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An online shop that offers exquisite and one of a kind jewelry from top emerging designers from the world. illustrate fashion and integrate culture on every designer pieces that they sell.  When you buy a piece of jewelry from, you are directly buying from the designer itself making a rare chance to interact with the one who made that jewelry and what’s more interesting on this site is that some of the jewelries that you can see on their site is unique and totally one of a kind which I never seen on somewhere else, of course except if it’s from the designer itself. Each pieces tells a story, something every owner can be proud of.

Although some of the pieces are quite expensive, an assurance and guarantee of getting a quality product is 100% and not just that, because owning such pieces of jewelry is totally satisfying and definitely worth buying because doesn’t just get any designer but they handpicked top emerging designers from fashion capitals like London, New York, Paris, and beautiful countries like South Korea, Italy, Mexico, Buenos Aires and even our very own Philippines.

So, let us travel the world with these beautiful pieces of fashionable and fabulous jewelry, bags and Fashion Accessories, offers;

soul ring, exquisite ring

a path to your soul ring

 A path to your soul ring from Gabriela Ramirez Michel of Mexico – beauty, wisdom and art, a mystery itself that can be revealed through this beautiful ring.

reverie embroidered necklace

Reverie Embroidered Necklace by Krista R of Talinn, Estonia

Inspired by the Alphonse Mucha art. Bold yet delicate statement necklace in shades of pale yellow, champagne, cream, dusty pink and gold is intuitevely hand sewn of beautiful rare antique laces. Necklace is adorned with embroidery- metallic threads, wool and silk, rich hand beading, Swarovski and vintage Czech crystals and beaded fringe detail. Lined with a silk chiffon for more comfort, closes with dusty pink organza ribbons at back. Necklace width is appr. 18 cm (without ribbons) drop length 28 cm with beaded fringe details. One of a kind.

Najwa Tote bag

Najwa Tote bag from Poupee Couture.  This faux leather bag with silver and gold studs shows elegance and true beauty.  Something every fashionista would wish to have in their collection.

Take a Rest Cuff

Take a Rest Cuff

Take a Rest Cuff from Serena Chen of Keelung, Taiwan, Republic of China,  a brass plated 18K yellow gold, this cuff defines fashion with elegance and style. Something you can wear on just anything.

summer pink – doubled layer ruffle scarf

Summer Pink – doubled layer ruffle scarf from Yuk Okano of the United States .  Inspired by the kimono, this scarf is a perfect addition on just any outfit.

sweet little thing ring

Sweet Little Thing ring from Caipora Jewellry , London , UK , this ring is definitely something worth looking at.  The design is unique and i so love the idea of that ring which is handcrafted and made from  from recycled sterling silver and combined to locally sourced natural gem.

Flora headband in sand

Flora headband in sand

Romantic Flora headband in sand by Margot of Hamburg, Germany.  This handcrafted headband made out of 100% lustrous mercerised cotton yarn in neutral colours was inspired by the movement of the Pre-Raphaelites Brotherhood and the glamourous women of the „Roaring Twenties“.

obi pink flower wristlet

Pink Rose – obi pink flower print wristlet bag from Liucia Japan – Hongkong/China/Japan –  A sweet little piece that shows not just a fabulous design but a totally innovated product I truly love to have.

Collier Épineux - necklace of thorns

Collier Épineux – necklace of thorns

Collier Épineux – necklace of thorns  from Vlum of Paris, France.  Handmade in Paris with nylon threads, brass or silver plated findings and comes from 6 different colors, if you wear this necklace you would not even say your wearing thorns , its a fine exquisite design is truly mesmerizing.

Balingbing Bow Earrings

and last but not the least, from our very own Filipino designer Edaya of Baguio City comes the  “Balingbing Bow Earrings” , a combination of bamboo and ratan created into a balingbing shape, a totally local material that is truly world class quality.

Ten (10) different pieces of Fashion from ten top emerging designers in the world, truly world class and only can bring you such collaboration.  No wonder, this place is very popular not just with celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, Rihanna, Julia Roberts, Lea Michelle but also with fashion beauties like Pippa Middleton, Kourtney Kardashian, Victoria Beckham.

Visit today and tell me what is your favorite?  Don’t hesitate to leave a loving comment.

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  1. rebeka deleon says:

    a little pricey for me since I rarely ever wear jewelry. I would rather spend the money on clothes and shoes anyday

  2. There is some really beautiful jewelry some I really like and some, not so much, but even what I don’t like is very creative.

  3. I adore that yellow bird cuff. How cool to connect with someone across the world who made something special for you.

  4. Some interesting pieces.

  5. I like the path to your soul ring.

  6. i love the path to your soul ring ,great accessories

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