Breast cancer and Methotrexate

Cancer represents a group of illnesses consisting of more than 1000 conditions. This sickness affects basic unit in the body: the cell. It appears when cells start functioning abnormally and start splitting without order or limit. New mass is formed which is called tumor and it can be either benign or malignant. Benning tumors are not a cancer and their cells do not spread to other body parts. They rarely pose any health hazard. On the other hand, malignant tumors are cancer. From primary tumor, cells can reach other body parts by traveling in blood or lymph. This spreading causes metastasis of primary tumor. When breast cancer reaches metastasis, cells can appear in lymph knots. So, this means that disease has spread to other parts of the body, bones, liver or lungs. This kind of tumor retains same type of malignant cells as the primary tumor.

Histogenetic breast cancer can appear from primary atypical epithelium hyperplasia and from regular ductolobular epithelium. More than half of breast cancers appear in upper outer quadrant and sprouts of hormonal tissue. In area around nipples, that is in central part of breast, 15 to 20 percent of cancers appear. In lower region of breast, it will appear in 5 to 10 percent of cases. Usually, cancer will affect only one breast. Have in mind that cancer is more common for left one (for about 10 %). It is very rare for cancer to appear on both breast and in the same spots (1 to 6 % of cases). Breast tumor grows very slowly. It can pass from 6 to 8 years until tumor reaches diameter of 1 cm or if until becomes noticeable. One of the best ways of treating it is to buy Methotrexate online.

fight breast cancer

Doctors are still not sure what causes cancer in some individuals. Specialists from claim that it is very hard to establish impact of environment and genetics in development of the disease. Some of the risk factors which certainly contribute to development of the disease are: family history of the disease (especially if your mother had breast cancer before 40), women who already had this condition, exposure to radiotherapy before 30, breasts which are built from many ducts and have less fat tissue, existence of atypical hyperplasia, age of first menstruation as well as age when menopause started, total length of reproductive period, number of pregnancy and age when you had first baby, women who had baby after 30, higher exposure to estrogen, sensitivity during menopause, lack of physical activity, use of alcohol.

Have in mind that cancer still remains one of the worst medical conditions you can get. With the development of pharmacology, we have certain solutions such as Methotrexate. This drug prevents growth of certain cells, especially cancer cells. Besides cancer, it can also be used for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. People who are allergic to this drug, who have bone marrow disorder, those who are breast-feeding a baby, individuals with cirrhosis or some other liver issue as well as those with blood cell disorder, should avoid this medicine.

Animal Print Fashion – One with the nature


Whether your going out to a small gathering with your family and friend or attending a night affair, a nature inspired fashion is always a major hit.  Nature colors can be great with just any skin tone since it easily blends within the personality of the wearer. I feel like i’m one with the nature just like this animal print fashion.

Animalistic  designs are definitely one of this year’s fave.  With prints from leopards, cats , lions and cheetah had been all over the net and showcases by many fashion designers and perhaps not just in fashion but in the music industry as well.

animal design dress, leopard print,

This is a very timely moment, whatever prints you decide to choose, make a colorful statement and be bold and proud to become one with the nature.

I have always been fascinated with animal design apparel and accessories but I’m always very vocal on the fact that animals should not be hunt down just for the sake of getting their skins to be created into different apparel.

That’s why, it’s just nice to have dress or accessories that depict a certain animal of knowing that their are not harm in anyway. For animal print fashion like this, Aupie would definitely give you a range of affordable and stylish apparel and accessories. Visit their site and find one today.

Omnisax – Fashionable & Sustainable Shopping Bags

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With all the advocacy to live a more eco and sustainable life, many companies have come up with their different sustainable eco-friendly products.  And you might have heard me not just a dozen times that using reusable bags can do wonders to help our environment.

One brand that supports this advocacy is Omnisax, the same company that brings Envirosax  which features different reusable bags that you can use on your daily life.

omnisax, reusable bags

But what makes Omnisax different from other eco-bags I have owned so far is that although they are lighweight , they are made from quality that last and it’s waterproof and with its fashionable designs you can bring even in an elegant occasion.

Designed with fashion on mind,  this bloom bag are made from polyester and has a capacity of 44lbs.  I love how they incorporate flowers, shapes and funky designs on their bags, this is perfect and very handy to bring inside your bag since it can be rolled up and easy to open when the needs arises.  It is also a perfect bag that you can bring when you go out for outing  this summer.

Visit their site to learn more about their different designs and make sure to follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

Look of the Day : Living a Greener Life

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ― Marilyn Monroe

green is for healthy living

My life is a mystery and my destiny is yet to be fulfilled.  I have been in to many struggles and face hardships  I could never define but one thing remain, I’m happy on what I am now and what I have and very thankful for all the learning i have gained.

The scars and wounds of  yesterday may have not fully healed but I have learned that true happiness does not seek you but you have to earn it, feel it and cherished it.

green fashion, yellow fab,

I may be a very stubborn child but always with a helping heart.  Seeking the truth is a part of my attitude, the same reason why I found the missing part of my life.  I may be bold in some ways but I always had a deeper insecurities and inhibitions that I don’t share even with the one i truly trusted.

