Keeping Fit On a Tight Budget

Keeping fit is very important for most people. People who are in good shape are less likely to develop many kinds of long-term health issues from diabetes to heart disease and even cancer. Good exercise habits can also help people feel better and have more energy all day long.

Looking Forward

A workout is often something that people look forward to during the course of their long workday. Working out helps people release stress and may led to a better sleep at night as well. Keeping fit can also help people let go of their cares and avoid thinking about both minor and major issues they face in life each day.

Finding Motivation

Many factors go into keeping fit. Many people find it hard to keep motivated and keep working out at least three times a week. Some people also lack the time to work out. A busy schedule may mean long hours at work and helping the kids with school work and other activities each weekend.

The Time of Day

Another issue that may influence a person’s ability to get fit is the time of day. Some people are most alert in the morning. Other people find they are more awake later in the day or even early in the evening. Each person needs to figure out when to exercise. It can be hard for an evening person to find motivation to workout first thing in the morning.

Budgetary Considerations

For many people, one of the most important obstacles they face when working out is cost. Staying fit on a budget can be tough. Fortunately, creative and innovative solutions can help anyone overcome such problems and still get into great shape and stay there.

Your Home

One of the best places to start any search for a lower cost way to stay fit is with your home. Everyone has a place to live and furniture. Simple isometric exercise can be done at home using many kinds of furniture including your couch or even a kitchen chair.

Using Weights

Another surprisingly low cost option for working out are weights. Using weights can help build muscle strength and reduce the level of fat in your body. Weights are easy to learn to use properly for people of all ages and sexes.

Cheap Weights

Weights come in many varied weights from as little as three pounds to twenty-five pounds and up. Those who have never worked out with weights can buy two smaller weights for less than ten bucks. The weights can be stored in a closet when not in use, meaning that they take up less space while also be highly cost efficient at the same time.

Jump Rope

Children know how to get in shape and stay fit. Look for children’s activities to help you do the same. An inexpensive jump rope allows you to get in shape and save money at the same time. Find a place in your home and make time for ten minutes of jumping a few days a week.


Walking is also an ideal way to stay in shape. Walking puts little stress on the joints and can be done at any time of the day. Buy a comfortable pair of walking shoes and you’re on your way to fitness all year long.

Local Parks

Local parks can also serve as a source of great workouts if you’re watching your pennies. Many local parks have well maintained trails, allowing you to get a great walk while also enjoying a fabulous view and company during your workout.

A Bike

Exercise bikes are often available second hand for a small fee. Buy one and you’ll have a form of convenient exercise in your home. Regular bikes that are not held to the floor can also be found used. Buy a helmet with it, commute to work when the weather permits, and you’ll not only get fit, you’ll also save money at the same time.

Online Videos

Sites like youtube have many free workout videos you can use. No need to buy a workout when you can get one for free right in the comfort of your own home. Look for a workout geared towards your fitness level.

Lovely Hearts – A mug confession

A beautiful day starts with a bright morning.  Keeping your morning alive with a smile in your lips can affect your mood for the day.  It’s easy to say that we need to wake up each morning with a smile and gladness in our heart especially if things are rough.

But it always pays to think positive and live a life with good things in mind.  Valentines is just around the corner, for a coffee lover like me, looking at this mug with heart designs really makes me happy. Even though life is hard sometimes, drinking a cup of coffee along with a friend or a love and sorting things out can somehow lift your spirit.

the goodness of love

There may be sometimes that things may not work as what we planned it. We may fall but remember that nothing can destroy our faith if we will just hold on and be courageous enough to face the reality and do things to make it better.

Philips GoGear Raga- Superior Sound

On the go or simply just a music lover, Philips GoGear Raga brings you CD listening experience to handy, accessible MP3 that you can always bring wherever you go , whatever you do.

If you’re a music lover, you will surely love this gadget, small, sleek and trendy, fit for every style.  You can use during your sports activity, jogging at the park, riding on a passenger jitney or car , long distance travelling, court recording or just simply want to set a romantic mood.  Philips GoGear Raga can bring your music sensation in a new height.

