find the best accessories that will suit your needs and your personality.Choices ranges from wedding bands to rings that features gemstones, necklaces with beautifully designed pendants as well as bracelets suited for any occasion.

Perfect gift for your love ones or simply a rewards for yourself for a job well done. You will definitely find a lot of items here worth the splurge. I especially love this pretty silver  Tiffany style sterling silver starfish stud earrings that they sent me.  It’s pretty design makes me reunite with the sea, i imagine the cold water on my palm while holding this starfish earrings. 


No one can deny the beauty of silver accessories. They are as equally stunning as gold accessories but is more affordable in price. High quality silver accessories also lasts as long as their contemporaries do. Keeping them looking like you just got it out of the box is very easy too.


Silver jewelries are indeed the best option for accessories of the women of today. You can get the best deals when it comes to high-end silver jewelries and accessories here in Save on shopping and shipping costs with the numerous discount coupons available on their website.


And here’s the best part,  Eve’s Addiction is very generous to offer one of my readers a chance to have their very own Tiffany Style  Starfish Silver Earrings , so better watch out for the mechanics because I will be sharing them soon.

Beautiful White Teeth with Smile Brilliant

Having  pearly white teeth, that’s something we all wanted to achieve but as years goes by those once pearly teeth had become yellowish because of different circumstances and our foods intake that stains them.  Having a complete white teeth is very important to keep that smile sweet and wide.  Of course, you don’t want to limit your happiness because your a little bit shy since you don’t want  to expose that not so good teeth.

Before, one of the main reason why I could not show my teeth when pictures are taken is the fact that my front teeth are broken and stains are visible on some part. It’s to late for me to realize the value of taking care of my teeth but then there’s always hope as they say.

There are ways to maintain that pearly white teeth but then it takes a lot of patience on your part from brushing, careful cleaning, regular visits to your dentist and not eating those foods that will leave stains on your teeth.

For some, they even invest a huge amount of money and time to get their teeth whiten again by going to the dentist for  bleaching or professional teeth whitening service , a process that can cost thousand of dollars. Other toothpaste company make promises that when you used their certain product, your teeth will be whiten in a week or so but still it doesn’t work that way.

smile brilliant

But still, one should not lose hope of getting back that beautiful perfect smile right in the comfort of your own home.  That’s where Smile Brilliant LEd whitening system comes to the rescue.

Providing a custom-fitted teeth whitening trays and whitening gel straight from the lab which you can used in the comforts of your home.  There LED teeth whitening system is a great alternative to bring that pearly white teeth you have been wanting to achieve.

smile brilliant led whitening system

Budget friendly, effective and easy to use, the Smile Brilliant Led whitening system can give you wonders .

Here’s a quick guide on how to use your Professional Teeth Whitening Kit;

step 1

  • After opening the light battery cap, you need to remove the plastic disc .  Insert the battery back facing up.

whitening kit,

  • Extrude the Gel by removing the cap to expose the brush tip applicator. Pull off the teeth whitening pen cap and twist the bottom of the whitening pen counter clockwise to move the whitening gel to the tip of the pen.


( The instructions says that it make take up to 30 or 40 twist to get the gel flowing)

brighten your teeth

  • Next apply the whitening gel by spreading it evenly to your teeth and the gums like painting a beautiful art work.  (don’t worry there’s no mention of how much you can put but then it’s already up to what you can take since you need to be careful that your lips should not touch your teeth and keeping your saliva during this process).  P.S.,  just don’t mind my cracked lips.


Turn the light on by pressing this button.  (you need to press hard for the off button to work though)


  • Insert the protective lip guard on your teeth (although i was not able to take the picture of it but you can see them on the picture)  Then the last part which when you place the LED light in front of your teeth .  Don’t rub the light on the lip guard so that the gel would not go out of place.  Let the light stays on your mouth for about 20 to 40 minutes.  (Although you may see in the picture that it was very near to my mouth but a distance should be maintained, i just could not take the pictures on my side.

