Busy Moms guide on being fabulous

Now, that your a mother, our main priorities in life is our husband and our kids.  We oversee that they are well taken care and we embrace a new life with different roles. We become nutritionists who is responsible in taking care of the healthy needs of our family.  We wanted to ensure that they are having well-balanced food and the family is having a healthy living.  We are like educators, just like the saying goes, that the first education children learns are from their home especially on their parents.

As a mother, i strongly believe that it is important that we are having a great time with our children thus sometimes we take for granted that we also needs to look fabulous.  Having children to rear and love, we often take for granted our own life especially our fashion style and sense.  We just go through life doing the things we needed to do and never take the time to check in with ourselves to see how we are doing.

busy moms looking fabulous

Although, it is not our primary concern but being a mother does not mean that you will also forget your fashion style and just go with the flow.    It is not a good thing for others to see that your no longer a charmer anymore.  Although looks does not really matter , it is still very important even for busy moms to look beautiful and fabulous especially if your a working mom,  after all we don’t want to look like in our 40’s even if we are in our early 30’s.

Looking good and radiant is not just for our friends and family but also for our self. It is very important that we always retain that feeling of security and sexiness even with an excess bulge in our tummy or arms and legs.

To be chic and hip, we need to redesign not just our clothing but also make wiser choices on accessories.  You need to look in your closet and make sure that you have at least one of these Fabulous collections that you can wear when the needs arises.  Charm bracelets, necklaces and carriers are just some of the examples of accessories that i wished to have.

Whether it was traditional bracelets or custom made, charm bracelet like those created by Thomas Sabo is something worth having.   It doesn’t need to be fancy or very expensive because being fabulous is not about the price of what you wear.

rose quartz love knot charm

Remember that we should not take our selves for granted.  Be fabulous with this stylish accessories and treat yourself once in a while.

Talking in your Sleep- Causes and Treatment

Somniloquy or simply talking in your sleep is a sleeping disorder that is most common on 3 to 10 years old children but there are some adults that also experience this.  Studies show that there is no harm done to the people who sleep while they are asleep but it can be very annoying for those who sleep beside you and can also be a subject of ridicule and embarrassing when you are sleeping with other people.

Generally, someone who sleep talk is not aware of what she was talking.  I have experienced sleep walking and talking in my childhood days and based from experience, I never had the slightest idea what I have done or talked about when I wake up the following morning. Sleep talking can range from small mutterings to long winded conversations.  Others says that you can even create a conversation with someone who is experiencing sleep talking. Studies shows that girls are more prone to sleep talk rather than boys. (I never known any boys that sleep talk)

sleep talking is common to children

Most sleep talking is calm and monotone. Though it is rare, some sleep talkers have been known to yell out and frighten those around them. Sleep talking is a part of the sleeping disorder parasomnia. This is caused by non-restful or unfulfilled sleep stages.  Those who suffers parasomnia often display activities in their sleep such as sleepwalking, sleep talking, teeth grinding, and night terrors. Some also experience body jerking and thrash about in their sleep. The person is usually unable to fall fully asleep that could cause drowsiness.  As for me, i have experienced all of them and I guess some of you possibly know the old saying that it’s bad when your teeth grinding and the elders will even slap you with sleepers when you have done that.  ( I have been slapped for several times but honestly, I don’t remember feeling anything or knowing it.  Funny, but’s its the reality)

Possible Causes of Sleep Talking:

Sleep talking is thought to run in families, but there are some other factors which may affect a person’s sleep patterns. These can include:

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety disorders or other psychiatric disorders
  • Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Fever

Solutions or Treatments:

There is no known procedure to reduce sleep talking but avoiding stress and knowing the reasons that might have been the source of the problem can help you.  Avoiding drinking a lot of coffee or other caffeinated beverages before going to bed can also help.  Getting plenty of sleep can also help in some way because by doing so, you are secure that you are getting enough rest which your body needs.

Sleep talking rarely requires treatment. However, severe sleep talking may be the result of another more serious sleep disorder or medical condition, which can be treated. When you think that sleep talking is getting serious you can always talk to a physician or doctor about possible treatment.

