Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai gain criticism on not losing weight.

No doubt, Aishwarya Rai is considered as one of the most beautiful faces in Bollywood.  Before she became a successful film actress, she works as a model and eventually won the title of Ms. World in 1994.  She was married to fellow actor Abhishek Bachchan and she just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl  last November, 2011.  Having considered as an icon in the Indian movies and television, many criticized and  was dismayed on her post-baby weight. Her picture drew debates on how an actress especially an icon should shed their extra pound after giving birth.

Aishwarya Rai - before

Giving birth to two children, i know the feeling of dismayed and frustration on not getting back to your old figure especially if the length of time to do so has already long elapsed.  Study shows and even doctors says that there is a recuperation period of atleast three (3) months to go back to your ordinary routine (that’s include shedding off your extra fats , pregnancy fats) but given the fact that your a superstar, the extra pressure was always there.  (Ooh, just imagine Beyonce , flaunting her beautiful body barely at two months of giving birth)

During pregnancy, it is very natural for a mother to gain weight (after all you and your baby needs that weight) considering some factors that affects your pregnancy.

Aishwarya Rai after giving birth (image via web)

Although, Aishwarya Rai comment on the supposed criticism that she is still enjoying her motherhood , she also said that she has a duty to her follower (fans) to be back on her pre-pregnancy weight and body.  For many, losing weight after pregnancy is a very easy task but  just because you haven’t lose your extra weight after a year means your less beautiful.  (i’m not depending myself here) but I believe the true beauty is the fact that your a mother now and motherhood is not just all about your body.

Rai in Cannes 2012 (image via web)

Here’s the recent picture of Rai on the Cannes where she attended the AmfAR Cinema Against Aids gala alongside Hollywood favorites, Janet Jackson, Alec Baldwin,  Kylie Minogue, Gerard Butler and Kim Kardashian.

Rai  poses a more slimmer than her previous post baby picture.  (this is just to show that she seriously take the idea of getting back to her beautiful body because of crowd pressure and I guess the fact that many look up at  and idolized her.  Although, she still looks a little heavier, her face is definitely more thinner.

Nostalgia Dress- A must have in every wardrobe

Browsing the net, I saw this beautiful Nautical Nostalgia Dress and I instantly fell in love with it’s very simple but elegant design.  You can wear this dress whenever and wherever you wish to go.  It can be worn during day time and will be great during night time event combined with a piece of beautiful accessories.
The dress features an elegant one-shoulder design accented with a vibrant crimson rosette, bold black and white stripes , a feel of 50’s era and a flexible banded back strap for a custom fit and a dramatic flared a-line silhouette finish.
Color: Black + White. Shell: 55% Polyester, 42% Cotton, 3% Spandex. Lining: 100% Polyester. Dry clean recommended. Measures 35″ from shoulder to hem.
This is a must have for every ladies wardrobe combined it with this beautiful criss-cross suede and your ready to glam.

Criss cross suede shoes


It’s a Mother’s Day Giveaway

Mother’s day are coming fast but before that special day arrive, get a chance to treat your lovely moms with this special gifts from Betty Beguiles.

Mother's Day

  • A copy of “Style, Sex, and Substance” signed by all 10 contributors.
  • A Moleskin Journal in which a woman could–if she pleased–journal her answers to the questions provided at the end of each chapter.
  • A Zebra Ballpoint Pen–which is the single best pen ever created by man (don’t even try to debate me on this one)–to use for said journaling.
  • A Lavender Aromatherapy Candle to provide pretty lighting and a sweet scent.
  • Lavender Bath Salts if she chooses to read her new book in the bath.
  • A copy of Audrey Assad’s new CD, Heart, to play while she reads, journals, and/or soaks.
  • A small collection of Sephora beauty samples that I’ve collected over the last few months.
  • And some sort of sweet treat. (The details of this item have yet to be determined as I am searching for something delicious that won’t melt while it is being shipped. Suggestions are welcome!)

How to join?

To enter:

  1. Simply share the post (on FB, Twitter, your blog, etc.)!
  2. You can also earn a bonus entry by telling your friends about “Style, Sex, and Substance” (again, on FB, Twitter, your blog, etc.). If you do, please include a direct link to the book’s Amazon page. And please be sure to leave a second comment letting me know you did!

This giveaway will end at 9 pm (EST) on Monday 5/7. I will announce the winner at the top of this post later that evening and ship the package the very next day so that it will be sure to arrive by Mother’s Day. (Open for US address only)

Check full details here:

Must Have Shoes for Women

Dress, bags, accessories, just like those things, shoes is one of the most important pieces in our wardrobe. Before, I used to think, why women owned a lot of shoes and how will they able to wear all of them.  But just like any hobbies, hoarding shoes (Oh, I called them hoarding, why?  because i have seen someone who buys three to four shoes in one shopping) is totally addicting. There are must have shoes.

must have shoes

If you begin to collect shoes, you would not notice that your collection would be growing as years goes by.  It would be so much fun to see them, don’t you think? But the problem will arise when they were too many and you don’t know where to stock them anymore.

