For the Love of Skin II – Fabulous Cetaphil Freebies

UPDATED:  CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNER!  PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE FOR YOUR COMPLETE MAILING DETAILS.  Thank you once again for joining this giveaway.  Keep posted on our new freebies and giveaway.

I love my skin!  That’s one thing i would love to say each day and even though I don’t have a rosy white skin , i’m happy that my skin has changed from once dull and scaly to fair and smooth.  Thanks to Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion with just a month of regular use, my skin becomes more soft and smooth.

Cetaphil products

Cetaphil is celebrating their 65th anniversary and aside from their Hongkong and Ipad giveaway, they connected with bloggers to be their Online Brand Ambassador and being one of their blogger partner,  I am very proud to announce another freebies for my readers.  First, I would like to thank those who participated on my first For the Love of Skin giveaway and I hope you can join again this time.  The mechanics are basically the same but the prize is definitely more enticing.  So, what are you waiting for?

Join now via the rafflecopter and let’s spread the goodness of beautiful skin.
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Remember, you can earn more points by spreading the giveaway on your facebook and twitter daily. Good Luck!

Disclaimer: “All statements and opinion contained herein are from the  author and independent of the sponsors.”

For the love of Fashion Giveaway brings you all the latest trends and hottest collection of fashion jewelry and accessories for 40-70% off!

For the Love of Fashion Giveaway hosted by Mom Powered Media

Every woman loves fashion, even if it’s budget friendly or high end accessories, fashion always define us as a person.  You don’t need to break the bank to find beautiful and fashionable accessories, there are lots of beautiful accessories that is within your budget and of course many fashion stores provides freebies and discounts.  Here is a giveaway that you don’t want to miss.

Special thanks to our lovely co-hosts Military Wives Saving, Zoes Printable Coupons, Swank Savings, Jenny At Dapperhouse, Ranking in the Savings, Barbara’s Beat, The Dragyn’s Lair, The Fashionistyle and Sweet Pea Savings!

Four lucky readers will receive one of the following: $50 Nordstrom Gift Card, $50 Old Navy Gift Card, $50 H&M Gift Card and $50 Forever 21 Gift Card!

Giveaway ends November 12th at 11:59pm, open to US residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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Witchy Lawn Inflatable Giveaway – US and Canada

Halloween is quickly approaching! Decorating yards can be a tedious task, but not with a lawn inflatable. Simply plug it in and let it inflate for an instantly spooky yard! The Three Witches & Cauldron Lawn Inflatable measures approximately 6′ high x 50″ wide. Made of weather-resistant vinyl that can be used indoors or outside! The power cord is 52″ long, so you have plenty of room to reach an outside outlet. The Witchy Lawn Inflatable inflates when plugged in and deflates when unplugged. Made of Nylon, Plastic and Metal. You also get 8 stakes, 4 tethers, 1 Spare Bulb and 1 Spare Fuse to keep your Witchy Lawn Inflatable looking awesome for the years to come! Mom Powered Media wants to help one lucky reader decorate their yard this year! Please make sure you read the Giveaway Rules before you enter! Giveaway is open to US and Canada!

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Freebies from the Fairy Hobmother

Each of us has a story to tell.  That’s what good to have a site to share what you have in your mind.  When I talk, i realize that I am not just talking to myself now but many readers from all ages are reading on every words i say.  From the prospective view of a contest junkie, you could just imagine my feelings when i received good news from the web and one thing is for sure, i always wanted to share that wonderful feelings to my readers.

That’s why, when I have heard that the Fairy Hobmother is giving great freebies all over the net, i wished and longingly desires to have them too. Who would not want to have a new appliance perhaps. I have been eyeing a new dishwasher, or a colorful fridge perfect for my kitchen.

 Now, that my perseverance pays off, i wanted for you to see that when you believe, everything is possible.

There are only few things that are free in this world.  Getting fit takes time, fashion can be expensive but getting freebies especially from the Fairy Hobmother is one of the greatest thing in this world.

Fairy Hobmother

Now, that you have patiently read my post from beginning to end.  Why not, write your own thoughts on the comment box and tell me what would you want to receive from the Fairy Hobmother.  You could be as lucky as me because just like you, he is a very good reader and he blessed those who read.

