When Eating Healthy Is Not Enough

Aging is a privilege. With aging comes experience and wisdom, not to mention senior citizen’s discounts. But with aging also comes the onset of aches, pains and age-related conditions. Such is why older people try to adopt a healthier lifestyle – something you might have observed from your parents, grandparents, or older friends (or which you find yourself doing, if you consider yourself old). They try to keep themselves moving by doing zumba, for instance, and they become more watchful of what they eat. Eating healthier food is not just a trend among older adults – it is a norm. We know this is a good practice, but as we age, eating healthy food may not be enough. That’s because even if you eat healthy food, there’s a chance of you not getting all the good nutrition from it, which may happen if you are deficient in digestive enzymes.

You’re probably thinking, “Digestive enzymes? I remember hearing about that back in the day during Science class. What do digestive enzymes have to do with me getting good nutrition?” Digestive enzymes are responsible for breaking down the food we eat into a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. It’s not the food itself that gets absorbed – it’s the nutrients from it.

But how exactly does it happen?

Imagine yourself eating a piece of bread. As you chew the bread, you are starting to digest it already. From your mouth, it passes through your esophagus down to your stomach, where it further gets digested. From the stomach, it goes into the small intestine where digestion gets completed. Enabling the digestion in your mouth, stomach and small intestine are your digestive enzymes. These enzymes break down your food into nutrients so they may be absorbed into your bloodstream and transported to every cell in your body. Such is the crucial role of your digestive enzymes. Healthy food provides the foundation for optimal health, but even the healthiest food is of little use if it is not properly digested and absorbed.

The thing is, as we get older, the digestive enzymes naturally produced by our bodies become depleted. Digestive enzyme deficiency is thus something older people may experience – and they may not even be aware of it. But how will you know if an older loved one such your mom or dad is deficient in digestive enzymes? If they constantly have digestive complaints like gas, bloating, or abdominal pain, and / or if their bowel movement is irregular, they could be suffering from digestive enzyme deficiency.


The Product:

Enzyplexisa digestive enzyme supplement that aids in proper digestion and helps ensure optimal nutrient absorption.

It has digestive enzymes that help breakdown food into a form that can be easily absorbed by the body. These enzymes are as follows:

  • Amylase – breaks down carbohydrates to glucose
  • Lipase– breaks down fat to glycerol
  • Protease – breaks down protein to amino acids


Enzyplex also has vitamin B-complex which helps enhance the digestive process and aids in the conversion of food into energy to support normal body processes.

SRP: Php 7.50 per caplet

Usage:Ideal to take 3 caplets per day or 1 caplet per heavy meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner)


May be bought in the ff drugstores (Luzon branches only): Watsons, South Star Drug, St. Joseph Drug

Also available online via http://tinyurl.com/EnzyplexOrderForm

Tagline:Absorb life to the fullest!

Social Media Assets:

Facebook (Enzyplex Philippines)


Good thing, Unilab has the answer to digestive enzyme deficiency. Introducing Enzyplex – adigestive enzyme supplement that helps promote healthy digestion.It has a unique combination of digestive enzymes, which break down food so your body gets the nourishment it needs. It also helps one avoid indigestion symptoms such as gas, bloating and stomachache.

Aside from digestive enzymes, Enzyplexhas vitamin B-complex which helps enhance the digestive process and aids in the conversion of food into energy to support normal body processes.

With Christmas nearing, why don’t you give your loved ones (or yourself) the gift of healthy digestion and optimal nutrient absorption? They’ll need it, especially with all the festivities! Buy a box of Enzyplex today and let them absorb life to the fullest!

Know more about Enzyplex and nutrient absorption! Visit and like the Enzyplex Facebook page (Enzyplex Philippines) and check out the Enzyplex website (www.agewell.ph/products/enzyplex).

#AbsorbLifetotheFullest with Enzyplex!

Enzyplex is available in Luzon branches of Watsons, South Star Drug and St. Joseph Drug .

DISCLAIMER: this is a sponsored post written.  Please check with your doctor before taking a new medicine or vitamins.

Tips To Getting The Perfect Car

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post brought to you by cars.com.

Finding the right car is an extremely long and challenging process. There are so many different resources with competing information about what you need to look for when shopping for a new car. I am here to give you an all-in-one breakdown of the simple tip you need to take to finding the right car for you.

For starters, the most important tip of finding a car is performing the right research. You can’t make the right purchase without knowing the facts about the make, model and price of your car. Over the years, I have found that Cars.com is a great resource to learning about your potential purchase. Their website has a huge selection of information that will provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase. What most people don’t know about them is their Videos & Reviews feature. They provide extensive reviews and essential information about a wide variety of different cars. And most importantly, they give it to you straight. I’ve found they don’t sugar coat or hide the bad reviews of cars. If something is poorly rated, hasn’t performed well or not a good purchase, they aren’t afraid to tell you. Because of this, I recommend you begin your car research here. Doing your research is a very important part of car shopping. Especially if you are a first-time buyer or have a lot of different cars you’re interested in, your research will help you the best car at the best price.