But if you don’t have the means to buy many shoes ,  there are some pieces that is a must have on your closets.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes or flat shoes can be used in many dresses and many occasion.  It’s also very comfortable on you feet.


Ever heard of that famous mini black dress? Pair them with a nice stilettos and you are ready to go on a date or an evening of fun. Giving you not just glamorous look but very feminine.


This shoes are perfect for summer but just as perfect for any outdoor events.  It adds additional inches on your height and make you more sophisticated. Colored wedges defines  your  sense of fashion statement.

Sandals and flip flops

One of my favorite.  If your just going for a simple run on the grocery or on the market, slide on to your favorite flip flops or sandals and you are ready to go. Now a day, flip flops is not just for beach only, you can see many ladies wearing them wherever they go.  Why?  They are very comfy and the designs do really rocks.


This is my favorite of all, pair them with your jeans or even a knee length dress and you feel like a star ready to go anywhere.


Are you into sports or just want to have a comfortable walking time, sneakers are good for jeans and shorts.

Having the basic shoes for just any occasion is just enough if you don’t have the means to buy all those beautiful shoes.  But start from one pair each month and you will have 12 shoes in a year and as years goes by, I would imagine, your shoes would be as many as your famous celebrities, ooh you also need to check out my stylish obsession and find out what i’m raving about these days.

Mario Maurer for Penshoppe

A little thing called love actor and teen-age matinee idol Mario Maurer is Penshoppe brand ambassador.

This handsome Thai actor-model which we came to  know because of his well loved portrayal in the movie A Little Thing Called Love arrives in Manila. Philippines last November, 2011 to promote for Penshoppe.

Mario Maurer for Penshoppe

His acting in the movie “The Love of Siam” which happens to be his acting debut gave him a nomination for acting awards.

Mario Maurer and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul at St...

Mario Maurer and Witwisit Hiranyawongkul at Star Entertainment Awards 2007.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So far, he starred in eleven movies in Thailand and this 2012, a movie with Erich Gonzales under Star Cinema Films called “Suddenly it’s magic” would be released in Philippines cinema which for sure would be a big hit and will be awaited with so much anticipation by his Filipino fans.

Get rid of your old make-up – How to know if it’s time to throw away

If your a make-up addict like me, you might have your make-up filing like crazy and I bet, some of them are still in your closet, either wrapped in plastic or it’s original packaging waiting for you to use them.  It’s good to have a lot of choices but you might also consider the time frame of cosmetics of how long you can keep them on your shelf.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, they could not stay for long as you want them or until you can finally consume it up to the last drop or until it was fully consumed. You will know if it’s time for you to throw away those precious cosmetics. As a general rule, when it is dry ,  the longer of its shelf life but in terms of lotion or creams and liquids , here is the average period you can keep them;

1/2 half year for Mascara and liquid eye liner. Creamy lipsticks, lip colors in pots, lip-gloss: 2 years.  For pencils (eyebrows, lips and eye, 3 years.

While the powder based products like pressed powder, blush on, eye shadow and loose powder, it’s only good for two years.  While liquid and cream products only last for one year.

Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars (Photo credit: dirtygirlsuds)

Good to hear though that your favorite body lotion and shower gel could last for 3 years. While anti-aging cream can last up to 3 months to 1 year but i doubt it can last that long considering that it is much needed product.  I regularly consume them for two months.

Here are some hints that you can throw them away;

Smell the product.  Our nose tells it all, if you think that you already smell a foul odor, there should no longer second thought about throwing it away.

Study the product – yes, you love your favorite blush on and you keep it only for special occasion but the longer it is in your shelf, it might developed some molds and it’s no longer good to use.  When you scrape it and you see that it is already drier, no doubt, you need to throw them away.

The longer you keep your cosmetics on your shelf, the more tendency for them to develop molds and bacteria and who wants bacteria on their precious skin? I bet, you won’t like to have acne or pimple problems.

Christian Louboutin 2012 Collection

Fashionable, sexy and provocative, that’s the description of Christian Louboutin shoes. I never owned one but I so dream of having.  Louboutin bring back the desires of stilettos and if you think that 3 inches is too much.  Well, they have up to 5 inches and i could not imagine if they will create even a higher inches.  I bet this is the dream shoes of every short lady like me.

