Victoria’s Secret : Home of the world’s best sports bra

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The outside looks like a haven for fitness and pink lovers but the inside is just totally and equally mesmerizing.

It’s no secret to many that Victoria’s Secret is known for their sweet scent fragrances.  Each fragrance is has its own unique scent and personal touch which makes it more feminine. Add the sexy lingerie modeled by the most beautiful and sexiest angels in the world. Each year, their Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was watched and awaited by not just man but also woman fans alike.

You can find the world’s sexiest bra from their collection and yes even the sexy sports bra that most fitness enthusiasts would love to have.


Above is just a living proof of how pretty they were. The New Ultimate Sports Bra (as many reviews claims) is combination of comfort and style. This place is definitely a haven for all things adorable. I just so love the cabinets that I’m dying to have one in my own room too.


Visit the nearest Victoria’s Secret on your place and experience this amazing bra and other products especially created for Angels like you and me.

Do you love this post or have you owned a Victoria’s Secret Sports Bra?  Let me know on the comment why choose them and your experience.


Bring your sexy side with corset chick

Let’s face it, when we become a mother , whether were working or just a stay at home mom taking care of the kids,  our main priorities in life changes too and that includes on how we looks and what  we wear.

There are days that when we are too stressed out with every day’s duties and responsibilities that when we look at the mirror, we couldn’t even see the glamorous or fashionable side of us instead what we see is a passionate mom/wife taking and making sure that her family is well loved and cared.

I don’t see anything wrong with it after all when we decided to become mothers, our views and aspirations changes too.  But then for this reason, some  marriages failed too because husband sees their wife as just the mother of their kids and they tend to look out for others for surprises and adventures.

That’s why, It is just right that we need to look good too not just for our husband but also for ourselves after all we are entitled to that.  Corsetchick is definitely one site that you need to discover, they offer sexy corsets not just for petite woman but also for plus size woman.  You would definitely smile while looking at their wide collections of different corset.

 Whether your playing fun, attending a party or going out for a dinner, this corset is definitely something you need inside your closet.

Honestly, i had a hard time picking my choice since i love to have several of them but in the end, i choose this gold sequin corset top.  It has a fully adjustable criss cross ribbon lace at the back and the front is just a mild sweetheart cut which can give you a sexy look even if you don’t have that sexy front.  (how i wish i  have even as half as this sexy curve-:).

Now, i’m looking forward to wear this on special occasion.

Looking for a sexy and lovely corset,  visit Corsetchick today or like their Facebook page to gets update.

Now, here’s the great part,  one lucky reader of this site will get a chance to choose their own corset top under $30.  Watch out for the giveaway mechanics, so better come back or else you’ll missed it.

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Zee Bra – Sensuous Bra for smaller busts

When i’m younger, i was  32A , i guess it can be a double A but where can you find such bra. I have strolled through different stores and malls to get one but i never find one.  Normally bra size starts with 32A and i have to wear them with pads just to make my front a little bigger which is extremely not comfortable for me.

Now, that i have two children, from 32A i become 36A but it doesn’t  mean that my bust size becomes bigger (only I become fatter) Many of my friends would tease how it looks like a plywood but i guess i’m not alone with this dilemma.

Finding the right bra for small bust size woman can be tiring.  Other bra usually had hook and eye adjuster,  under wires that sometime cause problems when they pop out and elastic bands around the rib cage that can really make you uncomfortable.

zee bra

Good thing, Zee Bra was created to give comfort and stylish protection for those woman who had smaller bust size.  The fabric was created with exquisite nylon blended with just the right amount of spandex for a secure fit and it has an adjustable padding in case you need one.  (about zee bra)

Delightfully sexy and stylish Zee Bra comes in three colors, black, dark tan and white. I chose to try the dark tan and just by the look of it, you know, it was definitely meant for me.

zee bra

The bra itself is very soft and looks really durable.  You can wear it with your day time apparel or even for a sexy evening attire since it was in V shape.  Truly Sensuous. Comfortable and Beautiful for a very affordable price.

Got a smaller bust size?  Check out Zee Bra today and let me know what you think.

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Fashion Review: Live a Luxe Life with Wacoal

Being a working mom, sometimes I take for granted my self and tend to forget that I needed to look good not just for other person or myself but importantly for my family.  I have never been a fashion diva nor good in picking the right clothes for me.