I so love my Philips GoGear Raga, it helps me a lot with my court recording and of course, at times I just wanted to be alone hearing a soft music to soothe my mind and stresses.

It’s easy to navigate and even newbie user will definitely have a swift breeze learning its features and uses.

Full Sound Technology can plays MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC and APE directly.

Other Specification:

4 GB – 4 billion bytes, available storace capacity will be less

With 4 minute , 128 kbps, MP3 songs (comes with a white headphone)

I have been using it for almost three years now and haven’t encountered anything from it and i hope it will remain as it is was today since it’s very important to me.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  This is based from my personal experience of the product I have been using for three years. 

Fashion and Freebies : 2014 in Retrospect

BEWARE: a lots of tears on this post.

2014 may not be the great year for me personally but it was a good year for testing and reviewing new products.  I have learned new and unexpected things and got to talk with amazing people.  This is the time of the year when I get sentimental and giddy and tears just can’t help falling in my eyes.

As they say, don’t hold grudge, leave the hurts and disappointments behind and face the new year full of hopes and positive vibes so the energy that will flow in your mind are all positive thoughts which attract good things.

There maybe lots of disappointments and heartaches but it was indeed a year of discovery and fulfillment. Last November, i thought my blogging career will come to its end as I have been thinking of selling my blogs. The passion is still there but somehow i lost in trance and even though my mind are full of thoughts, my hand is just too tired to do so.


I know i have been missing in action for a while and I won’t make a promise since promises are meant to be broken but one thing is for sure, with you still backing me up, I will still be here sharing my thoughts and although my journey on getting fit will still take a long road with bumpy rides along the way and lots of body aches, i believe that with perseverance and lots of motivation, i can achieve it. Cheers for more fashion and freebies.

This year will be a great year.  Let’s spread the good vibes. Reach for your dreams and achieve the desires of your heart. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Thank you so much for all the love and comments you shared throughout the year and watch out for new freebies and reviews coming your way.


The beauty of life #BeautyAsIAm

I might say that things are not in accordance with what I have wished and hoped for but nonetheless, I am very thankful that after all the trials and adversary, I am still holding on and looking proud as ever.

There are days that I feel I’m like a tiger, ready to grab all the opportunity that comes in my way. My head is up and high as if saying that I have the mighty power in my hand, ready to face anything and everything.

My life is definitely different 10 (ten) years ago.  Before, I used to be a simple working mom, juggling work and kids  but thankfully, blogging becomes part of my life and it was never been the same.  Blogging brought me many things, open a gateway for me to know more about myself and my passion in life. The once ugly duckling is now a full grown woman showing the world what she can do.

Although, I could not consider myself as a real fashionista nor a beuty, I have my own style and charm and the most important part is I know what I am capable of. We are all beautiful in our own way, “she’s just a pretty face” is an absurd word, for me having beauty is nothing if you don’t have the brains and you don’t know how to value the things you have in your life.

But still considering that this post is about giving gratitude to your outer beauty, I must say that I am proud to have a pretty eyes, it’s not big nor small it’s just a perfect almond shape with brown shade and combined with a not so pointed nose. 

Before i used to envy those who have small lips but later on, I comprehend that many girls to have a large lips like the models who used to pout their lips.

 I am uniquely me, sometimes I can be erratic, sometimes cheerful and funny but one thing is for sure, I always have an ear for everyone, i can listen and I do listen well. I can be your good friend  and I know how to appreciate and value friendship. The beauty of life is definitely something worth thankful for, I am beautiful, more than words.

Product Review : All Naturals Coffee Blenders : coffee reimagined

Drinking coffee is a part of my everyday life.  I start and end my day with a cup and when I’m lost between my work, i will just grab a cup and somehow my creative juices keeps pouring in.

getting fit

Recently, i have been very busy and stressed out and you know me, when I’m stressed i tend to eat more and indulge myself on eating foods that somehow I lost track with my weight and find myself big and unhealthy altogether.

coffee blenders - coffee reimagined

I’m happy that I have learned about Coffee Blenders, you get to enjoy and savor a cup of coffee with different purpose.

