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I always believe that giving back and sharing the things you have especially to the needy can make your life even more happier and fruitful.  It’s not because you wish for something in return but it is because of your passion to help someone.   I guess,  I was born with a passionate mind and heart although I can be  selfish sometimes, my friends would often tell me that I have that passionate desire to help not just in terms of money but with effort, my time and whatever i can do to help you, whether it’s emotional or physical.

If only i was born in a rich family, I might have become a philanthropist or perhaps devoted my time to help others but it’s a different story and I am forever grateful that other people have given their help so I can finish my secondary education with full scholarship  so I can go to college and finish it as a working student.

That is perhaps one of my reason why I created Fashion and Passion Online, my other blog who caters different fashion ideas and my passionate desire to share cancer awareness and other causes.

That is the same reason how Angela and Roi Handbags are created. They believe that looking good and fabulous are not just for the rich and famous and with this the ideas they introduce a new concept in handbags.  They create boutique-quality, minimally and classically designed handbags at a competitive price.  The vintage designs with a modern touch was created in different colors with a specific purpose and that’s to help different causes , particularly patients who are suffering from cancer.

angela and roi handbags

Angela and Roi Handbags are created from vegan leather instead of animal leather.  Because of their passion to provide beautiful and competitive handbags, these two South Korean born Boston based founders have teamed up to give fashion a meaning.

Each colors represents different awareness and when you buy that specific handbag , $5 dollars will be donated on that specific cause.  Here are some of my favorites from their Handbags collection and the corresponding causes.

angela and roi handbags

I would definitely love to have one of those, especially the mini pink cross body.  Having one not just shows your fashion side but also you can wear them with pride because you knew in your heart that you have helped a great cause.

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Colors and Cause Giveaway 

Prize :  Angela Roi Palette Green Cross Body

Giveaway starts on February 17, 2013, so don’t forget to come back.

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  1. Molly Hearn says:

    I love the cause idea of these purses.

  2. These are beautiful bags that are helping a wonderful cause! Keep up the good work!

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