Beauty Review – Celeteque Dermoscience Hydration Make-up remover

celeteque make-up remover I have been a make-up addict for years and even though I rarely got a chance to wear a full make-up, I could never go out from the house without wearing a lipstick or perhaps a press powder but since I’m a working mom, I need to look presentable.

There are days that I’m so dead tired from work and had no chance to do a regime to clean my face and we all know that it’s not safe to use water on a very tired eyes especially after hours of using the computer.  So, just imagine what a great help this Celeteque Hydration Make-up remover can do for me.

Tested and Tried, this make-up remover is one of my handy partner after a very tiring day. Look at that dirt and make-up on the sheet, making it stay overnight and I will surely got another acne/pimples in the morning.

I really like this make-up remover because it doesn’t dry my face and it has a light smell.  You can buy this from all leading supermarkets and mall for only Php. 160.00.

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  1. donquita felton says:

    I would try this.

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