LEAN – Dark Roast + Weight Loss

Every K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Lean offers a daily dose of Svetol, an all-natural green coffee bean extract that can help you lose weight. In fact, subjects in multiple clinical studies lost an average of 11 pounds in 60 days when consuming 400 mg of Svetol® daily. Treat yourself to just one cup a day to slim down and keep up with your fitness goals.  (coffee blenders website)

If your goal is to trim down extra weight, this coffee is indeed for you. Since it includes a natural green coffee bean extract which can help your body lose weight, a cup each day can be a good start .  The aroma is very mild and pleasing to your nose but what’s more interesting is the taste.  There are days that I love my coffee dark roast, i could always remember my dad saying, “what is coffee if it doesn’t taste like coffee, dark and flavorful.


Each K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Focus boasts a daily dose of Cereboost, an all-natural, fast-acting ingredient that’s clinically proven to improve concentration and memory. Treat yourself to just one cup a day to feel more focused and check more items off of your to-do list. – (coffee blenders focus)

If you are preparing for something huge and inspiration seems lost along the way.  A cup of Coffee Blenders Focus can give you a daily dose of inspiration.  Infused with cereboost, this all natural ingredient which derives from the extract of American Ginseng which is already clinically proven can help you with you get back on the tract and help you concentrate. They say that if you want an instant boost on your day, just grab a piece of chocolates and you will be energized.  No wonder, this coffee has a chocolate finish and low in acid. This is something i needed to help me fuel my thoughts so I can finish my pending tasks.

ESCAPE – Dark Roast + Stress Relief

With each K-cup®-compatible of Coffee Blenders Escape, you’ll benefit from a daily dose of L-Tea Active™, a safe, all-natural ingredient that’s clinically proven to reduce anxiety levels. Just 1 cup a day will help you relax and take a break from the speed of life. – (Stress Relief from Coffee Blenders)

A rough day in the office or just a busy day preparing for the kids and at home.  This rich with aromatic blend with an intense smoky flavor will definitely fire your day and make you feel alive again.  It has L-Tea active or more commonly known as more commonly know as L-Theanine, can definitely help you relax without the feeling of drowsiness.

Each k-cups is all naturals coffee from 100% Arabica dark signature blend. All coffee blenders comes from the world’s finest beans which are handpicked. What’s best, Coffee Blenders is compatible with my new #HelloKeurig 2.0 brewing system which creates a perfect timing.   This is not just my average cup of coffee.  It’s definitely coffee re-imagined.

Coffee Blenders escape is definitely my new favorite, it’s like my daily savior in the midst of my busy schedule.  Coffee time is  definitely worthwhile.  (melandria romero)

Now, here’s a perfect treat,  one lucky reader can get a chance to have one box of coffee blenders ,  Here’s how;

1. Just share this post on your facebook friends, (you can see the share button on top of this post)

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2.  Come back here and on the comment section, let me know your facebook name and e-mail address so i can contact you in case you win.

3.  The giveaway is open for US residents. 18 years and above.   This contest is in no way associated with Facebook. Products will be delivered by Coffee Blenders. Giveaway will end on September 30, 2014. Winner will be randomly selected via

Fitness Facts : Are you eating the right fruits?

Fruit For Health [INFOGRAPHIC]
Courtesy of Natural Healthy Concepts: Fruit For Health [INFOGRAPHIC]

We all know that eating fruits has lots of benefits to our body but do you really know what it can do to you? I hope this post can enlighten you somehow on the benefits of fruits and what they can do our body.

One thing you will notice when you eat an ample amount of fruits is the benefits on your skin, they will become subtle and smooth and will make you look even more younger. Since of this fruits contains enzymes and antioxidants, you will definitely feel younger and healthy looking and the most of it, you will be assured that you will keep yourself away from many common sicknesses. This are fitness facts,  are you eating the right fruits?

