Beginners Guide to Make up Brushes

Make up brushes  is a part of  your make up routine. It’s a must have for every make up kit.   The different brushes serves different purposes and varies on sizes. I have seen collection of different brushes on the net even ranging to 24 pcs to 32 pcs.  and really wondered what’s the purpose of each brushes.

Upon researching further about this make up brushes, I have learned that there are two types , one is made from synthetic and the other is from animal or natural hair.  Animal or natural hairs can last longer than the synthetic but some may be allergic on them.

If you are a make up person, you will understand that this brushes are very important since it can help you in applying, highlighting, lining, contouring or shading.  Prices of make up brushes can range to hundreds or even thousand of pesos depending from its brand and quantity.

If your just a beginner,  I would highly suggest you to buy just the basic make up brushes since it’s more affordable and let you achieve the job needed to be done.


Avon’s 5 pc Make up brush set in a red pouch is definitely a handy help for all beginner like me.  What I love about this brushes is that they are labeled so you won’t be guessing or need to be a genius to know the purposes of each brushes.

Foundation Brush


From the name itself,  this brushes is needed to apply your foundation so it would blends well.   This brush looks like a spatula with round head.  I also use when I’m applying my BB cream.

Blush Brush 


It’s great for applying blush and bronzer in your cheeks. It is usually the smaller version of the powder brush.

Eyebrow  Brush


A beautiful eyebrow defines your face.  Although, I wish i can create a perfect brow using this make up brush, it would be a great help since it can be used to apply cream or wax on your eye brows.

Eyeshadow  Brush


Although I believe that the eyeshadow brush comes in different size.  The version of Avon’s eyeshadow brush is just the right fit to help you apply apply eye shadow over your lids whether it’s powder or cream.

Lip brush


I so love lipsticks that this brush is always on my bag .  Although, we usually apply lipstick straight from it’s tube but if you love to blend lipstick colors like I do, I definitely suggest that it’s great to always bring this.  

This handy make up brush set from Avon comes in a red zippered pouch that you can easily bring anywhere and everywhere you go and what’s more beautiful is that you can get it on a very affordable price of Php. 399.00 or barely $10 and if your lucky enough you can even buy it on a discounted price with purchase of  another Avon make up.


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  1. Really nice, I admire people who knows how to put make up on coz I don’t.

  2. I’m not really fond of make ups and unfortunately i don’t have any of those brushes.

  3. I gave a set which consists of 24 pcs. of brushes to my sister and she loves it so much.

  4. I love that you featured this! For beginners, this is very useful!

  5. Useful tips for beginners! For me i only have basic brushes :))

  6. You look so gorgeous on the photo sis! =) These are helpful tips to those who are not that familiar with the purpose of different make-up brushes like me.

  7. teresa koedyker says:

    Thank you for the great tips on brushes.

  8. You so Pretty! actually you look like Aiko Melendez..:)

  9. Thanks for the great Tips and ur so Pretty 🙂

  10. Holly Uhler says:

    I sincerely love my brushes! Lol Problem is they are so expensive and they need updating bad. That set you showed in red is beautiful

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