When Eating Healthy Is Not Enough

Aging is a privilege. With aging comes experience and wisdom, not to mention senior citizen’s discounts. But with aging also comes the onset of aches, pains and age-related conditions. Such is why older people try to adopt a healthier lifestyle – something you might have observed from your parents, grandparents, or older friends (or which you find yourself doing, if you consider yourself old). They try to keep themselves moving by doing zumba, for instance, and they become more watchful of what they eat. Eating healthier food is not just a trend among older adults – it is a norm. We know this is a good practice, but as we age, eating healthy food may not be enough. That’s because even if you eat healthy food, there’s a chance of you not getting all the good nutrition from it, which may happen if you are deficient in digestive enzymes.

You’re probably thinking, “Digestive enzymes? I remember hearing about that back in the day during Science class. What do digestive enzymes have to do with me getting good nutrition?” Digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food we eat into a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. It’s not the food itself that gets absorbed – it’s the nutrients from it.

But how exactly does it happen?

Imagine yourself eating a piece of bread. As you chew the bread, you are starting to digest it already. From your mouth, it passes through your esophagus down to your stomach, where it further gets digested. From the stomach, it goes into the small intestine where digestion gets completed. Enabling the digestion in your mouth, stomach and small intestine are your digestive enzymes. These enzymes break down your food into nutrients so they may be absorbed into your bloodstream and transported to every cell in your body. Such is the crucial role of your digestive enzymes. Healthy food provides the foundation for optimal health, but even the healthiest food is of little use if it is not properly digested and absorbed.

The thing is, as we get older, the digestive enzymes naturally produced by our bodies become depleted. Digestive enzyme deficiency is thus something older people may experience – and they may not even be aware of it. But how will you know if an older loved one such your mom or dad is deficient in digestive enzymes? If they constantly have digestive complaints like gas, bloating, or abdominal pain, and / or if their bowel movement is irregular, they could be suffering from digestive enzyme deficiency.


The Product:

Enzyplexisa digestive enzyme supplement that aids in proper digestion and helps ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

It has digestive enzymes that help breakdown food into a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. These enzymes are as follows:

  • Amylase – breaks down carbohydrates to glucose
  • Lipase– breaks down fat to glycerol
  • Protease – breaks down protein to amino acids


Enzyplex also has vitamin B-complex which helps enhance the digestive process and aids in the conversion of food into energy to support normal body processes.

SRP: Php 7.50 per caplet

Usage:Ideal to take 3 caplets per day or 1 caplet per heavy meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner)


May be bought in the ff drugstores (Luzon branches only): Watsons, South Star Drug, St. Joseph Drug

Also available online via http://tinyurl.com/EnzyplexOrderForm

Tagline:Absorb life to the fullest!

Social Media Assets:

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Good thing, Unilab has the answer to digestive enzyme deficiency. Introducing Enzyplex – adigestive enzyme supplement that helps promote healthy digestion.It has a unique combination of digestive enzymes, which break down food so your body gets the nourishment it needs. It also helps one avoid indigestion symptoms such as gas, bloating and stomachache.

Aside from digestive enzymes, Enzyplexhas vitamin B-complex which helps enhance the digestive process and aids in the conversion of food into energy to support normal body processes.

With Christmas nearing, why don’t you give your loved ones (or yourself) the gift of healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption? They’ll need it, especially with all the festivities! Buy a box of Enzyplex today and let them absorb life to the fullest!

Know more about Enzyplex and nutrient absorption! Visit and like the Enzyplex Facebook page (Enzyplex Philippines) and check out the Enzyplex website (www.agewell.ph/products/enzyplex).

#AbsorbLifetotheFullest with Enzyplex!

Enzyplex is available in Luzon branches of Watsons, South Star Drug and St. Joseph Drug .

DISCLAIMER: this is a sponsored post written.  Please check with your doctor before taking a new medicine or vitamins.

Effective Ways on How to Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Healthy teeth and gums does not only make you feel great but makes you look great as well. You tent to feel better about yourself and be confident in meeting and conversing with people thanks to a nice set of teeth and gums. However, some are not lucky to have perfectly aligned and straight teeth while others would have a lost a tooth or more during the early adult stage of their life. Keep your teeth and gums healthy since it’s a way of not just preserving your teeth but also helping you to avoid future problems. They can still have the perfectly healthy and aligned teeth that makes them feel confident through teeth alignment and teeth whitening procedures.

