Aurorae Yoga – Northern Lights Yoga Mat Giveaway

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For all yoga enthusiasts or those starting to try yoga.   The Aurorae Northern Lights Yoga Mat with Golden Sun Focal Icon – Most Innovative Design that will Awaken the Energy within you. PER Eco Safe Material, Biodegradable and Phthalates free.

One winner will receive Northern Lights Yoga Mat – MSRP $ 59.95

Open to 18+ , US residents only.  Giveaway  ends on April 17, 2013 . Enter via giveaway tools below.

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Barefoot Yoga – A story of passion


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What is your passion?

Sometimes, we have a lot of things going on in our life that we lost track of our real passion.  There are days that we are so tired that our energy becomes too low.

Yoga is not just a way to reduce and relieve stress, it is also a way to get fit and achieve a healthy state of mind and body.

When you finally found the passion in your heart, you can start doing yoga and maximizes the flow of life-force harmonizing with your body movements and when you knew your ready, your breathing and body movements will finally unite helping you achieve a rejuvenating feeling of oneness and harmony.

Just like in any activities, you need materials and accessories to help you through this process, Barefoot Yoga is your source for quality products to inspire you to practice the art of yoga.

Dimensions: 24″ x 68″ x 0.15″ (4.0 mm)

The first thing you need is a yoga mat,  this Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Nature Sticky Mat  with mat strap, combine the best of eco-friendly and traditional mats. Good for our  environment and our health rather than the  traditional PVC mats because it provides a long lasting performance. The mesh scrim (the “skeleton” of the mat) is made from 100% recycled polyester, which contributes to its longevity and strength.

I have always favored eco-friendly products and i believe that starting a good routine especially the art of yoga is good when you have the right products to accompany you along the way. I’m doing this bit by bit , softly, smoothly until I can able to do the things others can and hopefully with practice and perseverance I can pull this through.

Learn more about Barefoot Yoga, Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Take your passion today and make it work. Namaste !  And watch out because Barefoot yoga is very generous to provide one of my lovely readers a chance to have their own yoga mat.

Oofos – Feel the OOh comfort

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We all know the feeling after a tiring  long day at work or school, we are just so dire tired to do anything after then and we only want to just sleep or watch a good movie at the comfort of our living room.

But come to think of it,  the evening is still young and we wanted to become energetic to enjoy the company of our kids or have a nice chat with our wife or husband.

There are different ways to revive ourselves , aside from positive mind and a refreshing shower and using the right footwear and that’s what OOFOS were made for.

Created using the cutting-edge proprietary material called OOfoam. OOfos  technology is a combination of compound and patented footbed design. The  unique DNA provides an unmatched OOfeel that’s energy absorbing does help to absorbs shock to lessen the pain you are suffering.  Reduces fatigue and restores vigor which you needed.

My husband was so excited to try his very own OOriginal thong sandal, since I told him that it can help relieve his stress and recharge him after a tiring day at work.

Just as we imagine, the first time you try the sandal , you can immediately experience the rejuvenating feeling ,  they call this “feel the OO”. With prolong use, you know that it’s not just comfortable but also a relaxing feeling.

For my hubby who is really hard to please sometimes,  seeing his approval is indeed an assurance that he truly like it.


Where to buy OOFOS shoes 

OOFOS  products can be purchased online and available in retail stores on Continental US. They come in three different designs, Oocloog, Ooahh and  Ooriginal.   You can also check them out in their Facebook Page or follow their tweet at Twitter, or Pinterest  to learn the latest updates.

Stay Active with Active Wear

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When I was in my college days, i often join different school activities and holding different social and community position but when I got married and had kids, the once active me tends to become lazy.

I haven’t got a chance to go out for a run but instead I have to spend my time in front of the computer for my day time job and attend to my sites at night. So, the once petite lady is now heavy and big.

That’s when I told myself that I needed a change.  Maybe not a change of routine but to keep myself active in some other way.  A new and fitter me, that’s my resolution for this year.

That’s why, I’m so thankful that Active Wear has given me a chance to try one of their products .  Active Wear USA offers the largest selection of quality, high-performance, stylish women’s activewear, footwear, and accessories. They have different apparel for all sports type.  Whether your into yoga, dancing, running,swimming, hiking, cycling, tennis name it and they definitely have them.