The whitening gel can be used for several times.  I repeated the process for three times and I see visible result.  Now,  i’m all ready to put my best smile with my beautiful white teeth.


Before – Note:  two front teeth has dental crown & bridge respectively












The Laser Teeth Whitening with LED Accelerator Light can be bought for $69.95 on their website but it was for sale for a discounted price of  $39.95.

my recent pic with hubby

my recent pic with hubby – now, I’m not afraid to show my teeth anymore  🙂

Ingredients: 4ml of teeth whitening gel pen contains , 22% carbamide peroxide, 

Check out this video here to learn more about this LEd whitening product.

Sweet Life with Nectar Sunglasses

Enjoying life, that’s something we are entitled to do. That’s the same goal  of Nectar Sunglasses, they believe that each individual has to do what they love to do and do things they intend to do.  Spreading the sweetness of life with this concept in mind, they encourage each of us to pursue the things we love to do.

Whether your a simple woman who wishes to enjoy the beauty of nature or someone who ventures on life thrilling sports or perhaps a party animal who enjoys the company of friends.  It’s up to you to find your own enjoyment and realize what you meant to do.

With this advocacy, they introduce sunglasses that every individual can relate and bring your inner ideas and desire.  Whether it’s a simple gathering or a grand event, it’s  Nectar’s goal  to spread the sweet life you so deserve.

love nectar sunglasses

Each sunnies represent something about you or the things you desire to achieve.  Like this aviator desperado ,  They say that “there’s just something that feels so good about being bad.” and yes, there are times that I just want to be bad in anyway and forget all the goodness inside me and break some rules.  There are days that I want to shred out the sweetness in me and be cruel to all the people who wronged me.

10414498_662283080487928_1467082433691638586_nI guess that would be a different version of me, perhaps wearing this would give me the jive and have the time of my life.

Now, you can get this lovely sunglasses for a discounted price.  Just visit their site today and get %10 off by using this coupon code,  lovenectar on your cart before check out.

Barely There – Back Acne Free with Sutla Collagen Fruit Soap

I remember the saying that if you can flaunt it on your front and then do it with your back.   I envy those woman who was born with pretty silky smooth skin and yes, I was just a sad thing that I was not one of them.

Achieving an acne free skin is like a trivial thing for me when I was in my teens.  Honestly, I don’t have a skin regimen at that time and since I’m a working student, i barely have time to cleanse my face at night. I rarely use lotion and I have no idea about moisturizer.   Just a toothbrush and personal hygiene was enough for me but when I turned 30 and with a kid, i suddenly realized how lazy I was before to not take of my skin.  So, i thought it was already too late for me to revive my aging , dry skin.

Back acne has been a problem of many young adult and yes, I was one of those woman who experienced it.  Perhaps not just me but my sisters and brothers.  Sometimes, I even blamed our father since we inherit that blood from him.

Come to think of it, when you have some acne with your face, you can use concealer to hide them for the meantime but with back acne, it’s really hard to put some, don’t you think?

I always wanted to wear backless dresses, just seeing this pretty hollywood actress wearing backless dresses, makes me wish i could also do the same.


But having back acne would definitely prevent you from doing such.  There are some things why we usually get back acne and some of these  are;

1.  They say that when we work or stressed too much, our testosterone pump out that it produce oil that clogged our pores.

2. Perspiration, tight fitting clothes, bad hair products ingredients are just some of the causes too.

3. Stress, if you have them in your life, definitely and a big percentage that you will be having back acne not just back acne but also acne on different parts of your body.