When it comes to the health of your mouth, having a nice set of teeth and gums is not enough. You should also have a strong set o hf teeth and a comfortable bite. You can achieve all of this by seeking the help of orthodontist in Brisbane. Staying cavity is just one of the basic things that can keep your mouth health. Preventing gum diseases while maintaining a straight and aesthetically appealing set of gums and teeth. Finding a good orthodontist to help you with maintaining that healthy and beautiful smile is a must since it is their specialty and only them who can help you maintaining a healthy gums and teeth. 

Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Always floss

It is important to floss at least once a day. Doing such helps you remove plaque and bits of food that have caught in between your teeth. Flossing twice a day or more often help protect not just your teeth but also can avoid that smelly breath. 

Get regular dental cleanings

A visit to the dentist should be regular and not just because you have an aching tooth or you have an aesthetic procedure to do with your teeth. Regular visits to the dentist can also help in detecting gum diseases early, allowing them to be treated before they become serious. Professional cleaning is also essential to rid of plaque and tartar that you have missed when brushing and flossing.

Quit smoking.

Smoking can stain your teeth and can also trigger gum diseases. It weakens your immune system and makes it harder to fight gum infections. Smoking is bad for your health as well bad for your teeth. If you want to maintain a healthy teeth and gums, quit the habit and in no time, you can see the difference and can avoid future health problems due to smoking. 

Brush and use a mouthwash regularly

Brush your teeth at least twice a day and use therapeutic mouthwashes to reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis.  Ooh, brushing is something you should not forget. Imagine if you have that smelly breath, would someone stay beside you. I guess, you already know the answer and we would not want people to go away because they don’t want that smell you are emitting. It’s quite embarrassing and may be a big impact on your overall personality. 

Ways to encourage your kids to play outdoors

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by the Voice of Play. 

With the new age of technology, most of the children nowadays would want to play with their gadgets or in the internet rather than to go outside and play with other friends.  Getting your kids to play an outdoor activity can give them many healthy benefits since it will keep them moving.  The move must start with you as a parent.  Here are some ways to encourage your kids to play outdoors.  Because playing with nature and enjoying the warm breeze of the air and getting enough sunlight are very important. Playing outdoor games does not give you healthy and physically fit but also gives a good personality to your children because they can learn how to interact which is far more than physical but also mental and emotional health.

Encourage your kids to have a creative play time like what I usually do with my kids.  Since, it’s like a part of our bonding time to create wonderful moments.  We let them play outside and run as much as they want but keeping in mind to take care of themselves too.  Sometimes, we create a pretend play wherein we re-create certain movies we have watch and think as if we are the ones on it.  I let them realize that outdoor play is not just seasonal or only during the warm sunny weathers.

Outdoor play is not just for summer but for all season, especially during the fall and snow season wherein you can enjoy tossing small snow balls.  Playing is very important for children especially that they their childhood will only pass once. Enjoy that moment with your child.  Create lasting memories with them by doing things as a whole family. Even with your busy schedule, do not forget to get out of the house once in a while and enjoy the sweet breeze of the air and feel the coldness of this season.  Encourage your child to explore the things around them.

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How Does Invisalign Fit into Every Lifestyle?

A first impression can lead to countless different things. Perhaps you’ll just meet a friend. Maybe it will open the doors to a new job. A smile can also be an instant connection to the love of your life. It’s easy for those with perfect smiles to wonder why anyone would hide that beautiful feature. But millions of people suffer in silence, hiding their smiles due to insecurity over dental imperfections. Gaps, malocclusions such as overbites, crooked or misaligned teeth, and overlapping teeth are common reasons for inquiring about straightening options. Many people avoid contacting a cosmetic dentist altogether out of fear that the only legitimate answer involves braces. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong. In today’s modern world, Invisalign may be the solution you’ve been looking for. But what lifestyles can Invisalign really fit into?

invasalign braces

Invisalign Can Boost Your Career

According to Forbes, you have approximately seven seconds to make a first impression. If you’re avoiding smiling, or worse, hiding your teeth due to a lack of confidence, you could leave your appointment with more than a heavy pit in your stomach. A bad or even lukewarm first impression can lead to a job refusal, rejected promotion, or even an overall reputation as a difficult or inadequate employee. Why take that chance? Perhaps metal braces or time off for extensive cosmetic dentistry are out of the question, but discounting the transparent triumphs of wearing Invisalign can be one of the most expensive mistakes of your career.