Browsing  their website makes me more passionate to stay fit and active. I recently got a sports apparel from Nux and this MPG sports capri would really come in handy since I started going to the gym.

On the other hand,  this MPG (mondetta performance gear) capri is really soft and lightweight and looks really nice . I ordered large and it fits on me but the legs are just loose unlike my other capri so it’s entirely new to me.  I have no idea how much it cost but based on the website it is probably around $65 which i think is good enough compared to other sports apparel brand. I still need to put into the test how long it will last with frequent washing but summing it all, this sports apparel is something worth having.

Check out Active wear 100+ high performance, super stylish, women’s activewear brands. Follow there facebook page to know more updates.

Fitness Diary : Protein Bakery- healthy goodies to keep you going


Our body needs protein for growth and proper function, deficiency of it can impaired the human body. It is needed to keep our heart beat steady and keep us going.

Meats, eggs, milk , fish, sea foods and beans are just one of the many source of protein which forms part of our basic needs.  When i started my journey of getting fit, one point i have learned is that my body needed protein to build that stronger muscles that i needed.

protein bakery

Brownies, cookies, chocolates,  ooh I so love them.  I would never forgot them in my shopping bag ,they are always a part of my grocery lists but they are the first one that i have to minimize and rule out when i decided to lose weight.

But learning about the Protein Bakery, i know that i have found guilty free cookies that can satisfy not just my hunger or cravings but i’m full aware that this is something beneficial for me. It’s indeed a great way to start a busy day, to keep my body going.

Their goodies are trans fat free, preservative and wheat flour-free which are totally nutritionally balanced because it only contains natural ingredients created with perfection.  Each Protein Bakery goodies includes 6 grams of protein , mostly which is whey , oats and nuts, something that our body needed. No wonder even famous Hollywood celebrities can’t get enough of this precious goodies.

Fitness is my business. Baking is my passion. Balance is the key. This words of Stephen Charles Lincoln, business owner and founder of the Protein Bakery is truly inspiring.  I really needed that much balance in my life, find my true worth and keep a healthy life not just for me but for my family.

For more lists of Protein bakery goodies , visit their site.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And watch about their informational video on You tube. And if your within the vicinity of Manhattan in the Chelsea/Flatiron area of New York City, visit their Loft Space and you’ll definitely find the best goodies you can get but if not, don’t fret because there are different retailers on this state, California | Connecticut |D.C. |Florida |Illinois |Maryland |Missouri |New York |North Carolina |Pennsylvania |Texas |Virginia.

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Fitness Diary : Aurorae Yoga- bringing the best of you

aurorae yoga

Want to get slimmer or just want to relieve the stress in your body? Yoga lessons have many benefits not just to your physical body but for the inside too. Physiological benefits includes weight improves, improves sleep, increases immunity, decreases whatever pain you have in your body, cardiovascular efficiency increases, endocrine and gastrointestinal improves and among many others benefits.

I have heard that it can also help you psychologically especially if you are having anxiety or depression which i for one experienced. I have  memory problems and sometimes forgot things so i guess this could be addressed too.  The benefits of yoga have been evident on different studies and many people have attest to that. Improving our whole being is what I think is every body’s desire.

I have always wanted to try yoga but was not able to do so.  I remember buying a yoga dvd so i can practice at home considering the fee for a yoga lessons would cost me much.  Yoga is an excellent way to tone my muscle and will surely remove the excess fats i have in my body which i have been mentioning in most of my posts.  It can also helps you to have a beautiful skin, imagine that and who doesn’t want that?

 I have recently seen in the featured news about a yoga trainer who teach yoga to mommy including their small little babies and it looks really great to see them, especially those children learning yoga.

Now, you have the desire to learn so the next thing will be, finding the best accessories that you can use to begin your journey and that’s where Aurorae yoga’s accessory can help you, from mats to bags and different yoga props and accessory, you can find whatever you need.