Louboutin stilettos are oftentimes used by Hollywood Actresses and Victoria Becham is just one of that many Loubotin lovers. Here she is shown wearing a Daf platform booties worth $1,295.00.

Victoria Beckham on Christian Louboutin Booties

I especially love this colorful stilettos called Pigalle Pollock.  With it’s 100 mm heel, i think i can still manage to walk well and it’s great to blend with your summer wear. What do you think?

Pigalle Pollock

Check out their  2012 Collection

The Pink Artiste Contest

Etude - the Pink Artiste Contest

– Participants who are at least 15 years old and above are entitled to join, except employees of Etude House Philippines and their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity.

– Duration of the Promo is from March 30 – April 20, 2012

Submission of entries is from March 20, 12PM – April 12, 11:59PM.

Voting Period will be from April 13, 6PM to April 20, 12PM.

– Participants have to submit to us a makeup tutorial using Etude House products.

– Participants will be given 4 makeup looks that they could base their look from. The looks are posted in the same album as the poster. They must only choose one.

Natural Makeup Look
Play Look
Romantic Look
Party Look

– The following will be the requirements for the makeup tutorial:

All Etude House products must be used in the tutorial. It must be shown and applied in the tutorial.

Participants must apply the makeup on themselves.

A complete makeup look must be created (just like the makeup look that the participant will choose).

The tutorial cannot exceed 12 minutes. Fastforwarding is allowed, but not recommended.

It must also be in HD resolution (1280 x 720).

Entries should be uploaded to a web host (mediafire, sendspace, etc). The link must then be sent to along with the following information:

Contact number
Products used

– Only one (1) entry per person will be acknowledged. Multiple entry submissions will be disqualified.

– Rosa Fiore House Corp. (Etude House) reserves the right to use the name and images of the winners for publicity and promotion purposes.

– Etude House will be shortlisting the participants. The following will be the criteria:

Content (25%) – Creativity, Coherence

Production Quality (25%) – Appearance, Quality of audio and video, Adherence to time limit

Makeup Skill (25%) – Knowledge and familiarity with the products that she will be using and their application.

Final Product (25%) – Cohesiveness, overall quality and creativity

– Shortlisted entries will be posted on Facebook on April 16 and will be voted upon. The following will be the criteria for the shortlisted applicants:

Content (20%) – Creativity, Coherence

Production Quality (20%) – Appearance, Quality of audio and video, Adherence to time limit

Makeup Skill (20%) – Knowledge and familiarity with the products that she will be using and their application.

Final Product (20%) – Cohesiveness, Overall quality and creativity

Voting (20%) – How much of a crowd favorite will it be

– The Top 3 winners will be chosen by the Etude House Team. They will be announced on April 22 during the Etude Playhouse event in SM City North Edsa The Block Atrium.

Prizes at Stake:

The Grand Prize:
• P20,000 cash prize
• P10,000 worth of Etude House products
• Etude House Products worth over P5,000 to be given monthly for one (1) year contract
• Be a part of the Etude House Team as the official online make-up artist (Pink Artiste) and will regularly do makeup tutorials for Etude House

The Second Prize:
• P5,000 worth of Etude House products

The Third Prize:
• P3,000 worth of Etude House products

Dorian Gray Syndrome

Dorian Gray Syndrome or commonly called as (DGS) is a sickness which happens when a person has extreme pride in one’s own appearance accompanied by difficulties coping with the aging process and with the requirements of maturation. I have heard many woman who even in their mid 60’s and 70’s had their face and body undergone some surgery to prevent their aging.

Study shows that those who had this Dorian Gray Syndrome may be heavy users of cosmetic medical procedures and products in an attempt to preserve their youth.  The name alludes to Oscar Wilde’s famous novel The Picture of Dorian Gray.

The Dorian Gray Syndrome is characterized by a triad of symptoms combining diagnostic signs of dysmorphophobia, narcissistic character traits, and arrests in psychic maturation often seen in paraphilias. Dorian Gray patients frequently are excessive users of “medical lifestyle” products.

So, if you are one of the people who heavily believes to maintain her youth seeking medical help, please take the case seriously , you might be suffering from this syndrome.  One must understand that there is no such word as forever beauty or forever young.  We can be young at heart but our appearance will eventually fade and we will aged.  DGS patients are often users or abusers of hair growth and weight-loss products, mood enhancers, medication against erectile dysfunction, they are often owners of gym membership cards and very often patients for cosmetic surgery (laser resurfacing, botox injections, aesthetic surgery, etc.).

If you are one of those who desires forever youth and wanting to find the chalice of christ whom others belief that can give forever youth, think twice again. Appearance can be deceiving, what is far more important is not just delaying your aging process, going to cosmetic surgery and dying from not eating too much because of being afraid to get fat.

