Keeping Cozy during the Coldest Months of the Year

The winter weather can make staying cozy and comfortable difficult even in the confines of your own home. The wind might creep in through cracks in your window sills. Your heater may also work overtime trying to keep the place warm enough for you to avoid feeling chilled.

In the worst instances, the cold can make you feel sick and achy. Rather than suffer for months on end, you might stay more comfortable by using innovative resources like thick blankets, heated seat warmers, warming cushions, and other supplies this winter.

Comfort at Home

Staying cozy and relaxed at home can be a challenge when your house is not that energy efficient in the first place. You may not be able to help feel the chill creep in through the windows and vents.

However, you also may not like the idea of having to wear bulky clothing like sweatshirts and thick socks just to stay warm. It is not easy to move around while wearing heavy clothing. You might have chores to get done and tasks to handle for your family. You do not want to be impeded with clothing that gets in your way.

When you sit down to relax, you might simply want to indulge in comfort that lets you lean back or sprawl out comfortably. The covers for love seats, chairs, and more are made from durable yet soft materials designed for easy home use. They allow you to sit or lie down while warming you at the same time.

Further, they are made to fit on all sizes and styles of living room furniture. You can put one over your love seat or sofa without having to tailor or stretch it into place.

This resource can also be useful in keeping warm during the summer months when the air conditioner might chill you after a bath or shower. It does not use excessive amounts of power or raise your energy bill.

Staying Warm on the Go

The inside of your car can also get cold with the AC on for hours at a time. During a long road trip, you may find yourself getting cold even if you point the vents away from you.

The website sells warming blankets that are made for using in the car and when you are on the road. They are smaller in size so they fit around you while sitting in the car. They also are lightweight enough to avoid making you feel weighted down or crushed.

You likewise may not want to freeze when you are out at the football stadium trying to cheer on your favorite team. You can find chair warmers that you can sit on in the bleachers. Your backside and legs will stay warm even if the winds are below freezing that night.

The frigid air and wind can make you feel uncomfortable and possibly even sick during the winter months. Still, it may not be prudent for you to wear bulky clothes or hide under big piles of blankets.

You can get warmed up with innovative resources like heated blankets and cushions. These resources are also ideal for taking on the road or using at football games during frigid weather. They are made with easy use and travel in mind.

Some of the Best Ridgid Drain Cleaning Tools to Ease Your Work

Ridgid offers some of the best tools for drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is a necessary chore that can’t be neglected at any point of time. If there is any delay in the drain cleaning, then everybody knows the effects of it. Also, drain cleaning is not a job that requires too much of man power, if you have the proper tools, then the job is easier. Moreover, you do not need to spend much money and time in cleaning drain. Ridgid has a collection of drain tools that are very helpful in your cleaning work, and the tools are specific for each task. And if you want to buy them at a cheaper rate; you can check Not Just Deals Ridgid coupons. The drain tool collection includes;

  •    Hand Tools
  •    Sink Machines
  •    Drum Machines
  •    Rodder Machine
  •    Cables & Tools
  •    Water Jetting Machines
  •    Sectional Machines

Hand Tools – Hand tools include sub categories like sewer tape, combination augers, toilet augers, and hand spinners. All the tools feature super flexible screws and adjuster so that you will not waste much of your in handling them. E,g An example for  Combination Auger, from Ridgid;

K-1 Combination Auger

Auto-Clean™/K-30 Sink Machine


Drum Machines – In this section you can find 6 different types of drum machines that function with high power, Features performance, cable control, durability and maneuverability. These drum machines are ideal for tough jobs, such as roots with a 600-watt universal motor and gearbox bear down.

K-7500 Drum Machine

Sectional Machines– These are very compact machines that are good for professional use and the running cable is easier to operate with a cable spin at 400RPM. The machines are equipped with 300 watt motor and whole set comes with an operators manual.  You can find 5 products under this category, all are powerful and for high intensity usage. You can find these machines easy to operate simple adjustment knobs.