Invisalign Can Make School Easier

Adolescence is not easy. One of the most common concerns surrounds wearing braces for several years. While most kids do it and it’s nothing unusual, it can lead to being bullied or singled out. Why add to your kids’ stress levels when there’s an easier solution? In many cases, especially when the malocclusion isn’t severe, Invisalign can be a reasonable alternative to metal appliances. The clear aligners of Invisalign are fitted to slide right over the teeth. Since they’re removable, many eating restrictions are waived. And best of all, social activity isn’t interrupted due to metal-free pictures and worry-free sports play.

Invisalign Is Great for Adults

While most people get their orthodontia needs taken care of in their youth, some wait until they’re able to do so on their own. Not every household in America has dental coverage, so sometimes waiting for an elective cosmetic dentistry procedure is a requirement. It’s not uncommon to see adults sporting metal braces nowadays, but most opt for less obvious solutions like Invisalign. The clear aligners fit into even the busiest schedule. They’re easily removed for eating, drinking, and cleaning. And they won’t stand out at PTA meetings or add to the reasons the kids suddenly avoid making eye contact with you in public. If you’ve had teens or remember your own teenage antics, you know how precious that bonus is.

Invisalign Can Improve Your Love Life

All the single ladies, put your hands up! Studies have proved that there are some harsh assumptions regarding appearance that can affect your dating life. Yes, this gets better. The good news is that the big stuff is easily corrected. A specific major study from Invisalign disclosed results that people with straight teeth are seen as being smarter, more successful, and more date-worthy. In fact, 40% of Americans admit they’d avoid actively dating someone who had crooked teeth.

As hard as it is to admit or accept sometimes, appearance plays a key factor in finding a partner. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with avoiding those people altogether, but doing so greatly limits your chances of finding a companion or love interest. Fortunately, Invisalign provides an easy and effective way to correct your oral issues while boosting your confidence. The clear aligners straighten your teeth while you continue to sift through the dating pool. By the time your corrections are completed, who knows… you might have stumbled upon the one. Why wait another minute? Call Manhattan cosmetic dentist , Dr. Michael J. Wei, today and see if Invisalign is an option for you.

How to get better Sleep with Eye Masks

A good night sleep is very important now only in keeping a sound body but a sound mind as well. Lack of sleep can make us lose focus, can make us irritable and can bring down our mood in general. There are many factors that can interfere with a good night’s sleep. Pressure at work and family responsibilities, unexpected challenges, poor sleeping conditions, relationship issues and illness are just some of the possible reasons that prevent one from getting a complete good night sleep and how to get better sleep with eye masks.

Although some factors may be beyond one’s control, most of them can be prevented and improved. Adopting habits that encourage better sleep will help in improving one’s sleeping habits.

Sticking with a sleep schedule

Our body has its own clock. Going to bed at a specific time, a constant time everyday allows the body to sync with this specific time, thus sending signals to the brain that it is time for the body to relax and sleep. The same goes with walking up in the morning. This may take time but a beneficial sleeping habit that can be applied for people who are having a hard time sleeping.

Conducive sleeping habits

Removing objects and gadgets that prevents you from sleeping at night can help break the spell of lacking sleep. Unplug and put your phone in silent mode to have a peaceful time alone in your room. Dip the lights or preferable wear eye masks to enjoy a more relaxing sleep. Make sure that your rooms are properly ventilated and your beds and sheets comfortable to promote better sleep.

better sleep with aurorae eye masks

Block the light

Eye masks are great and affordable gadgets that can be used to block the light and enjoy a better time sleeping.  I have been using Aurorae eye mask since the time they have sent it to me for review and I must tell you that it was indeed a great thing that happened to me.  My husband always prefer to sleep with eye mask but I was not comfortable at it but when I have tried this one, it was a new experience.

aurorae eye mask

Using an eye masks helps in many ways, for example if your partner may be reading a book or busy doing things that require illumination even while you sleep, blocking the light will allow you to sleep well even if there is still light in your room or outside your window. Aurorae eye masks have a calming effects to your eyes , it blocks out light and sound for a better sleep.  It can relieve stress which is perfect for people who are suffering from insomnia and since it is very small and include a pouch, you can easily bring it during your yoga session or travels. Definitely a world class quality. Check Aurorae eye mask today and experience a calming sleep like no other.