Fashion Review: Live a Luxe Life with Wacoal

Being a working mom, sometimes I take for granted my self and tend to forget that I needed to look good not just for other person or myself but importantly for my family.  I have never been a fashion diva nor good in picking the right clothes for me.

When I was in my teens, i used to wear jeans and shirt because I am more comfortable that way, I rarely wear dresses but always dreaming to wear gowns and  cocktail dresses.  It is the same thing when buying intimate apparels, I don’t mind the brand and just choose what’s affordable not knowing the true essence of wearing the right bra.

Reality shows that wearing the right bra plays a big part to support the body.  It is more about comfort rather than style and fashion after all your not wearing it to give your the sexiest cleavage but to give you the maximum support that you most needed.

But what if you could get both of them, comfort and style?

Wacoal has a wide selection of brassiere for every woman’s lifestyle and age. Because they believe that the woman undergoes certain changes as we grow older, the right fit should not be compromised.

Wacoal Bra – be body beautiful at any age

The secret on looking fabulous is wearing the correct bra.  Just imagine opening a box full of luxe gifts like this, it will surely thrill every part of your senses.

I always wanted to have a pair of this gorgeous intimate apparels. My sister who is a loyal fan of Wacoal for years (You could just imagine how many pairs she had) has always encourages me to buy them but because I thought it was expensive I never bothered to even know it’s price just until now.  Then the realization came,  “I could even buy a Wonder bra that is more expensive, that after several washes, the color would fade and the straps will loose” or the affordable one that after ten to twenty washes, the pads would deform and the under wire will go out injuring my chest.

I am at my 30’s and a year after, i would be out of the calendar and it’s a fact that I can’t deny, my body is starting to sag, that’s why I needed a bra that can help lift my breasts and that’s what Wacoal do best.

As a working mom, I am always on the go and Wacoal bra provides adequate support and comfort;

Wearing a light colored blouse and Wacoal LB 5684

Wacoal: LB 5684 – Wired three quarter cup bra in brown , perfect for light colored tops.

Enjoying a me time in Wacoal  LB 5683 – Half-cup bra with detachable straps
Thin pads

Who say’s you can’t look good even if your enjoying your precious me time.  Reading a book is one of my favorite hobby and it helps me relax and forget all my worries.

Fashion and Comfort in one

A perfect bra for that evening or cocktail dress. who says you can’t flaunt it even in your 30’s?

Now, i am glad that I have found a right bra that knows my body needs and work perfectly in my lifestyle.

You can also be body beautiful at any age.  Visit Wacoal PH today and check their amazing bra collections, perfect for every woman.

Disclosure: The company did send me a product or service for review. This in no way has affected my opinion of the product or service. This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words .

Great Solution for your Cracked Feet

Cracked feet,  who wants that?  Cracked feet is the symptoms of dry feet.  It’s a fact, many of us used to prioritize making our face or body beautiful and forget that our feet also needs special attention.   Dry feet can be caused by changing of the season and when your feet is lack of hydration because of the long time suffocation on using socks and  sometimes high heeled shoes, cracking becomes visible and sometimes accompanied with itching and burning.

Another cause would be is if you have a sudden change weight that cause your feet to crack and even a long time period of bathing can also cause our skin to lose moisture which can result in cracks.

Prevention and Remedies

Nourishment and protection is needed to avoid cracked feet .  Hot baths and showers while using strong soaps should be minimized or controlled.  Your diet is important too because if you add too much weight, it can caused your feet to cracked.  Hot season could not be avoided and we tend to love spending long time in the shower room , so keep it short to avoid having cracked feet.  Drink lots of water as water helps us stay hydrated.

Soaking feet in lukewarm water with a 3 tablespoons of table salt for few minutes can helps to soften the cracked feet which can ease the problem but this takes time.