Going along with research, another important tip is to not stick with one dealer. Though dealers can stock huge selections at different prices, it doesn’t mean their prices are industry competitive. Because of this, I recommend visiting other dealers and researching similar cars you are interested in to get a baseline price for the vehicle. Visiting other dealers will give you an understanding of what you should be paying, and therefore get you the best price.

Looking at various dealers is increasingly important if you are shopping for a used car. An important factor of used cars is their number of miles. This number has a huge impact on the wear and tear of the car, along with the price. Guessing the price of a car based on the miles it has will not give you accurate information, and will most likely result in overspending on your part. So, visiting other dealers and looking at competing prices is especially important for used cars. Doing this will result in your car being the right price, and it will show the dealer or seller you know what you are talking about.

As mentioned above, it is important to show the person selling the car that you are educated. This is why doing your research is so valuable. Buying a car can be tricky, and people selling cars can take advantage of you very easily. Which is why it’s important to show the seller that you know what you’re talking about. Your research helps you learn the true value and worth of the cars you are shopping for. It can be used as support to the seller to help you negotiate the right price. Doing research on a potential purchase results in information that will help you get a fair price from the dealership or seller.

The last tip is to find the car that is right for you. There are so many cars out there with thousands of different features. It is important to take your time when buying a car. Do the research, look at the cars and find what is right for you. Rushing a car purchase will leave you overpaying and under-satisfied. Whether you are looking for a brand new sports car or a used compact car, taking your time on the purchase will pay off. There are so many different brands, models, editions and more of cars out there, so taking your time to learn about each of these will only improve your purchase satisfaction.

These simple tips will help you save big and find the right car for you. It is important to do your research, utilize different resources, know your stuff and take your time when car shopping. Following these tips will do nothing but help your with your purchase. Doing something as little as looking up similar car prices can save you thousands of dollars. Purchasing a car doesn’t have to complicated and stressful. The more you know about the process, the better off you will be. This list provides you with a great breakdown of how to get the most out of your money.

Now, that you have your own car, make sure to follow the safety tips to avoid any inconvenience while on the road.  Make sure that your have your regular check up and before a long travel, do not forget to tune in your car for the long ride and always buckle up.

What to Do About Abscessed Teeth

One of the most painful oral issues, an abscess on your teeth or gums will most definitely cause you some pain, and if you think you have an abscess in your mouth, you should seek out a dentist immediately. There are two types of oral abscess, a tooth abscess, which affects the tooth root, and an abscess on the gums, and this occurs when the tooth is loose and a cavity forms between the tooth and gums.

Tooth Abscess

Although some oral issues are difficult to detect and may go unnoticed for a while, this is not the case with an abscess. The pain will become apparent at a very early stage, and in some cases, the pain can be disruptive, similar to toothache, and hot or cold foods will cause some discomfort. If you happen to live in NSW and are suffering from what you think might be an abscess, there is an excellent emergency dentist in Sydney who can soon relieve the pain, and with a course of antibiotics, the treatment can begin. In the event of a tooth abscess, the dentist might recommend root canal treatment, which involves removing the pulp from the centre of the tooth and after the root is thoroughly cleaned out, the canal is filled and a crown fitted.

Gum Abscess

This is treated in a different way, and the dentist will drain the infection and perform deep cleaning with scaling and root planning. Plaque and tartar need to be removed, and with the right course of antibiotics, the infection should go away within a week or so. In severe cases, surgery might be the best option, as the infection can be thoroughly removed and steps can be taken to ensure there are no repeat issues. If you would like to see a detailed diagram of the teeth and gums, there are informative articles on the subject that you can find on health related sites online.

Oral Hygiene

As with most dental problems, good oral hygiene will reduce the likelihood of an abscess, and your dentist can help you to create healthier oral hygiene practices, which will reduce the risk of any further occurrence. Using a mouthwash really helps, as this removes the tiny bacteria that brushing might miss, and regular flossing is also important, and should be done after every meal. The final tooth brushing at night is critical, as anything missed will have a few hours of uninterrupted inactivity in which to breed, so it is important to ensure your mouth is clean before sleeping.

Correct Brushing Techniques

Your dentist can help with toothbrush selection and brushing techniques, which will determine the effectiveness of the cleaning process. Ideally, the toothbrush should be medium and have a small head that can easily be manoeuvred, allowing you to clean the awkward areas. There are useful articles that examine common mistakes people make when brushing their teeth, and it also offers sound advice on correct brushing. Good oral hygiene practices should ensure that mouth abscesses are a thing of the past, and by educating other members of the family, you can limit your dental visits to the scheduled check-ups.