I always believe that Health is wealth but sometimes I tend to forget that and overworked my body up to the point of exhaustion, missing meals and not eating the right food.  Promises tends to be broken so what we can do is to see the benefits we can achieve from it, so from now on, i will vow to myself not to make false promises and make sure to eat the right food.

There are many fruits that are produced locally and they are rich with many vitamins and nutrients that our body needs.  Take once a day and you will be adding benefits over benefits on your body.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid nor a sponsored post.  All contents are from my own observation and belief.

Zaggora Hot Pants – Lose weight in style

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

When I have heard about hot pants that can make you lose weight?  My initial thought is, is that for real? Look at this Zaggora hot pants

From the initial launch of Zaggora, women all over the world are going gaga on this idea that they can lose 2 jeans sizes in a two weeks program.  Just imagine losing weight without much an effort. That’s something i would definitely would love to try. Lose weight in style with Zaggora.

Checking out their site, makes me think twice since a body blazer  and a hot pants could cost $120 and $97 dollars which is way beyond my budget but luckily for me because I was given a chance to try their products.


This Zaggora body blazer  could really make you sweat like crazy.  True to their words,  hot pants is indeed hot, at first, I felt i was suffocating , I have never experience to sweat like this even if i’m running or working out.   The  product was created with Celu-lite Technology™  a multi-layer fabric technology harnessing the body’s natural heat during exercise which may help to increase the metabolic rate, actually the feeling was like wearing the stomach band i used to wear after giving birth through CS but with zaggora fitness apparel, my whole body is sweating.

I wear them inside the house while doing my usual routine and I can feel the sweat falling down all over my body. Light , yes!  Comfortable, i have to think about it again because if your sweating all over the body, it’s not comfortable anymore but I guess it’s not being comfortable while wearing them is what your after for but to lose weight and burn calories and wearing your hot pants especially doing extensive training, running or even just walking can really gave you that result you have been looking and yearning for.


Two weeks program may sound easy but due to my busy office and house duties, i wasn’t able to fulfill them every single day. But I know how curious you are  to know how it works for me and yes, although I did not lose that 2 inches below my current jeans size.  I did lose weight  but I could not entirely say it’s entirely because of this apparel since i have been into diet.   What makes me love this product is the fact that they were made from recycled nano-sized coffee grounds and ice-cool crystals and you knew me, my heart always goes for those who believe in eco-friendly and organic products.

Would i recommend them?

If you can stand the extreme sweat it can give you, then your good to try them.  Although they are a little bit expensive to begin with, roughly $220 for a set with the result, this can be a good alternative for those who don’t have the time to go to the gym and you can still save a lot of money because gym program is a lot more expensive for some.  I guess with their two weeks program and a diet, you’ll achieve to lose weight.

So, what’s your Zaggora story?  Share them here and let’s compare notes.

Fitness Diary : Empower your life with Empower Fitness

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

Our mind is very powerful,  what you put on it will be the thing you would surely do.  If you have set up your mind on a journey of getting fit,  this should be your priority and not just a state of mind that will immediately slip when things does not happened according to your wishes.

You know how much I have been meaning to lose weight and get rid of this extra fats around my body and yes, it’s not as easy as I think it was.  It gives me some pressure and solid thoughts too.

And when you think, you can finally able to pull this trough, you really needed the right fitness gears to accompany you on this fitness journey.  That’s where Empower Fitness came to view , just take note of their motto,  Be active, Be healthy, Be strong.   It’s a tough word but very inspiring and for those who needed inspiration,  Empower can fave the right way for you to do this.

They have different fitness gear to help  lose weight and keep the body, mind and spirit for woman who are seeking real-life solutions that incorporate fitness,workout routinesnutrition, and wellness for them to live a full life like we have always wanted to achieve and be the best we can be.

Designed exclusively for women by women, Empower offers fitness products; world-renowned trainers; nutritional expertise; and online communities to help reach our goals.

empower 1

The  portable pilates studio with long & lean workout dvd works very hand for me.  This is great for working moms like me who has less time to go to the gym to work out.

