5 Homecoming Dress Styles For 2018

Plenty of us look forward to the new school year with anticipation and plenty of excitement. Others wish summer was longer. Whichever you prefer, there is one thing you’re sure to agree on: homecoming is the perfect way to ease into the semester. From finding the perfect date to reconnecting with friends, the dance is a great way to kick off the year. The only problem is finding the right dress.

While homecoming trends come and go, the classic dos and don’ts will never fade. So, whether you’re on your way to becoming a stylish upperclassman or looking for the perfect dress, here are a few dress styles to help you pick your outfit.

  • Colour and Cut

Begin by determining the best colour and cut for you. If you have a cool tint to your skin, pick out a cool-hued dress and accessories, such as greens, blues and silver. If you have a warm tint to your skin, you should choose warmer shades.

As for cut, it all depends on the shape of your body. If you are pear-shaped, you’ll look amazing in a long or medium-length sleek dress. If you are apple-shaped, opt for drop or empire waists that draw attention to all your best features. No matter what shape you are, though, remember that classic cuts like body-hugging and uncluttered suit most people.

  • Beaded Dresses

2018 is the year of the beaded homecoming dress. If you’re outgoing and friendly, this is the dress for your inner sparkle. You’ll want to make sure the dress doesn’t overwhelm your figure or face, though, so choose carefully. Ideally, the dress should have a classic, toned-down base colour that has all over subtle bead work or just a few tasteful patterns. Don’t pick anything too complicated.

  • Lace Dresses

If your taste is elegant and feminine, try a lace homecoming dress. A pale lace dress conveys innocence and freshness, but they’re perfect for a formal evening event, too. Lace dresses can be mysterious and sophisticated.

Make sure the lace does the talking, though. Pick a dress in muted, classic tones and avoid over-accessorizing.

  • Floral Dresses

Floral dresses are flirty and girly. If you’re totally into the summer vibe, pick a bright floral print with an evening vibe to it. Go for florals that are offset by a darker background and pair with understated jewellery and simple high heels that you’ll find at homecoming dress stores like the Peaches Boutique in Chicago, IL.

  • Off the Shoulder Dresses

You really can’t go wrong with a sophisticated off the shoulder dress. If you have a petite frame, this cut lengthens the neck and draws attention to your beautiful shoulders. If you’re taller, you’re bound to feel poised and regal in such a classic cut. Off the shoulder dresses are also great if you love accessories. Use a piece of statement jewelry for a very special occasion.

Now that you have these 5 tips, all you have to do is find the perfect homecoming dress for your special night.

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