If you have just moved to a new area and have yet to register with a dentist, an online search will help you to find a local clinic, and should you ever require treatment, you will know who to call.

Custom name necklace by O Necklace

I’m  a fan of customized things. I love how it was done accordingly to the consumers liking.  Personalized gifts are indeed one of the best way to show your affection to your love one or just a gift to yourself since we all deserve to have something we desire.

This is not my first time to receive a customized necklace since i already got a monogram necklace but certainly it’s a wish come true to have a name necklace.  They say that your name is the representation of you, so you have to wear it proudly.

That is so true for me since my name is uniquely given by my father, you could imagine my happiness to see it on a necklace for me to wear proudly. O Necklace definitely exceed my expectations.  Their products range from necklace, bracelet, earrings and rings and you can choose from different designs and styles.

There are different materials too from Sterling silver, gold plated and even 14K solid gold and white gold.  The necklace was placed in a small black box with a certificate of authenticity included that all products are made meeting the legal standard.

The process of creating such name necklace is made through modern production facility which creates high quality personalized name necklace.


Immediately upon sharing to my Instagram and facebook account, some of my friends asked me how they can also purchase the necklace and what mode of payments are available.  Here are some of the questions and possible answer that you might want to know before buying your own name jewelry.

Q. How much is the delivery cost and can it be delivered to anywhere in the world?

Answer : O Necklace says that purchases can be send on most part of the world for free shipping.

Q.  How can I pay my purchases?

A. They accept all major credit cards and yes they do accept Paypal too.

Q.  Can I make a special request?

A. Yes you can.  There is a “Special Requests or Comments” box which you can make your request .

Q. Can I order with a specialized character?

A.  Yes you can.  Whatever special character is allowed.  They can also do any language as long as you provided them a sample.

Q. How long will it be delivered to me?

A.  That is something we all want to know.  Your orders are shipped within 24 hours. As per my experience, it was delivered in not more than a month which is indeed fast but I guess it vary on different location and circumstances.

Q.  Is it really made of precious metals?

A. Here is the answer which i found on the site;

  • 14K Gold is 58% Gold (14/24) and bears the stamp 14K
  • Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver (925/1000) and bears the stamp 925 or 0.925
  • 24K Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold on to the surface of sterling silver so it will bear the 925 or 0.925 stamp.

If you want a preview of what you are buying.  Check out this Preview link  to help you decide on what design you wish to purchase.  If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to place them on the comment box below or you can directly go to the website to learn more about their products.

Disclaimer:  I was given a product to review but all opinion are mine.


Best Quality Braids

Disclosure:  This post contain links marked as sponsored but all opinions are mine.

I was born with straight black hair. So, imagine the thought when my friends and family see me one day with a brunette hair.  I was not contented with it and i turn to going to short and blonde and then to reddish and brown again. There are days, i wish my hair is braided too. I have seen many friends with braided hair but braiding hair  would mean a lot of effort and needs a very long hair which i think would not be possible with my short hair.


That is why, i am with a luck to find a shop that caters and offers thousands of wigs and hair care products.  I wonder if you have heard Black Hair Spray, it reminds me of my hair spray my aunt used to use before, now I wonder if she was able to get that from this site.

The site offers not just long wigs but also braided wigs which I have been wanting to try. Having one means, i no longer need to go through years of waiting to have my hair go long again. I can also choose from different arrays of products that professional stylists and beauticians uses.  They also offers hair treatment in case you wish to regain the shine and beauty of your hair.  Many says that our hair is every girls crowning glory, so make sure to find something that will best work for you.

ShopBack : Get your cash back when you shop

Disclosure: This post contain links which upon clicking will let me earn a referral bonus upon your purchase.

Gone are the days when you need to go to a shop to purchase something and needs to go through a long line of people just to pay one shoes or dress that you have been eyeing for months.  This modern world has definitely evolved and online shopping is one of the new trends that many wise shoppers have been doing.  Why not, it’s sustainable  and economical too since you no longer need to go out to get the things you needed or wanted.  At the tip of your fingers, you can order foods, dresses, shoes or even book a ticket for a flight.

Honestly, i have been a fan of online shopping but remember to always update your antivirus, you can find Norton coupon code that can give you discounts.  For someone who was always on the go juggling work and schooling, it’s very convenient to just shop at the comfort of your own home.  There are few disadvantages like you could not fit or see for yourself the shirt or shoes you will buy but weighing with the many advantages, it was worth a try. Now, I have learned that I can also earn back a portion of my shopping money by using ShopBack. I wonder, why I have only learned this now?

ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts from more than 500 stores. If your fan of  adidas, Adidas Malaysia promotion   is always offering great deals. It’s basically, using the site and shop on your favorite online shop through ShopBack and you get  a portion of your purchases as Cashback.  How does it work? First you can sign up via your facebook account or e-mail account.


