Monogrammed Necklace from Ciel Creation

If you are like me who dotes on anything personalized, you must definitely check out Personalized custom monogram by Ciel Creation at Etsy .  This handmade custom jewelry is really cute and a great gift for family and friends on any particular occasion.

I remember my dad telling me that I should choose a husband with surname that starts with letter R so that my name would be tripple R since he knew that I was amused on seeing names with tripple letters.  It must be fate that brought me to have this initial and it was a perfect timing to have this necklace since I have been wanting to have one as a birthday gift to myself.


The necklace comes in a simple box which I always see in many of online bought accessories but this yellow gold plated monogram necklace is something worth looking at.  It comes with a 20 inches premium Italian chains which is thicker, sturdier and less prone to tarnish.


The monogrammed necklace was done with precision and can be great to wear everyday as it is or for necklace stacking since it has a long chain.  I would definitely recommend it to my friends who love monogrammed and name necklace.

Disclaimer:  I received a product in exchange of my honest review.  No compensation was given.

Helen Ficalora : Jewelry Designs that inspires beauty, love and peace

Jewelries are indeed intricate and beautifully crafted accessories that bare nothing less but elegance and grandeur. What makes jewelries even more enticing is the many things that can be done to personalize it, just like signature jewelry designed items that allows us to relive a moment or to remember a person that is extra special for us, that’s the main vision of Helen Ficalora. From rings to bracelets, to earrings and charms, a lady will definitely want to have a few of these included in her wardrobe during her beautiful lifetime.

A pioneer of alphabet charm and each accessories defines the wearer and a personal story to tell. Imagine having a ring that allows you to remember that special moment when your love one has declared his eternal love for you. Or wouldn’t it be sentimental to receive a necklace engraved with your child’s name a few days after her birth. It would definitely be so heart-warming to have a piece of jewelry, something eternal and lasting that is readily available to relive and bring back those special moments back into life. Imagine receive a beautiful box like this as a gift, I believe the excitement is just overwhelming.


This is what signature jewelries are for. At Helen Ficalora, you can practically personalize these jewelries to the point of being able to engrave a memory to a stunningly created piece of art that can be worn close to your heart in every day of your life.

Although, i already have the idea of what I will be receiving, it was still a delightful feeling to open a box and see for yourself the beauty of this angel wing pendant and necklace.

angel wing charm

If you believe in angels, you will understand the feeling of security and faith that there is someone out there looking out for you and keeping you safe.  Although I believe in angels, i still firmly believe that the spirit of my  loving grand mother is the one who was always there beside me, listening in silent and helping me to cope up on anything.

Helen Ficalora, a fast rising brands who offers signature jewelry design inspires beauty, love and peace and definitely something worth having . No wonder it’s a favorite of many Hollywood actresses.  Buy it for yourself or give it to someone special to keep a memory intact and secured not only in your mind but in this stunning piece of beauty.

helen ficalora angel wing pendant

Their design goes from simple to intricate ones that will suit almost anyone’s personality. Be captivated with these pieces that promotes love, beauty and peace that inspires us to become the best that we are and to remember those precious and important moments in our lives. Have a signature jewelry for that special moment in your lives. You’ll have a lifetime to enjoy and marvel in that beauty.

You can check them at Facebook for the latest designs and updates. Now, spread the HF love 🙂

Dune Jewelry: Original Beach Sand Keepsake

Keepsake ” Something that one keeps because of the memories it calls to mind.” Something of sentimental value.    

Each of us has a keepsake to remind us of those things that are dear to us.  It is sometimes given by our parents, our friends or an acquaintance  but most of the times, those keepsakes are the ones we  kept as a memento of beautiful memories that we choose to cherish or a part of our lives.

I remember in my childhood years, i used to keep chocolate wrappers since I fancy them.  For years, i kept the tag of my first pants and bags whom I bought from my own hard earned money until such times, i decided that it was no longer a keepsake but a pile of trash on my box. But i still keep some few things in case I want to relive the memory of how they come to be.

We love to travel too and summer is not complete without visiting the beach. I have my own keepsake of sea shells and small white stones too (but it’s not the prohibited one of course) I even put dates on them and the place so I can always identify them from the rest.

But honestly, it never occurred to me to get beach sands since I thought all sands are the same.  Funny as it is seems until I have learned about Dune Jewelry. My reaction was really, “wow! this is something cool and definitely unique.