K-50 Sectional Machine

Rodder Machines – Rugged, compact machine suited for straight main line work in municipalities, universities, institutions and industry. Functions feature a high power, sewer rods, straight runs, large diameter pipe up to 500 feet and more. The engine is equipped with a 6 HP gasoline engine and forward reverse transmission.

K-1000 Rodder Machine

Water Jetting Machines – These are high power machines with working pressure of almost 2200 psi and for fast, effective cleaning of lines. They are easy to use with pulse action and portable with a cart roll jetter and hose at the job site. Simply the water jetting machines from Ridgid are versatile and high quality machines that start easily with improved 6.5 HP recoil start gasoline engine.

KJ-1350 Water Jetter

Cables & Tools – You can find a wide variety of cutters and augers to clean everything from grease to root blockages. With the RIDGID line of cable tools, you will always have the right tool for the job. Drop Head Auger, Straight Auger, Funnel Auger Hook Auger Retrieving Auger Spade Cutter Four Blade Saw Tooth Cutter Spiral Saw Tooth Cutter Saw Tooth Cutter Grease “C” Cutter Grease, Cutter Spiral, Bar Cutter, Sharktooth Cutter, Expanding Finish Cutters, Chain Knocker, Flue Brush are the whole list of tools that are contained in the list of tools and cables at Ridgid.

Drum Cables

Victoria’s Secret : Home of the world’s best sports bra

Disclosure:  This post is part of the #Influenster program. I was not compensated for this post but a complimentary product ( Victoria’s Secret voxbox) was given for me to try and review as being one of the #VSSportTester . All opinion express are entirely my own and may differ to others. #VSSportBra

The outside looks like a haven for fitness and pink lovers but the inside is just totally and equally mesmerizing.

It’s no secret to many that Victoria’s Secret is known for their sweet scent fragrances.  Each fragrance is has its own unique scent and personal touch which makes it more feminine. Add the sexy lingerie modeled by the most beautiful and sexiest angels in the world. Each year, their Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was watched and awaited by not just man but also woman fans alike.

You can find the world’s sexiest bra from their collection and yes even the sexy sports bra that most fitness enthusiasts would love to have.


Above is just a living proof of how pretty they were. The New Ultimate Sports Bra (as many reviews claims) is combination of comfort and style. This place is definitely a haven for all things adorable. I just so love the cabinets that I’m dying to have one in my own room too.


Visit the nearest Victoria’s Secret on your place and experience this amazing bra and other products especially created for Angels like you and me.

Do you love this post or have you owned a Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra?  Let me know on the comment why choose them and your experience.


Fabulous Furniture Sale at One Kings Lane

We all love pretty things, a pretty dress, a pretty shoes and  of course a pretty home to live our life with someone special for us.  Now, you can complete your home with pretty furniture from  One Kings Lane.

When I first saw their  sofas, I told myself that I need to get hold of them.  They are indeed pretty and so dainty and the best of all, they come with discounts too which you would surely enjoy especially if you love discounts just like me.

Besides  from sofas, you can also check out their headboards ,  nightstands and ottomans too.   These sales are only available for a limited time so make sure to check them out today at One Kings Lane.

What inspires you?

What inspires you to decorate your home? One Kings Lane just released this wonderful video (at the bottom of my post) that has completely inspired me to re-look at my home to see how I can update it. What I love about the short clip is how they don’t remodel the entire room, just a few pieces here and there to give the room an entirely new feel! One Kings Lane has new sales pop up all throughout the week and each sale lasts 72 hours, so when you see an item, don’t wait! They offer so many unique styles from fantastic brand names at great prices…head over and check them out today: One Kings Lane. And watch their new quick video here:

Turn your clutter into cash

Are you a fan of spring cleaning? It’s a very popular days wherein you go around the house and thoroughly clean it to prepare for spring.  It’s also a great time to rummage around each closets and cabinets for things that you don’t need.   But you don’t have to wait for spring to do this ,  a day over the weekend or a holiday would be a perfect day to check out for those things that has lesser value for you now.

