Product Review : All Naturals Coffee Blenders : coffee reimagined

Drinking coffee is a part of my everyday life.  I start and end my day with a cup and when I’m lost between my work, i will just grab a cup and somehow my creative juices keeps pouring in.

getting fit

Recently, i have been very busy and stressed out and you know me, when I’m stressed i tend to eat more and indulge myself on eating foods that somehow I lost track with my weight and find myself big and unhealthy altogether.

coffee blenders - coffee reimagined

I’m happy that I have learned about Coffee Blenders, you get to enjoy and savor a cup of coffee with different purpose.

LEAN – Dark Roast + Weight Loss

Every K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Lean offers a daily dose of Svetol, an all-natural green coffee bean extract that can help you lose weight. In fact, subjects in multiple clinical studies lost an average of 11 pounds in 60 days when consuming 400 mg of Svetol® daily. Treat yourself to just one cup a day to slim down and keep up with your fitness goals.  (coffee blenders website)

If your goal is to trim down extra weight, this coffee is indeed for you. Since it includes a natural green coffee bean extract which can help your body lose weight, a cup each day can be a good start .  The aroma is very mild and pleasing to your nose but what’s more interesting is the taste.  There are days that I love my coffee dark roast, i could always remember my dad saying, “what is coffee if it doesn’t taste like coffee, dark and flavorful.


Each K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Focus boasts a daily dose of Cereboost, an all-natural, fast-acting ingredient that’s clinically proven to improve concentration and memory. Treat yourself to just one cup a day to feel more focused and check more items off of your to-do list. – (coffee blenders focus)

If you are preparing for something huge and inspiration seems lost along the way.  A cup of Coffee Blenders Focus can give you a daily dose of inspiration.  Infused with cereboost, this all natural ingredient which derives from the extract of American Ginseng which is already clinically proven can help you with you get back on the tract and help you concentrate. They say that if you want an instant boost on your day, just grab a piece of chocolates and you will be energized.  No wonder, this coffee has a chocolate finish and low in acid. This is something i needed to help me fuel my thoughts so I can finish my pending tasks.

ESCAPE – Dark Roast + Stress Relief

With each K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Escape, you’ll benefit from a daily dose of L-Tea Active™, a safe, all-natural ingredient that’s clinically proven to reduce anxiety levels. Just 1 cup a day will help you relax and take a break from the speed of life. – (Stress Relief from Coffee Blenders)

A rough day in the office or just a busy day preparing for the kids and at home.  This rich with aromatic blend with an intense smoky flavor will definitely fire your day and make you feel alive again.  It has L-Tea active or more commonly known as more commonly know as L-Theanine, can definitely help you relax without the feeling of drowsiness.

Each k-cups is all naturals coffee from 100% Arabica dark signature blend. All coffee blenders comes from the world’s finest beans which are handpicked. What’s best, Coffee Blenders is compatible with my new #HelloKeurig 2.0 brewing system which creates a perfect timing.   This is not just my average cup of coffee.  It’s definitely coffee re-imagined.

Coffee Blenders escape is definitely my new favorite, it’s like my daily savior in the midst of my busy schedule.  Coffee time is  definitely worthwhile.  (melandria romero)

Now, here’s a perfect treat,  one lucky reader can get a chance to have one box of coffee blenders ,  Here’s how;

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Hayan Korean Cosmetics : Affordable Korean Cosmetics

Hayan Korea Cosmetics

Hayan Korea Cosmetic

Since the time I was hooked watching Korean drama,, I have seen korean actors and actress on a different light.  I think, they have the pretties face because of that flawless skin and some doesn’t have any traces of imperfection. I remember a statement made by one of my fave Korean Actress that she has no secret on having good skin.  She just take care of it by eating right, good sleep, a lot of water and right skin care products.