 That’s the concept of Dune Jewelry, bringing your precious beach travel into a jewelry keepsake as a remembrance of that good memories you have on that place everyday everywhere. Or it can be another way around, it can be a reminder of your dream vacation.  A travel destination you wish you and your love one can visit someday.


Dune Jewelry offers original beach sand keepsake and created into different accessories which uses sand from your favorite beach or any beach of your choice from their more than thousands of sand bank collection ranging from North America, New Zealand, Africa, Europe,  South America to Polynesia and even as far as Antarctica and then created into a unique and creative keepsake that will definitely become a treasure for a long time.  I have requested the beach sand of Pink Sands Beach from French Polynesia.


Les Sables Rose or simply the “Pink Sand Beach” can be found in Rangiroa. It’s an isolated beach with immaculate pink sands.  Although this place is not as grand as the other French Polynesian beach destination but it gives a relaxing and calming feeling, a wonderful feeling of being commune with nature.


I don’t know if I could ever had a chance to visit this majestic place but it will be a constant reminder for me to keep on believing. That is something worth keeping don’t you think?

As for you, you can also get a constant reminder of your beautiful coastal memories from Dune Jewelry.  Visit Dune Jewelry today and check out their amazing collections and turn your precious memories to a collectible keepsake.  You can also create one as a gift to a love one, friends or someone who recently get married who will be having their destination honeymoon.

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Moon Glow Jewelry : Shine by Day -Glow by Night


Being born in the month of February is perhaps one of the main reason why I’m such a believer of spiritual and energy powers of the things around us.  One great example is the belief that the moon holds a great power among us. Believed to be mystical and powerful, the moon defines and affects who we are as a person. The shine that it gives every night is just an understatement of the mystical power it holds just like the moon glow jewelry.

Since the ancient time, the first people believe that the moon signifies many different things. They use it to identify the time of the year and even help them to go to places without holding a map. They say that the Moon Goddess is a giver of life and possesses power to help fertility.  One attitude and character is also associated in the moon.

The Moon Glow Accessories is indeed a great gift for someone who believes in the mystical power of the moon. The first time I saw it on a fellow blogger, I told myself that it would be a great gift for my birthday.  They say that I’m such a lucky gal in may different aspect and yes for once, I would agree with them because my wish just came true.


We all have a different character, good and bad side which make us who we are, uniquely different from each other.  This yin and yang necklace is just one of the many beautiful necklace collection at Moon Glow wherein you can purchase a personalized accessory featuring the moon phase of your birth.

Here’s an interesting fact about yin and yang which i got from their website,

Taijitu symbolizes the natural dualities, such as male/female, up/down, hot/cold, life/death, or light/dark. Each side of the circle contains the “seed” of the other. Yin (the female blue side) is the “shadow”, and Yang (the masculine gray side ) is “light.” A good analogy for the Yin-Yang relationship is the way the sun dances on a mountain and the valley. As the sun moves across the sky, Yin and Yang gradually trade places, revealing what was obscured and obscuring what was revealed.

Everything has both Yin and Yang qualities: a shadow can not exist without light. Yin and Yang transform each other: like the waves in the ocean, there is always an ebb and flow. Yin and Yang are opposing forces dependent on a flow in a natural cycle always seeking balance, together forming two parts of a whole.

I thought that having my husband and my moon phase at the time of our birth in one necklace is a great idea but I was surprised upon learning from them that we shared one moon phase which is the 6th Descending (Waning), which come to think of it, he was born in January and I in February also with a different year. (I told hubby about this interesting news and he giggled while telling me, “you see we are meant for each other, even our moons tell it so”) funny as it seems but having the same moon phase on my necklace will look odd so I decided to just choose my son’s birth date which as you can see is just one slice different on my moon phase. I was thinking of choosing a half moon but it would not be personalized, don’t you think?

The story of  Moon Glow

Moonglow jewelry is a hand-crafted specialty line that provides its loyal customer a unique concept that brings jewelry to life. It’s not just a jewelry that features the mystical moon but also defines who you are.  Moonglow helps you capture a special moment in time by finding and carefully depicting what the moon looked like on that day.  Julien Plouffe’s , the Moon Glow curator and owner begun the journey in 2009. Moon Glow is more than just a line of jewelry for him,  it is a wearable symbol of the precious moments life offers.  While Julien shared his passion , Artist and jewelry designer Luc Rouleau brings it to life  with his love and fascination with the moon thus making each piece as unique and memorable for the wearer. He even hold the Guinness Book of World Records for  memorization of calendar days and moon cycles.