Other Sources: http://www.happynews.com/living/sleep/talking-sleep.htm


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is still the best medicine. There are many great benefits of laughing in our health.   Laughter is created between two or more people , that’s why it was social signal, it disappears when your at yourself otherwise when people see you laughing alone, they will probably think that your crazy.

Finding your simple joys in life is not as hard as you think.  There are many ways to enjoy even with a not so beautiful day. Stress comes to those who accept it.  When you see things in a bright prospective and learn to laugh even with the hardship of life, you can see that things can be better.

I so love to see my baby laugh!

Laughter establish a positive emotional climate and good connection to people.  That’s maybe the same reason why laughter among group or friends creates a harmonious atmosphere.  Laughter in the family, makes a pleasurable day and when a woman laughs, it means she is happy and had a healthy relationship.

Smile and laughter can be infectious, when we someone laughing , we can feel that emotional happiness and we tend to laugh also.  Sometimes, you get to laugh even when we do stupid things.  It is not we are laughing at our mistakes but we does that because we accept it.

There are many ways on how to achieve laughter; 

It is achieve when you watch something funny or see someone or something that is funny.

Tickling is one of the best way to stimulate laughter.  We can’t tickle ourselves , that’s why we tickle someone to get a response and that response can even trigger sexual excitation among different gender.

Another way to achieve laughter is joining the newest laughter yoga.  It’s a new way of  exercise that was developed by Dr.Madan Kataria .  Anyone can laugh for no reason, with eye contact and playfulness, you can achieve something worthy.

Laughter has many benefits, social, physiological and emotional.  It doesn’t hurt to laugh and giving one is free.  So, why not laugh today and live a healthy and happy life.

How to measure your bra and cup size

Knowing the right bra especially for your age.  Choosing the right undergarments plays a major role on maintaining the shape of your body as well as highlighting the dress your wearing.  Research shows that many women are wearing the wrong bra size , it must be the fact that many woman disregards this simple procedure of knowing their correct measurement.

Having a proper bra could not just make you comfortable but it’s also flattering.   A perfect bra can lift, minimize or maximize  and all you have to do is find the right size for you. If your bra leaves a red marks or painful then most likely your wearing the wrong bra size, there are ways to measure your bra and cup size.

Finding the right size does not take much of time, measuring your size is just done in minutes.

Knowing the right dimensions:

Finding the right bra size (image via net)

Under- bust

First you will need to measure around your body under your bust.  Basically if the measure-ment is an even number, add 4 inches (or 10cm), or in case of an odd number add 5 inches (12.5cm).


This time simply measure around the fullest part of your bust and subtract the measurement from the bra size you just worked out above. And finally just check the chart below to find your cup size.

Difference between
bra and cup size
Inches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Centimetres (cm) 2.5 5 7.5 10 12.5 15 17.5 20
Cup Size A B C D DD E F G

For example – underbust measurement 80cm = Bra size 36

In Inches                    – In Cm.

32                                  70

34                                   75

36                                   80

38                                   85

Finding the right size for you

Additional Tips: 

You should take your measurements while you are wearing a non-padded underwire bra or a tight-fitting seamless T.   You will know that you have eventually bought the correct bra when it’s not painful or uncomfortable to wear.  If you own a bra that fits you well then that bra must be your correct bra size.  Getting the right bra fit is definitely a must for more stylish obsession, you can check out my previous post or my other blog post. 


Health Benefits of Oatmeal

Oatmeal can work wonders.  Many health professionals recommends to incorporate oatmeal on your daily diet.   Oats has long been associated to address different help problems and well known as best for the heart but it also has other advantages that one should look into.

English: Taken by Bart Lacks

English: Taken by Bart Lacks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eating oatmeal can stabilize your blood cholesterol level.  It’s soluble and insoluble fiber are found in high amounts and the high level of soluble fiber is the one responsible for cholesterol benefits thus also been very helpful for maintaining regular bowel movements and good colon.

If your trying to lose weight, old fashioned oats is long time to digest thus very useful for someone who wants to lose weight like me.  Having the feeling of fullness can give you a long lasting time to crave for food rather than the usual breakfast.