Just click the stores you wish to purchase something, example if you like fashion, you can check out exclusive ASOS discount code and it will be redirected to the store’s website . Choose what you wanted and make the purchase by clicking the purchase button and you will get cashback in your ShopBack Malaysia account within 48 hours.  That is one easy peasy.

If you join today you can check out their 9.9 Rewards Day that gives up to 9% upsized cashback from different brands. You can redeem your Cashback within 30 to 60 days once your order is validated by the merchant. This period is to ensure that there is no order cancellation/return or exchange.  You can request for a payout once you’ve reached the Redeemable Cashback.

Now, you can also add the ShopBack Cash Buddy Button on your  laptops or desktops as long as you are using google chrome and safari  which lets you earn Cashback whenever you shop online.

Now, aside from getting a Cashback every time you shop from your favorite online shopping store or booking a ticket. You can also earn through inviting your friends.

So, do check out ShopBack and click from my referral link and let us share the fun and savings.


Ian Veneracion takes on new role as advocate of a multivitamin brand

The multi-talented actor recently signed up as the

brand ambassador of Conzace

United Laboratories, Inc. (UNILAB) officially welcomes multifaceted celebrity Ian Veneracion as the newest addition to their roster of brand ambassadors. Ian Veneracion  who more popularly known as “anton”, the male lead in ABS-CBN’s primetime show ‘A Love to Last,’ has been chosen to advocate for Conzace, the number one prescribed brand for multivitamin plus minerals by general practitioners and dermatologists in the country.

“It is an honor and privilege to be part of the UNILAB family for its multivitamin brand, Conzace,” proclaims Veneracion while adding, “I am grateful for this opportunity, and I strongly believe that the product can be beneficial to millions of Filipinos as it has been beneficial to me.”

According to Conzace assistant product manager Mike Jimenez, the addition of Veneracion is a perfect match for the brand. “Ian is the epitome of superior immunity and good looks,” he says.

Jimenez elaborates on the actor and the product’s connection. “Conzace’s clinically-proven ZACE formulation, an acronym for Zinc, Vitamins A, C, and E, makes it the number one multivitamin and minerals product prescribed by General Practitioners and Dermatologists. The same can be said about our brand ambassador, Ian, whose credibility allows him to ace his craft with one successful teleserye and movie after another.”


People born in the late ‘70s would remember Veneracion as the cute and charming Jeffrey Laperal, the son of Joey de Leon in the 1982 sitcom ‘Joey and Son.’ From then on, he went to appear in more television projects while simultaneously making films that range from comedy to drama to action. Among his most recent work is the internationally acclaimed psychological thriller, ‘Bliss,’ and a Filipino independent supernatural horror film, ‘Ilawod.’

Now at 42, Veneracion has again endeared himself to today’s generation as Engineer Antonio “Anton” Noble IV, the dashing, separated with three kids guy who falls in love with another broken soul. And of course before, as Eduardo Buenavista in the 2015 remake of ‘Pangako Sa Yo,’ the role that regained Veneracion’s fame and his career to leading man stature.

And then there’s that totally different side of Veneracion that is separate from show business. Apart from being an actor, he is also a painter, an athlete, a pilot, a chef, and a family man—the last being his favorite role to play.

But to be all that, Veneracion needs a multivitamin and minerals that will help him cope, not just with his busy schedule, but with the different roles that he has to play in life. “I need strong immunity as well as healthy skin and hair, I cannot afford to get sick, and look stressed—I am glad I have Conzace to give me all that and more.”


Compared to other multivitamins, Conzace has the highest levels of ZACE combined. All these elements play different roles in one’s well-being.  “This unique formulation in Conzace creates a synergistic effect that is clinically proven to help boost immunity, promote healthy skin and hair, and assist in wound healing as it speeds up skin regeneration,” says Jimenez.

Veneracion, speaking from experience, explains it better: “It’s the little things that we don’t normally notice, like for example, stronger resistance against colds and flu, better and clearer skin, shinier and healthier hair. It will do amazing things; you can do more and be more for yourself, for your family, for your work without being disrupted.

“I believe that if you are healthy inside, it just comes out. It reflects physically—in your hair and in your skin. And in the line of job that I am in, it is quite important that I don’t just don’t look good but really be healthy,” Veneracion concludes.

Making great choices, MGC marks first year anniversary

Life choices make us who we are and that’s what the Mr. Group of Companies (MGC) is all about – making great choices.

In its first year anniversary, the company has created a milestone of achievements in the different companies that they have handled throughout the past year. With its five companies at hand, Mr. Geek Mobile Solutions, Inc., Mr. Click eMarketing Services, Inc., Mr. Sweet Marketing Corp., Mr. Green Rural Development, and Mr. Cool International Trading Corp., MGC aims to be a publicly listed company by year 2020 registered at the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Bold dreams entail great choices and as for the company’s chairman and CEO, Rowi Bautista, his greatest life choice was to get out of poverty. Born and raised in a poor family, Bautista was driven to get himself out of his situation and used quality education as his path to success. And yet, “My choice to outsmart poverty thru quality education was obviously not an easy path,” Bautista said during the first year anniversary of MGC held at Marco Polo in Ortigas. “I have almost given up.”