Just like face acne, you can treat your back acne with same products you used on your face.  Recently, i found this Sutla Collagen with Multi Fruit Soap.    Originally, i guess it was intended for face since it helps whiten, moisturize and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

But it also treats pimples and skin disorder and back acne is a kind of skin disorder that we truly hate hence using this product can help you minimize or totally get rid of this acne sort of thing.

sutla soap

What I love about this collagen with multi fruit soap is it’s smell.  It smell fruity that you would be tempted to eat them.  I love how it gives smooth skin.   Although, so far, I wasn’t able to achieve the whitening effect on my skin, it gives smoother skin which is what i have been wanting for years.  If you are thinking of getting rid of acne fast, this is indeed a must try product.

This is your chance to achieve that flawless beauty like those celebrities who flaunt their back during awards ceremonies and red carpet walk.  Even though, you don’t have that chance to do that kind of thing,  just having a Back Acne Free is rewarding.

So, if you decided to give this a try,  Visit Flawless Republic and begin that journey to a flawless new you.

Disclosure:  I received free products for me to try but all opinions are mine.

Fashion Find: Black Five Red is the new Black

Black has always been associated in fashion as trendy and would never get out of style but if your attending a joyous celebration like birthdays and weddings, red would be a perfect option.

A red ensemble may be considered as a bold statement since the color is striking and can make you stand out on a crowd especially if you choose your combination properly.

In choosing the right outfit and accessories on attending  weddings, you need to consider the time and place of the venue and of course if you would like to go with the motif, it’s perfectly okay but if you do so, you might be considered as part of the couple’s family or entourage.

For casual to summer chic, you need accessories like bags and shoes to compliment your overall style.  For the latest fashion trends, you can always visit online shops like BlackFive who specialize on offering the latest trend on women’s clothing and accessories that every woman would definitely want to have.

zara red bags

Refresh your closet starting from your basic fashion needs, shoes , bags and clothing, BlackFive definitely have something that can make your heart smiles and envy of your friends too.  Ooh, haven’t I mentioned that their shipping is also free worldwide and deliver real fast.


This lovely Zara Basic Red Duffle Bag is a perfect accessory to complete your overall ensemble whether your going to a special event or just hanging out with your friends and enjoying a day of shopping and eating. Make sure to check it out. red is the new black, indeed it was.


Pretty Jelly Sandals from Dizzy and a giveaway too

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this post.  I am not associated with  the company named below. Links is for your convenience .  No purchase is necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. The odds of winning are based on the number of entries received. Open to US residents, 18+ only. Confirmed Winner(s) (by giveaway tools) will be contacted by email. Winner(s) have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law. The sponsor(s) will be responsible for product shipment to winner(s) of this giveaway. My blog is not responsible for product shipment/delivery. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. This disclosure is done in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission 10 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

Shoes, sandals, fit plops,  they are just one of the things that every woman loves to have.  I remember that I have read somewhere that “a woman can never have too many shoes” .  It’s our kryptonite, our weaknesses.

If I could have the money in the world, I will definitely buy all the beautiful shoes that every shoe designer would create, perhaps would dedicate a big room for it but I’m no millionaire and would never had a chance to marry one but then even if I’m not, I can still buy the shoes I wanted if I save for it and it’s even great to have them for free, don’t you think?

Well, I guess that’s the beauty of blogging, you get freebies while enjoying the thing you love doing.

dizzy sandals

 As of now, I’m definitely enjoying the sight of this pretty sandals from Dizzy Sandals.  The color is just too refreshing, perfect for a day out with my friends or relatives. Wear your favorite maxi dress while strolling on the beach.  Shirts and shorts with this jellies while doing your shopping round would indeed gives your comfortable long hour of walking.

dizzy sandals

And this stylish and glittery jelly sandals is so perfect even for night affair while walking on a maxi dress.  There are lots of options and bringing this pretty footwear wherever you go is definitely helps you bring out the beauty in you.

So, if you are looking for fun and stylish women fashion shoes, you definitely found the right store for you. I couldn’t help but admire all the pretty designs and mind you, I really wish to have many of them.

What are you waiting for, visit the site and choose your favorite. Check them out on Facebook to learn the latest updates.