And I specifically love their Northern lights yoga mat.  Made with eco-safe material, it’s biodegradable and Phthalates free. It’s really long and you can really fit even if your a tall woman.    The best thing i see about this mat is it’s durability.  It can withstand days of working out without you worrying that it may break or tear apart.

northern yoga mats

I also learned that each mat is unique and no two mats are exactly the same which means, it’s definitely for you alone, giving you the will to bring out your potential and live the power that you most needed.

With northern lights yoga mat, my journey on getting a fitter and better me starts and i hope i can post some pictures of me when i’m ready enough to do those yoga pose i have seeing all over the net because it’s really hard and i kept on tumbling down.

Another must have is Aurorae apparel.  Looking at it, i was really curious what’s the difference between the other sports apparel i have since it looks exactly the same but feeling it, you will know that there is a big difference,









Since most sports apparel are cotton, Aurorae yoga tank top is made from Lenzing modal which is more softer and very light.  The fiber that was used for this is eco-friendly and you know how much i advocate eco-friendly materials and this one is indeed affordable.

Aurorae yoga accessories are affordable, you don’t need to break your budget to get one and your money is worth spent is totally worth it with the benefits yoga can give you.

Aurorae offers yoga mats in illuminating colors, a focal point icon and extra long in length. Aurorae offers the best reviewed yoga mats, accessories & props online. You can browse their yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga accessories and yoga props on their website and you know what’s even best,  one of my lovely readers will get a chance to get their own Northern lights yoga mat, for them to start their yoga journey. So, better watch out for this because this is included on my big bash giveaway specially for all of you. 

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Why do you love to run?

Why do yo love to run?  I guess, i have to ask some real runners this question why do they love to run?

There are many runners that cannot live a day without running.  It’s already a part of their  routine so if they missed it, it would be a great impact on their life. For sum, they run because they wanted to get fit and others it’s a way of relaxation and an accomplishment as well.

But running is not an easy task, it can really make you sweat so hard and take your breath away.  It was really tiring and can make your body aches.

Many would say that without endurance and motivation, you couldn’t have the drive to run.  Other’s view that in running you need passion, a burning passion to work hard to be able to achieve a certain goal.

I believe that different runners have their different story to tell, answers that will enlighten many of us why they love to run?

Aside from the great benefits that running can do to our body and mind, I wonder what is your reason why you love to run?

Join us on  the conversation.  Tell me your reason , why do you really love to run?

Fitness Diary: Getting Fit for a healthier you

When I look at the mirror and see how big I become after giving birth to two kids, I told myself that this is the time that I needed to organize myself and take control of my weight.

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems, you need to commit to be able to achieve the goals you have.  You also need a burning desire in your heart to begin a journey of getting fit.

Some maybe born to be petite and other’s becomes overweight because of excessive eating.  That’s the problem with me, since I worked in the judiciary, i couldn’t help not to eat for two reason.  I crave for food when i see them and it becomes a ritual in the office to eat and enjoy a good conversation in what we called the “long table”.

Some may view that getting fit is easy with the right diet and exercise. But it’s not also good to starve your self by not eating because you just wanted to fit on your size 24 denim.

Getting fit should kick off with the right regime. That means, choosing the right food and sticking to your goal.


You also need to educate your self with the right foods since there would be a drastic change in your eating habits. Beginning a diet means changing the food we usually eat and choosing something with less calories but full of essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs.  Eat the right foods, it’s okay to read the labels and because you want to get fitter, you need to make healthy and wise choices.

There are days that your stomach and your mind would say you wanted to eat something and yes there are times that I really could not suppress my urge to eat and i have to tell myself that I have a goal and indulging too much is not a part of that goal.

Think little and often,  I read this advice from fitness tips which means, getting those body to work out even at least for some period of time in a day or days in a week, like 30 minutes a day rather than doing it once in a week or once every other week and the worst part, forgetting them at all.

Get the right gear, if in your exercise routine includes running or brisk walking or going to the gym or starting a new sport, it is always necessary to get the right gear which means, getting comfortable shoes  and clothes or sports apparel. If your planning to go and try zumba, pilates, yoga or some sports activities, there are certain products that you needed to buy.