Throughout his career, his life choices and experiences had affirmed him that the sacrifices he had made were given light through the success he has today. It has been his motivation to keep moving forward and every step he has made was opportunity to grow.

“I came up with a realization that we must think global but act local,” Bautista said. With this kind of mindset, MGC is set to see its companies soar in the market. Its main goal though in the next three years is to support and empower micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the Philippines.

With this, on MGC’s first year anniversary, the company is opening to the public its doors for potential investors. The holding company has launched an “Angel Investment Platform,” which will serve as the “bridge” between MSMEs and the potential investors, the “angels”. The MGC team would match MSMEs to its rightful angels and grow the business together with high return ventures without being exposed in much risk.

Although the concept is not new, MGC wants to redefine the concept of angel investing. For Bautista, “profit interests should only come second,” explaining that angel investing platforms are offered mainly because it is supposed to connote the willingness to help and support others.

Looking through the stability and credibility of MGC, investors are assured that their investments are safe and secure. MGC will provide proper guidance and coaching, and on top of that, the assurance for success that hopefully will become available for MSMEs.

Bautista envisions a country with more entrepreneurs that can spur more economic growth for the nation. “The MSMEs in the Philippines compose the 99.5% part of the total establishments in the country,” which means that the more investors who would capitalize in the MSMEs where high growth was seen in the last five years, there will be a constant rise of economic figures for the country in the next years.

“Our company has made a great choice of delivering customer-centric service to our business units and ultimately to the end-users of our various products and services,” said Romeo Sustiguer Jr., president of MGC. “We will not just push our products and services but we go out of our way to provide solutions.”

Bautista wants the bandwagon effect and with a vision to raise a 100 million peso capital by 2020 to be publicly listed at the Philippine Stock Exchange, the test comes from within – to constantly keep the drive and determination to outsmart challenges in the playing field of business and investing.

“Let us not be afraid to face life and outsmart challenges, let us make great choices,” Bautista reminded the MGC group. Becoming a large company in the future would not only help MSMEs but the Filipino people in effect – a great choice for this grassroots Filipino company.

Disclaimer:  This post contains press release.

Keeping Fit On a Tight Budget

Keeping fit is very important for most people. People who are in good shape are less likely to develop many kinds of long-term health issues from diabetes to heart disease and even cancer. Good exercise habits can also help people feel better and have more energy all day long.

Looking Forward

A workout is often something that people look forward to during the course of their long workday. Working out helps people release stress and may led to a better sleep at night as well. Keeping fit can also help people let go of their cares and avoid thinking about both minor and major issues they face in life each day.

Finding Motivation

Many factors go into keeping fit. Many people find it hard to keep motivated and keep working out at least three times a week. Some people also lack the time to work out. A busy schedule may mean long hours at work and helping the kids with school work and other activities each weekend.

The Time of Day

Another issue that may influence a person’s ability to get fit is the time of day. Some people are most alert in the morning. Other people find they are more awake later in the day or even early in the evening. Each person needs to figure out when to exercise. It can be hard for an evening person to find motivation to workout first thing in the morning.

Budgetary Considerations

For many people, one of the most important obstacles they face when working out is cost. Staying fit on a budget can be tough. Fortunately, creative and innovative solutions can help anyone overcome such problems and still get into great shape and stay there.

Your Home

One of the best places to start any search for a lower cost way to stay fit is with your home. Everyone has a place to live and furniture. Simple isometric exercise can be done at home using many kinds of furniture including your couch or even a kitchen chair.

Using Weights

Another surprisingly low cost option for working out are weights. Using weights can help build muscle strength and reduce the level of fat in your body. Weights are easy to learn to use properly for people of all ages and sexes.

Cheap Weights

Weights come in many varied weights from as little as three pounds to twenty-five pounds and up. Those who have never worked out with weights can buy two smaller weights for less than ten bucks. The weights can be stored in a closet when not in use, meaning that they take up less space while also be highly cost efficient at the same time.

Jump Rope

Children know how to get in shape and stay fit. Look for children’s activities to help you do the same. An inexpensive jump rope allows you to get in shape and save money at the same time. Find a place in your home and make time for ten minutes of jumping a few days a week.


Walking is also an ideal way to stay in shape. Walking puts little stress on the joints and can be done at any time of the day. Buy a comfortable pair of walking shoes and you’re on your way to fitness all year long.

Local Parks

Local parks can also serve as a source of great workouts if you’re watching your pennies. Many local parks have well maintained trails, allowing you to get a great walk while also enjoying a fabulous view and company during your workout.

