60 Day Juice Diet with Fred Durst

60 Day Juice Diet with Fred Durst tells his journey to achieve a more leaner body.   Fred Durst blogs  his epic struggle to live solely off of juice until March to lose weight.

For those who don’t know him. Fred Durst (born August 20, 1970) is an American musician and film director from Jacksonville, Florida. Since 2006, Durst has also become known for his work in independent films. He costarred in the film Population 436, and made his directorial debut in 2007 with the film The Education of Charlie Banks. Durst directed a second film, The Longshots in 2008, and will direct another film,Pawn Shop Chronicles, which is currently in production. (wiki)

Aside from directing, Durst was first known on the band Limp Bizkit, along with his tree cousin he formed a group and influence underground music scene. Although he was well known in the world of music industry Durst began working on independent film and earn more higher acclaim.

Fred Durst live 60 days juice fast

Fred Durst started his 60-day juice diet with such high hopes. On January 2nd he directed his 1 million+ Twitter followers  to a Tumblr, fred60.tumblr.com  and Twitter account FredChallenge dedicated to his 60-day juice fast.

His first post  was a picture of a new power juicer captioned: “My new best friend!” He posted a picture of his weight on a scale (182.4) But just a few hours later, he met his first  challenge: “Definitely working up a good headache already. Geez. This blows.”

Still, Day 2 seemed to bring good news , as his weight was down .6 pounds.

Day 3: With his weight having dropped just .3 more pounds, Fred Durst grows frustrated : “This is going slowwwww. Probably because I cheated last night and had some M&M’s.”

Day 4: “Another day of juice down . Definitely NOT getting easier. And I cheated tonight with an oatmeal cookie. She was good!!” (Guess “Nookie” is not autobiographical.)

Day 5: No update

Day 6 : “Hard getting adjusted to this juicing thing.”

 Day 7: No update.

Day 8: No update.

Day 9: No update.

Day 10: No update.

Day 11: That’s today. Fred Durst dropped a harsh truth bomb on his followers:

I really have no idea if Fred Durst is into losing weight with the means of drinking juice only but based on his words from his blog, it is definitely a hurdle and a challenge to lose weight only by means of drinking juice drink.

I have tried that for two days and I had  head ache and nausea so i thought it would not be the best way for me, I’m still on a diet but i’m not totally giving my whole heart on it.

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