A gift of Love

Since each Moon Glow jewelry is personalized with your very own moon phase, it’s a great gift for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, Chirstmas or anniversary or just a simple thought of remembering someone, a Moon Glow Jewelry is a perfect gift for that special someone. Each moon glow accessory is uniquely yours since it features the moon phase at the time of your birth. If you send it as a gift, it has a card that explains the moon that you picked.  All orders comes with a Moonglow Jewelry certificate of authenticity and warranty card and the most interesting part is that all of their collection is designed to absorb any light in order to charge it. When placed in the dark, your moon jewelry will glow gently, mimicking the moon in the sky thus it glows in the dark.


Ooh, look at that, i got an extra freebies too. Now, that gives my birthday an extra fabulous memory for me to cherish and remember.

Check out your very own moon phase at the time of your birth, visit Moon Glow today and be mystified. You can also follow them at their Facebook Page for more updates.

“But even when the moon looks like it’s waning…it’s actually never changing shape. Don’t ever forget that.”
Ai Yazawa, Nana, Vol. 14

Disclosure:  I received a complimentary product for my unbiased review. All opinions are mine and may differ from others. Pictures are mine unless specified. 

Handmade Jewelry by Lucid New York

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png
Who doesn’t love surprises? I so love them especially if we are talking about jewelries and fashion things ,  those are just one of the favorites of every fashionista. But although, I’m not a fashionista , I love the part when i get to open a package which I have no idea what’s inside.

Definitely, i’m a sucker for handmade accessories.  Why, because I always believe that handmade accessories are unique and done in a very passionate way by the maker since each pieces is created with a desire to make the wearer happy and fashionable as well.

That’s what Anna, the designer/owner behind Lucid New York  wants to convey with her subscriber, she knows they love everything trendy but classic, they value comfort and style. She gets inspired by people downtown New York where she lives – by clothes and the way they move. 

She has interesting handmade jewelry that you would surely love to own and I am very happy to try and receive some of them.

lucid new york earrings 1

This chandelier earrings is something you would really wish to have, very stylish and the design truly fits for an eco-mom like me.

lucid new york

A perfect pieces of accessories  for a day or evening wear.  Now, you can also get a chance to own this beautiful pieces by subscribing on their monthly subscription.  The Lucid Box has two pieces of jewelry in every box. The value of each box varies between $58-$74,  a real deal for the price of $ 26 a month.

Subscribe now  or join their facebook page to learn more about the latest news.

Baroni Bora Bracelet Giveaway


Bora Bracelet – $ 135 value

Hosted by:  Crafts – Things  Sponsored by : Baroni Designs

The Bora Bracelet by Baroni is a hand woven design in a hefty sterling chain results in a classically cool everyday bracelet.  Perfectly suitable for her and him.  What are you waiting for?  Join now by clicking the rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Pretty Peacock Pendant Giveaway

the pretty peacock pendant giveaway


Sponsored by:  The Pretty Peacock   and  Hosted by:  Fitness Fashion & Freebies with Simply Jess and some awesome bloggers brings you The Pretty Peacock pendant giveaway.

About The Pretty Peacock: 

The Pretty Peacock was born out of passion which aims to create tangible memories and  treasured keepsakes meant to last a lifetime. Each pieces of jewelry is created by their own hands in the United States with great care, pride and lots of good juju!

The Pretty Peacock believes in responsible luxury thus used recycled precious metals on all of their design.  Unique, eco-chic and worth keeping.

One winner will win Queen of the Flock Pendant value at $32 .  You can choose your own birthstone.

Dimensions:  A silver peacock feather focal pendant adorned with as many birthstones as you need!  Feather: 1.77″ long, .91″ wide. A stunning sterling silver chain (18″) is included and boxed ready.  Follow the rafflecopter to gain points.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is for US residents only, 18+.  This site is not responsible for prize shipment and this is not connected with Facebook, twitter or any other social media.

The Pretty Peacock Necklace – For the love of beauty

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

A  gift that comes from the heart is something worth keeping.  That’s what The Pretty Peacock necklace aims to convey.  Beautifully crafted and uniquely made,  The Pretty Peacock necklace is a creation of passionate heart which emits from her works and shared to the one who bought them.