But it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your family budget just to buy this, there are ways that doesn’t need your money instead it needs your effort and moving your body.

getting fit

Focus,  just like in any activity or project, getting fit needs your time and focus.  If you are focus with your goals, you will see in no time that you can  achieve them.  Now, if you are already there, don’t just stop because you got what you wished for.  Remember that it is easier to get fat rather than to trim down and we don’t want to repeat  the hard process all over again.

journey (1)

Here’s an old photograph of me from 3 years to last year and since last January when i decided to take this challenge, i lose almost 2 1/2 kilos from 53 kilos (january weight) to my very recent 50.5 kilos which i think is a good considerable amount.  Although there are still a lot to work out to do, my arms, my legs and my tummy needs extra work and i know with my 3P’s (my motif to myself , Patience, Perseverance and Proper diet) i can’t wait to see a more improved result.

Top : Tasc performance  (eco-friendly material)

Bottom : Sassa capri

Shoes : Fila

Nux USA Dash Union Cami Giveaway

 fitnessfashionfreebies nux giveaway


Hosted by : FITNESS FASHION FREEBIES  – Sponsored by : NUX USA 

Special thanks to our co-host :

 Simply Jess – Melandria’s Musings – Fashion & Passion Online 

NUX USA sports apparel are programmed by highly specialized computers and knitting machines that resulted in an engineered garment that contours on the curves of our body.

Each pieces are designed to provide support, breathability, comfort and fashionable style.  Visit Fashion ,Fitness and Freebies review to learn more about Nux USA Body engineering :

One lucky winner will receive the Dash Union Cami value at $ 59.  This cami offers:

• A unique hybrid design
• Beautiful jacquard design
• Breathability
• Quick dry technology
• Wear it to the gym or out in the day

Giveaway ends on April 6, 2013 , 12: 00 AM, Open to Continental US only,  18+.  To enter , please use the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure :  I receive no compensation for this publication.  My opinions are my own and may differ from those of others.  This site is not responsible for prize shipment.  This giveaway is in no way connected with any other social media.

Please contact, Melandria with questions or to see your brands or blog featured on the next event.

Fitness: Quaker Oat Cookies- Indulge without sacrificing your diet

getting fit with quaker
Your on a diet. Does it mean you need to be very strict on your diet and forget how good eating is?

Well, i believe that there are still ways for you to enjoy a hearty snacks without compromising your diet.

Try this  oat cookies and flavored oatmeals coming from my favorite brand of Oatmeal. With less fat, no artificial flavor and 0% trans fat, I don’t need to worry too much that I am  ruining my diet plan.    Afterall, what I am really after is getting a good health and we all know that oats are good for our body.

Oats is a good source of fiber, it’s good for lowering blood cholesterol, blood sugar, and contains hundred of phytochemicals that helps reduce the risk of cancer.

And because of it’s high fiber content, i don’t have any problem with my vowel anymore.  Before, i used to have an irregular vowel which is really a big problem but with oats in my diet,  it improves a lot.   I guess, i’m really on the road of getting fit and healthy living.

Do you love oats? What flavor do you like?

Fitness : Nestle Fitnesse 14 days program to kick your lifestyle

Since the beginning of the year, i told myself that I really needed a change. I wanted to make my self more good looking and healthy and what can I do to achieve this,  start on a diet and choose foods that are healthy.

I have heard already this 14 days program promoted by Nestle Fitnesse since last year but I wasn’t able to pursue since i have many personal issues to deal with.

So, this January, i thought why not give it a try,  I might not be able to achieve this sexy body for just 14 days I can able to lose weight and more fit than before.

The suggested menu plan  says that you need to replace two of your meals into just eating Nestle Fitnesse wholegrain cereals but since I don’t think I could really do that, i opt to make it into one cup of cereals a day,  either in the morning or in the evening and the usual one cup of rice is now 1/2 or sometimes less but i still eat viands which are fish, vegetables, chicken and sometimes a little meat so i can still have a balance diet.

I drink low fat milk or sometimes i drink Anlene since my body lacks in calcium.

So, did I lose weight in 2 weeks?

The first two weeks is really crucial but i was able to lose 1/2 kg or 1.10 pounds.  Well, I guess not bad. I still don’t achieve that sexy body i have been wanting but losing 1/2 kg in just two weeks is a sweet news in my ears.  Atleast, I’m getting progress and i’m on my way to a new and fitter me.