I guess, one factor that helps Korean maintain their beautiful skin is their weather and don’t forget their genes as well. But definitely one thing that help them is their skin care and make up products.  I have tried some Korean cosmetics on the past and I totally love them, i guess anything related to Korean will surely be favorable to me 🙂

That’s why learning about  Hayan Cosmetics makes me smile. I was very happy to receive some products from them and was impressed when I used it. That’s why when I saw a franchise stall in our area, I immediately grab the opportunity to buy their nail polish and black eyeliner.

melandria for hayan

Hayan Real Black Eyeliner 

The wing tip or cat eye is all over the net today and I thought it’s very easy to make but honestly It took me sometime to master them especially with my eyeliner but with Hayan Real Black Eyeliner, creating a dramatic wing tip is very easy even if your just a first timer.  It’s easy to stroke and apply and the color is just perfect to create the look and can even last whole day without the need to retouch.  Php. 230 ($5)

hayan nails

Hayan Nail Polish

Who doesn’t love pretty nails?  Seeing my nails all dainty makes me smile. Although their colors are still limited, I love the fact that their nail polish has pretty colors and easy to apply and affordable to.  Yet, i still need to put it on a trial whether how many days would it last on my nails.  (I’ll update you with this one)

FFF tip:

Choose a base polish that is bright and apply two coats of the glitter polish.  I just wish they can offer more colors.

nail polish

Hayan Mask Sheet for Women

 Recently, I have been obsessed on using mask sheet on my face.  Irregular skin tone, dull, dry, wrinkles, dark and aging , these are  just few of the many problems that our face suffer each passing day and as we grow older and more exposed to dirt and stress, we couldn’t avoid all this problems.  Hayan Mask Sheets  on different variants help your skin achieve a fresh and young looking skin. It moisturize, leaves a firm skin and revitalize them.

Each sheet cost Php. 60.00 ( $1.50)

Each sheet cost Php. 60.00 ( $1.50)

 Hayan tip :

Use them cold.  Refrigirate before using and make sure your face is clean before applying it.  Pat around your face, neck and nose.  Take the mask after 15-20 minutes and no need to wash it, if there are some essence that was left, just leave them on your skin by patting them gently.

If sealed – 3 years

Unsealed – used them immediately

FFF tip

I like the cold feeling on my face although I don’t like the smell of it but it’s bearable.  I felt a little bit of stingy feeling or sensation on my skin when I first tried it but the second time around, it was different.

It leaves a smooth feeling after using them.

Would I buy it?
Definitely yes,  for a very affordable price, it can help you achieve a smooth skin.

Hayan Slim Lipstick

hayan slim lipstick

 One of the cutest lipstick I have owned so far.  If your a regular reader of this site, you knew that I am a lipstick addict and owning different shades of lipsticks is one of my ultimate dream.  Hayan Slim Lipstick is very affordable and their shade is just oh so pretty.  Since, it’s slim, you can bring them anywhere even if your just using a small pouch, you can bring it out to give your lips a luscious shine.

hayan review

Over all, i love their products. Just I wish, i could find a product that will help minimize my under eye circles because it’s really hard to conceal them even with all the blending and concealing and foundation, I just hate it.

I have been thinking of trying their snail skin care collection since I have heard great things about it.


Learn more about Korean products from Hayan Cosmetics.  Follow them on Facebook .

NOTD : Express yourself with Caronia Expressions


They say that what you wear and use defines your personality and other’s will see who you are.  Before, I used to like dark colors, navy blue, black, brown but these days I tend to like pretty pastel colors, like pink, green and yellow, light blue. Caronia expressions.

It’s been a while that this post is in my draft box, I guess with all the things going around me and the busy days being a mom and a wife, i was able to forget it.  Today, I’m sharing you Caronia’s newest nail color polish.  It’s released as a part of their summer collection, bringing brighter colors but I think it’s also appropriate during this rainy days, just seeing my nails pretty,  brighten a gloomy and stressful day.

This Caronia Expression is an assortment of light and cool colors that you can mix and match. First off is Rosy Glow, a soft pink shade with just hint of violet for a subtly sexy naughty-or-nice appeal. Then there’s Fresh Mint, a light green polish that makes you look refreshingly cool and sporty. And lastly, there’s Blue Chill in a pale blue shade for that mysterious yet classy look.

Colors can be a way to express your moods and your thoughts,  shine your best even with the gloomy season.


This is my first try to create ombre colors but it doesn’t work that much.  So, I’m planning to re-create if  I have some free time again.


I’ve got this cute little caviar thing on Romwe and I’m so loving it.  I will share with you how to apply them on my next post.

caronia with caviar beads

caronia with caviar beads

Do you have a particular color you want?  What it is and why?

To learn more about different shades of nail colors, Follow Caronia on Facebook at and on Twitter at for nail care tips, product updates, fashion tips, plus a chance to win prizes in their contests and promos.