Breast cancer and Methotrexate

Cancer represents a group of illnesses consisting of more than 1000 conditions. This sickness affects basic unit in the body: the cell. It appears when cells start functioning abnormally and start splitting without order or limit. New mass is formed which is called tumor and it can be either benign or malignant. Benning tumors are not a cancer and their cells do not spread to other body parts. They rarely pose any health hazard. On the other hand, malignant tumors are cancer. From primary tumor, cells can reach other body parts by traveling in blood or lymph. This spreading causes metastasis of primary tumor. When breast cancer reaches metastasis, cells can appear in lymph knots. So, this means that disease has spread to other parts of the body, bones, liver or lungs. This kind of tumor retains same type of malignant cells as the primary tumor.

Histogenetic breast cancer can appear from primary atypical epithelium hyperplasia and from regular ductolobular epithelium. More than half of breast cancers appear in upper outer quadrant and sprouts of hormonal tissue. In area around nipples, that is in central part of breast, 15 to 20 percent of cancers appear. In lower region of breast, it will appear in 5 to 10 percent of cases. Usually, cancer will affect only one breast. Have in mind that cancer is more common for left one (for about 10 %). It is very rare for cancer to appear on both breast and in the same spots (1 to 6 % of cases). Breast tumor grows very slowly. It can pass from 6 to 8 years until tumor reaches diameter of 1 cm or if until becomes noticeable. One of the best ways of treating it is to buy Methotrexate online.

fight breast cancer

Doctors are still not sure what causes cancer in some individuals. Specialists from youdrugstore.com claim that it is very hard to establish impact of environment and genetics in development of the disease. Some of the risk factors which certainly contribute to development of the disease are: family history of the disease (especially if your mother had breast cancer before 40), women who already had this condition, exposure to radiotherapy before 30, breasts which are built from many ducts and have less fat tissue, existence of atypical hyperplasia, age of first menstruation as well as age when menopause started, total length of reproductive period, number of pregnancy and age when you had first baby, women who had baby after 30, higher exposure to estrogen, sensitivity during menopause, lack of physical activity, use of alcohol.

Have in mind that cancer still remains one of the worst medical conditions you can get. With the development of pharmacology, we have certain solutions such as Methotrexate. This drug prevents growth of certain cells, especially cancer cells. Besides cancer, it can also be used for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. People who are allergic to this drug, who have bone marrow disorder, those who are breast-feeding a baby, individuals with cirrhosis or some other liver issue as well as those with blood cell disorder, should avoid this medicine.

E-cigarette : A great way to beat the habit

Studies shows that smoking is still the number one preventable death, CNN reports that “443,000 Americans die from smoking-related illnesses every year, according to the U.S. Department of Health” and although many advocacy and drives have been done to help smokers to quit the habit, the urge to smoke is still greater.

I have been complaining about hubby’s smoking habit.  There are no days that I have been trying to educate him and lecture him about how smoking can affect his body and that it is bad for his health and even goes to the extreme of telling him that he has two little kids depending on him but I guess, even though he was that enthusiasm, he still could not kick the habit of smoking.

I don’t know what’s with that tobacco that many people couldn’t remove it on their system. I’ve tried it once in my high school years since many of my friends are doing it but I wouldn’t dare to try another stick because it makes me dizzy and i have the smell it leaves in my mouth and even in my clothes (Ooh, i’m very particular on the smell of my shirt)

Now, Vapourlites eCig introduce me with their starter kit, the best gift you can give for someone who wanted to beat the habit of smoking thus trying electronic cigarette as an alternative. As it mentioned, the tobacco flavor is very realistic and was designed  to mimic the taste of real tobacco blends.

e-cigarette kit

The cartomizer produces vapour which give a realistic hit on your throat seems like replicating the feeling of smoking only without the smoke.  So, i guess if your only after the feeling of smoking, this e-cigarette is perfect for you. This products are manufactured in UK laboratories giving the assurance of high quality products.

vapourlites e-cigarette

The kit comes with a  HG7 Polymer Lithium battery, a USB charger and 2 Cartomizers which equivalents to 80 tobacco cigarettes. So, if your average consume of 6 a day, then you can use this for atleast 13 days which is more affordable than buying the real tobacco cigarettes and what is far more important is saving your lungs and body on possible future health problems and even death.