I’m a certified bargain lover.  I love to check out apparels, cosmetics, dvd movies and music cd’s or anything that goes on my liking that are on sale since I always believe that I can save more money on doing this but then my collection have grown over the years and it was all over my closet and my cabinets, waiting for the right time to be used. Some are still on their original box and others are only used once. The right time to used them hasn’t come until now and it keeps on filing up looking like a clutter than a collection or treasured items.

The first thing you need to do is learning to identify what’s clutter and important stuffs and make wiser choices at the next time you will make a purchase.  Declutter your life by making big changes and learning to let go of those things that has less value on you , remember the phrase,  “one person’s clutter is another person’s treasure”.

Remember that a good bargain or thrifty purchase would still be a loss of money if you haven’t used them and it can always reflect your personality and your overall character.  A place free from clutter is always a good sight, I believe this is now the right time to go over some stuff and start making choices whether to give them away as gifts or turn those clutter into cash, start a garage sale or sell them on online shops.  On this way, you get rid of your unwanted things and earn extra money to buy far more important things.

ModCloth New Home Decor

If you are planning to make some home renovation or thinking of changing your home decors,  your lucky since  ModCloth is launching a magical new line of home decor items that will not just brighten your home but make it really pretty.

You can take a look at some of the new items here: ModCloth Retro & Cute Apartment Decor! Shop Now!. I have always wanted a beautiful kitchen and their kitchen collection is so adorable that I wish i can have one.

Their bathroom items can make your home playful and elegant, and you don’t need to break your budget since they are all at an affordable price.  What’s great is they are offering free shipping on all orders over $50, (US residents) So, make sure you visit ModCloth today!

Come back and let me know what you buy!!

Zinc Door Offers 15% off Select Upholstery

I have been meaning to change our upholstery but never get a chance to finally pick  a new style.  That’s why, I’m so excited that there are contemporary furniture at Zinc Door, since I have always wanted to have an elegant and stylish set to change our old one.

If you are looking for a  new sofa/sectional or thinking of buying a new ottoman to complement what you already had in your living room.  This is the perfect time to go shopping because  Zinc Door’s 15% off select upholstery  is indeed a great sale that you shouldn’t miss, get it with promo code SOFTSEAT valid through 9/15! Browse their wide selections of  eye-catching chaises/daybeds, bar stools, benches, and other upholstered pieces to tie your room together!

This gonna be a great time to make that change you have been wanting to do.

Zinc Door Offers 15% off Lighting

Having the perfect light can make a gloomy and dull room bright and beautiful.  That’s why finding the right light can create the perfect space and add a bold and beautiful statement in any room.

I have seen several lights on magazine and wonder where i could get them.  I’m lucky enough because those lights are available in a very affordable price from Zinc Door .  Today and through August 14, they are offering 15% off select lighting with promo code TWINKLE. 

Browse through their  stunning chandeliers, table lamps collections and other stylish lighting essentials! Happy Shopping!

Create that perfect room with Layla Grayce

If your planning to create a perfect ambiance and atmosphere in your room, finding a good lighting can help and adds a beautiful touch on any room.  A good lights and a unique home decor goes hand on hand together.

 If you’ve been looking for that perfect statement light then I have a sale for you!Layla Grayce is offering 15% off select lighting with promo code LITUP valid through 7/31! Browse stunning chandeliers, table lamps and many other stylish lighting essentials!

Finding a perfect fixture can be tricky and difficult if you have no idea on what you want, so it’s always to stick to a plan and if you have that already, find the best deal that you can find.  On that way, you can save time and effort and money too.

SnapBox – Pose, Snap and create it in a Box

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png


We love to take pictures especially for those special moments in our life.  Photographs speak beautiful memories and some of my favorites are our wedding, our first expectation and now that we had our two children, during Christmas and birthdays but sometimes even without any particular occasion.  When I look at our pictures, it reminds me how good life has been to us even though we encounter ups and down.