It can sculpt, tone, and strengthen your body in minimum time! The affordable Empower Pilates training system also provides an amazing total body toning workout while targeting your abs with every move you make.  You can lose pounds and inches while achieving that long and lean look!

Seems very easy but it takes a lot of work to achieve your goal.  But if I religiously do this every day, i would definitely;

  • Burn Calories
  • Lose Weight
  • Lose Inches

and feel healthy inside and out.  So, i will definitely let you know my progress in the weeks ahead.

So, what are you waiting for,  visit Empower Fitness today to learn more about their different fitness gear to help you to become not just fit but also healthy and lovely.

Follow them on their Facebook to get the latest updates too.

Barefoot Yoga – A story of passion


 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

What is your passion?

Sometimes, we have a lot of things going on in our life that we lost track of our real passion.  There are days that we are so tired that our energy becomes too low.

Yoga is not just a way to reduce and relieve stress, it is also a way to get fit and achieve a healthy state of mind and body.

When you finally found the passion in your heart, you can start doing yoga and maximizes the flow of life-force harmonizing with your body movements and when you knew your ready, your breathing and body movements will finally unite helping you achieve a rejuvenating feeling of oneness and harmony.

Just like in any activities, you need materials and accessories to help you through this process, Barefoot Yoga is your source for quality products to inspire you to practice the art of yoga.

Dimensions: 24″ x 68″ x 0.15″ (4.0 mm)

The first thing you need is a yoga mat,  this Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Nature Sticky Mat  with mat strap, combine the best of eco-friendly and traditional mats. Good for our  environment and our health rather than the  traditional PVC mats because it provides a long lasting performance. The mesh scrim (the “skeleton” of the mat) is made from 100% recycled polyester, which contributes to its longevity and strength.

I have always favored eco-friendly products and i believe that starting a good routine especially the art of yoga is good when you have the right products to accompany you along the way. I’m doing this bit by bit , softly, smoothly until I can able to do the things others can and hopefully with practice and perseverance I can pull this through.

Learn more about Barefoot Yoga, Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Take your passion today and make it work. Namaste !  And watch out because Barefoot yoga is very generous to provide one of my lovely readers a chance to have their own yoga mat.

Stay Active with Active Wear

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

When I was in my college days, i often join different school activities and holding different social and community position but when I got married and had kids, the once active me tends to become lazy.

I haven’t got a chance to go out for a run but instead I have to spend my time in front of the computer for my day time job and attend to my sites at night. So, the once petite lady is now heavy and big.

That’s when I told myself that I needed a change.  Maybe not a change of routine but to keep myself active in some other way.  A new and fitter me, that’s my resolution for this year.

That’s why, I’m so thankful that Active Wear has given me a chance to try one of their products .  Active Wear USA offers the largest selection of quality, high-performance, stylish women’s activewear, footwear, and accessories. They have different apparel for all sports type.  Whether your into yoga, dancing, running,swimming, hiking, cycling, tennis name it and they definitely have them.

Browsing  their website makes me more passionate to stay fit and active. I recently got a sports apparel from Nux and this MPG sports capri would really come in handy since I started going to the gym.

On the other hand,  this MPG (mondetta performance gear) capri is really soft and lightweight and looks really nice . I ordered large and it fits on me but the legs are just loose unlike my other capri so it’s entirely new to me.  I have no idea how much it cost but based on the website it is probably around $65 which i think is good enough compared to other sports apparel brand. I still need to put into the test how long it will last with frequent washing but summing it all, this sports apparel is something worth having.

Check out Active wear 100+ high performance, super stylish, women’s activewear brands. Follow there facebook page to know more updates.

Fitness Diary : Protein Bakery- healthy goodies to keep you going


Our body needs protein for growth and proper function, deficiency of it can impaired the human body. It is needed to keep our heart beat steady and keep us going.