Well, the verdict would always be upon my husband and to you who are chain smokers, if you would accept the change whole heartedly, this alternative is a great way to ultimately beat the habit of smoking .  This is the time to regain your life and be healthy.

So far, it seems that his getting the hang on it.  I guess positive motivation can really work wonders.  To know more about Electronic cigarettes, you can always check Vapourlites.com  . Help save lives today, give a gift of life, LOL. (it’s funny but i’m not laughing since it’s a very serious matter. )

Swish for a Long Lasting Freshness

Minty meets fruity that’s what Swish Mangosteen feels like in your mouth which when you gargle twice a day just not help you fight bad breath and prevent gingivitis and plaque but also gives you a  long lasting fresh breath all day long.

swish mouthwash

It is not just our teeth that needs proper care, our entire mouth needs to be well taken care too especially that in a day, we often open our mouth not just to talk but also for some other purposes.

If you don’t take care of your mouth, there is a big tendency that it will develop plaque, cavities and eventually tooth decay.  To avoid this problem , dentists as well as our parent teaches us to brush our teeth many times in a day but is brushing just enough?

No, you also need to floss as well to use mouthwash to help strengthen those teeth and keep our mouth fresh all day long.

Here’s another fact about Swish Mouthwash :

swish breath fresh

Swish Breath Spray – instant fresh breath in 10 seconds!
Swish has 2 formats namely: mouthwash and breath spray to keep your breath fresh anytime and anywhere. Powered by SureFresh Technology, Swish doesn’t just cover up bad breath because it kills bad bacteria, prevents plaque and gingivitis for long-lasting fresh breath. 
So, for that long lasting fresh breath make sure to always have Swish breath spray on your bag or pouch for that instant freshness wherever, whenever.

Barely There – Back Acne Free with Sutla Collagen Fruit Soap

I remember the saying that if you can flaunt it on your front and then do it with your back.   I envy those woman who was born with pretty silky smooth skin and yes, I was just a sad thing that I was not one of them.

Achieving an acne free skin is like a trivial thing for me when I was in my teens.  Honestly, I don’t have a skin regimen at that time and since I’m a working student, i barely have time to cleanse my face at night. I rarely use lotion and I have no idea about moisturizer.   Just a toothbrush and personal hygiene was enough for me but when I turned 30 and with a kid, i suddenly realized how lazy I was before to not take of my skin.  So, i thought it was already too late for me to revive my aging , dry skin.

Back acne has been a problem of many young adult and yes, I was one of those woman who experienced it.  Perhaps not just me but my sisters and brothers.  Sometimes, I even blamed our father since we inherit that blood from him.

Come to think of it, when you have some acne with your face, you can use concealer to hide them for the meantime but with back acne, it’s really hard to put some, don’t you think?

I always wanted to wear backless dresses, just seeing this pretty hollywood actress wearing backless dresses, makes me wish i could also do the same.


But having back acne would definitely prevent you from doing such.  There are some things why we usually get back acne and some of these  are;

1.  They say that when we work or stressed too much, our testosterone pump out that it produce oil that clogged our pores.

2. Perspiration, tight fitting clothes, bad hair products ingredients are just some of the causes too.

3. Stress, if you have them in your life, definitely and a big percentage that you will be having back acne not just back acne but also acne on different parts of your body.

Just like face acne, you can treat your back acne with same products you used on your face.  Recently, i found this Sutla Collagen with Multi Fruit Soap.    Originally, i guess it was intended for face since it helps whiten, moisturize and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

But it also treats pimples and skin disorder and back acne is a kind of skin disorder that we truly hate hence using this product can help you minimize or totally get rid of this acne sort of thing.

sutla soap

What I love about this collagen with multi fruit soap is it’s smell.  It smell fruity that you would be tempted to eat them.  I love how it gives smooth skin.   Although, so far, I wasn’t able to achieve the whitening effect on my skin, it gives smoother skin which is what i have been wanting for years.  If you are thinking of getting rid of acne fast, this is indeed a must try product.