There are over the counter topical ointments that can be bought and used for cracking feet  especially cracked heel but sometimes, we don’t know if those could work or worse if there could be side effects.   One remedy i have found is Sophie Paris Cracked heel cream.

cracked heels remedy

 Sophie Paris cracked heel cream is specially formulated  with ingredients that can help to solve and prevent dry, hard, rough and cracked skin. It has portulaca extract which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and flavonoids. Portulaca extract has known strong anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. Clinical studies have proven its tumor growth inhibiting properties. It immediately calms sensitive, itchy skin. It is a natural source of the vitamins A, C, and E, and the co-enzyme Q10. As an antioxidant it fights premature aging and protects from environmental skin damage. ?

remedy for cracked heel


Our feet deserves the best care and getting rid of those cracked heel.

Procedure:  Get an ample amount of the cream and apply it on your feet especially on the cracked area.  Cover it with socks and let the magic work while you sleep.

Repeat the process every day for about a week and you can see the result.

Result can vary depends on the gravity of your cracked feet.

Visit your nearest Sophie Paris branch or lady to buy now.

Disclosure:  No payment was made for me to make this review.  This is based on my personal experience.  Sophie Paris Cracked Heel cream is part of the prizes i have won from Sophie Paris Twitter Contest.

Sophie Paris

Beautiful Body starts now with Wacoal

Aging!  Say’s who? When someone told us that we are aging, our first reaction would be, “only carabao gets old”.  It is not that we don’t want to accept the fact that we are aging but the thought that we are aging fast and the shocking truth that our body is not as the same as when we were at our heydays.

Thinking about it, I never experience having a beautiful body.  It’s either, i’m too thin or i’m too fat.  When I was on my teens, i envy my friends who have impressive body, I even told myself that when God gave those women beautiful body, i maybe sleeping.  I was even embarrassed once when a friend told me that my chest is like a plywood and i need to  put some coconut shells on it to look bigger.  I was sad at first and i don’t know what to say but then i came to realize that it isn’t just having big chest defines the word beautiful.

It is a given fact that many men prefers voluptuous girls rather those thin one (like me) but it doesn’t mean that if your body is not perfect your less as a woman. Just look at those supermodel, many of them are too thin that looks like they are no longer eating but they are still confident enough to face many people and be proud for what they are.

But some have even  undergo surgery to correct and enhance those body features making it appear much bigger if they are less or smaller and sexier if they are bigger. But we should also look into consideration that as we grow older, our body will eventually change.

I believe that having the right attitude and the right apparel gives you the edge and the solution to enhance or hide those unwanted big parts of your body.  Being beautiful is a state of mind and it can be define on how you can carry yourself on every situation and wearing the right undergarments that can boost your confidence.

As years goes by, as I look into the mirror, i have seen the big changes that happens to my body.  I was once a petite girl, it was perhaps I was too busy and stressed with my daily routines, (working on the morning to earn a living and support my studies which i have at night.) A close friend of mine told me that a good intimate apparel can address the things i wished for my body.   Honestly, i never had the chance to buy beautiful collections of undergarments because i need to save for my studies and the household finances and the fact that i really have no idea on how to choose back then.

Wacoal , one of the leading intimate apparel brand share this diagram and other visual ideas showing how our body changes as woman grow older.

understand how body changes as you grow older

Based on this picture, our body undergoes different changes as we age.

Our body changes as you age

Spiral Ageing Pattern

Even if we don’t want this to happen, we will eventually see the difference but some have been able to slow body ageing by having the right diet, good exercises and a positive outlook in life. But for a working mother like me, fixing the right diet and going into a routine exercise is hard to achieve and especially with all the problems that I needed to face.

Now, i want to share with you the not so proud facts in my body and the aging process my body is undertaking right now.

teen years

On my teen years, my body starts to develop but unfortunately it doesn’t develop on what i wished it to be.  Flat chested it might seen but i have a good butt that i am proud to have. 

On my early 20's and late 20's

I really don’t believe the changes that happened in my body.  I used to tell my husband that I would never ever be fat considering the fact that I have been petite for almost 20 years of my life. Then the unexpected happened. When I become pregnant with my first child , i gain weight and  after a year what remain is sag skin.   