But here’s the best part.  Dizzy Sandals are very generous to offer one of my readers for a chance to get their favorite sandals too.  Yes, that’s very easy , just follow the instruction and get the chance of winning by doing all the tasks recommended.  No purchases necessary and open for 18 and above, US residents.

*  Thank you for joining. I could not choose a winner since I’m still waiting for the response of the PR.

Fine Jewelry – The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

They say that a mother’s love is the most precious, most pure.  It’s given without thinking of something in return.  Honestly, I have no idea what that is until I become a mom.

For me, having my children is the most special thing that happened in my life. I would not trade it for anything and come to think of it, my sacrifice and dedication just shows a part of  how much i love them.

Although, we don’t ask for anything in return, I believe that mothers should be pamper too, giving love in return and showering them gifts once in a while would definitely touch a mother’s soft heart.

Now, that Mother’s day is just a few days away. It is that one time of the year when we recall all the good things our mother’s have given and sacrificed for us.  This is a time where we tend to find the best gift we could offer for the best woman in our life, our mothers.   Flowers have been a very common and staple gift for moms during this special occasion. A dinner date is also a common treat husbands and children give their moms. This year make it different and a little bit more special.

Give your moms the symbol of love – a ring.  


Some may see this gift as something extravagant. But at Jewellery World who have been existing since 1974, you can definitely find something that could fit your budget. 

Or perhaps, ask this question, “Can you really attach a price tag to the things your mother have given up for you?”  I bet, your answer is no.  Can you really place a value for the best woman in your life? Another Big No?

Just like this beautiful 9 ct yellow gold cubic zirconia ring in heart design, giving this as a gift to your mom on this special day for them can definitely melt her heart.  Adorable at it’s finest and simply stunning.  It comes with a very cute gift box, so you don’t need to worry to find one. A perfect gift for mother’s day.


No gift is more than enough to really show how much worth your mother has in your life.  I’m glad that I already have an advance gift but of course, I’m always looking forward on what my hubby and the kids would give me.

So, for all of you especially this coming mother’s day, show your love to this special woman in your life. Get the best ring that represent how valuable they are in your lives. Give them the symbol of your undying and forever grateful love.

You can also follow Jewellery World on Facebook to learn the latest news about them.  And when you get one, do tell them that you have learned about it from me and perhaps leave a note on this post informing me, I would not get a cent from it but just knowing the fact that you made your mom happy, it is something that can make me smile too.

Disclaimer:  I am not compensated for this review although I received a product to facilitate it.  My opinions are mine and may differ to others.   Links are provided for your convenience.  

Lipstick Madness : Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick

Disclosure :  I have received a complimentary product from Influester to facilitate my review but all opinions are mine. 

I have always been a lipstick addict.  Over the years, my collection accumulated with different shades that i love.  I believe that even though you don’t wear a full make-up a nice shade on your lips can define your face and make you lovelier and livelier.

rimmel london moisture lipstick

Of course, it’s not always good to pick up different lipsticks on the mall, you also need to consider the benefits that you can get from them aside from making your lips pretty , your lipstick should also possesses qualities to help your lips maintain it’s moisture and good thing, Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick helps to bring back the lost moisture of your lips with additional rich color that you have always wanted.

I was infused with Vitamins “A”, “C”, and “E” to help care for our lips. It’s definitely a lovely shade for everyday use or for a night affair with your family or friends. Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick is definitely my new fave.


Spiderman Costume for the Spidey Fanatics


Amazing Spiderman is indeed bringing some amazing  results on the big screen today and I guess it is just to show that kids and adults alike love this man in web mask so much.

Isn’t it just amazing that my little kid also loves him and it doesn’t surprise me since the hands and moves is totally something kids would enjoy doing.

Swing into action with this spider man costume , you will definitely rock the town event or the halloween celebration which has been done yearly.

