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Aging!  Say’s who? When someone told us that we are aging, our first reaction would be, “only carabao gets old”.  It is not that we don’t want to accept the fact that we are aging but the thought that we are aging fast and the shocking truth that our body is not as the same as when we were at our heydays.

Thinking about it, I never experience having a beautiful body.  It’s either, i’m too thin or i’m too fat.  When I was on my teens, i envy my friends who have impressive body, I even told myself that when God gave those women beautiful body, i maybe sleeping.  I was even embarrassed once when a friend told me that my chest is like a plywood and i need to  put some coconut shells on it to look bigger.  I was sad at first and i don’t know what to say but then i came to realize that it isn’t just having big chest defines the word beautiful.

It is a given fact that many men prefers voluptuous girls rather those thin one (like me) but it doesn’t mean that if your body is not perfect your less as a woman. Just look at those supermodel, many of them are too thin that looks like they are no longer eating but they are still confident enough to face many people and be proud for what they are.

But some have even  undergo surgery to correct and enhance those body features making it appear much bigger if they are less or smaller and sexier if they are bigger. But we should also look into consideration that as we grow older, our body will eventually change.

I believe that having the right attitude and the right apparel gives you the edge and the solution to enhance or hide those unwanted big parts of your body.  Being beautiful is a state of mind and it can be define on how you can carry yourself on every situation and wearing the right undergarments that can boost your confidence.

As years goes by, as I look into the mirror, i have seen the big changes that happens to my body.  I was once a petite girl, it was perhaps I was too busy and stressed with my daily routines, (working on the morning to earn a living and support my studies which i have at night.) A close friend of mine told me that a good intimate apparel can address the things i wished for my body.   Honestly, i never had the chance to buy beautiful collections of undergarments because i need to save for my studies and the household finances and the fact that i really have no idea on how to choose back then.

Wacoal , one of the leading intimate apparel brand share this diagram and other visual ideas showing how our body changes as woman grow older.

understand how body changes as you grow older

Based on this picture, our body undergoes different changes as we age.

Our body changes as you age

Spiral Ageing Pattern

Even if we don’t want this to happen, we will eventually see the difference but some have been able to slow body ageing by having the right diet, good exercises and a positive outlook in life. But for a working mother like me, fixing the right diet and going into a routine exercise is hard to achieve and especially with all the problems that I needed to face.

Now, i want to share with you the not so proud facts in my body and the aging process my body is undertaking right now.

teen years

On my teen years, my body starts to develop but unfortunately it doesn’t develop on what i wished it to be.  Flat chested it might seen but i have a good butt that i am proud to have. 

On my early 20's and late 20's

I really don’t believe the changes that happened in my body.  I used to tell my husband that I would never ever be fat considering the fact that I have been petite for almost 20 years of my life. Then the unexpected happened. When I become pregnant with my first child , i gain weight and  after a year what remain is sag skin.   

Aging at 30

When I reached 30 and gave birth to my second child, I became more bigger and my tummy become more visible.  My breast is beginning to split and my best asset before (butt) is forming downward , losing it’s natural beauty. Now that i grow one year older, visible signs of body aging becomes more shocking. 

I never foresee that my body will go into this big changes.  I used to remember before , i told myself that when I grow old, i wanted to age gracefully but as I look myself in the mirror now, i am giving this big sigh but despite this aging changes, i am still not losing hope and I know that  I can still have a beautiful body with proper diet and with the help of Wacoal , i can be confident enough to look young and pretty even in my 30’s.

Wacoal Intimate Apparel


Wacoal's Best

 The skirt type girdle, hipster seamless panty, slightly padded long bra,  a high waist long girdle, medium power shape can provide coverage for my big tummy, extra loose skin on my sides and back and the girdles and seamless panty can help my sagging hips stay in place looking more beautiful as ever.  Who needs a medical tummy tuck or hips tuck if I have Wacoal on my wardrobe? With this great addition on my wardrobe, being beautiful even at your prime years  would be effortless.

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  1. the truth is… real beauty comes from deep within 🙂

  2. It’s disheartening whenever you notice subtle changes to your body noh?
    Because I let myself go a bit, I keep hoping to get back my teenage body but that’s history now.
    I’ve always wanted to purchase wacoal products but they’re a bit expensive ( T-T)
    I can’t help but pass it off~

  3. Once we hit 30s it’s so hard to start staying fit kaya dapat early 20s pa lang we’re working out and exercising na. Sad to say, my boobies are now on Stage 1, I blame it on breastfeeding hahaha! I don’t want my hips and boobs to sag!

    Ria, you look the same to me. Nagkalaman ka lang ng konti compared to your teen years. I guess we can never really achieve to go back to that body.

  4. The Joyful Crafter says:

    Wacoal is really a nice brand for undergarments!!!
    From my pre-pregnancy weight of 110lbs, I grew to as big as 280lbs! I kept eating rice, ice creams & cakes; oh plus anything Mexican, while pregnant. My baby is 2 yo now and I’m still at 135lbs, with a big tummy (CS din kasi) ☹ I am looking into tummy tuck hahahaha, but I am scared cos I might die, ROFL. But I really want to get back in shape, not just for me but for the hubby ♥

  5. Greetings from Wacoal!

    We would like to offer you to do a review of our brand. In line with this, we will be giving you P3,000 worth of Wacoal merchandise.

    You may claim your items at our head office (3F 6788 Ayala Ave. Makati City). Just bring this message and a valid ID. Also, please don’t forget to call 8925706 or email us at to inform us when you are dropping by. And in case you are not based in Manila, please let us know so we can make arrangements.


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