I’m a  hopelessly romantic  person, that even a simple gift can be as grand as long as it is given with the intention of giving me happiness and cheers.

Peacock is known for its beautiful colors, a picture of grace and symbol for vanity.  But we all know that peacock is a male does you could just imagine why they named their brand as pretty peacock but nevertheless, men have their own share of vanity.

The Queen of the Flock Birthstone pendant on the other hand is something worthy to be praised, with it’s beautiful design especially the heart on the middle of it is simply pretty.  It’s a piece of accessory that you would wish you had.   Created from silver ,  the feather is 1.77″ long, .91″ wide and you can even make it more personalized by including your birth stone. It’s a perfect gift  for this coming mother’s day to your dear mother or for your love one.  It;s also a beautiful gift for a friend who’s going to get married to the man of her dreams or those who recently graduated as a symbol for a new beginning, spreading their wings to achieve greater things.

Whatever occasion it may be, giving something as beautiful as the pretty peacock necklaces is indeed a delight for those who will receive them.

1 peacock necklace

Check The Pretty Peacock website to learn more about their collection. Choose your favorite and get the chance to win just like the above picture. Spread the beauty of peacock accessories,  Choose your favorite and order them in time for Mother’s day or follow them on Facebook  and Twitter.


Now, here’s the best part,  The Pretty Peacock  is very generous to offer one of my lovely readers a chance to have their own Queen of the Flock birthstone necklace ,  you can choose what birthstone you would like to have.



But if you could not wait on winning,  you can also get a chance to get them for a discounted price.  Today up to April 30th,  use the code DIVA 2013  for a 15% discount.  Did I mention that they cater international orders too?  Visit the site now for complete details.


Baroni Design – Hand made jewelry at its finest

When i see  beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories, I can’t help myself  not to stare for a while and admire them.  For such a time,i have created my own hand made beaded jewelry and even made some for my friends and my daughter.

I particularly love pearls and beaded accessories because they give a woman a special feeling of beauty and that’s what Baroni Design collection can give you.

Browsing through their site, you can find different  hand made jewelry ideas that are very unique with intricate designs I haven’t see from any other jewelry shops.  It looks like some of their pieces are created to celebrate beauty and fondness of life.  These jewelries are created with such passion and was uniquely made by a skilled artisan working with focus and desire to bring such beautiful designs putting their heart and soul on each pieces.

Afterall, jewelry made by hand can give you a personalized feeling.  Baroni Designs offers a wide collection of hand made silver and gemstone jewelry. It is a perfect gift for someone you love or even for your own collection.  You can choose from their 20 available collections or you can even order for a customized design complete with custom packaging.

One of their collection that i truly adore is their Emerald Forest Collection.

emerald forest by baroni designs

Emerald Green is the color of the year and aside from it, green is one of my favorite color because it signifies Mother Earth and you know how much I advocate green living.

Green celebrates life, mystery and renewal. It is calm or vibrant .  This collection brings freshness and variety for every owner.  Named from their very own  Humboldt County, Emerald green collection features natural rutilated quartz, chrysoprase and turquoise hung from an array of chains.

Coastal Grove Necklace

Coastal Grove Necklace – $160.00

Vibrant green Chrysoprase and clear blue turquoise are reminiscent of river and sea.  Comes in Sterling silver.  You can wear the strand in one piece or put together to create a more perfect appeal.

Trinidad Bracelet Set

Trinidad Bracelet Set – $146.00

Strands of rutilated quartz and Chinese turquoise, colors of sand and sea, are combined in a striking seven strand stretch bracelet set. Sterling silver .

Maidenhair Fern Ring

Maidenhair Fern Ring – $50.00

A faceted apple green Chrysoprase, known as a protector of negative energy, is the focus of this stunning and simple ring. Sterling silver. A perfect pair for your green ensemble.

Perfect for a day time use and even for night time affair with your friends and family.  This pieces will surely stand out and will be a center of attraction among your female friends.  Ooh, i can’t wait to get hold of my very own coastal grove necklace.  I’ll let you know on another post about it.

And the best part of this is you get the chance to order them right from the comfort of your own home.  You get to own valuable pieces of jewelry saving both your time and money.



or you can get your very own Coastal Grove Necklace -valued at $160.00 by joining our Giveaway




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