This is your chance to achieve that flawless beauty like those celebrities who flaunt their back during awards ceremonies and red carpet walk.  Even though, you don’t have that chance to do that kind of thing,  just having a Back Acne Free is rewarding.

So, if you decided to give this a try,  Visit Flawless Republic and begin that journey to a flawless new you.

Disclosure:  I received free products for me to try but all opinions are mine.

Prep up your Summer with Swish

Summer is definitely one of our favorite months, although sometimes the heat may be unbearable, the thought of hitting the beach or swimming pool thrills me and the kids, it only means a great time of fun filled day with my family.

Imagine walking on the shore line with someone you care and talking about beautiful thoughts that can filled your memories with happiness.

It is also the time to visit some friends since it’s the time for festivities and local feasts which gives a chance to catch up and have a nice long chat with relatives and friends.

Indeed summer is something that most of the people enjoys but it is also one of the season that foods are overflowing and since occasions and events are very common, we tend to eat a lot and be merry.

prep up that summer with swish

So, it’s always handy to have something that makes your breath fresh all day.  You don’t want to have that feeling of awkwardness while talking to your friends or new acquaintance.  Would you?

Powered by Surefresh Technology that kills bad breath causing bacteria, plaque and gingivitis, Swish Mouthwash is definitely something you need to bring alongside with your favorite bikini.  Safe to use, so you don’t need to worry even if you use them everyday. Prep up your summer with swish.

Swish is another quality product of Unilab.

So, do you have any plans for the summer.  Although, we are thinking of just having a staycation, I have weddings and birthdays to attend to , so you could just imagine my in dire need of this product.

Myra E – Keeping you beautiful inside and out

With many products that are coming in the market claiming that they can give you better result,  it’s really hard to make a choice but when you find something that works for you, then I should say that you are very lucky.

As much as I deny it, i’m getting older and sometimes my body says so and for a working mom with two kids, i need to keep myself healthy at all times.  That’s the main reason, why i need products that will keep my body and skin healthy and beautiful just like when I was younger.

myra e

It’s been months that I have been using Myra E hand and body lotion and vitamin E capsule and believe it or not, I am satisfied with it’s result. Even hubby was already using the lotion and as I have always mentioned, his rather hard to be satisfy with just anything but with months of continue using Myra E, it only means that he has just find his match.

Myra E capsule has antioxidant properties that help repairs your damaged cells and since vitamin E is already proven to give radiant skin, does continued usage will give you result  of a  beautiful healthy skin that we all wished and yearn for.

Although, i could not guarantee you that it can make your whiter since it doesn’t happened to me but what i can assure is that it can make you more fairer and the best thing is to keep your body healthy which I think matters most.

In terms of Myra E lotion,  i used it before going to bed since it has no spf but if your looking for one, they also have Myra E Daily Sun Protect facial moisturizer but i haven’t tried them yet since i am  already using another brand.

Myra E is a product from Unilab  who has been there to keep families protected and healthy through their lifetime.

myra e

Father’s Day Duff Goldman Baking Starter Kit Giveaway

Father’s Day is coming right up and men make great bakers, you know this as being true if you have ever watched Charmed City Bakery with Duff Goldman. Sniffing4Savings is very excited to be bringing you this giveaway and GREAT PRIZE from Gartner Studios the official Duff.com parent company.


Father’s Day is coming right up and Men make great bakers, you know this if you have ever watched Charmed City Bakery with Duff Goldman. Well I was given the opportunity to review the Duff Goldman Starter Baking Pan Kit, my thought what a great Father’s Day Gift!! My husband likes to cook he especially loves to bake, he’s still learning things like don’t wait for the brownies to “look” done, or open the oven door to see “how the cake is doing”, but he is getting better.

We had a lot of fun baking our cake together, and honestly he was better at getting the fondant rolled to the correct thickness, and on to the cake without it ripping than I was. The decorations became my job, and honestly together I think we did just okay, but it was a fun time together and eating it was even better! 🙂 you can read my complete review here and see the cake we “designed” together, we will not be working at Charm City bakeries anytime soon! 🙂

Now Onto the Giveaway!!