Meats, eggs, milk , fish, sea foods and beans are just one of the many source of protein which forms part of our basic needs.  When i started my journey of getting fit, one point i have learned is that my body needed protein to build that stronger muscles that i needed.

protein bakery

Brownies, cookies, chocolates,  ooh I so love them.  I would never forgot them in my shopping bag ,they are always a part of my grocery lists but they are the first one that i have to minimize and rule out when i decided to lose weight.

But learning about the Protein Bakery, i know that i have found guilty free cookies that can satisfy not just my hunger or cravings but i’m full aware that this is something beneficial for me. It’s indeed a great way to start a busy day, to keep my body going.

Their goodies are trans fat free, preservative and wheat flour-free which are totally nutritionally balanced because it only contains natural ingredients created with perfection.  Each Protein Bakery goodies includes 6 grams of protein , mostly which is whey , oats and nuts, something that our body needed. No wonder even famous Hollywood celebrities can’t get enough of this precious goodies.

Fitness is my business. Baking is my passion. Balance is the key. This words of Stephen Charles Lincoln, business owner and founder of the Protein Bakery is truly inspiring.  I really needed that much balance in my life, find my true worth and keep a healthy life not just for me but for my family.

For more lists of Protein bakery goodies , visit their site.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. And watch about their informational video on You tube. And if your within the vicinity of Manhattan in the Chelsea/Flatiron area of New York City, visit their Loft Space and you’ll definitely find the best goodies you can get but if not, don’t fret because there are different retailers on this state, California | Connecticut |D.C. |Florida |Illinois |Maryland |Missouri |New York |North Carolina |Pennsylvania |Texas |Virginia.

 disclosure policy


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Fitness Diary : Aurorae Yoga- bringing the best of you

aurorae yoga

Want to get slimmer or just want to relieve the stress in your body? Yoga lessons have many benefits not just to your physical body but for the inside too. Physiological benefits includes weight improves, improves sleep, increases immunity, decreases whatever pain you have in your body, cardiovascular efficiency increases, endocrine and gastrointestinal improves and among many others benefits.

I have heard that it can also help you psychologically especially if you are having anxiety or depression which i for one experienced. I have  memory problems and sometimes forgot things so i guess this could be addressed too.  The benefits of yoga have been evident on different studies and many people have attest to that. Improving our whole being is what I think is every body’s desire.

I have always wanted to try yoga but was not able to do so.  I remember buying a yoga dvd so i can practice at home considering the fee for a yoga lessons would cost me much.  Yoga is an excellent way to tone my muscle and will surely remove the excess fats i have in my body which i have been mentioning in most of my posts.  It can also helps you to have a beautiful skin, imagine that and who doesn’t want that?

 I have recently seen in the featured news about a yoga trainer who teach yoga to mommy including their small little babies and it looks really great to see them, especially those children learning yoga.

Now, you have the desire to learn so the next thing will be, finding the best accessories that you can use to begin your journey and that’s where Aurorae yoga’s accessory can help you, from mats to bags and different yoga props and accessory, you can find whatever you need.

And I specifically love their Northern lights yoga mat.  Made with eco-safe material, it’s biodegradable and Phthalates free. It’s really long and you can really fit even if your a tall woman.    The best thing i see about this mat is it’s durability.  It can withstand days of working out without you worrying that it may break or tear apart.

northern yoga mats

I also learned that each mat is unique and no two mats are exactly the same which means, it’s definitely for you alone, giving you the will to bring out your potential and live the power that you most needed.

With northern lights yoga mat, my journey on getting a fitter and better me starts and i hope i can post some pictures of me when i’m ready enough to do those yoga pose i have seeing all over the net because it’s really hard and i kept on tumbling down.

Another must have is Aurorae apparel.  Looking at it, i was really curious what’s the difference between the other sports apparel i have since it looks exactly the same but feeling it, you will know that there is a big difference,









Since most sports apparel are cotton, Aurorae yoga tank top is made from Lenzing modal which is more softer and very light.  The fiber that was used for this is eco-friendly and you know how much i advocate eco-friendly materials and this one is indeed affordable.

Aurorae yoga accessories are affordable, you don’t need to break your budget to get one and your money is worth spent is totally worth it with the benefits yoga can give you.