Aging at 30

When I reached 30 and gave birth to my second child, I became more bigger and my tummy become more visible.  My breast is beginning to split and my best asset before (butt) is forming downward , losing it’s natural beauty. Now that i grow one year older, visible signs of body aging becomes more shocking. 

I never foresee that my body will go into this big changes.  I used to remember before , i told myself that when I grow old, i wanted to age gracefully but as I look myself in the mirror now, i am giving this big sigh but despite this aging changes, i am still not losing hope and I know that  I can still have a beautiful body with proper diet and with the help of Wacoal , i can be confident enough to look young and pretty even in my 30’s.

Wacoal Intimate Apparel


Wacoal's Best

 The skirt type girdle, hipster seamless panty, slightly padded long bra,  a high waist long girdle, medium power shape can provide coverage for my big tummy, extra loose skin on my sides and back and the girdles and seamless panty can help my sagging hips stay in place looking more beautiful as ever.  Who needs a medical tummy tuck or hips tuck if I have Wacoal on my wardrobe? With this great addition on my wardrobe, being beautiful even at your prime years  would be effortless.

Hump Day $50 Giveaway

Hey, it’s Wednesday again and another wonderful giveaway is at stake for you to win $50.00 paypal money.  Joining is very easy, you just need to like the participants facebook account. Don’t forget to leave some precious comments too. I would really love to hear your insight.

Hump Day $50 Giveaway

Thanks to the 26 wonderful bloggers listed below, it’s time for Hump Day Giveaway where you’ll
get a chance to win $50! This week’s task is for Facebook Page likes which is super easy to do.
Feel free to visit all the wonderful blogs below once you’re done entering the giveaway. You can
log on to Rafflecopter via your Facebook account, or your name and email (just make sure
you’re Facebook is opened so you can easily like the pages).
Once you’ve liked ALL the pages (page to be opened through the Rafflecopter form),
leave your Facebook Profile Name (not a Business/Blog Page) on the space
provided for Extra Info after doing the task so we can verify your entry. It would be best if you
enable us to see the pages that you liked in your info tab so we can announce the winner ASAP.

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Apple Ipod Shuffle Giveaway

Happy Home and Family together with Best Vacation Places and Diva Fabulosa is giving away an Apple Ipod Shuffle to one lucky winner!

  • Prize: Apple Ipod Shuffle or $50 Paypal Cash
  • Giveaway will run May 15 at 12:01 am EST – June 15 at 12:01 AM EST

There are lots of chances to WIN! No mandatory task but the more task you complete, the greater the chances of winning.

I have always wanted to have my own ipod and i guess this is the best time to have one. So, don’t forget to join.

Wait for the Rafflecopter to load and enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Free Personalized Mother’s Day Card

mother's day card

Mother’s day is a day to celebrate our love for them.  Our moms would be excited to receive a card from their grand children. is offering a FREE card this special day for mom.  Take advantage of this Free card  + Free shipping offer, now through tomorrow, 5/6. It’s easy to create your card. Just choose a Mother’s Day card that you like, add your own sayings or photos, and remind Mom how important she is to you. Use coupon code LUVMOM

Don’t waste those precious time.  Get your free card now before it runs out.

Free Shipping only available in the US. One Free Card redemption per account.

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The Pink Artiste Contest

Etude - the Pink Artiste Contest

– Participants who are at least 15 years old and above are entitled to join, except employees of Etude House Philippines and their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

– Duration of the Promo is from March 30 – April 20, 2012

Submission of entries is from March 20, 12PM – April 12, 11:59PM.

Voting Period will be from April 13, 6PM to April 20, 12PM.

– Participants have to submit to us a makeup tutorial using Etude House products.

– Participants will be given 4 makeup looks that they could base their look from. The looks are posted in the same album as the poster. They must only choose one.

Natural Makeup Look
Play Look
Romantic Look
Party Look

– The following will be the requirements for the makeup tutorial:

All Etude House products must be used in the tutorial. It must be shown and applied in the tutorial.

Participants must apply the makeup on themselves.

A complete makeup look must be created (just like the makeup look that the participant will choose).

The tutorial cannot exceed 12 minutes. Fastforwarding is allowed, but not recommended.

It must also be in HD resolution (1280 x 720).

