Ralph Lauren Sunglasses: Timeless Vision Pieces

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, thus the importance of a clear and just vision is necessary. Through time, our eyes age and will sometimes require the aid of prescription glasses. For those lucky to have perfect vision till their later years in life, having classic eye pieces is still necessary.It protects the eye from heat, from dirt and other harsh particles in the environment.


One of the most iconic, classic and lasting fashionable sunglasses comes from Ralph Lauren. The style that the brand carries is synonymous to the American spirit and has been the trade mark of sophistication and class for nearly four decades.


The innovative brand is also one of the leading brand when it comes to clothing, accessories and fragrances and has been a favorite piece for almost every fashionable icon around the globe.  Timeless vision pieces are indeed synonymous with Ralph Lauren.

Keeping up with fashionable pieces for the eyes can be quite costly, thus having a brand you can trust to when it comes to durability is also important. This is what Ralph Lauren is very proud of. It is classic, timeless and it lasts. The brand may be a little bit pricey compared to its contemporaries but durability and class has no price tag. This and more is what Ralph Lauren is very proud of.  Finding that perfect glasses for you may be quite a task especially if there are many beautiful pieces for you to consider. But one thing is for sure, you only want the best and that is what Sunglasses Shop comes handy. They offer authentic and only genuine glasses from well known brands.  That is why, you are assured that you are getting the true worth of your money.

The  products they offer comes straight from the manufacturers.  Sunglasses Shop is a Ray-Ban Certified Dealer, and listed on the Oakley website too. 


Men and women alike are enjoying the designer pieces and timeless sophistication the brand offers.  That’s what Sunglasses shop is offering to their costumers. They also offer the best designer eye wear with prescription lens and you will be rest assured that their laboratory has a  fully-qualified opticians who make prescription glasses and sunglasses lenses every day.

Their collection of sunglasses are available for both men and women of different ages. To know more about authentic and genuine eye pieces, visit Sunglasses Shop today.

Polette Sunglasses: Fashionista Must Have

Although the weather is still cold and snow can be found on some places. We are already looking forward to feel the spring breeze. But although, we so love spring and summer, the hot of the sun shining so brightly can be a big dilemma which sometimes it can even burn our skin.  This is not also good for our eyes, that’s why we need something that can protect them.

Spring and Summer is the time to be fashionable and yes it’s not all about fashion, it should be comfort and benefits too,  knows that our eyes is one of the parts of our body that needs fashion while making sure it’s also protected.

Offering a wide variety of fashionable and discounted sun glasses, Polette online shop  is one site you wouldn’t miss visiting, after all having a handy fashionable sunglasses is what you need for.


They offer different kinds and designs of sunglasses that will surely fit your budget and satisfy your needs.

Brand Highlight & Concept

The man behind Polette, Pierre Wizman with his associate Pauline Cousseau works from scratch on delivering an inexpensive designer frame glasses that are trendy and sophisticated. His vision to put an end on the monopole of optics has finally come to a realization.

Because of this belief, their groundbreaking idea of being the only intermediate between the factory and the customer was created. Customers are rest assured that all frames and lenses are provided straight from their workshops to your preferred delivery address.


Uncompromised quality, that’s the word I can describe about my new polette eye wear. Trendy and pretty , it is what every fashionista would love on having. They  sell lenses from $9.99 and frames ranging from $9.99 to $49.99 with lots of designs to choose from.

Trendy eye wear cases and wipes :

My eyeglasses is very important to me, i definitely can’t see without them but sometimes unexpected things happens like breaking it or getting it misaligned because its case is just a plain cotton. Good thing, with this Polette Kaway case, it will definitely protect my frame as well as it’s lenses and it comes in different colors too or you can also check their different pretty wipes that you can bring in your bag to wipe that dust away from your lenses.  Each wipes feature different interesting design that is unique and very stylish.

I’m definitely loving this new sunglasses. You can get the frame and lenses for a very affordable price, visit polette sunglasses today to find different designs.



Disclosure:  I received a complimentary product for me to create this unbiased review.  All opinions are mine and may differ from others. 

Sweet Life with Nectar Sunglasses

Enjoying life, that’s something we are entitled to do. That’s the same goal  of Nectar Sunglasses, they believe that each individual has to do what they love to do and do things they intend to do.  Spreading the sweetness of life with this concept in mind, they encourage each of us to pursue the things we love to do.

Whether your a simple woman who wishes to enjoy the beauty of nature or someone who ventures on life thrilling sports or perhaps a party animal who enjoys the company of friends.  It’s up to you to find your own enjoyment and realize what you meant to do.

With this advocacy, they introduce sunglasses that every individual can relate and bring your inner ideas and desire.  Whether it’s a simple gathering or a grand event, it’s  Nectar’s goal  to spread the sweet life you so deserve.

love nectar sunglasses

Each sunnies represent something about you or the things you desire to achieve.  Like this aviator desperado ,  They say that “there’s just something that feels so good about being bad.” and yes, there are times that I just want to be bad in anyway and forget all the goodness inside me and break some rules.  There are days that I want to shred out the sweetness in me and be cruel to all the people who wronged me.

10414498_662283080487928_1467082433691638586_nI guess that would be a different version of me, perhaps wearing this would give me the jive and have the time of my life.