A Bike

Exercise bikes are often available second hand for a small fee. Buy one and you’ll have a form of convenient exercise in your home. Regular bikes that are not held to the floor can also be found used. Buy a helmet with it, commute to work when the weather permits, and you’ll not only get fit, you’ll also save money at the same time.

Online Videos

Sites like youtube have many free workout videos you can use. No need to buy a workout when you can get one for free right in the comfort of your own home. Look for a workout geared towards your fitness level.

Some of the Best Ridgid Drain Cleaning Tools to Ease Your Work

Ridgid offers some of the best tools for drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is a necessary chore that can’t be neglected at any point of time. If there is any delay in the drain cleaning, then everybody knows the effects of it. Also, drain cleaning is not a job that requires too much of man power, if you have the proper tools, then the job is easier. Moreover, you do not need to spend much money and time in cleaning drain. Ridgid has a collection of drain tools that are very helpful in your cleaning work, and the tools are specific for each task. And if you want to buy them at a cheaper rate; you can check Not Just Deals Ridgid coupons. The drain tool collection includes;

  •    Hand Tools
  •    Sink Machines
  •    Drum Machines
  •    Rodder Machine
  •    Cables & Tools
  •    Water Jetting Machines
  •    Sectional Machines

Hand Tools – Hand tools include sub categories like sewer tape, combination augers, toilet augers, and hand spinners. All the tools feature super flexible screws and adjuster so that you will not waste much of your in handling them. E,g An example for  Combination Auger, from Ridgid;

K-1 Combination Auger

Auto-Clean™/K-30 Sink Machine


Drum Machines – In this section you can find 6 different types of drum machines that function with high power, Features performance, cable control, durability and maneuverability. These drum machines are ideal for tough jobs, such as roots with a 600-watt universal motor and gearbox bear down.

K-7500 Drum Machine

Sectional Machines– These are very compact machines that are good for professional use and the running cable is easier to operate with a cable spin at 400RPM. The machines are equipped with 300 watt motor and whole set comes with an operators manual.  You can find 5 products under this category, all are powerful and for high intensity usage. You can find these machines easy to operate simple adjustment knobs.

K-50 Sectional Machine

Rodder Machines – Rugged, compact machine suited for straight main line work in municipalities, universities, institutions and industry. Functions feature a high power, sewer rods, straight runs, large diameter pipe up to 500 feet and more. The engine is equipped with a 6 HP gasoline engine and forward reverse transmission.

K-1000 Rodder Machine

Water Jetting Machines – These are high power machines with working pressure of almost 2200 psi and for fast, effective cleaning of lines. They are easy to use with pulse action and portable with a cart roll jetter and hose at the job site. Simply the water jetting machines from Ridgid are versatile and high quality machines that start easily with improved 6.5 HP recoil start gasoline engine.

KJ-1350 Water Jetter

Cables & Tools – You can find a wide variety of cutters and augers to clean everything from grease to root blockages. With the RIDGID line of cable tools, you will always have the right tool for the job. Drop Head Auger, Straight Auger, Funnel Auger Hook Auger Retrieving Auger Spade Cutter Four Blade Saw Tooth Cutter Spiral Saw Tooth Cutter Saw Tooth Cutter Grease “C” Cutter Grease, Cutter Spiral, Bar Cutter, Sharktooth Cutter, Expanding Finish Cutters, Chain Knocker, Flue Brush are the whole list of tools that are contained in the list of tools and cables at Ridgid.

Drum Cables

Should You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

If you are worried about wisdom teeth, then there is an interesting article on different dental websites that has lots of information on the subject. The truth is that if your mouth is healthy and your wisdom teeth grow straight then there will probably be no reason to have them removed. However, there are times that a dentist will recommend that you have them removed, to help prevent further complications arising. So, when should you look to have a wisdom tooth removed?

Different Problems That Arise

As well as the tooth not growing in straight, other reasons may lead to a wisdom tooth having to be taken out if left untreated. Your wisdom teeth can experience all of the same problems that your other teeth can such as;

  • Tooth Decay
  • Gum Disease
  • Abscess
  • Cysts
  • Pericoronitis
  • Cellulitis

Having any of these problems in your wisdom teeth can lead to them either having to be removed or extensive work being carried out to repair them.

Impacted Teeth

One of the main reasons that wisdom teeth will be removed is because they do not grow in straight or become stuck and only emerge partially. The rest of your teeth have been in your mouth for years before your wisdom teeth start to grow, and sometimes there is not enough room in the jaw for them. Impacted teeth can lead to additional complications such as soreness and infection, and if left untreated the trouble will only get worse. Wisdom teeth removal is a means to an end and will help to prevent further complications with your oral hygiene.