Photograph in a canvas is a beautiful way to preserve that precious memory especially for our kids to see their childhood years.  SnapBox makes that photographs turned into a beautiful pieces of canvas since each SnapBox is a PhotoGiclée gallery wrapped stretched canvas print with a 100% wood baked black enamel frame with 1 ¾” depth which you can display in your home or in your office desk to remind you those special days depicted on the photograph.

snapbox back

What’s more interesting is the fact that you can create a beautiful wall canvas even with the pictures coming directly from your cellular phone, facebook or instagram. I was a bit hesitant to use the pictures coming from my facebook album since it has low resolution and afraid that it would not look good after printing.  But on my surprise, it was printed nicely and indeed perfectly done.

More about SnapBox”

SnapBox makes it easy affordable for consumers to create and order high-quality framed prints instantly from their smartphone, instagram and digital camera photos, by emailing them from their phone or computer, or ordering via SnapBox photos come in a range of sizes, including a 5×5, 5×7, 8×10, 10×13, 9×9, with the 5×5 and 9×9 square SnapBox prints ideal for Instagram photos. The SnapBox photos are presented in a 100% wood floating frame, ready to hang on a wall or display on a desk, mantle or bookshelf – enabling consumers to easily and affordably create personalized gallery-like collections of photos.

Delivering the highest quality framed prints, SnapBox uses state-of-the-art ‘droplet on demand’ archival pigmented ink, capable of reproducing more than 36 million unique possible colors. The stretched canvas print is complete with a 100% kiln-dried wood frame, with a black enamel finish and is ready for desktop or wall display.

i find the wood elegant and will fit every contemporary and minimalist home and more important is it’s indeed affordable, so you won’t think twice on getting another piece.  Just I wish they can offer different wood color for additional choices.  Now,  I’m so excited to put them on our stairs walls, though I need to wait for hubby to have some time.

Turn your photographs to a beautiful pieces of canvas from SnapBox.  Visit their website today and follow them on facebook for the latest updates. And if you order today, you can get 255 off until Fathers Day.

Get one for free:

Now, here’s the best part SnapBox is very generous to offer one of my lovely readers a chance to win an 8×10 print value at $26.65.  Be sure to comeback on this site to learn more about the mechanics and how you can win.

Zinc Door Offers 15% off Trina Turk Bedding

Simply changing your bedding to keep up with the seasons is the key to keeping your bedroom fresh and stylish. With summer quickly approaching, now is the time to store your winter bedding until next year. Upgrade your room to match your mood with bright colors and fun designs and save money by doing so! Right now, Zinc Door is offering 15% off Trina Turk bedding with promo code 15BED.

It’s always a happy hour at home with Trina Turk’s fun, whimsical bedding and accents. Don’t miss your chance to save on these stylish and modern bed sets. Hop on to their site and you will definitely find a wide collection of different bedding that you would love.

I’m definitely loving to have one too.

Summer Delight with Layla Grayce with offers of free shipping

I love summer, it’s the time of years that we need bright and colorful colors.  If your looking for some home accessories to make your home summer ready,   Layla Grayce can help  you to achieve that ambiance because they offer beautiful summer essentials!  And the most exciting part is when you shop from 3/30-3/31, Layla Grayce is offering free shipping , you only need to use the promo code “freeship“.

I would really love to have a garden but our house is not that big to cater one, if only i have,  I would probably plant different herbal plants and flowers and put pretty sign like the  Herbaceous Iron Markers.

Herbaceous iron markers

Herbaceous iron markers

Summer may come once a year but your kitchen can look like one whole year round with this  Jessie Steele Gigi Summer Lemons Apron.Featuring vintage-inspired prints, it’s dainty and retro at the same time.

Summer is definitely fun with this bright and colored accessories,  your home will definitely summer ready.

Nux USA – Style your life with fashionable sports apparel

Being big and heavy is something i really hated, that’s why I decided that i needed a change and getting into fitness activity is something i have to plan and prepare myself to a journey of getting more fitter and healthier .