But did you know how Spider man get his web smashing power?  If you haven’t got the chance to watch the movie, you can learn his history right here by watching the video. Spiderman Costume for the Spidey Fanatics is definitely a must have.  Don’t you think?


It’s really interesting and you will definitely love him more.  so, if you are looking for pretty costume like this for boys or girls, just head out on their site and check the different styles and fall in love all over again.

Choosing a Sexy and Classy Prom Dresses from dressv

Promenades and school dances are not just simple events at school. It is an event wherein teen age girls and boys alike are given the ticket and a glimpse of what lies ahead in their social lives in the future. The sexy prom dresses and outfit they would wear will most likely serve as their entrance to a happy and sociable young adult life.

Boys really do not have to worry a lot about what to wear and how they would look like during the prom night. They could simply wear a coat or a suit and would probably survive the night without awkward glances from the people around them. Teenage girls on the other had are not as lucky as they are.

Good thing there are many options when it comes to prom dresses for every young girl looking for the perfect dress out there. Sites like dressv offers a lot of interesting dresses especially for woman.  Gone are the days when they have to settle for the prom dresses their mother, aunts or sister wore during their prom night. Now they are provided with hundreds of options like with dressv when it comes to finding the perfect prom dress that will suit their personality.

Of course, some girls would want to go daring and wear something sexy during their prom night. Parents need not worry because there are a lot of sexy prom dresses available for these girls that are still classy and descent for their age. They could choose a design that will work well with their assets. A short gown would look great on a teenage girl with long legs and you will surely be the queen of the night.  A descent low back gown with a see thru lacy back can also fall on the daring and modest types of gown every teenage girl could confidently wear to make their prom night a memorable one.

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Online Shopping – Effortless shopping for busy moms


For a busy mom like me, I rarely get a chance to go on shopping and buy my own things.  I would rather stay at home and do the chores and enjoy my short time to bond with my kids after a busy work.  Especially this days that i don’t have a house help and hubby has just recently assigned in a place far from our home.  But this does not mean that i have to sacrifice my fashion needs since i also need to look good and presentable.


Good thing, this modern world and the latest technology  is indeed a savior for busy people.  Online shopping has been the latest trend this past years and even at the comfort of your own home, you can visually choose and find what you are looking for and even pay them with ease.

CleoCat Wholesale Fashion also offers drop shipping and wholesale fashion which is very good for moms who wished to start their own business selling fashionable clothes and accessories to their friends and colleagues. Since they offer no minimum purchase, you can just choose what you like and pay for it.  Online shopping, truly a blessing for shopper lover. 

Asian fashion has been dominating not just the online shoppers  and I must say, that this is not a surprise since top Asian Celebrities are now taking the center stage and Korean fashion trends has become a staple in every events.

To learn more about CleoCat products, check out their FAQ . Even if your a busy mom or students perhaps, they can help you create your own fashion statement with an effortless shopping experience.

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Animal Print Fashion – One with the nature


Whether your going out to a small gathering with your family and friend or attending a night affair, a nature inspired fashion is always a major hit.  Nature colors can be great with just any skin tone since it easily blends within the personality of the wearer. I feel like i’m one with the nature just like this animal print fashion.

Animalistic  designs are definitely one of this year’s fave.  With prints from leopards, cats , lions and cheetah had been all over the net and showcases by many fashion designers and perhaps not just in fashion but in the music industry as well.

animal design dress, leopard print,

This is a very timely moment, whatever prints you decide to choose, make a colorful statement and be bold and proud to become one with the nature.

I have always been fascinated with animal design apparel and accessories but I’m always very vocal on the fact that animals should not be hunt down just for the sake of getting their skins to be created into different apparel.

That’s why, it’s just nice to have dress or accessories that depict a certain animal of knowing that their are not harm in anyway. For animal print fashion like this, Aupie would definitely give you a range of affordable and stylish apparel and accessories. Visit their site and find one today.