Updates:  Would you want to know my diet progress?  read further 🙂

Fitness: Zumba your way to a fabulous Curves

I have been wanting to lose weight and remove that excess fats and this 2013, i vow to myself that I would never take my health and my body for granted.  If there is one New year resolution I have made, that is to make myself healthy and beautiful not just for myself but also for my family.

Last year was a hectic year for me but even though i’m too stress, my body becomes more bigger because of the unhealthy food choices and most of my time was spent sitting in front of my computer. Although, i get a chance to run and do some walking, I feel that’s not enough to lose weight. I wanted to enroll and try to lose weight in a nearby gym but when I went there, i have seen so many men that I felt awkward and could not stay for long.   I  have learned that one of the latest and fabulous way to become more sexier and get that perfect curves every woman desires.

Well, it’s  great news for all those wishing to have that beautiful curves, because Curves, a 30 minutes fitness center and the world’s No. 1 Fitness Franchise especially created for women is now in the Philippines.

They offer aerobic exercises for losing weight and strengthened our body while making it fit and more sexier.  Now, you can Zumba your way to a fabulous you. Check this detailed information about their healthy program;

CURVES, The World’s # 1 Fitness Franchise,

Now in the Philippines!

“No makeup, no men, and no mirrors.”

The unofficial motto of Curves may sound so simple, but since the first women-only gym was opened in Harlingen, Texas in 1992, it has grown by leaps and bounds.

Just look at the figures: 10,000 clubs in over 70 countries serving more than four million (4M) members. What took McDonald’s 25 years, and Subway 26 years to do — that is, open 7,000 locations — Curves did in just less than a decade.

One accolade after another came Curves’ way:

  • The fastest-growing franchise in history
  • The world’s largest fitness franchise
  • No. 1 fitness franchise
  • New York Times bestseller (Curves, Permanent Results without Permanent Dieting.)

Curves founders Gary and Diane Heavin who are committed veterans of the fitness and advertising industries, are considered the innovators of the express fitness phenomenon that has made exercise available to over four million (4M) women the world over.

What is CURVES all about, and what does it stand for?

Curves is about fitness, health, and moving away from disease; gaining strength and losing weight; reaching your goals in a community of support and encouragement; and strengthening Women.

With its scientifically proven exercise and diet programs, Curves is the only “one-stop shop” where women can lose weight, gain muscle strength and aerobic capacity, and raise metabolism for good.

The Heavins share a passion for and commitment to women’s health and fitness. Their innovative, 30-minute fitness concept – which works every major muscle group — combines strength training and sustains cardiovascular activity through safe and effective hydraulic resistance.

Curves also has a revolutionary diet program that’s based in science and has been proven in numerous and ongoing university research studies to raise metabolism and end the need for perpetual dieting.

The club proved to be an overnight success, as it gave women a supportive and comfortable atmosphere in which to work out.

When their second club was also immediately successful, the Heavins  knew that they had tapped into a market that wasn’t being served by traditional gyms and that they could help millions of women worldwide.

However, they knew they couldn’t do it alone. They needed to find passionate people who were interested in helping the women in their communities and teach them how to run Curves.

They began making plans to franchise the business and the first independently owned and operated Curves opened in Paris, Texas, in 1995.

Curves caught on like wildfire and opened clubs at an astronomical rate, sometimes more than doubling its number of locations from year to year. This was all done by word of mouth until Curves launched its award-winning national advertising campaign in 2003.

With such unprecedented success, it made sense to branch out globally, and so the Heavins took their vision for an effective and affordable workout international.

And the good news is, CURVES, The World’s # 1 Fitness Franchise, is now in the Philippines! It is located at the 2/F of Serendra, McKinley Parkway, Bonifacio Global City (fronting Market! Market!) in Taguig, Metro Manila and is open from 7 a.m. till till 12:30 p.m., and from 4 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and 7 a.m. till 12:30 p.m.,and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Fridays and 8:00 a.m. till 1:00 pm on Saturdays.