Oats is also packed with Vitamins B which is very essential for a healthy diet.  Oatmeal contains lots of B vitamin that can immune, nervous system and our metabolism.  If you think that oatmeal tastes like bland, don’t fret because there are many flavors of oatmeal that now out in the market.  You can also look for different recipes which you can create on your oatmeal diet if your trying to lose weight and be fit.

Macau Grandview Hotel Breakfast Buffet Grape O...

Macau Grandview Hotel Breakfast Buffet Grape Oatmeal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Marian Rivera is Total Fitness June 2012 cover model

Total Fitness - Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera is on the cover of Total Fitness, a local magazine that features different ways and tips on how to get fit.

Just looking at her beautiful picture makes me wonder again that I needed extra effort to be more fit not that i envy her beautiful figure but my only wish is to at least make my stomach more slimmer.


Beautiful Body starts now with Wacoal

Aging!  Say’s who? When someone told us that we are aging, our first reaction would be, “only carabao gets old”.  It is not that we don’t want to accept the fact that we are aging but the thought that we are aging fast and the shocking truth that our body is not as the same as when we were at our heydays.

Thinking about it, I never experience having a beautiful body.  It’s either, i’m too thin or i’m too fat.  When I was on my teens, i envy my friends who have impressive body, I even told myself that when God gave those women beautiful body, i maybe sleeping.  I was even embarrassed once when a friend told me that my chest is like a plywood and i need to  put some coconut shells on it to look bigger.  I was sad at first and i don’t know what to say but then i came to realize that it isn’t just having big chest defines the word beautiful.

It is a given fact that many men prefers voluptuous girls rather those thin one (like me) but it doesn’t mean that if your body is not perfect your less as a woman. Just look at those supermodel, many of them are too thin that looks like they are no longer eating but they are still confident enough to face many people and be proud for what they are.

But some have even  undergo surgery to correct and enhance those body features making it appear much bigger if they are less or smaller and sexier if they are bigger. But we should also look into consideration that as we grow older, our body will eventually change.

I believe that having the right attitude and the right apparel gives you the edge and the solution to enhance or hide those unwanted big parts of your body.  Being beautiful is a state of mind and it can be define on how you can carry yourself on every situation and wearing the right undergarments that can boost your confidence.

As years goes by, as I look into the mirror, i have seen the big changes that happens to my body.  I was once a petite girl, it was perhaps I was too busy and stressed with my daily routines, (working on the morning to earn a living and support my studies which i have at night.) A close friend of mine told me that a good intimate apparel can address the things i wished for my body.   Honestly, i never had the chance to buy beautiful collections of undergarments because i need to save for my studies and the household finances and the fact that i really have no idea on how to choose back then.

Wacoal , one of the leading intimate apparel brand share this diagram and other visual ideas showing how our body changes as woman grow older.

understand how body changes as you grow older

Based on this picture, our body undergoes different changes as we age.

Our body changes as you age

Spiral Ageing Pattern

Even if we don’t want this to happen, we will eventually see the difference but some have been able to slow body ageing by having the right diet, good exercises and a positive outlook in life. But for a working mother like me, fixing the right diet and going into a routine exercise is hard to achieve and especially with all the problems that I needed to face.

Now, i want to share with you the not so proud facts in my body and the aging process my body is undertaking right now.

teen years

On my teen years, my body starts to develop but unfortunately it doesn’t develop on what i wished it to be.  Flat chested it might seen but i have a good butt that i am proud to have. 

On my early 20's and late 20's

I really don’t believe the changes that happened in my body.  I used to tell my husband that I would never ever be fat considering the fact that I have been petite for almost 20 years of my life. Then the unexpected happened. When I become pregnant with my first child , i gain weight and  after a year what remain is sag skin.   

Aging at 30

When I reached 30 and gave birth to my second child, I became more bigger and my tummy become more visible.  My breast is beginning to split and my best asset before (butt) is forming downward , losing it’s natural beauty. Now that i grow one year older, visible signs of body aging becomes more shocking. 

I never foresee that my body will go into this big changes.  I used to remember before , i told myself that when I grow old, i wanted to age gracefully but as I look myself in the mirror now, i am giving this big sigh but despite this aging changes, i am still not losing hope and I know that  I can still have a beautiful body with proper diet and with the help of Wacoal , i can be confident enough to look young and pretty even in my 30’s.

