Busy Moms guide on being fabulous

Now, that your a mother, our main priorities in life is our husband and our kids.  We oversee that they are well taken care and we embrace a new life with different roles. We become nutritionists who is responsible in taking care of the healthy needs of our family.  We wanted to ensure that they are having well-balanced food and the family is having a healthy living.  We are like educators, just like the saying goes, that the first education children learns are from their home especially on their parents.

As a mother, i strongly believe that it is important that we are having a great time with our children thus sometimes we take for granted that we also needs to look fabulous.  Having children to rear and love, we often take for granted our own life especially our fashion style and sense.  We just go through life doing the things we needed to do and never take the time to check in with ourselves to see how we are doing.

busy moms looking fabulous

Although, it is not our primary concern but being a mother does not mean that you will also forget your fashion style and just go with the flow.    It is not a good thing for others to see that your no longer a charmer anymore.  Although looks does not really matter , it is still very important even for busy moms to look beautiful and fabulous especially if your a working mom,  after all we don’t want to look like in our 40’s even if we are in our early 30’s.

Looking good and radiant is not just for our friends and family but also for our self. It is very important that we always retain that feeling of security and sexiness even with an excess bulge in our tummy or arms and legs.

To be chic and hip, we need to redesign not just our clothing but also make wiser choices on accessories.  You need to look in your closet and make sure that you have at least one of these Fabulous collections that you can wear when the needs arises.  Charm bracelets, necklaces and carriers are just some of the examples of accessories that i wished to have.

Whether it was traditional bracelets or custom made, charm bracelet like those created by Thomas Sabo is something worth having.   It doesn’t need to be fancy or very expensive because being fabulous is not about the price of what you wear.

rose quartz love knot charm

Remember that we should not take our selves for granted.  Be fabulous with this stylish accessories and treat yourself once in a while.

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  1. Custom made bracelets are awesome to have! You do look fab sis!

  2. Great pointers. I bet a lot of moms would find it very useful and helpful. You look fab on your photo by the way. Thanks for sharing. cc

  3. that’s very true and most of the time it happens to every mom. that’s because we put our family as our priority and that we forget ourselves. It’s hard. However, we deserve to treat ourselves and pamper once in awhile. So, we should all have our Me time moment.

  4. You are right we women should take care of ourselves no matter how old we are and how many kids we are going to have. I think I should apply this to myself, normally I don’t care how do I look like.

  5. That’s true, motherhood added a whole lot of duties in us. I don’t accessorize as I am a very simple person when it comes to my looks. I see to it though that I look presentable when I go out.

  6. The biggest challenge in women’s life is to become a mother. Because responsibilities and priorities is on the top of the lists. However we have to keep balance in anyway.

  7. I agree! Being a mother is not the end of being a fashionable mom! It’s only the beginning!

  8. Working MAMA says:

    i love that pink bracelet

  9. I think I need one of those! Ineed to look fab next week!

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