The prize includes the following:

The Duff Baking Set, what in the box: All professional grade quality pans & tools!

  • 9 inch Round Anodized Aluminum Pan -1ea
  • 8 inch Round Anodized Aluminum Pan -1ea
  • 6 inch Round Anodized Aluminum Pan -1ea
  • Duff Branded Cake Tester
  • Seamless Tip Decorating Kit – 15pc
  • Medium Icing Spatula – 1ea Duff Branded
  • Fondant Cutter Set 12pc in Duff Branded Tin
  • Decorative Wires – 8ea
  • Fondant Smoother – 1ea
  • 2lb. tub White Duff Fondant

Total Value $119.99 !

Great Gifts For Fathers Day, Birthdays, to Christmas, or keep it for yourself!!!!


Ending 6/08/10:00 pm Winner will be notified by email and has 48 hrs. to respond or forfeit the prize!

Host Sniffing4Savings and promoters are not responsible for the prize or the shipping of,

the sponsor will be responsible and will ship directly to winner.

Enter below & Good Luck!

Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Color Alert Technology Review

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

Prevention is better than cure.  That’s what i have often heard not just from my own parents but from medical specialists too.  That’s why, you need to make yourself ready for anything and having your own digital arm blood pressure at home can save you a lot of trouble and can help ease your mind.

High blood pressure or Hypertension are now very common for older people or even young adult who are prone to tensions and stresses of daily life.  For those who consume a lot of fats and salt.  Over fatigued and lack of exercise .  So, for a busy mom like me,  i definitely belong to those who are at risk and i don’t want to end up feeling sorry when the time arrives.

cardio pressure digital

If you feel the symptoms, it’s  necessary to check our blood pressure right away. That is where the Ozeri Cardiotech Premium series digital arm blood pressure monitor comes in handy.  I have tried several digital arm blood pressure on the past and my usual problem is they are not as accurate as the manual blood pressure equipment.  So, I thought that it’s nice to put the product into a test.

Ozeri digital arm blood pressuree is accurate and easy to use.   No need of too much puzzle, since the instructions is very easy to follow and the blood pressure gadget itself is very light and let you know in a few minutes if your blood pressure is normal, prehypertension or hypertension level.


Here are some of the benefits you can get if you trusted to use Ozeri cardio tech arm blood pressure.

  • Portable, accurate, and simple-to-use wrist cuff design with clinically proven technology.
  • Advanced Color-coded Hypertension Indicator that color codes the Systolic and Diastolic readings according to green (normal), orange (prehypertension) and red (hypertension) levels.
  • Stores 80 blood pressure readings (40 x 2 users) with date and time recordings.
  • New MWI (Measure While Inflate) technology automatically inflates to the appropriate level (no adjustments required) while reducing measurement time.
  • Automatic irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) detection and new push-button access to average blood pressure readings.

Since the blood pressure reader gadget is small, it’s very handy and you can actually bring them anywhere you wanted them to be. Since, it’s very easy to use, you don’t need to call a specialists or medical representative/nurse to know your blood pressure.  It also comes in handy for me because i can use it before going going to work out at home.  In that way, i can know if my body can withstand a day of rigorous exercise.


You can check Ozeri on their site or you can get a discounted price on Amazon.  You can also follow their Facebook  page to learn more updates. I tell you, it’s really worth your money!

Fitness Diary : Protein Bakery- healthy goodies to keep you going


Our body needs protein for growth and proper function, deficiency of it can impaired the human body. It is needed to keep our heart beat steady and keep us going.

Meats, eggs, milk , fish, sea foods and beans are just one of the many source of protein which forms part of our basic needs.  When i started my journey of getting fit, one point i have learned is that my body needed protein to build that stronger muscles that i needed.

protein bakery

Brownies, cookies, chocolates,  ooh I so love them.  I would never forgot them in my shopping bag ,they are always a part of my grocery lists but they are the first one that i have to minimize and rule out when i decided to lose weight.

But learning about the Protein Bakery, i know that i have found guilty free cookies that can satisfy not just my hunger or cravings but i’m full aware that this is something beneficial for me. It’s indeed a great way to start a busy day, to keep my body going.