Wacoal Intimate Apparel


Wacoal's Best

 The skirt type girdle, hipster seamless panty, slightly padded long bra,  a high waist long girdle, medium power shape can provide coverage for my big tummy, extra loose skin on my sides and back and the girdles and seamless panty can help my sagging hips stay in place looking more beautiful as ever.  Who needs a medical tummy tuck or hips tuck if I have Wacoal on my wardrobe? With this great addition on my wardrobe, being beautiful even at your prime years  would be effortless.

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai gain criticism on not losing weight.

No doubt, Aishwarya Rai is considered as one of the most beautiful faces in Bollywood.  Before she became a successful film actress, she works as a model and eventually won the title of Ms. World in 1994.  She was married to fellow actor Abhishek Bachchan and she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl  last November, 2011.  Having considered as an icon in the Indian movies and television, many criticized and  was dismayed on her post-baby weight. Her picture drew debates on how an actress especially an icon should shed their extra pound after giving birth.

Aishwarya Rai - before

Giving birth to two children, i know the feeling of dismayed and frustration on not getting back to your old figure especially if the length of time to do so has already long elapsed.  Study shows and even doctors says that there is a recuperation period of atleast three (3) months to go back to your ordinary routine (that’s include shedding off your extra fats , pregnancy fats) but given the fact that your a superstar, the extra pressure was always there.  (Ooh, just imagine Beyonce , flaunting her beautiful body barely at two months of giving birth)

During pregnancy, it is very natural for a mother to gain weight (after all you and your baby needs that weight) considering some factors that affects your pregnancy.

Aishwarya Rai after giving birth (image via web)

Although, Aishwarya Rai comment on the supposed criticism that she is still enjoying her motherhood , she also said that she has a duty to her follower (fans) to be back on her pre-pregnancy weight and body.  For many, losing weight after pregnancy is a very easy task but  just because you haven’t lose your extra weight after a year means your less beautiful.  (i’m not depending myself here) but I believe the true beauty is the fact that your a mother now and motherhood is not just all about your body.

Rai in Cannes 2012 (image via web)

Here’s the recent picture of Rai on the Cannes where she attended the AmfAR Cinema Against Aids gala alongside Hollywood favorites, Janet Jackson, Alec Baldwin,  Kylie Minogue, Gerard Butler and Kim Kardashian.

Rai  poses a more slimmer than her previous post baby picture.  (this is just to show that she seriously take the idea of getting back to her beautiful body because of crowd pressure and I guess the fact that many look up at  and idolized her.  Although, she still looks a little heavier, her face is definitely more thinner.

Secret to a healthy you

Whatever you do, whatever you think, make sure you do what is needed to be done.  They say that there are different secret on how you can have a beautiful body. Some gave their full effort but nothing change the fact that they are still fat and voluptuous.

Giving up the things you always eat, will mean a lot.  Sometimes, we take for granted the healthy benefits of what we eat that’s why we keep on eating too much and ending up big , fat and ugly.  Well, it’s a fact that we can’t deny that when things like this happens in our life, we feel unloved, neglected and insecure.

So, the first thing you should do is to accept who you are , accept the fact that I am now FAT AND UGLY and the next thing is to deal with it. If you are in a denial that you are not, you will end up messing things more and even getting fatter.

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard S...

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, from the Harvard School of Public Health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  The food pyramid is very basic and well known even my an elementary student.  If we only knew how to use this properly, we might not end up feeling so lost just like what you are feeling right now.  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  Million of people are suffering not just in obesity but over weight and half of it are trying to do things to improve their situation and have a healthy living.

There is a saying that if your stress in life, it tends that you are more inclined to resort on eating.  I know the feeling because i once done it in my life and what happened, i gained weight that later on, i was cursing ice cream already.  But who wouldn’t love ice cream?  I would definitely not give it up unless the price would become $100 per serving.

Many claims about this so secret for a healthy , sexy looking body.  Some even used slimming tea, slimming capsule, lotion and just anything to make them thinner but still no fair results had happen.  Maybe, unless you decided to have a surgical or intervention from clinics.

sexy healthy you

First thing first, accept the reality that this is your current situation and think of ways on how to improve it.  Love your body, who would you think would love it?  If you could not accept the fact, how others could accept it?  Respect yourself if you wanted to be respected.  Don’t laugh or cry because the attitude of others towards you would vary on how you handle things on your end.  Love your body and all will follow.

