How to be a #SelfieExpert

With all the gadgets and latest mobile technology that we have today, many people are going gaga on taking pictures of the special moments in their life or anything that sparks their mood will definitely be documented in a photograph.  Selfies is indeed one of the most abused words today and even a three years old child knows the meaning of it. In 2013 the word selfie was named as word of the year by Oxford Dictionary and since then people from different parts of the world has been doing it and sharing their favorite #PerfectSelfie tips and pictures.   Even Hollywood actors and actresses and big political names are joining the bandwagon to share their selfies.


There are many tips on how you can take that perfect selfie and as a self proclaimed selfie queen myself, here are five tips on how to take the perfect selfie. A beautiful #SelfieExpert for that Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook profile worthy.

Strike a Pose 

Prepare yourself for a good selfie.  They say that to get a good selfie, you need to find the best angle.  Some prepare it impromptu or having a selfie stick . Others prefer it more higher than their vision to create an impression. For me, I usually make sure to look natural without overdoing that pose . Take many pictures as possible and find one that you think  you look best. Practice your poses on the mirror, so you can see the right angle that is best for you.  Whether you would like to smirk, pout, duck face or that Kylie Jenner look, you have to try it all so you can see what will work on you.



  • Put your best happy face – Smile

I believe that people will definitely like your pictures if your smiling and looking happy because you can create positive vibes. If you appear sad or lonely in your pictures, it will make you more less attractive. Sometimes, using your eyes to have that perfect smile can make a difference. Let your lips and eyes help you with that perfect selfie.  Remember that happiness is contagious, your happiness will definitely radiates in your picture that is why, i only take selfies when I’m not sad.


  • Natural light – Perfect Location

Natural light is still the best light.  Finding that best location for a selfie is not always the rule but composition is indeed very important.  Your background will make a big difference too so make sure that never ever do selfies on a cluttered area but it doesn’t mean that you need to do death defying stunt to call it perfect.   Presentation is always a plus factor.

  • Props- Apps and right camera

Yes, don’t be afraid to use accessory. You can hold just anything as long it doesn’t overshadow your face, sunglasses, holding your fave food or you can even promote your new watch and lipsticks which is a good way for bloggers like me to share to my friends and followers brands I used and love, it’s a silent endorsement.  Some would say that their selfies are #nofilters but using a good app for slight lightning, color and some retouching should not do any harm to you but instead can give your pictures more boost.  Getting a good selfie camera phone like OPPO F1 Selfie Expert with good resolution and lens, face recognition . You can check their website to learn more about the amazing features.  Remember that a good front camera is very important to create perfect selfies since you will always look stunning on pictures even during your close ups. ( Can you see the impurities in my face? I bet you did not, just don’t mind the eye bags since it’s my signature look)

    selfie 2

  • Selfie or Groupie

Yes, it’s really nice sharing your solo selfies but it’s more fun if that moment will be shared with someone.  Remember that Ellen De Generes twitter post? So, as a mom, I always love taking pictures of me and my family especially if there are no people around you to click that button or you are just having a great time of your life.   I believe that there are many ways you can try to create that #perfectselfie but most of all, I am really thankful for those who created front camera since it really helps me a lot to capture great memories of myself and my children.


(goofing around with hubby while the kids are sleeping , good thing there Screen Flash is created to capture silly moments even with low light – the first picture was taken while masquerading) 


And even my two children loves selfies and groupies too. 


and they make great groupies, which i guess sooner or later they will be #SELFIEEXPERT too.


And most of all Remember that SELFIES can be addicting so make sure to control the urge on sharing everything on your social medias.

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Selfie Experts by Slidely Slideshow

The beauty of life #BeautyAsIAm

I might say that things are not in accordance with what I have wished and hoped for but nonetheless, I am very thankful that after all the trials and adversary, I am still holding on and looking proud as ever.

There are days that I feel I’m like a tiger, ready to grab all the opportunity that comes in my way. My head is up and high as if saying that I have the mighty power in my hand, ready to face anything and everything.

My life is definitely different 10 (ten) years ago.  Before, I used to be a simple working mom, juggling work and kids  but thankfully, blogging becomes part of my life and it was never been the same.  Blogging brought me many things, open a gateway for me to know more about myself and my passion in life. The once ugly duckling is now a full grown woman showing the world what she can do.