Their goodies are trans fat free, preservative and wheat flour-free which are totally nutritionally balanced because it only contains natural ingredients created with perfection.  Each Protein Bakery goodies includes 6 grams of protein , mostly which is whey , oats and nuts, something that our body needed. No wonder even famous Hollywood celebrities can’t get enough of this precious goodies.

Fitness is my business. Baking is my passion. Balance is the key. This words of Stephen Charles Lincoln, business owner and founder of the Protein Bakery is truly inspiring.  I really needed that much balance in my life, find my true worth and keep a healthy life not just for me but for my family.

For more lists of Protein bakery goodies , visit their site.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And watch about their informational video on You tube. And if your within the vicinity of Manhattan in the Chelsea/Flatiron area of New York City, visit their Loft Space and you’ll definitely find the best goodies you can get but if not, don’t fret because there are different retailers on this state, California | Connecticut |D.C. |Florida |Illinois |Maryland |Missouri |New York |North Carolina |Pennsylvania |Texas |Virginia.

 disclosure policy


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Fitness – Fun Indoor Wall climbing

Wall climbing looks like a lot of fun but it is considered as one extreme sports because you need strong hands and legs and i not to forget a lot of determination to get on top.

Rock climbing has been a well known sports for many adventurer and hiker but for people like me who could not bear that so much heights, wall climbing is another great alternative.   Good thing because a recent high end subdivision here in our area provides different activities that definitely rocks for fitness minded people.

Indoor climbing wall has been very popular sports on many countries not just here in the Philippines.  i guess, if your gearing for a real mountain climb, this is one basic popular training aid to keep you fit and ready for the real challenge.  Indoor rock climbing are sometimes created from bricks and hand pegs are  designed in different sizes making it more challenging.  It is basically safe because gadgets are readily available and trained climbers are there to help you make it to the top, although it would be a great challenge to know your way up.  The good thing with this is you get the chance to climb based on your own pace, if your tired, you can just say that you wanted to stay put and relax and climb again.

Indoor wall climbing doesn’t need experience, even if this is your first time just like me, you can easily get on the groove because you don’t need to buy sports attire or sports gadgets to try this.  The ropes, harness and materials are readily available for rent. Any sports attire can be used as long as you are comfortable with it. This sports is basically affordable and can be tried any time.                      

They say that there are different techniques but motivation is one thing i know can help you.  So, if you are in for some adventures, try this indoor wall climbing , although i can say that the one i tried is not indoors since i can feel the heat of the sun that doubles the challenge.   Would i do this again?  I would definitely love to try this again come summer time.

Conzace – Secret to Immunity and Fabulous Fitness

For a working mother getting sick is the last thing I would ever wanted but I could not help myself not to get lack of sleep considering that I still have to work online at night.  Getting good health is not enough on just taking the right healthy foods or drinking vitamin C as I usually do.  Probably, that’s the same reason why despite religiously taking this vitamin, my body still feels fatigue and I instantly get stressed over simple things.

Weak immunity is caused by weak white blood cells because white blood cells are part of our immune system that helps prevent infection or germs entering our body. Zinc and Vitamin C are essentials to create the right number of white blood cells that can help us depends sicknesses.

conzace-secret to strong immunity is in our white blood cells

 For a busy mother like me, i need to find a vitamins that can help me boost my immunity and that’s where Conzace came in to the picture, trusted and prescribed by many doctor for years,  Conzace is the #1 prescribed multivitamin for Heavy Duty Immunity. Comes in soft gel capsule, it is advised not to be taken on an empty stomach instead to reap the full potential of this vitamins, taking them in the evening before going to bed can help provide a restful sleep.

Conzace consists of Vitamin A & E (100 IU of Vitamin E) , Vitamin A also known as retinol is a well known antioxidant, while Vitamin E contains natural tocopherol that helps to give us beautiful skin and fabulous fitness .  Vitamin C (500 mg)  develops white blood cells that helps our body stays fits and active and lastly Zinc (Conzace has a higher Zinc than other popular vitamins in the Phils) which multiplies white blood cells that can help us depends on many sicknesses.

To learn more about Conzace, visit their facebook page now.

Disclaimer: I have been given this product for review but all opinions are mine.