Some of the Best Ridgid Drain Cleaning Tools to Ease Your Work

Ridgid offers some of the best tools for drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is a necessary chore that can’t be neglected at any point of time. If there is any delay in the drain cleaning, then everybody knows the effects of it. Also, drain cleaning is not a job that requires too much of man power, if you have the proper tools, then the job is easier. Moreover, you do not need to spend much money and time in cleaning drain. Ridgid has a collection of drain tools that are very helpful in your cleaning work, and the tools are specific for each task. And if you want to buy them at a cheaper rate; you can check Not Just Deals Ridgid coupons. The drain tool collection includes;

  •    Hand Tools
  •    Sink Machines
  •    Drum Machines
  •    Rodder Machine
  •    Cables & Tools
  •    Water Jetting Machines
  •    Sectional Machines

Hand Tools – Hand tools include sub categories like sewer tape, combination augers, toilet augers, and hand spinners. All the tools feature super flexible screws and adjuster so that you will not waste much of your in handling them. E,g An example for  Combination Auger, from Ridgid;

K-1 Combination Auger

Auto-Clean™/K-30 Sink Machine


Drum Machines – In this section you can find 6 different types of drum machines that function with high power, Features performance, cable control, durability and maneuverability. These drum machines are ideal for tough jobs, such as roots with a 600-watt universal motor and gearbox bear down.

K-7500 Drum Machine

Sectional Machines– These are very compact machines that are good for professional use and the running cable is easier to operate with a cable spin at 400RPM. The machines are equipped with 300 watt motor and whole set comes with an operators manual.  You can find 5 products under this category, all are powerful and for high intensity usage. You can find these machines easy to operate simple adjustment knobs.

K-50 Sectional Machine

Rodder Machines – Rugged, compact machine suited for straight main line work in municipalities, universities, institutions and industry. Functions feature a high power, sewer rods, straight runs, large diameter pipe up to 500 feet and more. The engine is equipped with a 6 HP gasoline engine and forward reverse transmission.

K-1000 Rodder Machine

Water Jetting Machines – These are high power machines with working pressure of almost 2200 psi and for fast, effective cleaning of lines. They are easy to use with pulse action and portable with a cart roll jetter and hose at the job site. Simply the water jetting machines from Ridgid are versatile and high quality machines that start easily with improved 6.5 HP recoil start gasoline engine.

KJ-1350 Water Jetter

Cables & Tools – You can find a wide variety of cutters and augers to clean everything from grease to root blockages. With the RIDGID line of cable tools, you will always have the right tool for the job. Drop Head Auger, Straight Auger, Funnel Auger Hook Auger Retrieving Auger Spade Cutter Four Blade Saw Tooth Cutter Spiral Saw Tooth Cutter Saw Tooth Cutter Grease “C” Cutter Grease, Cutter Spiral, Bar Cutter, Sharktooth Cutter, Expanding Finish Cutters, Chain Knocker, Flue Brush are the whole list of tools that are contained in the list of tools and cables at Ridgid.

Drum Cables

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