Removing The Wisdom Teeth

Although you may only have an issue with one wisdom tooth, do not be surprised when you visit the dentist and he recommends that you have more than one taken out. When you remove one tooth, there is going to be gum that is left with no tooth, when you chew the above or below tooth, depending on which one is causing problems, will be biting down on the gum. You can find that this will lead to constant irritation of the gums and potentially something more serious such as gum disease.

Visiting Your Dentist

If you are in the early stages of adulthood and your wisdom teeth are starting to come through, make sure that you pay a visit to your dentist and have them check that everything is OK with them. Catching any problems early on can help to prevent a lot of discomfort in the future, so it is worthwhile doing. If you do need to have teeth removed, you can often have the option of having a local or a general anaesthetic, although some conditions will require you to be put to sleep before operating. Your dentist will be able to give you all of the options that are available to you and advise you on the best course of action for your condition. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do about wisdom teeth causing problems, so it is often best to bite the bullet and have them removed. Once you have them taken out, you will be back to smiling again in no time and have a happy and healthy smile.


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Novuhair summer hair care tips and ideas

Heading to the beach may be the most exciting part of summer. It is almost always part of the itinerary this season for most people. Others prefer to give in to their adrenaline rush climbing that mountain slope or just about anything that gets you that summer tan to fit in the crowd. Here are some summer hair care tips and ideas that you would love to check out. 

Did you know that spending extended hours under the extreme summer sun can pose serious danger to your hair and scalp? The same UV rays that brings damage to your skin without proper protection can equally hurt your hair and scalp.

Below are some of the problems your hair can encounter during the season:

  • Split-Ends – UV rays and extreme high temperature can take their toll on your strands. The heat drains the moisture of your hair out causing breakage.
  • Double Trouble – Rebonded or permed hair needs extra attention as high temperature well as humidity disrupts the cuticle breaking some of the chemical bonds that keep the hair straight or curls and roughing up the cuticle, taking away shine and smoothness.
  • Scalp problem – Scalp may also get sun-burned if you don’t use cover-ups for your head.
  • Grease problem – Summer sun and humidity can bring extra grease on your hair, leaving it vulnerable to damage.
  • Chlorine Stress – Swimming in the pool subjects your hair to chlorine.  The outer layers of the cuticle of the hair opens up when you swim and chlorinated water seeps into the center of the hair thus making your hair more brittle.
  • Excessive Salt Water – Salt water can cause the same damage as chlorinated ones. Salt water dries on the hair it creates a high-saline solution which can build up and cause hair to feel dry, weighed down and hard to manage.

All these problem can be addressed by keeping your hair clean and showered after each activities. Take vitamin supplements that benefits you hair such as Vitamin C and Biotin. Getting your hair pampered will also give respite to the sun and chemical abuse.

Novuhair, nature’s answer to hair loss is made of 19 Natural ingredients which includes herbal components such as moringa oleifera, panax ginseng, virgin coconut oil and the natural essences of rosemary and peppermint.

Novuhair nourishes the scalp and hair by increasing the flow of nutrients and improving blood circulation to the scalp. Novuhair also helps hydrate the scalp, maintain the hair’s natural luster and prevent early hair graying, hair dryness and itching. #NovuhairSummer

Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner are available in all Mercury Drug Stores and other leading drug stores nationwide. For more information visit www.novuhair.com, like the brand’s official Facebook Page at Novuhair Official, follow it on Twitter at @NovuhairNatural and on Instagram @novuhairofficial. You may also call the Novuhair hotlines at 4136570 and 09228830575 and order online at Lazada and regaloservice.com.

Clearascar: The scar solution in a tube

I have several scars in my body and admit it or not, it brings back bitter and sweet memories which made me smile or sad but seeing them still makes me wish they are gone. I have tried several scar solution which gives promises that after some usage the scars will eventually fade but what leave me is more hopeless wishes.

Recently, i have found this Clearascar which is a scar solution in a tube.  It is 100% SILICONE scar solution in the market and considered as  FIRST LINE THERAPY for scar management as recommended by medical practitioners. It was proven effective and safe, with no side effects since it is non-toxic and easy to use.

It is clinically proven to improve the appearance of scars in as fast as 8 Weeks. it can lighten, flatten and soften even mature old and immature (new) scars.  It can even  improve the appearance of all types of scars most especially the elevated scars such as Hypertrophic scars and Keloids.   (Hypertrophic scars are red and raised scars usually caused by burns, surgeries, injuries, and wounds) but has limitations with atrophic scars, deep acne scars and sadly with stretchmarks too.  I will make another post once i am done testing it.

And the amazing fact is it is more affordable compared to other competitors.