Aurorae offers yoga mats in illuminating colors, a focal point icon and extra long in length. Aurorae offers the best reviewed yoga mats, accessories & props online. You can browse their yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga accessories and yoga props on their website and you know what’s even best,  one of my lovely readers will get a chance to get their own Northern lights yoga mat, for them to start their yoga journey. So, better watch out for this because this is included on my big bash giveaway specially for all of you. 

 disclosure policy


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Why do you love to run?

Why do yo love to run?  I guess, i have to ask some real runners this question why do they love to run?

There are many runners that cannot live a day without running.  It’s already a part of their  routine so if they missed it, it would be a great impact on their life. For sum, they run because they wanted to get fit and others it’s a way of relaxation and an accomplishment as well.

But running is not an easy task, it can really make you sweat so hard and take your breath away.  It was really tiring and can make your body aches.

Many would say that without endurance and motivation, you couldn’t have the drive to run.  Other’s view that in running you need passion, a burning passion to work hard to be able to achieve a certain goal.

I believe that different runners have their different story to tell, answers that will enlighten many of us why they love to run?

Aside from the great benefits that running can do to our body and mind, I wonder what is your reason why you love to run?

Join us on  the conversation.  Tell me your reason , why do you really love to run?

Fitness Diary: Getting Fit for a healthier you

When I look at the mirror and see how big I become after giving birth to two kids, I told myself that this is the time that I needed to organize myself and take control of my weight.

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems, you need to commit to be able to achieve the goals you have.  You also need a burning desire in your heart to begin a journey of getting fit.

Some maybe born to be petite and other’s becomes overweight because of excessive eating.  That’s the problem with me, since I worked in the judiciary, i couldn’t help not to eat for two reason.  I crave for food when i see them and it becomes a ritual in the office to eat and enjoy a good conversation in what we called the “long table”.

Some may view that getting fit is easy with the right diet and exercise. But it’s not also good to starve your self by not eating because you just wanted to fit on your size 24 denim.

Getting fit should kick off with the right regime. That means, choosing the right food and sticking to your goal.


You also need to educate your self with the right foods since there would be a drastic change in your eating habits. Beginning a diet means changing the food we usually eat and choosing something with less calories but full of essential vitamins and minerals that our body needs.  Eat the right foods, it’s okay to read the labels and because you want to get fitter, you need to make healthy and wise choices.

There are days that your stomach and your mind would say you wanted to eat something and yes there are times that I really could not suppress my urge to eat and i have to tell myself that I have a goal and indulging too much is not a part of that goal.

Think little and often,  I read this advice from fitness tips which means, getting those body to work out even at least for some period of time in a day or days in a week, like 30 minutes a day rather than doing it once in a week or once every other week and the worst part, forgetting them at all.

Get the right gear, if in your exercise routine includes running or brisk walking or going to the gym or starting a new sport, it is always necessary to get the right gear which means, getting comfortable shoes  and clothes or sports apparel. If your planning to go and try zumba, pilates, yoga or some sports activities, there are certain products that you needed to buy.

But it doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your family budget just to buy this, there are ways that doesn’t need your money instead it needs your effort and moving your body.

getting fit

Focus,  just like in any activity or project, getting fit needs your time and focus.  If you are focus with your goals, you will see in no time that you can  achieve them.  Now, if you are already there, don’t just stop because you got what you wished for.  Remember that it is easier to get fat rather than to trim down and we don’t want to repeat  the hard process all over again.

journey (1)

Here’s an old photograph of me from 3 years to last year and since last January when i decided to take this challenge, i lose almost 2 1/2 kilos from 53 kilos (january weight) to my very recent 50.5 kilos which i think is a good considerable amount.  Although there are still a lot to work out to do, my arms, my legs and my tummy needs extra work and i know with my 3P’s (my motif to myself , Patience, Perseverance and Proper diet) i can’t wait to see a more improved result.

Top : Tasc performance  (eco-friendly material)

Bottom : Sassa capri

Shoes : Fila