Although, I could not consider myself as a real fashionista nor a beuty, I have my own style and charm and the most important part is I know what I am capable of. We are all beautiful in our own way, “she’s just a pretty face” is an absurd word, for me having beauty is nothing if you don’t have the brains and you don’t know how to value the things you have in your life.

But still considering that this post is about giving gratitude to your outer beauty, I must say that I am proud to have a pretty eyes, it’s not big nor small it’s just a perfect almond shape with brown shade and combined with a not so pointed nose. 

Before i used to envy those who have small lips but later on, I comprehend that many girls to have a large lips like the models who used to pout their lips.

 I am uniquely me, sometimes I can be erratic, sometimes cheerful and funny but one thing is for sure, I always have an ear for everyone, i can listen and I do listen well. I can be your good friend  and I know how to appreciate and value friendship. The beauty of life is definitely something worth thankful for, I am beautiful, more than words.

Radiant Orchid: Pantone’s 2014 color of the year

2013 will be over in just a few days and I’m so excited for the upcoming year.  I have many things in mind, plans to pursue and wishlists to be fulfilled.  2014 will surely be another meaningful year for many especially for those who loves to follow the fashion trend.

Just recently, Pantone Color Institute revealed the Radiant Orchid as the new color of the year vis Emerald Green in referral to the statement of it’s executive Director. Leatrice Eiseman “an invitation to innovation” that “encourages expanded creativity and originality.

COLOR OF THE YEAR, 2014, radiant orchid

Radiant orchid is a very interesting color and great for just any complexion even US First Lady Michelle Obama loves to sports this color.

Here are some ideas you would like to consider;

Shoes :  Jimmy Choo, Anouk” Orchid Elaphe Pointed Toe Pumps

jimmy choo


Nails: Essie nails

essie na

Lips :  Mac – Show Orchid Lipstick

Eyeshadow : Revlon Wild Orchid collection

Bag:   Bottega Veneta Montaigne Intrecciato leather bag in orchid color

Bottega Veneta Montaigne Intrecciato Leather Bag

and here’s a pretty dress worn by Princess Kate on her recent visit in Singapore, she wore this dress adorned with orchids, Singapore’s national flower.

So, how about you, do you like the new color for 2014?  I’m also looking forward to a beautiful year.

Animal Print Fashion – One with the nature


Whether your going out to a small gathering with your family and friend or attending a night affair, a nature inspired fashion is always a major hit.  Nature colors can be great with just any skin tone since it easily blends within the personality of the wearer. I feel like i’m one with the nature just like this animal print fashion.

Animalistic  designs are definitely one of this year’s fave.  With prints from leopards, cats , lions and cheetah had been all over the net and showcases by many fashion designers and perhaps not just in fashion but in the music industry as well.

animal design dress, leopard print,

This is a very timely moment, whatever prints you decide to choose, make a colorful statement and be bold and proud to become one with the nature.

I have always been fascinated with animal design apparel and accessories but I’m always very vocal on the fact that animals should not be hunt down just for the sake of getting their skins to be created into different apparel.

That’s why, it’s just nice to have dress or accessories that depict a certain animal of knowing that their are not harm in anyway. For animal print fashion like this, Aupie would definitely give you a range of affordable and stylish apparel and accessories. Visit their site and find one today.

Fashion Finds : Funeral Traditions

It’s a fine day, a beautiful day to celebrate life and bond with the family but today we pay our last respect to a mother of a friend.  Life is indeed unpredictable, people will see you happy and enjoying life and suddenly, you will be diagnosed with sickness.  That’s why, it’s very important to enjoy it until it last, so that you can never get a chance to say “i wished i have done that”. This is indeed one fashion finds.

Black has always been the fashion in every funeral traditions.  We often see black dress, shirts or blouse since it associates with mourning but you can always wear any color as long as it’s not bold or very bright and wear simple yet elegant accessories or jewelries.

But with the latest trend and time and based on what I have seen, white with black accent has been more favorable and create a cool ambiance especially at this time that the grieving family needs more comfort.

Life is too short so make sure to count every blessings that comes around.