Dorian Gray Syndrome

Dorian Gray Syndrome or commonly called as (DGS) is a sickness which happens when a person has extreme pride in one’s own appearance accompanied by difficulties coping with the aging process and with the requirements of maturation. I have heard many woman who even in their mid 60’s and 70’s had their face and body undergone some surgery to prevent their aging.

Study shows that those who had this Dorian Gray Syndrome may be heavy users of cosmetic medical procedures and products in an attempt to preserve their youth.  The name alludes to Oscar Wilde’s famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The Dorian Gray Syndrome is characterized by a triad of symptoms combining diagnostic signs of dysmorphophobia, narcissistic character traits, and arrests in psychic maturation often seen in paraphilias. Dorian Gray patients frequently are excessive users of “medical lifestyle” products.

So, if you are one of the people who heavily believes to maintain her youth seeking medical help, please take the case seriously , you might be suffering from this syndrome.  One must understand that there is no such word as forever beauty or forever young.  We can be young at heart but our appearance will eventually fade and we will aged.  DGS patients are often users or abusers of hair growth and weight-loss products, mood enhancers, medication against erectile dysfunction, they are often owners of gym membership cards and very often patients for cosmetic surgery (laser resurfacing, botox injections, aesthetic surgery, etc.).

If you are one of those who desires forever youth and wanting to find the chalice of christ whom others belief that can give forever youth, think twice again. Appearance can be deceiving, what is far more important is not just delaying your aging process, going to cosmetic surgery and dying from not eating too much because of being afraid to get fat.

Although, there is still no known cure regarding this syndrome, the best way to deal with this is to have an open mind and seek professional help, psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral methods are some of the treatment strategies you can use.

60 Day Juice Diet with Fred Durst

60 Day Juice Diet with Fred Durst tells his journey to achieve a more leaner body.   Fred Durst blogs  his epic struggle to live solely off of juice until March to lose weight.

For those who don’t know him. Fred Durst (born August 20, 1970) is an American musician and film director from Jacksonville, Florida. Since 2006, Durst has also become known for his work in independent films. He costarred in the film Population 436, and made his directorial debut in 2007 with the film The Education of Charlie Banks. Durst directed a second film, The Longshots in 2008, and will direct another film,Pawn Shop Chronicles, which is currently in production. (wiki)

Aside from directing, Durst was first known on the band Limp Bizkit, along with his tree cousin he formed a group and influence underground music scene. Although he was well known in the world of music industry Durst began working on independent film and earn more higher acclaim.

Fred Durst live 60 days juice fast

Fred Durst started his 60-day juice diet with such high hopes. On January 2nd he directed his 1 million+ Twitter followers  to a Tumblr, fred60.tumblr.com  and Twitter account FredChallenge dedicated to his 60-day juice fast.

His first post  was a picture of a new power juicer captioned: “My new best friend!” He posted a picture of his weight on a scale (182.4) But just a few hours later, he met his first  challenge: “Definitely working up a good headache already. Geez. This blows.”

Still, Day 2 seemed to bring good news , as his weight was down .6 pounds.

Day 3: With his weight having dropped just .3 more pounds, Fred Durst grows frustrated : “This is going slowwwww. Probably because I cheated last night and had some M&M’s.”

Day 4: “Another day of juice down . Definitely NOT getting easier. And I cheated tonight with an oatmeal cookie. She was good!!” (Guess “Nookie” is not autobiographical.)

Day 5: No update

Day 6 : “Hard getting adjusted to this juicing thing.”

 Day 7: No update.

Day 8: No update.

Day 9: No update.

Day 10: No update.

Day 11: That’s today. Fred Durst dropped a harsh truth bomb on his followers:

I really have no idea if Fred Durst is into losing weight with the means of drinking juice only but based on his words from his blog, it is definitely a hurdle and a challenge to lose weight only by means of drinking juice drink.

I have tried that for two days and I had  head ache and nausea so i thought it would not be the best way for me, I’m still on a diet but i’m not totally giving my whole heart on it.