Although, there is still no known cure regarding this syndrome, the best way to deal with this is to have an open mind and seek professional help, psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral methods are some of the treatment strategies you can use.

Hot Money Saving Valentine Ideas

February is a month of love and valentine day is what every lover is looking forward.  There are lots of things you can make to show your love to your love one.  This isn’t the time to expend lavishly but it doesn’t mean you have to skip giving.

There are many ways and things you can do to send him/her  a message of love this coming Valentines Day. Try this hot money saving valentine ideas that you will surely love.

Women loves flowers and chocolates.  Why not combined them into one lovely  chocolate coated roses.  They are beautiful and oh so tempting.

chocolate rose bouquet

Instead of going out on a fancy restaurant, you can prepare a nice and sumptuous Valentine Dinner at the comfort of your own home.  Play a nice sweet song and dance with your favorites , create a romantic ambiance and cook your best Valentine recipe, it is also a great way to maintain staying fit even with this holiday.

best valentine recipe

Instead of buying a gift bag, why not create your own and filled it with your favorite things and goodies.  You can even make a recycled valentine bag and put some eco-friendly treats.  Check out Hilary‘s tutorial on how to make one.

Recycled Valentine Bag

Who says writing love notes are old fashion.  I always love to receive cards and love letters melt my heart. Make your own card and express how much you feel for him/her.

diy valentine cards

Create a DIY Valentine photo book, browse them together and brings back the good memories of that picture.  Very romantic and saves you a lot of money.

photo book

If you know how to sew, why not make your own red shaped pillow.  It’s a perfect gift not just for valentine but for the whole year.  You can even personalized it by putting her/his name.

heart pillow

Best Beauty Bargain under $10

Being beautiful does not need to have a big amount of money.  All you need to do is to have some creativity and confidence to yourself.  It’s very hard to cope up with the demands of life today and for some being beautiful with the use of cosmetic can cost a lot .

But did you know that you can find beauty products that are less than $10 that can help you enhance your beauty and help you to be a better person inside and outside.

There are many online sites that you can find best beauty bargain under $10 , it doesn’t need to be branded , you just need to look if it’s safe for you before you use it.

But of course, it would be an added value if those products are one of our well loved brands, here are the samples of beauty for less than $10 which you can choose from ;


My Glam’s facial mask

Glam up your look with make up and peel off mask for less than $10.  It doesn’t mean that because you bought the product for a cheap price, the products itself is cheap.  You got it all wrong.  There are many deals that you can find that you would be proud of yourself for choosing the right one.

 Maybelline is one of my favorite brand and did you know that their product is very affordable and they offer a wide array of different beauty products for less but the quality is not compromised.  When buying online, make sure that you get the chance to check the products before buying it.


Pink Fashion Fever

Who said men is not allowed to wear pink?  Real mean wear pink and someone who does not affraid to wear them are very sexy.

I have heard that Joop for men is not as good compared to other perfume but this advertisement will surely make a big difference.

Pink has always been associated with girls and girly things but in this new world that men and women are becoming equal, guys wearing pink will not be considered gay and my hubby is one of the prime example of that.  He loves pink and i do love seeing him wearing a nice pretty pink shirt.

ed westwich in pink

Actually, many hollywood actors are already in pink , just look at Ed Westwink in pink, there are many occasion  that you can see him in pink shirts or pink tie.  He sure knows how to handle his charisma.

So, don’t get shock if you find your husband wanting to have his own pink collection.

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2012 Stylish Hairstyles

Hair is the crown and glory of every woman that is choosing the best hair trends for one is sometimes a little bit tricky.  This 2012, let us take a peak of some of the newest trend in hair styles for a perfect blend to our fashion style.

homemade curls

Homemade curls 

Curls are making a comeback and homemade curls from your curling iron is a sure hit for day and night time event.  If you have a long straight hair, you can easily create a variation of your hair styles with just a twist of your curling iron.

Natalie Portman in french twist hairstyle

French twist hairstyle

Who says, french twist is over.  Just look at those gorgeous hollywood actresses who wears their french twist hair with glamour and passion. This hairstyle is not totally a vintage look, it’s sleek and sexy and totally fashionable.  It’s not just for prom or for wedding look, walk in a day time party with this glamorous hairstyle.

under loop hairstyle

Looped under ponytail

Create a chic looped under ponytail , this hairstyle creates a casual look appropriate for work and school and perfectly blend for a beautiful fashion statement. Clean, neat and easy to do. ]

Amanda on big side pinned waves

Side pinned waves

A dynamic diversion of beauty and fashion, this side pinned waves highlights your face and create an illusion and girlish charm. Long hair is surely a hit for every season , with this fashion look , you can put some barrette on the side of your hair.