On the other hand, it’s not because your attending a funeral, you would never get the chance to wear something fashionable?  With East Clothes, you can definitely find something for every occasion.  Even if your attending a party, or celebrations or even a funeral, you can find affordable clothes to meet your demands and make you stand out from the crowd and the best part, they deliver so fast that you will think, their shop is just around the corner.

black bag, cheap bags,

I really love this studded bag, it’s very trendy and fits all my things into places and not to forget that the shoes is definitely a stand out. They often say that best things in life is free which I totally agree.  You can always have happiness even with simple things.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook to learn the latest updates.

Hotter – Shoes to fall in love with

Who doesn’t love shoes?  I bet every girls would definitely have their own faves and yes, we all love dainty shoes whether on going to a hectic day or just a pretty sit together with family and friends.

Style and comfort, that’s what Hotter shoes stands out and true to it’s promise, each shoes gives you a comfortable feeling that your feet would surely love. I hate that feeling that after a long day of working out or walking around, my feet aches too much that even walking another step would be so much painful.

hotter shoes

With more than  100 styles to choose from,  you will surely find what your looking for.  All their shoes are manufactured and made from england and their brand is now dominating all over UK.  Now, it’s time to embark into a new journey of giving the right fit to american consumer and perhaps in a few years, all over the world.

hotter shoes 1

Now, check out this one hottie or nottie or would I say naughty? (wink)



can’t get enough of this one;

hotter shoes

Hotter shoes guarantee your comfort and if your not satisfied with it, your always free to return your purchase.  But i bet it wouldn’t happen. Visit Hotter USA today and check out their autumn collection or like their Facebook page to learn about the latest updates.

Now, here’s the best catch.  Hotter Shoes is very generous to provide one of my lovely readers a chance to feel the same comfort i have felt with their shoes.  Check out the giveaway details on a separate post and don’t missed the opportunities to join.


WIWW – Let the sunshine in

I have been lazy the past few days or let me rephrase the word, I was really not in the mood to write after the google domain incident that happened a few days ago.  I will spare you my ranting since I was really shocked and down for some days after learning that my blog was expired.  But with the help of some friends and my perseverance to contact them, i was able to receive a concrete reason on why I received that e-mail.  It’s my first blog and for some sentimental reason, I have been maintaining it for four years now.

I guess, one thing I have learned on that incident is, it’s really good to ask around if your just a newbie on blogging (especially if you want to get your own domain) but that was a long ago, i have made several mistakes back then but now, I’m just happy that I have grown and learned a lot.

 So, enough of the drama and I have to get back on my senses,  so the lighten the mood, I am sharing you this outfit shot.

let the sunshine in

Bag from Romwe

This was taken last week of August, wooh, that was long ago and it’s been a while since I have posted some outfit shots.   I hope my mood gets better in the following weeks since I have some review that I needed to finish.

Top – yellow asymmetrical shirt – Romwe / Bag – Romwe /Pants – Gloria Vanderbilt  / Leopard Slim Belt – Romwe  / Sunglasses – Firmoo


OOTD : Make the right choice with Choies

It’s been a while since I have shoot an outfit shot.  The weather is not good and the  rain keeps on pouring these days but I have to find a way to finally able to wear and have some pictures taken on my latest fashion finds.


Online shops are making waves this days. I think because of the fact that it’s very convenient to shop online and prices are very competitive and lots of designs to choice from.

choice 2

Looking at my picture, it seems I’m feeling patriotic today with all the red, blue and white, the only missing is the color yellow which I have been wearing for quite sometime.

But honestly, i love this galaxy shirt from Choies and the Tony moly lipstick clutch is the prettiest bag I have owned so far. You know how much I’m addicted to lipsticks and I just can’t help but to smile when i first saw it.


Audrey says, “Happy girls are the prettiest”.  I couldn’t agree more, who wouldn’t be happy when you have love in your heart and free shopping to enjoy with. I guess, everybody would be happy to receive something as pretty as this. (can you see my matching earrings and rings ? I so heart it. )

So, if you are looking for fashionable items without sacrificing your bank accounts, look no further because Choies would answer your desire to look pretty. Visit their website and follow their facebook page to learn the latest fashion deal.

OOTD – Summer Desire with Romwe

Enjoying the beautiful breeze of trees and plants,  summer is all about the beauty of surroundings and enjoying the warmth of the nature around us.


It’s been  busy days for me,  I rarely get a chance to dress up and have some fun.  I have been busy at work and doing my mommy duties and updating my sites once in a while that I never get a chance to wear dresses and be carefree.