  • Clearascar is 30%-40% cheaper at its SRP: 6g tube is P418.95 and 15g tube is P761.20
  • Clearascar is available in all leading drugstores nationwide such as Mercury Drugstore, Watsons, South Star Drug, Rose Pharmacy, etc.  It is also available online for ordering this link:   https://shop.clickhealth.com.ph/index.php/clearascar/
  • Clearascar 15g tube can last up to 2 months (60days) for a 3-5 inch scar.  Clearascar 6g tube can last up to 2 months (60 days) for a 1-2 inch scar.  
  • Clearascar can be applied on the face and other sensitive areas.  It is non-comedogenic, which means it does not block pores. and since it’s safe, it can also be used for children.

How to use Clearascar:

  1. Begin using Clearascar once the wound has completely closed
  2. Make sure the affected skin is clean and dry
  3. Clearascar can be used as early as 5-7 days post surgery to prevent worsening of the scars
  4. Apply a thin layer of Clearascar on the affected area 1-2 times every day
  5. Do not massage the gel on the wound
  6. Allow to completely dry (approximately 2-3 minutes)
  7. Use continuously for a minimum of 3 months, or until you no longer see an improvement in your scar

Top 5 Stylish Athletic Wear for Spring

Spring does not only bring the thought of flowers and green trees. It also marks the start of summer where we all look forward in going to the beach and enjoying out much deserved vacations. However, before dipping and basking under your favorite shoreline, losing those extra pounds you earned during the holidays to look fab in your swim wear becomes necessary, you can also check out this stylish athletic wear for spring.

However, losing those stressful pounds should not deprive you from enjoying your journey to weight loss. Exercise in style and enjoy the sun with these athletic wear OOTD suggestions we have below.

Oversized Sweatshirts

You’ll look cute and adorable in your boyfriend’s sweatshirts while running around the neighborhood. Another plus factor is that you get to hide all those unwanted fats, work out comfortable and still look great as you hit your daily 10-kilometer run target every day.

Tropical Colorful Prints

Fabletics Tropical-themed active wears are really making a hit in the market now only for their fashionable design but because of its durable and light-weight material. What’s good about this design is that it is predicted to take center-stage when it comes to this 2017’s trendiest active wear for both men and women. Investing in one is a must. Famous Hollywood actress Kate Hudson, co-founder creates Fabletics fitness and workout clothes right for every body type. 

Open-back Tank Tops

Tank Tops are still a hit when it comes to active wear both in men and women. It is also being a preferred option when it comes to bikers and other outdoor-oriented physical activity. Intricate designs and necklines would be a worthy active wear OOTD whether at the gym or outdoors.

Bralettes and Crop Tops

Sports bra design and material have improved tremendously throughout the years. This is not a surprise why it is becoming a favorite option when it comes to active wear. Whether indoors or outdoors crop tops and bralettes provides the comfort and support every athlete needs.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are still great active wear options especially during those early morning or late night runs. It looks great in leggings and are now available in fabrics that can address issues that comes with sweating. 

All of these can be find at Fabletics spring collection which you can get for affordable prices.

Incredible backyard ideas that every homeowner should consider

Backyards simply expect to be decorated and arranged! They are an empty space that can be used for practically anything from fun to energy collection. It is up to you how you decide to use it.

Although there are various options at our disposal, we should consider only a few of them. They are optimal in terms of invested money and time.

Let’s check them out!

  • Construct a pool

Most of you will think “Hey, but this isn’t optimal! Pools cost a lot!” Although it is true that you need some money for construction and accessories such as pumps, pool are actually a great long term solution. This is mainly due to the fact that young generations do not spend so much time outside. Instead, they are constantly in house, at their PCs. By constructing a pool you are giving your kids an alternative. You are stimulating physical exercise and time spend on fresh air. On top of that, it also isn’t bad for you! If you consider that pool can last for several generations, it is a clear winner!

  • Getting a pool tank

Rainwater collection is not a new concept; even our grandfathers used it. However, it has been modernized and it offers much more nowadays. Instead of simple water barrels, you can go and install a water tank. With a system of water pump and pipes, it distributes water to your home. This even means that you can live without relying on local water provider especially if you live in a humid area. This system filters water so you can get a clean water in your sink. You can also use this water for showering and other hygienic necessities. It pays off after a while and it represents an eco-solution.

  • Creating a multimedia area

Again, we return to the fact that people no longer spend time outside. Besides PCs, TVs are also to blame. We can change this easily. Just create an area (covered of course) where you can set up sectional or chair as well as TV. You can create a wooden construction with a roof and open sides. This way you can get a lot of air and still, all the equipment will be protected.

  • Solar panels

Now, most of you think that solar panels can go on roof and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, roof can provide limited space and some agricultural households may require more electricity than that. With solar panels in your backyard, you can get the necessary energy to power up everything. Have in mind that panels need to be in the open, not obstructed by anything including your home. Also, make sure to check how many sunny days your area has.


Most of these solutions may seem expensive. But they are actually very cheap. In fact, most of them pay off financially after a while and start making money themselves. This is why, if you have enough space, you should definitely consider them.