When I was in my teens, i used to wear jeans and shirt because I am more comfortable that way, I rarely wear dresses but always dreaming to wear gowns and  cocktail dresses.  It is the same thing when buying intimate apparels, I don’t mind the brand and just choose what’s affordable not knowing the true essence of wearing the right bra.

Reality shows that wearing the right bra plays a big part to support the body.  It is more about comfort rather than style and fashion after all your not wearing it to give your the sexiest cleavage but to give you the maximum support that you most needed.

But what if you could get both of them, comfort and style?

Wacoal has a wide selection of brassiere for every woman’s lifestyle and age. Because they believe that the woman undergoes certain changes as we grow older, the right fit should not be compromised.

Wacoal Bra – be body beautiful at any age

The secret on looking fabulous is wearing the correct bra.  Just imagine opening a box full of luxe gifts like this, it will surely thrill every part of your senses.

I always wanted to have a pair of this gorgeous intimate apparels. My sister who is a loyal fan of Wacoal for years (You could just imagine how many pairs she had) has always encourages me to buy them but because I thought it was expensive I never bothered to even know it’s price just until now.  Then the realization came,  “I could even buy a Wonder bra that is more expensive, that after several washes, the color would fade and the straps will loose” or the affordable one that after ten to twenty washes, the pads would deform and the under wire will go out injuring my chest.

I am at my 30’s and a year after, i would be out of the calendar and it’s a fact that I can’t deny, my body is starting to sag, that’s why I needed a bra that can help lift my breasts and that’s what Wacoal do best.

As a working mom, I am always on the go and Wacoal bra provides adequate support and comfort;

Wearing a light colored blouse and Wacoal LB 5684

Wacoal: LB 5684 – Wired three quarter cup bra in brown , perfect for light colored tops.

Enjoying a me time in Wacoal  LB 5683 – Half-cup bra with detachable straps
Thin pads

Who say’s you can’t look good even if your enjoying your precious me time.  Reading a book is one of my favorite hobby and it helps me relax and forget all my worries.

Fashion and Comfort in one

A perfect bra for that evening or cocktail dress. who says you can’t flaunt it even in your 30’s?

Now, i am glad that I have found a right bra that knows my body needs and work perfectly in my lifestyle.

You can also be body beautiful at any age.  Visit Wacoal PH today and check their amazing bra collections, perfect for every woman.

Disclosure: The company did send me a product or service for review. This in no way has affected my opinion of the product or service. This review is my opinion and has been written in my own words .

How to measure your bra and cup size

Knowing the right bra especially for your age.  Choosing the right undergarments plays a major role on maintaining the shape of your body as well as highlighting the dress your wearing.  Research shows that many women are wearing the wrong bra size , it must be the fact that many woman disregards this simple procedure of knowing their correct measurement.

Having a proper bra could not just make you comfortable but it’s also flattering.   A perfect bra can lift, minimize or maximize  and all you have to do is find the right size for you. If your bra leaves a red marks or painful then most likely your wearing the wrong bra size, there are ways to measure your bra and cup size.

Finding the right size does not take much of time, measuring your size is just done in minutes.

Knowing the right dimensions:

Finding the right bra size (image via net)

Under- bust

First you will need to measure around your body under your bust.  Basically if the measure-ment is an even number, add 4 inches (or 10cm), or in case of an odd number add 5 inches (12.5cm).


This time simply measure around the fullest part of your bust and subtract the measurement from the bra size you just worked out above. And finally just check the chart below to find your cup size.

Difference between
bra and cup size
Inches 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Centimetres (cm) 2.5 5 7.5 10 12.5 15 17.5 20
Cup Size A B C D DD E F G

For example – underbust measurement 80cm = Bra size 36

In Inches                    – In Cm.

32                                  70

34                                   75

36                                   80

38                                   85

Finding the right size for you

Additional Tips: 

You should take your measurements while you are wearing a non-padded underwire bra or a tight-fitting seamless T.   You will know that you have eventually bought the correct bra when it’s not painful or uncomfortable to wear.  If you own a bra that fits you well then that bra must be your correct bra size.  Getting the right bra fit is definitely a must for more stylish obsession, you can check out my previous post or my other blog post.