Although, it’s easy to say , before going into any fitness activity, you need to get a sports attire that can help you withstand sweat and it is prime factor that this is made from durable material.  I have searched the mall and some online store but all i see is the usual  tanks or tops that are made from cotton and spandex which after several minutes of working out you can feel that your body is all soaked up with your own sweat.

image : nux USA

But  NUX USA  is different from the others, known to be the world’s first brand to categorize their garments with compression.  Their sports apparel uses the innovative new approach in garment’s manufacturing which they called, “body engineering”.

Programmed by highly specialized computers and knitting machines, Nux USA apparels stands out from the rest because it doesn’t give just comfort or support but it gives a fashion style like no other.

nux apparel

So, when i was approved to review a set of their sports apparel, i’m really excited .   The Olivia cami is indeed soft and the pattern is really awesome.  The jacquard pattern (which i think it was called based on their site) was sewn to the fabric and it has a ring on the back which i think is very sexy.   Because of it’s body engineered design , it provides support on areas i mostly needed them. It also has a built in seamless bra which is very different from other tanks i owned.

Their philosophy is also inspiring, it gives you more drive to live healthier and live your life full of inspirations and hopes;

To be pro peace and anti nothing.
To lead with my heart and follow with my mind.
To honor humility and be humbled by honorable people.
To choose to dance through life with all of my imperfections.
To cultivate compassion for the world by having compassion for myself.

  What I liked :

The tank is flattering. Suitable for variety of activities.  Whether for running and my new found love, yoga.

The product is made from materials built to last.  No cracking and fading of the design even after several washes which i still need to try.

The design of the Hailey capri is indeed unique. It compliments the olivia cami.    Soft to touch and to your body.  The fitting is really nice and it defines your legs and my buttocks too.   It has a seamless waistband which gives additional comfort.

And the best part , you don’t need to break the bank to get one because their products is really affordable than the expensive yoga and sports apparel you can find in the market.

Last minute thoughts; 

Watch out for my OOTD for this and i am looking forward to look more sexier too.

 To learn more about this innovative sports apparel, you can check out NUX USA online or like them on facebook to get updates.

Here’s the best part,  NUX USA is very generous to offer one lovely readers of this site to win Dash Union cami.  It was built to use for any sports with a design of a loose cami that gives breathability .  Great to use when your hitting the gym or you can even wear them this coming summer while strolling the beach while enjoying the beauty of the sea.

nux1 apparel giveaway


So,what do you think about body engineering?  What other products you love to have on their site?  

 disclosure policy

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Zinc Door – Get your Noir Throw pillows for 15% off

Have you ever heard about Spring cleaning?  This is the  perfect opportunity to de-clutter your home,  get rid of that worn out furniture, you can donate them and replace it with affordable and beautiful pieces.  Don’t hesitate to accessorize! Zinc Door offers stylish and modern home decor for every room and  the good news is  they’re featuring the popular brand Noir and offering 15% off all throw pillows.

noir throw pillows on sale

noir throw pillows

Beautiful designs awaits you when you check out their website.  From blue, green, yellow and orange, plaids and prints, name it and they got it.  Fashionable throw pillows are a great way to make your living room or any room delightfully beautiful.

They also have the Noir Ming Bookcase which provides multiple shelves and two drawers for accessories and organizational needs. Beautifully crafted bookcase, a real beauty that can be the focal point of any room.  It also provide storage space for your decorative pieces or craft souvenirs or even your children’s awards.

Spring cleaning also means a new wardrobe but of course who wants to part away with our beloved clothes especially if it contains beautiful memories , the Noir Hampton Tall Boy Dresser provides six drawers which delivers maximum storage in a relaxed white washed finish.  Only the best products offered by Zinc Door for you.

Disclosure:  This post contains affiliate links. By buying through this link, you can help my site run for a longer time.  Love what you see, check them out now.