Now, you can get this lovely sunglasses for a discounted price.  Just visit their site today and get %10 off by using this coupon code,  lovenectar on your cart before check out.

Four Eyes : Comfort and Style on every glasses

 photo freebiesdisclosure_zps6f085782.png

Our eyes is one of the most important part in our body.  We are lucky that we have been given the gift of eyesight since not all have that.  I still remember my grand mother used to tell me to take care of my eyes and never overused them but since I used to read a lot of novels back on my teens day, I have to wear eyeglasses on a very young age.

To be honest, wearing one makes me feel I look ugly since I used to imagine those girls with thick eyeglasses and braces, It’s just me and my opinion and I’m not against them nor degrading them.

For sometime, I tried using  contact lenses to avoid wearing eyeglasses but it’s very inconvenient for me in the evening since you have to remove them before you go to sleep, thus I revert back on wearing eyeglasses.

For a busy working mom, it’s hard to find time to go to the optical clinic to get a brand new glasses but luckily for me and for all those busy people like me since we don’t need to order abroad or wait for a long period of hours on the eye clinic to get a new pair of glasses.

four eyes eyewear

At Four Eyes , you can order prescription eyewear and eyeglasses frames with just one click of your fingertips. With their different collections of frames , you will be amazed to find  that my old thoughts of wearing eyeglasses can make me look older is indeed a wrong notion since the secret on looking good is all in choosing the right frames for your eyes.

Four Eyes is the first online optical store for prescription eyewear in Asia and I must say they are good with what they offer. With different ranges of optical and sunwear style, you will definitely find the one that fits for you.  I love the idea that the names of their glasses are catchy and interesting and got their own meaning too.

I have chosen the Twinkling Star , i thought the definition perfectly fit me and since orchid is the color of the year, I thought this would make me look more fashionable.


Working hard does not mean that you can’t be hip and fashionable. You can look fabulous even in the toughest of all situations when you have to be outstanding. This one gives the look of grace under pressure. Fashionably in command.

You can use their virtual try on by uploading a picture of you and trying each eyeglasses so you will have an idea on how the glasses will look on you. Their service is very prompt and upon placing your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from their customer support.

how to place order online

Placing your order is very easy and all the procedures are already given in the website.  So, even if your a newbie on computers or online shopping, you will not hesitate on ordering. But of course, make sure to ready your correct prescription if your ordering rx glasses to avoid problems of incorrect grades.

Delivery is also prompt , I had my order within a week but since I have to adjust my eyes on my new glasses, i have to wear them for quite sometime.  My eyeglasses comes with a very nice burgundy case and a care card too, it’s my first time to receive a care card since I don’t remember having been given by the optical clinic or the one I purchased on another online store abroad.

four eyes

What’s make it interesting is the note that “a little TLC goes a long way” for your eyeglasses and yes I’m one of those guilty of this since I violate all of the five notes in there.

Of course, it is already given that all products has it’s warranty and Four Eyes offer a 6 month warranty on manufacturing defects and if your not satisfied with what you get, you can always make a refund if your reason is valid of course.

What’s interest me more about Four Eyes is their advocacy of helping “impoverished communities see the world around them better with prescription eyewear“.  We all know that poor eyesight can be distracting and for those less fortunate students, they offer ” a pair for a pair“, a program that for each pair you bought on their store, you will have that warm feeling that you have been a part of a worthy endeavor to help others.

So, if you are looking for comfort and style and not to forget it’s affordability, you will definitely find the right store for all your optical needs.  When you purchase, leave a note that you heard it from me, I would not get a discount nor credits but it will definitely make me happy knowing that you have learned it from me. You can also like them on Facebook.

four eyes

Shirts from Romwe Fashion –

Red scarf from Ford Pink Warriors (an advocacy for breast cancer awareness)

Eyeglasses – Four Eyes

Finding the perfect pair at Selectspecs

Our eyes is very important since it plays a big part in our daily life.  Losing it would mean a big deal to act normal.  But when you grow older or you tend to over use them, just like a thing, it would lose it’s effectiveness and you might find it one day blurry and unable to use them properly.

There are different ways to help you see clearly,  contact lenses, surgery and wearing eyeglasses.  The first two has it’s own negative that’s why I opt to use eyeglasses because for definite reason, they are more affordable and it’s easy to use.

Finding the right glasses for you is very important, it needs to fit perfectly or else you will be having hard time using them.   One shop that specialize in giving the right glasses is selectspecs.com, I love their wide collection of prescription glasses and sunglasses and if you are looking for a perfect fit, you definitely won’t regret them.

Their prescription glasses includes free lenses and protective coatings but you can also add your own choices like polarized lens, tinted lenses or photochromic lenses which for some gives a lot of benefits.

eyeglasses, prescription,

With thousands of different eyeglasses /brand collections, you will definitely find what you wanted your glasses to be.  I love the idea that just by sending my prescription, they were able to made my glasses correctly and arrive in a fashionable time.

prescription glasses, eyeglasses

showing my new prescription glasses but don’t mind my puffy under eye. Days have been crazy and sometimes, i couldn’t help myself seeing the tragedy that befall in some places in our country.

Thinking about it,  it’s very timely since I have been wanting to have a new glasses and selectspecs made it possible. So, if you are looking for fashionable yet affordable eyeglasses and sunglasses, just head on their site and you will definitely find what you’re looking for.