I so love Romwe Fashion because they are comfortable and their collection of apparel are really nice.  I thought, it would be awesome to pose like a girl lost in the wild.


I have always love nature and believe that it is very important for us to make our stand against different abuse of it. So, when you go hiking or mountain climbing make sure to clean as you go and practice green travel.  Enjoy what you see and leave it as it is.

So,what are your thoughts about summer? I definitely want to go mountain climbing again but of course, not with this dress.  🙂  (wink)

Dress : Romwe

Sandals : Skull Detailed Flip Flops – romwe

Bracelet : Caronia

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OOTD : Delightful Intention

Busy days ahead of me but before that, got to grab the camera and smell some wild flowers and enjoy the beauty of nature.

spring delight,fashionable spring collection

spring delight


I  been sick, losing my voice for a day and sore throat in a week.  My voice is not fully recovered till now.  The doctor advice me to relax and don’t talk too much but for a talker like me that would be a problem.

I remember the time when i was once a lonely girl, words are few and smile are very rare, i guess it has some advantage then but since i see my life in a new pace, in a new direction, I have learned to enjoy it’s true beauty, learned to comprehend that everything will not be according to your plan. I have lived a life trying to escape from reality, creating dreams as a way to escape.

I have also learn that the essence of life is to care, to give and to love.  We live in miracles and we have to open our eyes to recognize it and accept it gracefully.

Boredom can be a routine so we have to have an open heart and mind to catch the knowledge we gain on  every failure and every challenge. I always told before that i’m not a creative person.  I don’t have any talents, music hates me, i barely made it to sports and my body is always sick.  But then, that is simply because i didn’t recognize my full potential.  I’m a talker, yes.  Some may view it in a negative way but others see it very helpful. It is because with words  I can inspire others, i can help heal their broken hearts and just as they say true beauty of life doesn’t  just came in life changing situation.  It is seen in least way you expect it.

the beauty of spring, fashion collection

I hope i have inspired you in some way. What have you made today?  Share them with us and let us all enjoy life.

Blouse (Romwe Aseymmetric “Floral” White Shirt )

Shorts :  Giordano Khakis

Sandals ( Shoes Pump Strap Sandals)

Eyeglass (Romwe Polaroid Coffee sun Glasses)

Bags –  Pink handbag (Mart of China) Drawstring handbag (Cava Handbags)

Bracelet and Earrings – SM Accessories

Know the beauty of life.

















Look of the Day : Living a Greener Life

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe

green is for healthy living

My life is a mystery and my destiny is yet to be fulfilled.  I have been in to many struggles and face hardships  I could never define but one thing remain, I’m happy on what I am now and what I have and very thankful for all the learning i have gained.

The scars and wounds of  yesterday may have not fully healed but I have learned that true happiness does not seek you but you have to earn it, feel it and cherished it.

green fashion, yellow fab,

I may be a very stubborn child but always with a helping heart.  Seeking the truth is a part of my attitude, the same reason why I found the missing part of my life.  I may be bold in some ways but I always had a deeper insecurities and inhibitions that I don’t share even with the one i truly trusted.

There are times, i may not say that “I love you”  and i hate the word “sorry” but i value true friendship and keeps my love in my heart forever.   I maybe snobbish at first sight but i will always have an ear to hear even the most craziest things.

sheinside, fashionable earrings, punky earring

I dream of being an advocate of something worthy and in my own simple ways, i shared my thoughts and my services wholeheartedly.  My life is not mine alone, i have my kids and my husband to share it with.  I have my friends and you to keep me sane and make my life  more beautiful.

With all the birthday greetings, I thank you!  This post has been for days in my draft and i could not click the publish button because the emotions keep pouring down.  I’m happy and I am sharing them with you!

Top  –  Green Lapel Long Sleeve Back Lace Hollow Blouse –Sheinside

Earring –  Sheinside

Shoes – Solemate from SM Shoes and Handbags

Look of the Day : Love is in the Air , a mart of china special

The first time ever I saw your face
I thought the sun rose in your eyes
And the moon and stars were the gifts you gave
To the dark and the empty skies, my love,
To the dark and the empty skies. ( lyrics from the song “The first time I ever saw your face)

Valentines is indeed a happy day for every couple.  It’s a day to celebrate their love for each other.  You can see the smile lingers on each others lips,  there’s no need for their voice to be heard, with just one look in their eyes, you know exactly, what they wanted to express for each other.