With thousands of locations worldwide, Curves is the world’s largest fitness franchise. Many clubs now also offer new Curves® Circuit with Zumba Fitness®, the only 30-minute class that mixes the moves of Zumba® with the proven strength training of Curves for a wildly effective workout. Curves® Circuit with Zumba Fitness® is at 8:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m on Mondays to Wednesdays. For more information, please visit:

For inquiries, call 828-02-08/ Globe: (0917) 8708870/ Smart: (0920)  9499851/ Sun: (0922) 8170353 or log on to

Like us on Facebook:

Follow us on Twitter:!/CurvesBGC


Zumba Fitness is now making waves not just here in our country but all over the world and I’m looking forward to try those moves to make myself more healthy and fit this 2013.

“Curves is a fitness facility specially designed for women featuring a 30-minute workout and weight management program that is fast, fun and safe. Curves works because it gives you a complete cardio and strength-training workout where you can burn up to 500 calories every time.
The circuit is made up of resistance machines that work every major muscle group, two muscles at a time.  And with a circuit coach to teach and motivate, you’re sure to reach your fitness goals in no time. Whether you want to lose weight and inches, gain energy or tone up, the Curves circuit will work for you.”

Now, here’s the best part, I was invited by Curves Circuit to try their Zumba Fitness, since I’m miles away from Manila (too bad) I could not make it.  But here’s the best part,  they allowed to make one of my readers to try this out.

curves circuit zumba fitness – image from

So, what’s in store for you? 

  • One lucky reader will get a chance to have one month membership.  That means, you get a chance to achieve that curves and sexy body you have been wishing and wanting to have.
curves circuit , zumba fitness

curves circuit


2/F Serendra McKinley Parkway Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig, Philippines


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This giveaway will run from January 9 – 23, 2013 .  One lucky participant would receive a one month membership at Curves Circuit Fitness Center.  Giveaway is open to all Philippine residents.

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Fitness – Fun Indoor Wall climbing

Wall climbing looks like a lot of fun but it is considered as one extreme sports because you need strong hands and legs and i not to forget a lot of determination to get on top.

Rock climbing has been a well known sports for many adventurer and hiker but for people like me who could not bear that so much heights, wall climbing is another great alternative.   Good thing because a recent high end subdivision here in our area provides different activities that definitely rocks for fitness minded people.

Indoor climbing wall has been very popular sports on many countries not just here in the Philippines.  i guess, if your gearing for a real mountain climb, this is one basic popular training aid to keep you fit and ready for the real challenge.  Indoor rock climbing are sometimes created from bricks and hand pegs are  designed in different sizes making it more challenging.  It is basically safe because gadgets are readily available and trained climbers are there to help you make it to the top, although it would be a great challenge to know your way up.  The good thing with this is you get the chance to climb based on your own pace, if your tired, you can just say that you wanted to stay put and relax and climb again.

Indoor wall climbing doesn’t need experience, even if this is your first time just like me, you can easily get on the groove because you don’t need to buy sports attire or sports gadgets to try this.  The ropes, harness and materials are readily available for rent. Any sports attire can be used as long as you are comfortable with it. This sports is basically affordable and can be tried any time.                      

They say that there are different techniques but motivation is one thing i know can help you.  So, if you are in for some adventures, try this indoor wall climbing , although i can say that the one i tried is not indoors since i can feel the heat of the sun that doubles the challenge.   Would i do this again?  I would definitely love to try this again come summer time.

Conzace – Secret to Immunity and Fabulous Fitness

For a working mother getting sick is the last thing I would ever wanted but I could not help myself not to get lack of sleep considering that I still have to work online at night.  Getting good health is not enough on just taking the right healthy foods or drinking vitamin C as I usually do.  Probably, that’s the same reason why despite religiously taking this vitamin, my body still feels fatigue and I instantly get stressed over simple things.

Weak immunity is caused by weak white blood cells because white blood cells are part of our immune system that helps prevent infection or germs entering our body. Zinc and Vitamin C are essentials to create the right number of white blood cells that can help us depends sicknesses.

conzace-secret to strong immunity is in our white blood cells

 For a busy mother like me, i need to find a vitamins that can help me boost my immunity and that’s where Conzace came in to the picture, trusted and prescribed by many doctor for years,  Conzace is the #1 prescribed multivitamin for Heavy Duty Immunity. Comes in soft gel capsule, it is advised not to be taken on an empty stomach instead to reap the full potential of this vitamins, taking them in the evening before going to bed can help provide a restful sleep.