There are times, i may not say that “I love you”  and i hate the word “sorry” but i value true friendship and keeps my love in my heart forever.   I maybe snobbish at first sight but i will always have an ear to hear even the most craziest things.

sheinside, fashionable earrings, punky earring

I dream of being an advocate of something worthy and in my own simple ways, i shared my thoughts and my services wholeheartedly.  My life is not mine alone, i have my kids and my husband to share it with.  I have my friends and you to keep me sane and make my life  more beautiful.

With all the birthday greetings, I thank you!  This post has been for days in my draft and i could not click the publish button because the emotions keep pouring down.  I’m happy and I am sharing them with you!

Top  –  Green Lapel Long Sleeve Back Lace Hollow Blouse –Sheinside

Earring –  Sheinside

Shoes – Solemate from SM Shoes and Handbags

Angela and Roi & Fitness, Fashion and Freebies Colors and Cause Giveaway

Colors and Cause Giveaway 

Hosted by : Fitness Fashion and Freebies and Angela and Roi Handbags

Angela and Roi offers high quality vegan leather handbags with an aim to express individual uniqueness and passion in any season. Comes with their handbags collection is the advocacy to help different cancer patient.  Each bag color represents a certain cause and when you purchase a bag, $5 will be donated on that certain cause. Here are some of their bags and the causes it represents.

angela and roi handbag collection

One winner will get to own Angela Roi Palette Green Cross Body Handbag .

Giveaway ends on March 4, 2013 , open to US , ages 18+.  To enter, please use the rafflecopter.  Goodluck!

Special thanks to our co-hosts: Simply Southern Couponers,  My Green Living Ideas, Love, Life and Living, Fashion and Passion Online and Journey of a Dreamer,

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure :  I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own.  This blog  is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.  Prize will be mailed by the sponsors directly to the winner. Please contact Melandria’s Musing with questions or to see your business or blog featured on the next event.  

Fashion for a Cause – Best beauty buys that give back

It’s very natural for women to desire and wants  to look good every time.  Sometimes, we buy fashionable and beauty products that we see on television, recommended by a friend or the latest beauty picks by well known celebrities.

Because it’s the love month, it is just appropriate don’t you think to buy products that gives back to a worthy cause.  Each October, i have pledge my support on promoting pink, (an awareness for breast cancer) maybe that’s the same reason why I see pink in a new way.

So if you are planning to go on shopping , do check out of this amazing products that gives back. (that’s for the heart of course)

Smacking Lips – Red Ruby Mineral Shea Butter Lipstick


755% of the proceed will go to Go Red for Women ( a foundation that helps women with heart problems)

Alexandra Ferguson XOXO Pillow in Oatmeal/Fuchsia


Made from 100% post consumer recycled water bottles. Melted down and turned into a beautiful, high quality soft felt cover and poly fill insert stuffing.  This is good for all eco- minded person. And every time you buy a certain product/brands on this site, $1 out of every $5 goes to a cause of your choice.

Apple&bee Embroidered Coin Purse – Red Heart

Apple&bee Embroidered Coin Purse – Red Heart

Made from hemp and lined with silky bamboo. It’s  100% Vegan.   Every purchase of this product will help raise money and awareness of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).  Don’t we all love honey and i guess it is just right to help them survive after all the amazing benefits we get from them.

These are just three of many beauty and fashion products that you can find that helps certain cause.

Do you know others?  Share them here and let other’s know the beauty of giving back to others.


Angela & Roi handbags – Fashion for a cause

I always believe that giving back and sharing the things you have especially to the needy can make your life even more happier and fruitful.  It’s not because you wish for something in return but it is because of your passion to help someone.   I guess,  I was born with a passionate mind and heart although I can be  selfish sometimes, my friends would often tell me that I have that passionate desire to help not just in terms of money but with effort, my time and whatever i can do to help you, whether it’s emotional or physical.

If only i was born in a rich family, I might have become a philanthropist or perhaps devoted my time to help others but it’s a different story and I am forever grateful that other people have given their help so I can finish my secondary education with full scholarship  so I can go to college and finish it as a working student.

That is perhaps one of my reason why I created Fashion and Passion Online, my other blog who caters different fashion ideas and my passionate desire to share cancer awareness and other causes.

That is the same reason how Angela and Roi Handbags are created. They believe that looking good and fabulous are not just for the rich and famous and with this the ideas they introduce a new concept in handbags.  They create boutique-quality, minimally and classically designed handbags at a competitive price.  The vintage designs with a modern touch was created in different colors with a specific purpose and that’s to help different causes , particularly patients who are suffering from cancer.

angela and roi handbags

Angela and Roi Handbags are created from vegan leather instead of animal leather.  Because of their passion to provide beautiful and competitive handbags, these two South Korean born Boston based founders have teamed up to give fashion a meaning.

Each colors represents different awareness and when you buy that specific handbag , $5 dollars will be donated on that specific cause.  Here are some of my favorites from their Handbags collection and the corresponding causes.

angela and roi handbags

I would definitely love to have one of those, especially the mini pink cross body.  Having one not just shows your fashion side but also you can wear them with pride because you knew in your heart that you have helped a great cause.

Visit their website to learn more about this handbags ;

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Facebook –

Colors and Cause Giveaway 

Prize :  Angela Roi Palette Green Cross Body

Giveaway starts on February 17, 2013, so don’t forget to come back.