Entries should be uploaded to a web host (mediafire, sendspace, etc). The link must then be sent to along with the following information:

Contact number
Products used

– Only one (1) entry per person will be acknowledged. Multiple entry submissions will be disqualified.

– Rosa Fiore House Corp. (Etude House) reserves the right to use the name and images of the winners for publicity and promotion purposes.

– Etude House will be shortlisting the participants. The following will be the criteria:

Content (25%) – Creativity, Coherence

Production Quality (25%) – Appearance, Quality of audio and video, Adherence to time limit

Makeup Skill (25%) – Knowledge and familiarity with the products that she will be using and their application.

Final Product (25%) – Cohesiveness, overall quality and creativity

– Shortlisted entries will be posted on Facebook on April 16 and will be voted upon. The following will be the criteria for the shortlisted applicants:

Content (20%) – Creativity, Coherence

Production Quality (20%) – Appearance, Quality of audio and video, Adherence to time limit

Makeup Skill (20%) – Knowledge and familiarity with the products that she will be using and their application.

Final Product (20%) – Cohesiveness, Overall quality and creativity

Voting (20%) – How much of a crowd favorite will it be

– The Top 3 winners will be chosen by the Etude House Team. They will be announced on April 22 during the Etude Playhouse event in SM City North Edsa The Block Atrium.

Prizes at Stake:

The Grand Prize:
• P20,000 cash prize
• P10,000 worth of Etude House products
• Etude House Products worth over P5,000 to be given monthly for one (1) year contract
• Be a part of the Etude House Team as the official online make-up artist (Pink Artiste) and will regularly do makeup tutorials for Etude House

The Second Prize:
• P5,000 worth of Etude House products

The Third Prize:
• P3,000 worth of Etude House products

Spring DSLR Camera Giveaway

Who doesn’t want a free DSLR Camera?  Well, surely, if it’s for free, thousand of people will be rallying to get one.  You could be that lucky gal/guy to win this Spring DSLR camera from photography  All you need to do is to follow him on tweeter or facebook and share the giveaway.

Easy as one , two , three.    So, what are you waiting for!  Join now and get the chance to win this brand new camera.

nikon D3100


14.2-megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor; 3-inch monitor with One-Touch Live View shooting and movie capture
– Includes 3x 18-55mm Zoom-NIKKOR VR Image Stabilization lens
– Full 1080p HD Cinematic Video with full-time autofocus and sound
– Easy-To-Use Nikon Guide Mode with intuitive controls and on-board assistance
– Capture images to SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards (not included)

Read more about the Nikon D3100 on Amazon. 

Check out the giveaway link Here.

Hot Money Saving Valentine Ideas

February is a month of love and valentine day is what every lover is looking forward.  There are lots of things you can make to show your love to your love one.  This isn’t the time to expend lavishly but it doesn’t mean you have to skip giving.

There are many ways and things you can do to send him/her  a message of love this coming Valentines Day. Try this hot money saving valentine ideas that you will surely love.

Women loves flowers and chocolates.  Why not combined them into one lovely  chocolate coated roses.  They are beautiful and oh so tempting.

chocolate rose bouquet

Instead of going out on a fancy restaurant, you can prepare a nice and sumptuous Valentine Dinner at the comfort of your own home.  Play a nice sweet song and dance with your favorites , create a romantic ambiance and cook your best Valentine recipe, it is also a great way to maintain staying fit even with this holiday.

best valentine recipe

Instead of buying a gift bag, why not create your own and filled it with your favorite things and goodies.  You can even make a recycled valentine bag and put some eco-friendly treats.  Check out Hilary‘s tutorial on how to make one.

Recycled Valentine Bag

Who says writing love notes are old fashion.  I always love to receive cards and love letters melt my heart. Make your own card and express how much you feel for him/her.

diy valentine cards

Create a DIY Valentine photo book, browse them together and brings back the good memories of that picture.  Very romantic and saves you a lot of money.

photo book

If you know how to sew, why not make your own red shaped pillow.  It’s a perfect gift not just for valentine but for the whole year.  You can even personalized it by putting her/his name.

heart pillow