Although Valentines day is not as grand for us unlike with other couple.  We still make it to the point to express the happiness we felt in our heart.

Today also gives me the opportunity to use and wear my latest shoes and bag from Mart of China.  I wanted to wear something red or pink as it signifies  valentine  but i guess that would be so obvious that I’m going to a date which is the opposite of our purpose on going out.

love is in the air

 So, i decided to stay simple yet fresh looking.  After all , my new bag defines versatility (it can be used on three ways) and perfect for just any occasion.  The pink bow design makes it extra sweet making me feel like I’m half my age.

Pink makes my life fabulous and lovely and this bag makes me smile even more.  Hubby is so delighted when he saw me wearing this wedge and couldn’t get enough on teasing me how tall was I.  I guess, that’s one trick any short women can do.  It’s good that this era produce different kinds of wedges and shoes that could satisfy the needs of short gal like me.

So, before this night ends.  I wanted to greet all my lovely readers, a happy valentines to all of you and wishing you the best of happiness and love all year long.

Meanwhile, you can check out the bag and the wedge from Mart of China, a place that offers quality, affordable and fabulous pieces that you would surely love to have.

So, what did you do this valentines day? I hope everything works fine for all of us 🙂

Look of the Day : Pretty in Pink

pretty in pink, pink fashion , cava handbags

hot pink , with cava drawstring bag

I always see myself not pretty enough but when I wear something dainty as pink, it boost my confidence and transform me into something different from usual.

Attending mother in law’s string ensemble concert, I chose to wear a blouse that is similar to hubby and my daughter.  (we always love going out with matching color) .   I also love my Cava Drawstring bag because it brings out the edgy side of me despite the sweet look with the matching bracelet i have made. ) You should check out Cava handbags , they offer stylish yet affordable bags that you would surely love.

” I believe in pink.  I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner.  I believe in kissing, kissing a lot.  I love in being strong when everything seems to be wrong.  I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. “

                                                                                         –  Audrey Hepburn

pretty in pink, cava handbags

Pink Fashion never goes out of style.  It represents valentines, summer and the beauty of life.  Although, i’m not a pink person in my younger years, as the years goes by I have entirely embrace the color.  There are many shades of pink and this hot pink is one of our faves.

Here’s  hubby and Peachy also  in pink :0

pretty in pink

Pink Blouse  and Black Pants – random

Pink scarf – Kohls

Pink Bag – Cava Handbags

Bracelet – made by me

Earrings and Belt – SM Accessories

Look of the Day – Beauty of Fall

Fall Fashion

Summer may be over but since it’s the time of beautiful leaves, dresses, greens and browns are totally in. Wear them during daytime or change to a darker shade of make-up for a night time event.  Pair them with accessories that define nature and your sure to go.


Look for the Day – Polka dots Fashion

Girls love fashion and dressing up.  Although, sometimes it’s really expensive to follow the trends, there are always an option to find more affordable but beautiful pieces.   Polka dots are popular in children but many adults love to wear them.

Here are two sets of black polka dots that you would want to try.

High End Fashion

polka dots fashion

Alice + Olivia Camelia polka-dot silk-blend organza dress/ Net a Porter – ($480) Php. 32, 240

Normandy Park Dot Bag/ Kate Spade – 12,425 PHP ($298)

 scalloped lace bow pump/ –  1,145 PHP ($28)

Marc Jacobs MJ 408S oversized sunglasses/ – 11,085 PHP ($165)

Total Cost : £ 971 –  56,895 PHP

Create the Look for Less:

Fashion for less

Tiger Milly 50’s Vintage Tea Prom Dress Big Polka Dot Black & White/ – 2,460 PHP ($59)

Qupid Luxe Trolita Heel – Black/ – 835 PHP ($20)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Oversized Sunglasses/  4,085 PHP ($98)

kate spade new york la pavillion/ – 2,085 PHP ($50)

Total Cost:  $227 – 9,465.00 PHP

Same look, big difference in price but i guess, a price for almost 10K is still high for minimum wager.  To create this look for even more affordable,  you can check out different stall from Divisoria or Baclaran or from your local malls.  You can also find beautiful black shoes at SM and for bags, you can check Forever 21.

* look created in polyvore