Conzace consists of Vitamin A & E (100 IU of Vitamin E) , Vitamin A also known as retinol is a well known antioxidant, while Vitamin E contains natural tocopherol that helps to give us beautiful skin and fabulous fitness .  Vitamin C (500 mg)  develops white blood cells that helps our body stays fits and active and lastly Zinc (Conzace has a higher Zinc than other popular vitamins in the Phils) which multiplies white blood cells that can help us depends on many sicknesses.

To learn more about Conzace, visit their facebook page now.

Disclaimer: I have been given this product for review but all opinions are mine.

Getting yourself ready for sports- importance of blood pressure check-up

Whatever sports you would wish to start, it is very imperative to check your health whether you can do that certain sport or activity you wanted.  It’s a given fact that one must be healthy and well before doing strenuous activities importantly if it is involved using your whole body parts.

the importance of blood pressure check up

That’s why checking your blood pressure is important before attending any sports or fitness program.  Monitoring is indeed one of the important part a sports enthusiasts should do to avoid much more bigger problems.

Now, that your blood pressure is checked and everything turns out all right, you can also visibly see on future results that your blood pressure would improve because of that certain sports/activities that you are doing.  Getting fit does not help you lose weight or look more beautiful it can also give you a better health conditions which we all need at this time.

I’m Tea-rrific – Benefits of herbal tea

I always start my day with a cup of coffee and i think i can’t live a day without it.  Before, i’m obsessed on drinking zagu (each time, i go to our nearby mall, i won’t leave the mall without buying a cup of it) maybe the same reason i become this big.  But now, my obsession to zagu suddenly evaporated into think air and yes, this milk tea is the main culprit.

I have always favor tea over coffee but because of the problem i have encountered during my high school days, (my doctor reprimanded me on taking another cup because my stomach becomes bloated because i have acid reflux and i was sick for days) .  Remember that tea has caffeine and caffeine is not good for our body (ooh, look who’s speaking here?).  Too much caffeine can give you diarrhea, headache, irregular heartbeat, insomnia, heartburn and even convulsions.

Studies shows that there is no wrong on drinking more than 4 cups of tea in a day but it depends upon the tea your drinking.  If your drinking black tea perhaps it can give you problems later on your life.  But if your drinking herbal tea, it can even give you healthy lifestyle and improve your over-all wellness.  (Now, i wonder, why i haven’t drink herbal teas before)

It is always good to drink tea especially green teas and herbal teas like ceylon tea, oolong or jasmine because they are herbal infused tea, they gives you healthy benefits.

Ceylon Tea – was produced in Sri Lanka , no doubt about it. It is rich in antioxidant flavonoid and polyphenol content of the camellia sinensis plant which this tea comes from.  It can help lower the risk of cancer and help prevent high blood pressure and heart attack.  It is also a good help for blood circulation.

Jasmine Tea –  Aside from chamomile tea, jasmine tea is my favorite.  I make sure that i have those on my office and in our house, so when my tea needs arises, i can able to have a cup of them.  Well, we know that jasmine tea comes from jasmine flower and before you can create a tea , you need many flowers for the perfumed to be absorbed.  Jasmine tea is usually mixed with green tea and the benefits gives beautiful result on achieving a healthy and young body.  Drinking jasmine tea helps prevent damage from free radicals and it can even help those who wanted to lose weight .  (now, you know why it was my fave).

Winter melon Tea – winter melon or honey dew melon , it is rich in vitamin c and zinc an essential vitamins that help our body. It also stabilize your blood sugar level and can help relieve nausea.

Tea-rrific tea is a milk tea blended with herbal teas. Definitely a milk tea you wouldn’t resist. For just a very minimal amount, (price ranging to Php. 39  to Php. 65.00 ) you get to enjoy your favorite milk tea with healthy benefits for your body.

Now, what tea-rrific drink would you like to try or have tried?  You can find them on most of SM malls and i guess some leading malls around the country.